The Best Erotic Stories.

Jan Pt. V
by The Glove

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Tom and Jennifer have stopped dancing and moved to another chair. As she sits Tom spreads her legs and pulls her down till she is stretched out on the chair. He drops to his knees. He places her legs on his shoulders. Bit by bit he pushes her dress up. She has dazzling legs. They are long and as her dress goes up I can see that she has garters holding her stockings. Her thighs drop open as Tom starts to move his tongue up her calves. She scoots her ass further down the chair. Her dress bunches around her hips to expose a smooth hairless pussy. She reaches to her pussy, takes hold of the lips and spreads them. Her clit is intensely pink and swollen. Tom's mouth swiftly moves to envelop her clit. His cheeks collapse has he sucks the clit into his mouth. Jennifer lets out a muted groan.

Belinda with Mike behind her moves to Jennifer and Tom. Belinda kneels behind Mike. She reaches around him undoes and pulls his pants down to his knees. Tom pushed Belinda's skirt over her amble ass and with one motion pulls her panties to her knees. Belinda spreads her knees apart and directs her ass upwards. Her asshole and pussy are out in the open. Belinda reaches and grasps Mike's dick. She jerks it up and down then pulls it toward her. The head of the cock is encircled by her lips. She sucks it and at the same time darting her tongue all around it. Tom spreads Belinda's ass cheeks wide and licks her ass crack. As his tongue contacts her brown puckered hole she sighs into his cock.

Michelle reaches and pulls down my zipper. Her hand reaches in and releases my cock. Her fingernails caress the underside of the head. She lays the side of her head on my stomach so she can continue to watch the others. My cock is pulled towards me and her mouth seizes it. The heat from her mouth makes my cock twitch. She takes it deep into her throat. Never have I had such a feeling. With my cock buried deep in the throat her tongue continued to swirl around it. I placed my hand over her tit and massaged it through the dress and bra. Even through the clothes her nipples expand.

Sandy undoes Jim's pants. As they droop to the floor he steps out of them. She shrugs her shoulders and her blouse joins the pants. Sandy drops to the carpet on her back. Jim straddles her body just below the breasts. He lowers himself to his knees. He places his dick between her tits. She pushes her tits together trapping the cock between her globes. Jim moves his hips sliding his cock between them.

As his cock moves forward Sandy flicks her tongue to lick its head. Sandy slides her feet toward her ass and spreads them apart. She has crotch-less panty hose on. She is a real redhead. As Jim fucks her tits his fingers are tweaking and yanking her nipples. As he yanks them she moans "harder."

Michelle swings her legs from the couch. With a last swipe of her tongue, she releases my cock from her mouth.

She stands up with her back to me. Her legs positioned on either side of my feet. Reaching down she grabs the hem of her dress. In one swift motion she lifts the dress over her head and drops it to the carpet. Reaching behind her she unclasps her bra. Bending over it drops to the carpet.

Holding the thong in her hands she slides it down. When it reaches her knees she bends at the waist and pulls it to her ankles. As she bends down her creamy juicy ass points toward my face. I reach for it and spread it apart. Her dark brown ass-hole contrasts with her creamy checks. I place my index finger against her hole. With a gentle push her hole opens and my finger slides in to the first knuckle. Her hole puckers as her ass cheeks clench and release. Clenching and releasing she manages to suck my finger in to the second knuckle.

With a smack sound my other hand makes contact with her ass cheek.

"Yes, please spank me," she says with a raspy voice.

Smack, Smack, Smack goes my hand. First one cheek then the other. Her ass turns red from my spanking but she does not pull away. I continue to slap her ass. With every slap her ass-hole attempts to pull more of my finger in. Her ass is bright red and my handprints are visible on each cheek. I rotate my thumb to her pussy crack. I penetrate her lips. Her cunt is soaked with her creamy juices and I slide in easily.

From across the room comes, "I'm Cummmming."

It's Jennifer who's having her pussy sucked by Tom. I watch her as she bucks her cunt into Tom's mouth. His lips are slick with her juice.

Michelle yells to her, "cum honey, cum hard, fill his mouth full."

Those words seem to drive Jennifer to another orgasm. She drives her hips harder into Tom's face. She crosses her legs behind his head and pulls him even closer. As the orgasm hits her she screams, " AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH."

Michelle hearing Jennifer's screams reaches between her legs to grasp my cock. Bending her knees she lowers herself toward my cock. I have to pull my fingers out of her holes. As I do she moans "uhhhhhhh."

That sound is replaced by "AHHHHHHHH," as she positions her cunt above my cock and sits on it.

My dick is buried from top to bottom. Her cunt is warm and wet. Her cunt contracts and expands as she milks it. It tightens then loosens around my cock. She straightens up till only the head is in her cunt. Her hand grasps the base of it and jerks it up and down. She jerks me off while I'm still inside her pussy.

Michelle releases my cock. Placing her hands on my knees she lowers herself slowly till my cock is totally contained by her cunt. As she sits on it her ass grinds into me. I move my hands around to her tits. I tweak her nipples. I pinch, pull and roll them with my fingers.

"AHHHHHHHHHH, YES, YES," she shrieks. Tom has released Jennifer's clit. He grasps her angles and spreads her legs wide. Using his tongue and lips he cleans her from ass-hole to cunt.

Belinda releases Tom's cock and on all fours crawls away from him. She puts her forehead to the carpet. Reaching behind her, she spreads her ass wide.

"Please fuck me in the ass Mike."

Mike quickly gets naked. He kneels behind her and guides his cock to her shit-hole. His tongue has opened it and made it wet. His cock spreads her ass-hole and with one plunge he enters her ass completely.

"Fuck the shit out of her," yells Michelle. "Yea fuck the shit out of me," answers Belinda.

Mike grips her ass and slam's his cock in and out of her shit-hole.

"YEEEAAAAAA, make it hurt baby," comes from Belinda.

As he drives in and out he starts to smack her ass.

"OH YEA, I LOVE IT," she yells.

One of her hand reaches to her cunt and quickly three fingers enter. Driving her fingers in and out in the same rhythm as the cock in her shit-hole.

Jennifer seeing Belinda finger fucking her-self pushed Tom away from her. She jumps up and runs to where she is. She got on her back and slit under her. When their mouths were in the same position, Belinda put her lips on to Jennifer's. Their tongues urgently searched each other out.

"Oh fuck I'm cuming," came from Jim.

Jim sliding his cock between Sandy's breasts had a weird look on his face. Sandy opens her mouth just as his cock jerked and a load of cum flies on to her forehead. Jim grasps his cock and aims it at her mouth. His next load hits her tongue and she quickly swallows it. Jim jerks his dick and the next load hits her tits. She wipes it with her fingers and sticks them into her mouth to lick them. Another jerk from Jim and another load hits her on the chin. Jim exhausted drops away from her.

Michelle seeing Jim's white thick slimy cum on Sandy's face jumped up from my cock and ran to her. She lay on top of Sandy. Using her tongue she licked the cum into her own mouth. She did not swallow instead her mouth searched out Sandy's. When their mouths found each other they rolled Jim's cum back and forth.

I got up and moved behind Michelle and Sandy. Their clits rubbing against each other.

I guided my cock to Sandy's pussy. I put my cock head against her cunt lips and pushed. I could not get in she was to dry. Quickly I guided my cock to Michelle's cunt. She was sloppy wet and I slit in easily.

I leaned over Michelle and whispered to her, "I want to fuck you both but Sandy is to dry for me to get in."

As soon as I said that I felt a flood of warm liquid seeping between my cock and her cunt lips. I pulled my dick out of her. It was glistening with her juices. I watched as Michelle's cunt opened and another flood of yellow liquid came out. It rolled down on to Sandy's pussy lubricating it. Michelle pissed two more times making Sandy's cunt as wet as her own. Quickly I placed my cock against Sandy's cunt and without any problem slid in.

I stroked Sandy's pussy a few times. She was tighter then any other pussy I have ever been in. Her pussy grasped my cock like she did not want it to leave. When I rammed my cock into Michelle's cunt, she moaned and stuck her tongue down Sandy's throat. After switching back and forth between cunts both of them were sloppy wet. Their juices were running out and wetting Sandy's ass and the carpet below her.

I watched as Jennifer and Belinda broke their kiss. Jennifer slid further under Belinda who was now on all fours.

When Jennifer got directly under Belinda's cunt, her mouth fastened itself to it. Jennifer was sucking Belinda's pussy. I know Belinda's pussy was sloppy wet because I could hear Jennifer lapping up her juices. Tom naked now, moved behind Jennifer. Belinda grabbed his dick and sticks it in her mouth. She slobbers all over it. When it's real wet she takes it from her mouth and directs it to Jennifer's cunt.

Jim with no hesitation bangs it home to the root. After a couple of deep strokes inside Jennifer's pussy, Belinda pulled it out and sucked Jennifer's pussy juices off. When Jennifer felt what Belinda was doing she did the same with Mike's cock. Jennifer was so dam hot she did not care that Mike's cock had just come out of Belinda's shit-hole. She sucked that shit covered cock into her mouth and cleaned it.

Belinda let out a long scream "I'm cummmmmmmmmming."

Her cunt convulsed and as her orgasm hit her. Jennifer's mouth went around her pussy and she sucked all of Belinda's juices.

Mike groaned, grasped Belinda's ass, and pulled her ass toward him. He shot a load of hot cum up her shit-hole.

Jennifer went wild, bucking her hips wildly; she bit Belinda's pussy as her orgasm hit her.

Tom felt Jennifer's cunt convulsing and he let loose with a shot of hot slimy cum into her pussy.

I continued to fuck both Michelle and Sandy. I was hammering Sandy's pussy when I felt something warm hit my dick.

I heard Michelle telling Sandy "I'm pissing all over your cunt." "Piss on my tits," she replied.

Michelle got up and straddled Sandy's body. She positioned herself just below her tits. Reaching down she spread her pussy lips and squatted a little. Streams of yellow piss shot out and hit Sandy's tits. As the piss hit her she quickly spread it all over her tits. Stream after stream hit her.

Sandy bucked under me and I felt her pussy churn as she yelled "Cummmmmmmming, I'm cummmmmming".

Sandy shoved three fingers into Michelle's pussy and rammed them in and out. Michelle moved her ass in the same rhythm. I rammed my dick into Sandy as hard as I could. I felt my cum pulsing up. I hit Michelle on the ass. Harder and harder the smacks fell on her ass.

"Yes, Yes, Oh fuck I'm cummming."

With that Michelle pushed all of Sandy's fingers into her gash.

I could not hold out any longer and I filled up Sandy's cunt with a load of cum. I was in as deep as I could be. As she felt my cum hit her, Sandy started another orgasm. As she went wild she shoved her complete hand up Michelle's wet hole.

I fell away from Sandy. I was so tired that I could not move. My cock, balls, and hair were totally soaked with juices. Michelle placed her hands over Sandy's wrist and was fucking her hand. Her hips were moving so fast that I thought she may hurt herself. Juice was running down Sandy's arm that's how saturated Michelle was.

Michelle threw her head back and with a wild scream "Fuuuuuccckkkkkk, I'm cummmmmmming," she started her orgasm.

Her whole body shook, her head was going from side to side. Her mouth was wide open trying to get more air. She fell back on to her ass as Sandy pulled her pussy-coated hand out of her.

To be continued...

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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