The Best Erotic Stories.

Chapter VI: Developing Interests
by Mark Singer

The rest of the week was comparatively uneventful for Jennifer. The only class she shared with Dan on Thursday was a long study hall in the afternoon, but they had no opportunity to sneak away as they'd hoped. And after school, Dan had football practice, which negated any plans they might have had for getting together for some fun.

Now that Jennifer had exposed her true sexual self to Dan, he couldn't get his mind off her. He found himself walking around with an almost perpetual hard-on as he thought of her mouth on his cock, and the look of pure sexuality on her face as he came in her mouth.

He'd never met anyone who enjoyed sex on the level that Jennifer Grayson did. On one hand, she was the picture of demure innocence in the presence of others. On the other she was the consummate slut when they were alone. The way that she would tease him, flashing her panties or tits at him when she was certain no one was looking...the way she would run her hand over his hard on when they were hidden by a locker door... She had the ability to drive him absolutely crazy with lust and desire.

And that was exactly how Jennifer wanted it. She loved the look of desperate lust in Dan's eyes whenever they were together. She loved to tease, and over the years had become an expert at it, always very careful to do it only when she was certain they wouldn't be caught or noticed.

The result was that she was known as a regular "good girl" around school. Her beauty was certainly a factor when it came to other guys, but up to now she was only a fantasy for them. No one, other than Dan, knew the kind of slut she could be. Loved to be...

Jennifer was feeling a bit frustrated as she drove home Thursday. After the wonderful sex she'd enjoyed after school on Wednesday in Dan's living room, it was like she'd discovered a new level of awareness with in herself.

She'd always had a mental preoccupation with sex, but after the experience with Dan's father watching them as Dan came all over her face and tits, she couldn't get those hot images out of her mind.

She spent the evening moping around the house, flipping the TV on and off, rummaging through the refrigerator for something that wasn't there...until she finally decided to go off to her room. Maybe if she forced herself to sleep, she be able to relax a little.

It did her no good, though, for as she got undressed for bed, her thoughts continued to turn towards sex. And it didn't help to get her mind off it as she undressed.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she couldn't control her hands as the moved up over her firm tits, fondling and squeezing as she remembered the feeling of Dan's hot semen as he sprayed it over her face and chest. She stared into her own eyes, feeling almost out of control for the first time in her life.

The sound of the front door opening and closing jarred her back to reality as she heard her cousin Jeff yell out a greeting to his mom and dad. A smile grew on her face as she heard him coming up the steps. Standing naked in front of her mirror, she wished that she'd left the door open just a bit.

Regardless of their agreement not to "play" anymore, Jennifer couldn't help desiring a little "interaction" with her cousin. She heard him go into his own room as she reached for a short silk robe to put on. She really had to wrestle with herself to stop herself from slipping down the hallway...

His parents' bedroom suite was on the first level of the house, and they very rarely came upstairs. Jennifer's heated brain struggled between her desire and her agreement with Jeff. She knew very well that, if she teased him just enough, he would give in to her (and his) desires. But an agreement was an agreement, right?

Standing up once again, she moved to her closet. Maybe picking out an outfit to wear for tomorrow would get her mind off Jeff....

It only added to her dilemma, though. As she leafed through her clothes, her mind turned to Dan, and what she could wear to really turn him on during classes. They had chemistry lab again, and her mind recalled the last lab, when she'd spent most of the time stroking his hard cock behind the lab table. She began to fantasize about how far she'd be able to take things during tomorrows class, and soon was leaning against the racks of clothes, her hands moving over her breasts as she pictured her hand stroking up and down Dan's cock, picturing him shooting globs and globs of semen through the air as she jerked him off in class....

Would she wear her short black leather skirt that he seemed to love so much? It showed her long legs off very nicely, and she thought about the last time she'd had the opportunity to open her legs for him as he watched. The tight leather would give her the perfect opportunity for a repeat of that performance. But she couldn't decide between subtlety and slutty. Maybe it might be better to turn him on with her "innocent" look, she thought as she looked at a beige dress that buttoned up the front. It was perfectly demure when it was worn all buttoned up, but she also knew how hot it could look with just the right number of buttons undone... Her eyes went to her lingerie closet, and her mind began to spin again, thinking of what she could wear underneath... She knew Dan would appreciate her new ivory colored outfit. Lacy demi bra, garters, stockings, and matching lace panties that actually concealed very little...

Letting her fantasies flow, Jennifer slid her hand over her taught belly, running her fingers through her sparse pubic hair until she found the gentle folds of her pussy lips. She sighed deeply as she ran a finger between them, pushing up slightly into the moist tunnel beyond...

A light tapping on her door made Jennifer jump. Thinking it must have been her imagination, she stayed in her closet, her ears tuned for the sound. When it came again, she smiled to herself and moved silently out of the closet and to the door. Pressing her ear against it, she heard the soft padding of bare feet moving down the hall.

Gently opening the door, she peered into the hallway to see Jeff's form opening his own bedroom door.

"Jeff..." she whispered. She smiled as he quickly turned to look back at her. He was also dressed in his robe. He turned back to her quietly making his way to her door.

"I thought you were asleep." he whispered, "I didn't want to wake you..." Jennifer smiled as she saw his eyes drop to her breasts, covered with the thin silk of her robe. She knew her nipples were hard from her dreams and she found herself letting her excitement grow.

"Come in..." she whispered with a sexy grin. She stepped back and held her door open to him. She saw him hesitate for just a moment before entering her room. Obviously he was fighting the same urges as she was. This pleased Jennifer immensely.

"I just wanted to see if you had plans for tomorrow night..." Jeff stammered, fighting his desire to stare at her breasts. "Anne's going to be in town and we're going to go out. I thought it would be a good chance for you to meet her. Maybe you and Dan would like to double with us. Dinner and a movie maybe...."

Jennifer turned and walked towards the bed. Relaxing her grip on the front of her robe, she faced her cousin again with a wicked grin.

"Oh..." she said softly, teasing him a little. "I thought you just wanted to play a little..." She smiled at him, letting him know she was only teasing, but at the same time let her robe part slightly, revealing the inner slopes of her tits. Her smile widened as she saw Jeff's eyes rebel against his will and drop to her chest. Jennifer decided she should let him off the hook.

"Just kidding Jeff..." she laughed. "Dan and I would love to join you tomorrow! And I would love to finally meet Anne." She used both hands to close her robe tightly around her as she walked closer to her cousin. "I'm sorry I was teasing you. I won't do it again..."

Jeff shook his head and grinned down at her. "Well, to be honest, I kind of enjoyed it, Jen... You always were the best tease in the world..." Pleased with his compliment, Jennifer dropped her eyes to the front of Jeff's robe. His cock was growing as he stood there, pushing the cotton out in front of him.

"I'm glad you feel that way..." she whispered, unconsciously running her tongue over her lips. "It's nice to know my talents are appreciated..."

She looked back up to Jeff's face to see him grinning at her. She had a feeling his resolve was weakening along with hers.

"Well, you know...when you're the best, you're the best.." he chuckled, winking at her. Jennifer felt a small shiver run through her. Again her tongue poked out, running sexily over her upper lip.

"Better than Anne...?" she smiled, dropping her hands to her sides. Her robe opened in the front, stopped only by the belt that was loosely cinched around her waist. Putting her hands on her hips caused it to open further, exposing most of her breasts to Jeff's gaze. She dropped her eyes to his cock as she saw him look down at her breasts. She watched with an excited smile as it grew before her eyes, pushing out against his robe. She didn't make him answer her last question, knowing in her heart that it was a cheap shot. "Your cock is getting hard, isn't it...?" Jennifer whispered, bringing her hands to her belt. Hooking her thumbs into the thin rope of fabric, she looked into Jeff's eyes.

"Wanna see...?" she teased, smiling at him. She could see his cock growing under his robe as he watched her, but he still didn't answer. His eyes though, were focused on her hands at her belt. Slowly pulling it apart, she walked forward, until she was standing only inches in front of him. At the last moment, she pulled the belt apart, letting her robe open.

Jeff took a deep breath as he saw Jennifer's tits come fully into view. As he dropped his eyes, he saw that she was naked under her robe, her fine patch of pubic hair only partially covering her lips. He released the breath in a long, resigned sigh.

Jennifer took his sigh to mean acceptance, and slowly reached her hand out. looking into Jeff's eyes as her fingers found their way inside his robe. When they closed around his full, thick hard-on, both of them let out a low moan.

Jeff stood there silently, his hands at his sides as Jennifer began to slowly stroke his hard cock. Neither of them said a word as se began to expertly manipulate his rod, running her fingers up and down in an underhanded grip. His eyes closed as he let her have her way.

Jennifer smiled to herself as she saw Jeff give in to her. The feel of his cock in her hand was exactly what she wanted. And a simple hand job wouldn't really be backing down from her promise, she rationalized. Just a little relief for both of them... She groaned lightly as she felt his hand sneaking between her thighs and adjusted her stance to allow his fingers to move higher. She sighed as they found her wet pussy lips and began to slide slowly up and down between them. Both of them were breathing hard as Jennifer bent her knees slightly, allowing Jeff's finger to part her lips and push inside.

Jeff thought that Jennifer was still a virgin, and used a technique he'd mastered to probe just deeply enough to drive her crazy... his middle finger inside her as his thumb teased her clit. Jennifer began to moan and quiver as his fingers worked their magic on her. Her hand was covered with pre-come and her stroking made slippery, wet sounds as she jerked him off.

She heard Jeff's breathing increase as she silently stroked him. She knew he wouldn't last long, and she determined to make this the best hand job he'd ever felt. She gripped him lightly, but used her thumb to spread his copious flow of pre-come over his head and shaft.

In her mind she was tempted to get on her knees and suck him off, but she fought the urge, knowing his agreement with his girlfriend. She merely stood in front of him running her hand up and down his shaft until he began to pant heavily. At the same time, she felt her own orgasm approaching from Jeff's fingerfucking.

When she felt his hips begin to move...slowly fucking his cock through her fingers, she smiled and looked up to see him staring down at her.

"Come for me..." she whispered, stepping closer, and squatting down further on his finger, forcing it deeper as she moved her hips against his hand. She brought his cock up, pressing it against her naked belly as she began to stroke him faster.

Jeff closed his eyes and let out a long groan. His cock bucked in Jennifer's tight grip and she grinned as she felt his cum racing up his shaft...through her fingers..and moaned as she felt it splash wetly against her belly.

"Oh...yeah..." she sighed, "come on me..come on my belly..oh yeah!" She almost cried out loud when she felt his hot cum spray against the undersides of her heaving tits. Looking down at his cock, she leaned forward. At the same time, she bent her knees, and pressed Jeff's spurting cockhead between her tits. Continuing to stroke him, she mewled like a kitten as he shot a last, thick stream of semen between her breasts. His finger began to fuck her in earnest now... his palm slapping against her mound as Jennifer fucked back, feeling her cum filling her pussy and pouring into Jeff's palm. She groaned low in her throat as he fingered her to a perfect orgasm...

Fighting the urge to take him into her mouth, she straightened up and looked at him. He was looking back at her...his eyes filled with a combination of love and lust.

"You are amazing, lady." he sighed, shivering as Jennifer continued to work her hand up and down his cum covered shaft. The sight of her cum smeared breasts made him moan low in his throat, and he turned his eyes back to hers. She was smiling excitedly, using her fingers to work his cum over his cock.

"I hope you don't mind..." Jennifer whispered. "I just couldn't resist..." Her concern was genuine, but it dissipated as Jeff smiled at her and ginned.

"You have no idea how much I needed that...." he chuckled. "I guess I just can't resist you, can I?"

Jennifer smiled back at him and released his cock from her grip. Stepping back a few paces, she looked down at her cum covered tits, then back to Jeff as she brought both hands up to massage his semen into her skin.

"You weren't too bad yourself, lover. You have very magical fingers, you know.... And I really needed that too....Mmmmmm......

"Anytime you feel "the need", lover, I'll be waiting here." she said sincerely. "Even if you just want to come in and jerk off on my tits...or my face..." She brought her hands to her face as she spoke, rubbing his semen into her cheeks.

"And you know how much I love you to come in my mouth..." she teased, running her tongue over her lips.

Jeff felt his cock growing again, and dropped his hand to encircle it, stroking it as he watched his young cousin fondling her tits in front of him. The two of them stood like that for quite a few moments, letting their minds soak in the sensuality of the other.

Finally Jennifer smiled and closed her robe, loving the sticky feel of his cum against the silk.

"You'd better go, before we get discovered..." she whispered, taking one last look at his hard-again cock. Jeff nodded and closed his robe also. He couldn't hide his hard-on, though. It stuck it in front of him like a flagpole.

Jennifer walked to the door and opened it slowly, peering outside to make certain the coast was clear. Seeing an empty hallway, she looked at him and smiled.

"Remember what I said" she whispered, kissing his cheek. " just let me know..."

Jeff grinned and walked through the door. "Thanks Jen.." he whispered. "Tomorrow night...right?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world!" Jen grinned. She closed her door and leaned against it.

At least now she'd be able to get some sleep. A lot of her frustration and a good part of her tension was gone now, as she climbed under her covers and turned out the light. The smell of Jeff's cum on her tits was wonderfully comforting. Her fingers traces through the residue, massaging...teasing...before sliding gently over her belly.

There was still a bit of tension that needed area that needed just a little more relief. She smiled as she slid her finger between her pussy lips. She even surprised herself when her orgasm was almost immediate. She pushed two fingers deep inside her and began to move them in and out.

She drifted off to sleep as she continued to masturbate. Her mind flashed images of Jeff and Dan...and Dan's father...standing around her naked form as she sucked one...then the other...then another... Her third orgasm washed over her as they all began to come as one...covering her entire body with thick wet rivers of semen...

Jennifer drifted off to sleep, her hands still between her legs, and slept like a baby until her alarm woke her at six o'clock the next morning.

Feeling energized and alive, she bounced out of bed and headed for the shower. It was Friday!

And this young lady had some plans!!

* * * * *

Jennifer had decided to compromise in her manner of dress for the day. She'd chosen a simple khaki colored dress that buttoned up the front, and had chosen to leave all the buttons buttoned. The hemline reached just above her knees when she stood straight, but the dress was also loose enough o allow her to let it ride as high as she wanted. If she chose to...

She still felt incredibly sexy, though, as she drove the short distance to school. The reason for that was that Jennifer was completely naked underneath her dress. The cool air and the feeling of the khaki rubbing against her nipples was turning her on immensely. As she pulled up to a stoplight, she couldn't resist the urge to let her hand slide up her thigh. Letting her legs part, she ran her palm upwards until she felt her almost hairless pussy under her hand.

Closing her eyes and sighing to herself, she fondled her pussy, pushing hard against her clit as she moved it back and forth. The short, staccato bleat of a car horn brought her back to reality. Opening her eyes, she saw the light had changed, and she blushed as she pulled away, waving to the young man behind her. Her excitement continued to grow, though, as she pulled into the school parking lot and parked towards the back.

Giving herself a minute to relax, Jennifer leaned her head back against the headrest. The sun warmed her face as she fantasized about the day ahead of her. She pictured Dan, standing naked in front of her, his hard cock bobbing as he approached. She smiled as her mind's eyes pictured her hand reaching out to encircle Dan's prick.

She also fantasized about what might transpire tonight on their double date with Jeff and Anne.

Lost in her fantasy, Jennifer didn't hear the footsteps approaching her car. Picturing Dan's hard-on gliding through her soft fingers, her hand began to rove over the front of her dress, pausing to squeeze one, then the other.

"Doing okay...?" the questioning voice cut through her reverie. Jennifer's eyes snapped open to see a slightly familiar face smiling down at her. She recognized the boy, but couldn't put a name to the face.

"Uh...Todd Bridges..." the boy said hesitantly, recognizing the look on Jennifer's face. "I wanted to make sure you were alright..."

His voice was sincere, and Jennifer smiled back at him as soon as she collected her thoughts. She realized that Todd was glancing at her hand that still cupped her left breast. Slowly, she moved it away and dropped it to her lap, pulling the hem of her dress down to cover up her exposed thighs. When she looked back at Todd, she saw he was blushing more than her. It was obvious that he'd discovered her in a moment of pleasure.

"I guess you caught me..." Jennifer said with a laugh. "I'm still waking up from a dream I had last night..."

"Must have been a pretty good dream." Todd replied, composing himself a bit. Of course he knew who Jennifer was. Every red blooded boy in school knew who she was. And like every other boy, he'd fantasized more than once about being with her. To have witnessed her in such a state of real life...was more than he'd every expected. And the calm manner in which she was reacting to his interruption was exciting him immensely. Unable to help himself, he felt his cock beginning to expand inside his pants.

"Well..." he stammered, "As long as you're alright." He couldn't stop his eyes as they surveyed the long expanse of thigh flesh still exposed to him. Jennifer watched his eyes and smiled, making no move to cover herself further. In her present state, she was enjoying the attention she was getting from this boy. She let her own eyes stray to the growing bulge in his pants which, given her seated position, was growing directly in front of her face. Her tongue unconsciously moved over her full lips.

"I think I'm fine..." she said with a grin. "You just caught me in a kind of private moment is all."

"Well, I didn't mean to intrude" Todd said, tearing his eyes from her legs, "I just thought you might be ill...or something..." His nervousness returned as Jennifer grinned at him. "The bell's ringing...I'd better get to class..."

"Yeah, me too..." Jennifer replied, reaching for her purse on the passenger seat. She leaned further than she really had to, knowing the movement would cause her skirt to hike up higher. She was liking the way she was able to arouse this boy, and his soft sigh as she turned let her know her ploy worked. As she turned back to him, he stepped back as she opened her door. Moving slowly, like a cat, she smiled as she saw his eyes return to her legs as she swung them from the car. Letting her skirt ride even higher, she paused for a moment, letting him get a true eyeful. Her eyes dropped to his crotch. His cock must be enormous, judging from the size of the bulge there, she thought.

Jennifer's mind began to wander as they both stayed silent. Her eyes were fixed on his hard cock as he stood just two feet away from her, and her breathing began to increase. When Todd glanced up and saw her staring at his cock, he groaned involuntarily. He couldn't believe he was standing in front of Jennifer Grayson with a raging hard-on. And he couldn't believe that she was just sitting there staring at it. His heart began to pound in his chest.

When the second bell rang out, it interrupted their individual fantasies. Their eyes joined and they both smiled.

"Too bad we don't have more time..." Jennifer breathed, glancing again at his hard-on, then back to his eyes.

"Too bad...." Todd replied, as if in a dream. Neither of them made a move to leave. Jennifer smiled to herself as a wicked thought entered her mind. Todd was standing in such a way that the open car door blocked any view from the school or the rest of the parking lot. It would be very simple to just reach out....

"I guess we'd better get in, then...." Todd said, in a voice that wasn't totally giving up hope. He stepped back to give Jennifer room to get out of the car. She was almost disappointed that Todd was choosing not to pursue things. She'd been so close to being persuaded.

Resigning herself, she grabbed her purse and moved to get out. She couldn't resist giving the young man one more buzz though. As she stretched her legs to stand up, she let her legs part and her dress rode up to the very tops of her thighs. Again she heard him moan lightly and smiled at him as she stood before him. If only he knew what she was (or wasn't) wearing under her dress!

"Thanks for coming to my rescue, Todd..." Jennifer purred as he swung her car door shut. "I really appreciate your concern." She meant what she said, and squeezed his arm to emphasize her point. He returned her smile nervously.

"I guess you really didn't need rescuing, though did you?" he replied, trying his best to laugh with her. His cock was painfully hard in the tight constraints of his jeans. And he almost couldn't stand the way her eyes kept drifting down to look at it. Her hot looks only made him harder and more uncomfortable, although it was a pain he was gladly enduring.

He let his eyes drop to Jennifer's breasts. Her nipples were plainly visible through the thin material of her dress, making him very aware of the fact that she was as turned on as he was with their game. As he returned his eyes to hers, he saw her smiling sexily at him.

"Do you like my dress?" Jennifer asked innocently, turning towards the school building. Todd watched her walk for two steps before hurrying to catch up with her.

"Well, it looks wonderful on you, I must admit." he said trying to sound nonchalant. "I like the way it...uh...accents your...uh...features..." He paused and opened the door for her.

As Jennifer passed through the doorway, she stopped in her tracks, causing Todd to bump into her. Standing still, she could feel Todd's bulge pressing against the back of her hand. It was exactly what she had hoped to feel. She looked up at him and grinned.

"I might say the same about your jeans..." she teased, looking into his eyes.

Todd couldn't believe that Jennifer Grayson was toying with him in this way, but the last thing he was going to do was try to end it. He let go of the door, letting it close against him. The pressure of the door pushed him closer to Jennifer's hand. Continuing to smile at him, she stayed where she was, feeling the throbbing of his hard-on against the back of her hand.

Todd swallowed hard, not wanting to move an inch. The smell of Jennifer's perfume was making him crazy. And the feel of her hand against his cock was driving him wild.

"Geez, Jennifer..." he whispered, "You're driving me nuts here....You're so beautiful...."

Jennifer smiled at the hot look in his eyes. Unable to resist any longer, she turned her hand around until her fingers encircled Todd's cock.

"And you're so hard...." she whispered. Se grinned as she saw his eyes widen. There was no pretense now. No more pretending as she ran her fingers up and down his hard shaft. "But you know I'm going pretty steady with Dan..." she whispered leaving her hand right where it was. Todd nodded and shrugged his shoulders with resignation.

"Yeah...I'd kinda heard. I really didn't mean to come on to you or anything, Jennifer. It's just you're"

"Is this my fault...?" she breathed, squeezing his cockhead between her thumb and fingers. Todd simply nodded dumbly, unable to respond or even smile.

Jennifer stared into Todd's eyes as her mind jumped between fidelity and lust. She wondered if Dan would really mind a little diversion.... The look in Todd's eyes made up her mind. She'd tortured the boy enough....

"Come here..." she whispered again, pushing him back through the door, and into the breezeway. She glanced through the wire-webbed windows into the deserted hallway. Everyone was in class and they seemed to be totally by themselves. Jennifer backed them both up until Todd's back hit the wall in the corner of the foyer. They were both facing the doors. Todd with his back against the cinderblocks, and Jennifer with her tight ass pressed into his crotch. Both of their hearts were beating hard with anticipation as they stared ahead.

"This never happened..." Jennifer said with a smile. Her hand crept up between them and her fingers sought out Todd's zipper tab. Not even looking back at him, she drew it down. Smiling to herself, she snuck three fingers inside the opening of his jeans, trembling when she discovered his lack of underwear.

"Do you understand?" she repeated, "This never isn't happening. You don't breathe a word, ever, and it just might 'never happen' again... understand?"

She felt Todd nodding frantically as he mumbled something like 'yes'... and she grinned.

Jennifer didn't dare bring his cock out into the open, but instead curled two fingers around his cockhead, sighing as she felt how wet and slimy it was with pre-come. Gripping his pole lightly in this way, she began to work her thumb against the sensitive underside of Todd's cockhead, while using her two fingers to tease the other side, rubbing quickly...spreading his pre-come over the head.

Todd's groans echoed off the hard, painted walls of the foyer. His eyes were closed, and his head leaned back against the hard concrete as Jennifer used her fingers on him. Still looking out for any movement, she smiled, excited by her own brazen actions. Se truly wished she could turn around and look at his cock. Just the feel of his cockhead between her fingers told her he was hung very well. But she didn't dare turn to face him, in case someone suddenly appeared.

Besides, she was getting a thrill from the almost anonymous manner in which se was getting this boy off.

Todd's breathing reached a new level, hissing like a radiator through his nose, and Jennifer stepped up her ministrations. His hips began to jerk like he had palsy.

Then, suddenly, he let out a long, low moan, and Jennifer felt his cock begin to buck. She could feel his hot semen spraying into the palm of her hand as Todd came.

"Oh...yeah...!" she whispered, moving her thumb faster against his cockhead. Reaching her whole hand inside now, she curled her fingers around his bucking cock and began to stroke his entire length. Again and again he shot his thick cum over her fingers. Her heart pounded wildly as she felt his cum pulse out over her hand. The smell of his jism wafted up to her nose, and Jennifer lost her self control.

Wrapping her hand around Todd's throbbing shaft, she pulled it out of his pants and turned sideways in front of him. Looking down as she gripped his cock, she sighed as she saw how big he truly was.

Long, ropy strands of cum dangled from Jennifer's fingers as she stroked the full length of his ten inch cock, and as Todd pushed his hips forward, another thick gout of semen sprayed from the tip, splashing wetly onto the black rubber mats on the floor.

When his flow finally stopped, Jennifer continued to stroke his cock as she smiled up at his dazed face.

"This never happened..." she repeated. She stroked him slowly, milking the last bits of cum from him and spreading it over his thick shaft, then released his cock and turned to make sure they were still alone, then turned back to him. She watched as Todd struggled to get his cock back inside his jeans The entire front of his pants was covered with a dark, wet stain, and seeing this, he untucked his shirt tail in an attempt to cover it up. Problem was, his shirt was also soaked with his own cum.

"I have to go home and change..." he stammered, still not fully believing what had just happened. He looked at her with pure adoration in his eyes. "Jennifer. that was too fucking awesome!"

Jennifer smiled at him and winked. "Why, Todd..." she said demurely, "I have no idea what you're talking about!"

Understanding her meaning, Todd began to smile, then groaned to himself as Jennifer brought her cum covered fingers to her lips. Still smiling, she began to lick Todd's semen from her hand, her tongue sliding sensually through her fingers.

"Never happened..." she reiterated. Then winking at him, she turned and opened the large door to the hall. Like an angel in the mist, she sauntered through, never looking back as she walked down the hall towards her locker.

Todd waited, his heart still pounding, hoping she would turn one last time to look at him, but to no avail. Jennifer reached the corner and turned with no backwards glance.

Suddenly embarrassed to be standing in the breezeway with his pants covered with cum, Todd walked quickly out the door to his car. His cock was still hard as he recalled every detail of the last fifteen minutes with Jennifer. He began to pray that it would happen again. For now though, he needed to change his clothes. He hopped into his car and sped away, anxious to get changed and to return to school... Just in case...

* * * * *

As for Jennifer, her encounter with Todd only served to whet her appetite. She knew she'd never see him again. She'd met him before, at parties and such, but really had no interest in pursuing a relationship with him. This morning had been a simple sexual release for both of them. And although she'd enjoyed getting him off immensely, she knew he could never compare with the excitement she felt with Dan.

As she gathered her books from her locker, though, she couldn't help raising her palm to her nose and inhaling deeply. The musky smell of Todd's cum clung to her skin and fueled her sexual fires. She felt her pussy tingling as she inhaled the male fragrance.

Then, swinging her locker door shut, she turned down the hall. The bell rang, signaling that homeroom period was over and the day was beginning.

Jennifer smiled to herself and turned towards the science wing as the halls suddenly filled with students. She was glad that she had chemistry class and lab during the morning. She hoped to convince Dan to skip the rest of the day and spend the afternoon with her.

She knew she could convince him. She simply needed to decide how...and when...

Either way, she knew that this was the beginning of a most wonderful day. She could just smell it....

To Be Continued in the next logical place... :)


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