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Jenny Wants to be a Millionaire Pt. I
by Capstick

Let me introduce our heroine Jenny, in case you have not yet met. Jenny is a happily married middle-aged woman, with all-American good looks, and a bit of a naive view of the world. Now what self-respecting man couldn't fall in love with a gullible blond beauty with blue eyes, an outrageous hourglass figure, and a penchant for landing herself in embarrassing situations?

Today was Jenny's thirtieth birthday. Her best friend Ashley had given her a beautiful bottle green silk dress, which must have cost a small fortune. She insisted that she found it on clearance, but Jenny had never seen dresses like this make it to a closeout table.

Ashley was worried about the fit, so she tried it on for her. It was a strapless dress, a style that Jenny usually stayed away from. She had to admit that it made her look like a movie star though! It had a lot of support built into the chest, and gave her full breasts quite a lift. It was quite snug, and created lots of cleavage. It was short enough that care would be needed when bending over, but she was comfortable wearing it.

Both Ashley and her husband were delighted with the look. Ashley explained that with the strapless top, the dress needed to be tight or it would be constantly slipping down. Jenny was hoping that her days of accidental public exposure were well behind her, so she was quite reassured. It had been months since the last embarrassing incident, and Jenny was gaining more confidence in her ability to avoid further trouble.

Her husband handed her a birthday card. Inside the card Jenny found a pair of tickets to a show named "Are You Really Sure You Want to be a Millionaire?" He explained that it was a taping for a new cable show, and that contestants were going to be picked live from the studio audience. He didn't tell Jenny that he and Ashley had been working on a new adventure for Jenny quite a while now. Jenny squealed with delight and gave him a big hug, while Ashley smiled to herself and thought what a stupid cow she really was!

"Oh, I almost forgot your last gift, what perfect timing!" He handed her a box from her favorite lingerie shop in town. Inside was a beautiful set of matching bra, panties, and garter belt, along with silk stockings and a transparent negligee. "I was hoping you would wear them to bed tonight, but the color is perfect with that dress. I'd love it if you wore them to the show!" How could Jenny say no with all the love being shown. She didn't tell him that the bra couldn't be worn with this dress since it was strapless, but everything else should be fine. Then when they got back from the show tonight all she needed to do was slip out of the dress and into the negligee!

After cocktails and a wonderful dinner at her favorite restaurant (where Jenny secretly enjoyed the attention her dress was getting), her husband drove downtown to a rather run-down section full of industrial buildings. Jenny regretted not using the rest room at the restaurant, but she could wait till they were inside the Studio. He found the building behind a chain-link fence with a small sign out front, which said Cinema-X Productions. They parked in a fenced lot, which was quite full.

As they approached the entrance door, a large man was standing guard with a clipboard, wearing a dark blue uniform. Her husband presented their tickets, which Jenny noticed were different colors, one white and one bright orange. The man checked his clipboard, made a few marks, and handed them each a form with a lot of small print on it. He explained that it was a models release, just in case they did get chosen to participate in the show. As he stood over her to point out where to sign, Jenny could feel him staring down her dress. Jenny's cheeks colored as she quickly signed the form and handed it back.

"The show starts in about 10 minutes folks, and I have to do a quick search before you can enter", said the guard. He pointed to a short yellow railing, which was about three feet away from the building wall by the door. "Could you stand in front of that railing Miss, and face the wall please!" Jenny glanced over at her husband, who gave her a quick nod. A line of people was starting to form behind them, so Jenny walked over to where he pointed and stood up against the railing.

Jenny felt his hand press between her shoulder blades, "Please lean forward and place your hands against the building wall". Blushing furiously, Jenny now realized that with her legs braced against the railing, her ass was thrust into the air, facing both the guard and the rest of the crowd now gathered. The way he had her stretched out, her heavy breasts were close to falling out of her top. She felt the guards booted feet slip between her high heels, and kick her feet apart till they were well separated.

She let out a soft moan as she felt him lean up against her uplifted ass, and she could feel his rock-hard cock pressing against her as he pressed her into the rail. He reached around and placed his hands flat on her belly, slid them slowly up to her arms, and then followed the slope of her breasts down till he was cupping and squeezing them roughly. Jenny gasped as she felt him slip the top of the dress down and her breasts were released! He quickly began to squeeze and massage her bared flesh. Jenny was helplessly pinned in this position and unable to remove her hands from the wall.

After a thorough groping the guard released her breasts and slid his hands back behind her, and followed down her hips and along her thighs till he reached the bottom of her dress. She let out a gasp as he slowly ran his hands up underneath the thin material. Her legs were still braced apart by his feet and she glanced over to her husband helplessly, who was standing with the rest of the crowd. All he gave her one of those "What can I do about it?" shrugs!

She grimaced and squeezed her eyes shut as she felt his fingers brush past her stocking tops till they finally reached her now soaked panties. His fingers found the ties on the side and quickly pulled, and she gasped as she felt them fall away. The cool night air suddenly hit her moist pubic area. He slid one finger up inside her vagina deeply until she was raised up on her tiptoes. He then slowly slid it back out, and followed back to her asshole. Before it dawned on her what was happening, he slid his now very lubricated finger deep inside her ass, much to the delight of the crowd.

Jenny realized that he had moved over to the side, which gave everyone gathered behind an unobstructed view. The guard continued to work his finger around in slow circles for a few seconds, and then pulled out, which produced a small squeal. She quickly pushed herself off the wall and pulled down her dress. The guard was now smiling from ear to ear! She vaguely heard him say, "Thank you very much and please go this way miss!" She rushed through the door to the sound of applause from the group outside.

To Be Continued...


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