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Jenny Wants to be a Millionaire Pt. II
by Capstick

Now that the guard had finally released her, Jenny found herself rushing down a narrow hallway. A brightly lit opening was straight ahead, and a line of people was slowly filing in to a large room beyond. As she caught up to the line she realized her husband was directly ahead of her! She was about to start complaining that he hadn't been searched also, when she felt more people pressing up from behind. By the bulging pants now pressed against her ass, Jenny realized that the guard must have been allowing everyone through without searches! Now all of her newfound admirers were squeezed behind.

She suddenly felt a pair of hands reach around and grasp her bare breasts! Her dress top was still pulled down from the search. She gasped as someone else raised her dress and started exploring her bare ass. She started squealing and squirming around, but with all of the noise and confusion from the room in front, her husband appeared not to notice her noise (Or so she hoped, anyway!). Jenny certainly heard a zip well enough from behind though, and suddenly felt the head of a very erect cock being rubbed back and forth across her well-rounded cheeks, as her breasts were still being squeezed and fondled.

She felt the cock stiffening further and the stroking become more insistent, and it dawned on her what was about to happen! Spurt after spurt of warm cum started to splash all over her ass as the pervert climaxed, and she could feel his hot breath on her neck as he gasped with pleasure. She could not believe what was happening. It was all so sudden that she didn't have time to react! Suddenly he was replaced be another man, who was wildly bucking his hips. Once again she felt her ass being splashed with more cum! The man was smacking his cock against her bare ass, smearing the sticky mess all over.

The line ahead was suddenly released and she stumbled forward into the light, with a smiling usher standing with his hand out to guide her to her seat. When she saw his eyes focus on her chest, she quickly remembered that her swollen, engorged breasts were still exposed. Quickly she reached down and pulled her top up, and allowed her breast to settle back inside, so at least only her deep cleavage was exposed.

Stunned, the usher took her arm in his and started to lead her down the aisle into the bowl shaped studio, snuggling his arm up against her breast as closely as he could. She noticed that a spotlight was following her as she walked down, and began to blush deeply at the hush that had seemed to come upon the studio. The usher took her all the way down to the fourth row back from the front of the stage. He pointed to her seat, which was right next to her husband about twelve people or so down the row.

She paused momentarily for the seated men to rise up and allow her to pass in front, but they just stared back at her with grins on their faces. Jenny felt as though every eye in the studio was on her! Not wanting to draw more attention to herself, she began to shuffle sideways down the row in front of the men, which caused her ass to stick out into their faces, and her chest to stick out in front to keep her on balance. She glanced down and saw that her bulging breasts still had red hand and finger marks all over them, and her deep brown areola were starting to peek out of the top. Her now fully erect nipples were covered by a mere inch of material.

Finally she worked over to her seat, and reached back to smooth her skirt down. Stunned, she immediately realized that her dress was still raised up over her ass and stuck on a gob of cum, and that she had just given every person in the studio behind her an extended view of her naked cum-splashed ass wiggling all the way down the aisle and over to her seat!

To Be Continued...


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