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Jenny Wants to be a Millionaire Pt. III
by Capstick

Jenny quickly yanked the back of her skirt down, and dropped into her seat. This in turn caused her breasts to bounce free of her dress. She didn't notice this however, because her attention was riveted to the clammy feeling of cum starting to soak into her beautiful dress. Her husband certainly noticed, and after enjoying her situation for a bit, leaned over and whispered in her ear to look up by the stage.

Jenny noticed several large TV monitor screens pointed toward the audience, as well as a jumbo screen mounted above the stage. The monitors showed an overhead view of a large breasted, topless woman seated amongst a group of people, who were all staring at her. Then she noticed the spotlight. She started to raise her hands to her face and her arms brushed against her huge nipples. She cried out "OH MY GOD!" and yanked up her top. Looking up, she now saw the camera providing the audience with the overhead shot. As she looked around the studio, she could see many other cameras strategically positioned, which were all pointing at her.

She heard her Husband chuckling softly, and followed his eyes back to the overhead monitor. She could feel her face burning with embarrassment as her walk to the seat was now being replayed in slow motion, with different camera angles being flashed. Jenny could hear the laughing from the audience, as eyes were flashing between the monitors and where she was now seated.

She sighed with relief as the screen changed to show a middle aged, well-dressed man walking toward the stage. Two attractive young women carrying a large clear bingo drum dispenser, which was half filled with tickets, accompanied him. As they stepped up onto the raised platform the audience began clapping & cheering wildly. Jenny had a great view since their seats were no more then 15 feet from them.

The host began by explaining that this show was unlike anything done before, and that the format was slightly different from the TV version that they were used to. "This show is intended only for mature audience's. Anyone who has misgivings or apprehensions about appearing on stage should leave now, because once the show starts you will be held to the release you signed earlier tonight. There is no backing out once we are live!"

Jenny briefly considered walking out, but no one else was moving, and she didn't want to draw attention to herself again (funny how she didn't notice any other women in the audience). Besides, she wasn't anxious to squeeze by the row of men seated next to her again! What were the odds of her name being drawn, she thought! She had never won anything in her life.

"Ladies & Gentleman! Let's go live! Ladies, please spin the drum." Jenny watched as the tickets started tumbling around, and then something caught her eye. All of the tickets were white, but occasionally she would see a flash of bright orange. She felt the color start draining from her face. Something was wrong, but she couldn't put her finger on what it was.

Suddenly the drum stopped and the man reached in to select a ticket. Jenny thought it a bit strange that he appeared to be poking around a little, before finally removing a ticket and holding it up in the air with a dramatic flourish. Oh no, she whispered to herself, seeing that the ticket he selected was bright orange! Sure enough, the host called out her name, and asked if she was in the audience!

Jenny was going to sit quietly and pretend she wasn't there, but her husband popped up out of his chair and pulled her up. The audience went crazy as she felt him start pushing her sideways down the aisle. Alarmed, she felt another pair of hands grasp her hips and continue shuffling her along! The next man who grabbed her slid her dress up to her hips, after which no holds were barred. The rest of the way she was passed along with her dress up to her waist, and she felt lots of gropes and pinches as she went. Finally, out into the aisle she shot, where the same smiling usher caught her in stride, one hand grasping a breast and the other her ass!

To Be Continued...


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