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Jenny Wants to be a Millionaire Pt. IV
by Capstick

Jenny quickly yanked her dress back down, and was directed towards the stage by the usher. Jenny could feel him wiping his hand on the back of her dress. She remembered about the mess and looked at the closest monitor to see the back of her swaying hips with a dark splattering of splotchy stains all over well rounded behind. The material was now very clingy, and she could feel it entering into the cleft of her ass, rather then smoothly covering her.

The host warmly greeted her as she climbed up on the stage, and commented at how beautiful she looked. He slowly paraded her around the perimeter of the stage waving to the crowd. They were all standing and applauding, with many a wolf whistle thrown in! That is everyone but the first few rows, which she realized were being treated to a birds eye view directly up her dress! She was led to the center of the stage, where the host sat down in a handsome leather chair, indicating she should take the seat opposite of him. There was a low coffee table between the chairs, with a pitcher of water with two glasses.

With hardly a glance Jenny quickly sat down, glad to hide her stained dress. A puzzled look came across her face as it felt like she had just sat down on an open toilet seat! She quickly glanced down and saw only leather, her broad hips were hiding whatever she was sitting on but she could tell it wasn't cushioned. She parted her legs slightly and saw that there was an opening straight down! Then she saw a light flash on underneath, at which point the host regained her attention by clearing his throat politely. What Jenny didn't know was that all of the studio monitors featured a well-lit view of Jenny's silk covered ass protruding through the open seat from underneath by hidden cameras!

"Now Jenny, the rules of this game are quite simple. I'm going to ask you a multiple-choice question, and if you give me the correct answer you will be awarded $1,000. For every question you answer correctly after this point, the amounts will be doubled, until you reach a million dollars or you answer incorrectly". As the host was speaking, his female assistants approached Jenny and started working at something on either side of the chair. She didn't pay much attention until they grabbed her wrists from her lap, and strapped each onto the chair arms with Velcro straps!

Noticing the alarm in her eyes, the host gave a charming smile. "Don't be alarmed Jenny, we know how nervous people get during the questioning, and it gets distracting to the audience when the participants start squirming around. You will see that this will help you stay calm and focused". He was so sweet and assuring that Jenny relaxed immediately. One of the girls now moved to the front of her chair and reached down behind her. She had stepped in between her legs, forcing them open. She then felt a second pair of hands opening them further apart and attaching wide straps around her legs just under the knees, securing them up against the insides of both chair arms. Meanwhile the girl in front of her pulled out a seat belt, and proceeded to buckle her in. She synched the belt so tightly that the top of her dress was forced down, and Jenny could begin to see her areola being exposed over her plunging neckline. She dare not squirm around, because she knew any more pressure would cause both breasts to tumble out. Jenny silently cursed herself for her choice of dresses.

"Now unlike the TV version, if you answer incorrectly, the game doesn't just end. You will have to participate in a penalty session after the questioning. If you reach a million dollars, you won't have to participate in a penalty session. This is an all or nothing contest."

Jenny suddenly felt something pointy & metallic pressing against the bottom of her bare thighs. She sat bolt upright and stared straight at the host, who calmly returning her stare, his eves never wavering. Jenny was relieved, because she was sure he could see right between her spread legs if he wanted to. The metal started to slide up, and Jenny could hear a very faint noise, which she realized was from a pair of scissors! Someone was cutting open her dress!

"Jenny, do you have any questions?" Startled, Jenny replied no in a quiet voice, not quite believing the fix she had gotten into this time. "OK, then lets get started! The crowd was going crazy, clapping and cheering wildly. Jenny thought they were just excited about the game, but actually all eyes were glued to the monitors which showed the bottom of Jenny's dress falling apart, exposing her ass and pussy to the camera view!

To Be Continued...


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