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Jenny Wants to be a Millionaire Pt. V
by Capstick

"Jenny, your first question is: What is the scientific name for water?" Jenny herd a click underneath her chair, followed by a high pitched buzzing sound. Something was being dragged along her exposed pubic area. It dawned on her that it was an electric shaver! The host continued: "H-2-O, W-H-O, I'm sorry Jenny, did you say something?"

"No, could you please repeat the choices?" she said in a cracking voice. She felt like she was burning up. It was surreal to be seated in front of hundreds of people, being taped by multiple cameras, while some stranger was taking advantage of her. She tried to glance down between her legs, but pinned as she was to the chair, she couldn't get a clear view. She didn't want to crane her head forward and let on anything was wrong.

"Once again your choices are H-2-O, W-H-O, W-W-F or W-W-W. Jenny, what is your answer?"

"I THEEEENK! I'm sorry, I think that the answer is H-2-O." Jenny had jumped as she felt the razor reach up to her lower belly to shave what little was remaining of her pubic hair. She thought she caught the host glancing down when she jumped, and now she wondered what his smile really meant. The crowd had started chanting MORE! MORE! MORE! Which puzzled her slightly.

"Is that your final answer?"

"Yes, I believe it is H-2-O, she replied in a shaky voice.

"You are Correct! Congratulations." The music raised in volume and more applause broke out. "Lets get right to the next question"

"Wait!" she said, "I'd like to quit now!"

The crowd started chanting NO! NO! NO! And the host raised his hands to quite them down. "I'm sorry Jenny, but you can't end the question period until either you answer incorrectly, or you win ONE MILLION DOLLARS!" The crowd went crazy once again, and now Jenny could feel her lips being pulled this way and that as small touch ups were being made with the razor. She sighed as she heard it finally switch off.

"Now for your next question, where is the Whit House located? Is it in the State of Washington, Maryland, Washington D.C. or New York?" Jenny felt something cold and foamy being spread all over her pubic area. Now she knew why this show was intended for "Adults Only!

"The answer is Washington D.C." A murmuring started in the audience. Jenny now figured out what the foam was for, as she felt the unmistakable pull of a razor blade over her pubic area.

"Is that your final answer?" asked the host.

"Yes, that is what I will guess."

"She's right again! You're just doing great, Jenny. Are you ready to continue?"

"My throat's a little dry, may I have a drink of water?" While Jenny was thirsty, she hoped that they would release her arms to drink the water, at which point she could undo her legs and get out of this mess. One of the female assistants walked up to the table between their chairs and poured a glass of water from the pitcher. As soon as Jenny heard the trickle of water, she remembered never having had a chance to use the bathroom, and the urge to go suddenly swept over her!

The girl came up to Jenny's side, held the glass to her lips, and tipped the glass back. Jenny had to struggle swallowing to keep up. The girl didn't stop till the glass was empty. The stranger below had finished shaving her, and now he was cleaning her up with a warm, damp towel. Jenny struggled against the impulse to pee, clenching her legs and stomach muscles tightly. She motioned to the girl, and whispered in her ear that she had to use the bathroom right away. The girl patted her arm and said she would let them know, and left the stage.

"All right Jenny, to continue with the questions, What female adult film star was best known for her skills at oral sex, was it Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Bush, Courtney Love or Linda Lovelace?"

Jenny was shocked by the question. "I've never watched any of those kind of movies, I have no idea who those people are!" The studio monitors now showed the camera being repositioned to a side view showing Jenny's ass and hairless pussy sticking through the seat. A metal bucket was positioned directly under her on a raised stand.

"You are free to use the studio audience as a lifeline, if you need help," the host said. With that, a chorus of voices rang out, and they seemed to form into a chant of LINDA! LINDA!

With all the lights shining on her, Jenny could not pick out her Husband, so finally she said, "I guess I will choose Linda Lovelace." Most of Jenny's concentration remained on fighting the urge to pee.

The girl coming back distracted Jenny. She leaned down and whispered in her ear "They are ready for you now, you can go ahead and pee when you are ready."

"I can't do it here!" she said, but the girl had already turned and was walking off.

"I'm sorry, did you say something?" the host asked with a smile.

"No, I'm sorry, everything's fine!" Jenny replied quickly. She noticed that a hush had seemed to fall across the studio once again, and everyone seemed to be staring intently into the monitors.

"Final Answer, Jenny?" She squirmed as much as she could, but couldn't hold back any longer, and a dribble of pee started to escape. The sound of the pee dripping into the bucket startled her (a microphone was positioned next to the metal bucket, broadcasting the noise over the studio speakers).

"I guess so, yes" she answered as she let loose a solid stream of pee. There was no stopping now as Jenny closed her eyes and felt the almost orgasmic pleasure from the release of the built up pressure. She just hoped that no one else could hear it, because it seemed so loud to her!

"You're right again!" Jenny was beyond caring at the moment. She was a bit surprised that the audience was going crazy once again with cheering, whistling and ovations breaking out. She was surprised how much they were getting into the questioning back and forth. "So Jenny, tell us a little bit about yourself before we continue." Jenny just stared at him stupidly as the studio quieted down. Once again the waterfall of pee rang out loudly. She couldn't find it within herself to carry on a normal conversation while urinating. "Cats got your tongue, eh! Well, that's all right Jenny, I realize you are probably nervous so let's take a quick break."

To Be Continued...


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