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Jenny Wants to be a Millionaire Pt. VI
by Capstick

With that the host sat up and gave her knee a quick squeeze. "You're doing great Jenny! Your Husband is a very lucky man." He walked away and started shaking hands with the audience. Jenny felt herself being cleaned up again with the warm towel.

The studio lights came up and people started to talk amongst themselves, but no one left their seats. All eyes were still glued to the monitors. Jenny was relieved to see her Husband approaching the stage. As soon as he got close enough to hear, she said "I have to get out of here! You won't believe what is happening..."

Before she could continue, he cut her off. "Honey, I have some really bad news. I read that release we signed, and if you don't go through with the show, they can legally take everything we own for damages! It's all on the form, our home, our cars, our bank accounts, our retirement fund, everything!"

The color drained from Jenny's face as she realized what they had gotten into. Suddenly she sat bolt upright as a well-lubricated finger start circling her exposed asshole. "Are you all right Dear?" he asked, seeing her sudden shift in position. The colors drained from her face as she felt the finger slowly press into her ass, and work the lubricant around. Jenny looked into her Husbands eyes helplessly while this was happening, but couldn't bring herself to tell him. She felt like she was betraying him.

"Well Honey, try to make the most of it. Who knows, maybe this will all work out for the best after all!" He bent over and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. Jenny sighed as she felt the finger being replaced with a long, slim probe. It had smooth, even bumps along the shaft, so it popped up an inch at a time as it was inserted, giving her a wave of pleasure with each bump. "My kisses don't usually have this much effect! I can't wait for tonight." He turned away and left the stage before she had a chance to respond.

Next she felt an egg shaped object being inserted into her vagina. Due to the position she was in and how wet she was, it went in quite easily, in and was pressed up high inside. She could feel something attached to it, which was dangling down and tickling her inner lips. Now a third object was held up against her pubic mound. It was curved to follow her contours, and had a bump, which fell right over her clitoris. She could feel it being held in place with a piece of tape which was pressed over her belly and then stretched back and stuck to the top of her butt.

The lights in the studio area were dimmed again, and the applause started up as the host came back to his chair. He smiled warmly and asked "So how are you holding up Jenny, are you getting a little stiff?" Jenny cleared her throat and said yes in a soft voice. He smiled broadly. "Well you're in luck because your chair has a massaging feature." He then stood up and moved around the table. She gasped as he reached down between her legs and pulled up a small control pad with three wire leads attached, which led back between her legs. As he moved back to his chair the wires tugged gently on the probes now inserted deep within her body! Expressions of sudden understanding and shock now moved across her face.

He set the control down on the table, and turned one of the knobs till it clicked on. She felt a slow vibration start from the egg buried deep in her vagina. Another knob started a slow pulsation from the unit taped over her labia. "How does that feel? Asked the host. "Very NNNNice!" stammered Jenny. He smiled and rotated each knob ever so slightly, increasing the sensations from the devices.

"Now for the next question we will switch subjects and go to American History. What President is credited with freeing the slaves, was it Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy or Harry Truman? He started to move a small joystick on the control around in small circles, and she felt the probe in her ass duplicate the movement. A familiar tingling was stirring deep within her groin, totally against her wishes. The audience started to cry out names, which soon developed into a chant of "KENNEDY! KENNEDY! KENNEDY!" I hope they are right this time, She thought to herself. "I think it was Kennedy," she said in a husky voice.

"Is that your final answer?" She whimpered softly, as he continued to increase the intensity of the vibrations. The butt plug was now circling with increasing intensity. Wave upon wave of pleasure started to build, until finally she could hold back no more. Her eyes squeezed shut and her arms and legs strained against their bindings. Her chest heaved forward, threatening to burst the seams of her dress. "Yes!" she said loudly, as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her life. Jenny could hear the roar of the audience in her ears, but she was beyond caring about whether the answer was correct or not. The intense waves of pleasure slowly subsided as the host continued scaling back on the controls, until they clicked off. "I'm very sorry Jenny, but that is not the correct answer." We will have to proceed to the penalty stage of the competition, but folks, didn't she do a great job?"

To Be Continued...


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