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Jenny Wants to be
a Millionaire Pt. VII

by Capstick

Jenny jumped as the tape was pulled free and the vibrator was removed, then the egg. She saw the girls approaching the stage carrying a high legged bar stool with a molded backrest. They set it down at the front of the stage, turned and walked over to her chair. Meanwhile Jenny gasped as the butt plug was slowly removed, ridge by ridge. The girls freed her arms and legs, and helped her get up from the chair.

Jenny's legs were trembling, so they helped guide her forward by supporting her on either side. One of them whispered that her butt was showing, and she quickly reached back to hold her dress together. Hopefully, no one in the audience noticed her brief exposure! She had forgotten that the pervert under her chair had cut her dress open.

She was directed to the front of the stage, and they helped her to climb up on the stool. This was an awkward maneuver for Jenny. She had to stand in front of the chair facing the audience, and then raise herself up backwards while holding the back of her dress together. Luckily the dress was loose around her hips, so there was plenty of material to hold on to. As she sat, she gathered the skirt under her butt, and then breathed a sigh of relief now that she was safely covered.

The girls then brought her arms down to her sides, and before she realized what was happening, they snapped handcuffs around her wrists which were somehow attached to the back of the chair. Next they walked around to the front of the stool, and snapped together a seat belt. As they tightened the belt down, her hips were drawn back, causing her chest to thrust forward towards the audience.

"I have to be honest with you Jenny", said the host. "This is the most popular part of our program." The audience went wild again. "You see, our audience pays a lot of money to see beautiful young women just like you put in embarrassing situations. For now though, you can relax. All I'm going to do is ask some easy questions, OK?"

"I guess so, go ahead" she replied quietly.

"To start with, how tall are you?"

"I'm about five feet, 6 inches tall."

"Very good, and your weight?"

"Between 120 and 130 pounds."

"You see, this isn't so bad! Now what is your bra size?"

"38 D" Hoots and catcalls came up from the audience, and Jenny blushed brightly.

"This is a bit of an odd question, but one we always ask. How long is your tongue?"

"I, I have no idea, I've never measured my tongue! Why would you want to know something like that?"

He turned around and held his arms up..."Gentlemen, do you want to know how long Jenny's tongue is or not!" YEEEEESSSS! The audience began clapping and chanting in unison, YES! YES! YES! He turned around and shrugged his shoulders. "They want to know, what can I say! Ladies, the ruler please!" One of the girls handed him a ruler and an odd looking device. "Now open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue as far as you can." Jenny did as he asked, but he shook his head and said, "You can do a lot better then that, let me help."

With that, She felt a clamp close on her tongue and grip it tightly. The clamp had a string attached that he pulled down and attached to the front of her stool. This caused her tongue to hang out of her mouth like a dog, and her head to be tilted slightly down. Her Husband had always joked privately about how long her tongue was, and now this fact was on public display! "My, that certainly is an incredible tongue. You must find that quite handy at times!" The crowd roared their approval.

"OOUUUUFFh, UUUUUFFF!" she tried to complain.

"I like to call this our dentist's chair, Jenny. It came to me one day when I was sitting in a dentists chair with one of those silly paper bibs clipped around my neck." As he went on, one of the girls came up behind her and placed a thin white paper towel across her chest, which she clipped around her neck just as he described. "I was always amazed at just how much saliva they had to suck out of my mouth while they examined me. It seemed that the more I thought about it, the more I would salivate." He walked around behind her, then reached up under the paper towel and pulled her dress top down to her waist! "UUUUFFFF!" Jenny looked down in horror to see her out-thrust breasts barely covered by the little bib.

"We're going to take a 15 minute break now folks, but Jenny will be here to entertain you!" he said to the studio. He whispered in her ear "Try not to think about your mouth watering!" and walked away. Jenny felt the saliva building in her mouth already, but with her head tilted down she couldn't swallow it! Eventually the drool started to spill out over her tongue and lip. She watched it run off and hang down in slimy streams, which swung down till they finally plopped onto the paper towel covering her breasts.

The noise from the crowd had started to build, and Jenny started to struggle against the clamp holding her tongue. No matter how hard she pulled, it would not let go. What did happen was larger amounts of goo escaped her mouth as she struggled. It seemed like the more saliva escaped, the more her mouth watered! As the towel started to get soaked, it turned transparent and stuck closely to her breasts. The towel was starting to rip apart where it spanned her cleavage, and within minutes, she started whimpering as only scraps of soaked transparent toweling remained covering her chest! Her nipples were on prominent display, and trailers of saliva were starting to hang off the bottom of her breasts. Jenny squeezed her eyes shut as she saw flashbulbs starting to pop in the audience.

To Be Continued...


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