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Jenny Wants to be
a Millionaire Pt. VIII

by Capstick

"Well Jenny, you are quite a site!" The host had returned, and was now giving her a good inspection. Most of the bib had dripped off her breasts, and her whole chest was glistening under the lights. Her nipples were fully erect, and streams of saliva were slowly dripping down onto her lap. "I think it's time we removed the clamp from your tongue, and got you cleaned up!" (Many groans of disappointment erupted from the audience).

Much to her relief, the girls now approached and released her from the clamp. Even though it had gripped her securely, it was wide enough not to pinch and make her sore. She had been struggling against it for so long though, it was a great relief to be able to relax her muscles and close her mouth. They started to wipe off her chest with small hand towels. They stood carefully to her side, so that the audience could follow the action. When they had her dry, one of them started to spray her off with a bottle of soapy water, which her partner started to rub in with her bare hands, till suds covered her. Then she was rinsed off with another bottle of clear water, and toweled dry.

"You look much more comfortable now. How did everyone enjoy her little show?" he shouted out to the audience. A standing ovation began, which didn't let up till the host motioned everyone down with his hands. Jenny was very uncomfortable, since her breasts continued to be on prominent display. The girls now brought up two large glass bowls and set them on a table that they placed next to her chair. One was empty, and the other was full of large multi-colored rubber bands.

"I would like to take a few moments to discuss a subject that is close to my heart" said the host, as he took a stool next to Jenny. "I do a lot of fund raising and volunteer work for the Children's Hospital here downtown. Jenny, won't you join me in encouraging every person today to contribute and help sponsor the kids who need our help?"

Jenny tried to speak, but her voice was gone with all the recent surprises! She could only nod her head enthusiastically, which focused attention briefly on her breasts, which also bobbed up and down! "Jenny, you truly are a special girl! For every twenty dollar donation made today, you will receive one of these genuine Studio X rubber bands." He held up the bowl and paused, but the studio had gone quite, with nobody coming forward to take him up on his offer.

"Maybe you don't fully appreciate my offer. Let me demonstrate." He reached into his back pocket and drew out his wallet, and made a dramatic show of pulling out a twenty-dollar bill. He dropped it into the empty bowl, and picked up a rubber band. Wrapping the band around his hands, he grasped Jenny's left breast, and proceeded to work the band up until it was tightly wrapped around the base of her breast! It seemed to take a lot of pressing and squeezing to get the band placed just right. As his hands left her breast, he gave her nipple a gentle tweak. As they say, the look alone on Jenny's stunned face was worth the price of admission!

"Oh No!" thought Jenny, as she saw a line of men start forming in front of the stage. One by one they came up, each placing a donation in the collection bowl, and then placing a band on the breast of their choice. Some were rather shy, but most were taking advantage of the situation and squeezing, pulling, pinching and some even kissing and sucking on her breasts! After a while, they began looking like grapefruits sticking out from her chest, and turned vibrant shade of red.

The line finally ended, and the host raised his hands in the air. "You people are truly wonderful! Look at all the money we have raised for the Hospital! Give yourselves a big hand." More flashbulbs sparkled, as Jenny looked out at the cheering crowd. Her breast's felt huge, heavy and close to bursting! "At this time if anyone would like a souvenir from the show, please come up and take one of these rubber bands!" As he said this he was patting the bottom of Jenny's breast, making it bounce up and down in a captivating motion.

Once again a line formed, as Jenny sat whimpering in the chair. If anything, it seemed that more attention was being placed on her breasts this time around. The bands were slowly removed, one at a time. Once they were finally gone, another celebration began in the studio. The girls finally came back up to her chair. They poured a large amount of a soothing, creamy liquid all over her breasts, and then proceeded to massage it in. They were again careful to make sure everyone had a good view.

Even though Jenny was still horrified by her situation, she had to admit that the lotion felt great. When they finished, they pulled her dress back up, partially covering her now swollen breasts.

To Be Continued...


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