The Best Erotic Stories.

Chapter X: Before the Beach Party... A Pool Party
by Mark Singer

Giggling and laughing, the girls ran to the house, leaving the door open for Dan as they ran up the stairs to Shannon's room. Dan followed at a leisurely pace. Shutting the door behind him, he saw that there was no one else at home. Grinning, he made his way upstairs. He found Shannon's room from the sound of the shower and crept inside. Peering into the bathroom, he could see the steamy outline of two naked bodies as the girls showered.

Grinning again, he made his way closer, stepping to the glass and slowly sliding the doors open. He felt his cock begin to expand as he looked inside. Shannon and Jennifer were gloriously naked, and giggling as they soaped each others bodies. Their hands moved slowly over each other's breasts and asses. It was an incredibly erotic sight, and Dan's cock was suddenly very uncomfortable inside his tight swim suit. He smiled as Jennifer noticed him watching them.

She turned to him and grinned, her hands still sliding sexily over Shannon's body. "We have company, she whispered to Shannon.

Shannon smiled and turned. She had figured Dan would be stopping by to spy on them and was pleased to see him.

"Hi Dan..." she breathed, leaning back against the shower wall. She cupped her breasts with both hands, squeezing them as she smiled at him. "Wanna join us...?"

Dan sighed as he watched the two girls fondle themselves. "No time..." he croaked, aware that Randy was due any moment. "Although I can't think of anything I'd like to do more right now..."

Jennifer smiled and glanced down at Dan's crotch. His cock was fully hard now, and pushing the front of his jeans out. She stepped closer, running one wet finger along his length.

"Well..." she mused, "You should maybe at least let us wash this for you. I like it better when your hard-on is all clean and shiny..." She grinned and reached for his belt buckle, quickly undoing it as Dan could only stand there. Opening his jeans, Jennifer reached her hand into his suit, pulling it out and down as she pulled his hard cock out. Trying to keep out of the spray, Dan pushed his hips forward, loving the wet feel of Jennifer's hand.

Shannon joined her friend, stepping closer and running her hand over her soap covered tits before reaching out and curling her fingers around Dan's shaft. As she began to slide her soapy hand up and down his cock, Dan groaned, pushing his hips further out, enjoying the feel of her slippery fingers. Jennifer smiled at her friend and followed her moves, soaping up her own hand and joining Shannon at Dan's throbbing pole. Both girls smiled at him as they began to jerk him off slowly. He could feel the cum filling his balls, and closed his eyes, enjoying the erotic sensations.

The sound of a car horn made them all perk up. Randy had obviously arrived and was waiting. As the sound of a knock on the door drifted through the sounds of the shower, both girls smiled and released his cock.

"Save that for my mouth..." Jennifer said, moving back under the spray. "And my tits..." Shannon said, moving over to stand beside Jennifer. Dan groaned. He was so close to coming he could taste it! He was half tempted to reach down and finish the job himself, but he knew the teasing game well. And he knew he'd much rather watch one of these ladies taste it...

Grinning and shaking his head in resignation, he winked at the girls and slid the door closed. He hurriedly rinsed the soap from his cock as the knocking on the door became more insistent. Tucking himself away, he hurried down the stairs, opening it to see Randy's smiling face.

"Hey, guy!" Dan said cheerfully, shaking the other boy's hand. "The ladies are running behind, if you can believe it. " Randy laughed and stepped inside, signaling for his brother to come in also. Dan heard the van's motor shut down and the sound of a door opening and closing.

After pleasantries were exchanged between the three boys, they moved into the back of the house, taking seats in the chairs around the pool. Obviously having been at Shannon's house before, Randy got back up and went into the kitchen returning with three cold beers.

The boys sat and talked, not minding having to wait as long as the sun was out and the beer was cold. And after only fifteen minutes or so, they could hear the girls approaching.

Shannon and Jennifer walked out to the patio. Each had a beer in her hand, their hair still wet from the shower, and their smiles indicating that they were already having a good time.

Both girls were wearing knee length beach robes that were lightly belted around their waists. Shannon wore a beige outfit, accenting her blond hair, while Jennifer had chosen a shiny blue number.

"Are you boys ready to party?" Shannon said, leaning over to kiss Randy. She sighed as she felt his hand run up the outside of her legs, stopping to examine the fabric of her suit on her ass. "Calm down boy!" she laughed, standing up. She made no attempt to move away from his hand, though.

"Well, I think the least you could do is model your bathing suits after making us wait so long..." Steve said good-naturedly. "We want to make sure you're properly dressed for the beach."

Dan and Randy agreed enthusiastically, their eyes gleaming excitedly.

"Well, I guess we owe you that, anyway..." Jennifer laughed. Shannon stepped back to stand beside her friend, and the two girls dropped one hand to the belts at their waist. Together, they slowly pulled the sashes away, until the belts slipped through their fingers. The robes opened slightly showing off parts of their matching suits underneath. They stood in front of the boys, hands on their hips, causing the robes to open a bit more.

"More! more!" the boys chanted, laughing a bit nervously. Jennifer looked at Shannon and grinned.

"Should we...?" she teased.

"Yes...yes!!" the boys laughed. Shannon grinned and nodded to Jennifer, bringing her hands up to the lapels of the robe. Slowly she peeled it away exposing a tiny two piece bathing suit underneath. She pulled the robe off, tossing it to Randy with a flirtatious laugh. Returning her hands to her hips, she posed for the boys, smiling as she watched their eyes devour her.

Her breasts were just barely covered by the top of the suit, the firm swells of her tits exposed on the sides and top. Her nipples were very visible as they hardened and pushed against the thin fabric. Steve let out a low whistle as he leaned back in his chair. Jennifer could see the bulge of his cock as it hardened in his pants. She smiled and followed Shannon's lead, letting her robe fall to the deck and standing proudly in front of the boys.

Her blue suit was even more revealing than Shannon's. Since her breasts were a little bigger than her friend's, Shannon's suit didn't cover her nearly as well. And since the suit was meant to be revealing anyway, it was almost silly to even be wearing it! The top was simply two tiny triangles that tried to hide her nipples. And her excitement was making those stand out proudly.

"Should we show them the bottoms...?" Shannon said teasingly. Jennifer smiled and shrugged. She began to turn slowly, and Shannon followed her, until their backs were to the boys. The girls exchanged knowing grins as they heard the groans escape from the three boys.

Randy could feel his cock expanding in his pants as he let his eyes move over both girls. The bottoms of their suits were the string type. Two tiny bows held the piece together, and two tiny strings met in the center of their asses, disappearing into their asscracks and exposing both cheeks wonderfully. It was as if they were naked from the waist down.

The girls turned back around, confident that they'd achieved their goal of turning the boys on. Jennifer grinned, her eyes moving from lap to lap. All three boys were sporting delicious looking hard-ons. Randy was staring open mouthed at Jennifer's tits and she pushed her chest out, straining the already tight fabric. He'd never seen Jennifer like this and his cock was throbbing mightily.

Steve had never seen either of these girls dressed like this and was going out of his mind. And Dan was still suffering from his aborted hand job in the shower. The girls had these guys exactly where they wanted them. Hard, horny and ready to fuck the night away.

Shannon turned her gaze to Steve. "I take it from your response, that you approve?" she said, her eyes gleaming. Steve nodded, his hand moving unconsciously to his cock, squeezing it as his eyes moved over the visions in front of him.

"Well then, I think fair is fair..." Jennifer said, "If we have to model our suit, then you should too."

Shannon laughed with glee at the idea. "Yes!" she said, "We need to be sure you, also, are properly attired. Let's see 'em, boys!"

Randy and Dan both laughed and began to discard their pants. Steve was a little more hesitant, but soon joined the fray as shoes and pants went flying. Turned out he was the first to strip, leaning back into his seat and showing off a light green, loose fitting boxer type suit.

"Not bad..." Shannon said softly, eyeing the pronounced bulge of his cock. It pulsed and bobbed in the loose material and she could see a darker green wet spot near the tip. She wet her lips, thinking she'd love to taste his pre-come that was soaking his suit.

As Dan and Randy finished getting their pants off, both girls turned their eyes to them. Both boys leaned back, proud to show off for the ladies. Jennifer looked first at Randy, anxious to see a new cock. He wore a black suit, similar to Dan's, that showed off his sizeable cock and the bulge of his balls. Jennifer felt her heart begin to pound as she looked at the three hard-ons. Dan's suit was also stretched tight over his cock, the head of which was actually poking out from the top of his suit. The wet sheen on the top showed how excited he was also.

"Not bad at all..." Jennifer said with a grin. Her hips began to sway slightly, as if dancing to an unheard tune, and soon Shannon joined her, both girls dancing erotically in front of the boys, their hands on their hips as they watched the boys drink in their sexy beauty.

Jennifer's eyes moved from cock to cock, and when Steve's hand moved down to squeeze his cock once again, she slowly brought her hands up to cover her tits, squeezing them as she watched Steve play with himself. Randy soon followed, and when Jennifer saw him slide his hand inside the waistband of his suit, she slipped her hands under her top, fondling her naked breasts in front of the boys.

There was only two feet separating the boys from the girls, but no one made a move to close the distance. Everyone seemed to understand that this was only the preliminary show. The real fun would be at the beach.

Randy smiled at Jennifer and pulled his suit back, exposing his thick, eight inch cock to her gaze. She felt her breath catch in her throat as his cock came into view. Her mouth opened slightly and her tongue made wet circles around her lips, showing him exactly what she had in mind for that once the action started. Randy smiled and began to stroke his cock for her, his hips lifting slightly off the chair.

When Dan and Steve saw what was happening, they both followed Randy's lead, pulling their suits down and stroking their exposed cocks in front of the two girls. Shannon was beside herself as she watched the heated action unfold before her. Her hands moved inside her top and she slowly pulled it down with her fingers, exposing her tits to the boys.

Dan's eyes narrowed to mere slits and his fingers moved up and down his hard-on. He sighed as he watched Shannon smile and move her fingers over her breasts, stopping to pinch each nipple between her thumb and forefingers. When she turned to look at Jennifer, Shannon saw that her friend had one-upped her.

Jennifer had untied her top and, holding a strap in each hand, was sliding the fabric back and forth over her tits like a stripper. The grin on her face was wicked and hot and her eyes were burning with lust. Shannon groaned, getting almost as excited watching her friend as she was getting from watching the boys stroke their cocks. Jennifer laughed and tossed her top into Randy's lap. His own grin widened as he wrapped the thin spandex around his cock, running it up and down.

Shannon could barely take any more teasing. Reaching to her right, she pulled a pool chair over and slid it close to the boys, positioning it between Dan and Steve. She sank slowly into the chair, her knees brushing Steve's as she did so. Shannon smiled as the attention of all three boys shifted to her. She leaned back into the chair, allowing her legs to spread. She smiled again as all three boys looked down between her legs. She couldn't hold back any longer. She would have loved to fuck all three of these boys at once, but she understood the unspoken rules of this game. No touching until they got to the beach.

But that didn't mean they couldn't still play...

Shannon sighed and let her hand trail down over her breasts...over her belly...until her fingers slid under the material of her suit bottom. She moaned softly as her finger parted her lips, surprising even herself to feel how wet she was. Closing her eyes for a moment, she slipped her finger inside her pussy, loving the sloppy, sexual sensation. As her eyes slowly opened, her free hand moved down to find the bow holding her suit bottom together.

Smiling smokily at Steve, she pulled the strand, seeing his eyes widen as the bow came undone. Still smiling, but moving her eyes to Dan, she drew the string over her thigh and dropped it between her legs. Then, as if in a trance, she moved to the second bow, repeating the procedure. When she was sure she had their undivided attention, she spread her legs wider, letting the tiny triangle of cloth fall between her legs, and exposing her naked pussy to them.

All three boys groaned out loud as they watched Shannon slide her middle finger in and out of her shiny pussy. She began to pant heavily as she finger fucked herself in front of the three boys. She could feel her orgasm building and knew she was going to come for them. A second finger joined the first, and the sounds of her masturbation filled the air.

Shannon closed her eyes for a moment, lost in the feelings of approaching orgasm, then opened them again, instinctively, as she heard a long low groan escape from Steve's lips. Seeing the strained expression on his face, Shannon looked down at his long hard-on just in time to watch it swell and explode. Her fingers fucked in and out of her pussy furiously as she watched long, milky rivers of semen spray in an arc from Steve's cockhead.

"Oh...yeah...!!" she sighed as she watched his cum rain down over his chest and thighs. She realized that it was a waste of perfectly delicious cum, but the sight of it arcing through the air was so erotic, she didn't care. Her own orgasm overtook her and she came as she stared hungrily at Steve's spurting cock. She had a feeling that Steve had plenty more where that came from.

When Shannon's orgasm peaked, she squeezed her thighs together, trapping her own fingers inside of her. Sighing deeply, she collapsed back into the chair, her chest heaving as she smiled sexily at Steve.

From the corner of her eyes, she saw Jennifer moving around. As she turned her head, she saw that the girl had taken both halves of her suit off and was standing in front of the boys completely naked except for her heels. Her hands were on her hips and her feet were spread wide. Her long shining hair cascaded sexily over her shoulders, partially concealing her tits and hard nipples.

Smiling sexily, she pulled a chair up beside Shannon. Winking at the blond, she slowly sank into the cushion, and turned her smile to the boys. She knew it was her turn to perform, and she was determined to make Dan and Randy both cum. She stared hungrily at their hard-ons as her hands began to move over her young body, squeezing her tits together and pinching her nipples, then moving both hands down to her pussy. Slouching down into the chair, she slowly opened her legs, feeling her excitement grow as all three boys watched her pussy come into view.

"Too bad we agreed not to touch..." she whispered to Randy. "I'd love to feel your cock in my mouth... "

Randy groaned at her words and watched intently as Jennifer slowly pushed two fingers between her lips and deep into her pussy. Her eyes closed in ecstasy as she began to fuck herself. When she acclimated herself to the pleasure of her fingers, she opened her eyes and looked hotly at Dan.

"Would you mind, darling?" she asked sweetly, "would you mind if I let Randy come in my mouth...?"

Dan tried to grin, but his excitement allowed only a grimace. He shook his head "no" and continued to stroke his cock. He was amazed to see the pure sexuality pouring from his girlfriend. Her lewd performance, in front of a total stranger and one near total stranger astonished him. And turned him on immensely. This side of Jennifer was new to him and very interesting. He imagined watching her deliver blow jobs to the entire team, drinking fountain after fountain of spurting cum. He was still shaking his head as his thoughts returned to the situation in front of him.

"And Steve too?" Jennifer asked sweetly. "Would you mind if I sucked him off?" Again Dan shook his head. He smiled, knowing that she was indeed planning to do this anyway. Jennifer grinned, a wicked gleam in her eyes. She slouched further into the chair. Bending her legs, she spread her thighs as wide as she could, and raised her hips in the air, fucking her pussy onto her fingers as she pushed them in and out. The boys looked on in lustful rapture as Jennifer masturbated in front of them.

Her eyes were half closed and tiny moans were escaping her lips as her fingers plunged in and out. The wet sounds of her fingerfuck mingled with the groans of the boys as they stroked their cocks in front of her. She moved her eyes from one cock to the next, and was thoroughly pleased to see that Steve's thick cock was fully hard again as it glided through his fist.

Jennifer's orgasm overcame her suddenly and with the force of a hurricane. The whole situation was so surreal and so sexually animalistic, while at the same time, feeling so natural and comfortable she began to experience one of the most powerful orgasms she'd ever had.

Raising her feet, she placed one on the arm of Dan's chair, and one on Randy's. Spreading her legs wide, she raised her hips high into the air and held them there as she plunged her fingers in and out of her pussy. As her orgasm washed over her, she watched the boys staring at her pussy. The feeling of such total freedom and lust poured through her veins as her hot, thick juices poured over her fingers. Closing her eyes as she came,, her sense of smell kicked in as the odor of her cum filled the air, and mingled with the heady smell of hard cock.

All three boys were stroking their cocks faster now as they watched Jennifer take herself off. Dan felt the cum rising in his balls and groaned out loud. As he saw Jennifer's eyes open, he slowly stood up from his chair and leaned over her, stroking his cock in front of her face. Jennifer stared into his eyes, the level of lust the burned there excited her tremendously.

Dropping her eyes to his cockhead, she smiled as she saw large droplets of pre-come pour from the tip each time his hand slid upwards. His entire cock glistened with the stuff, and dangling tentacles of clear lubricant swung in the air as he jerked himself off just inches from her face.

This was more than Jennifer had hoped for. The "no touching" rule was still being honored, but Dan was taking it to the limit. No one had said anything about not being touched by semen, and she smiled at Dan's intuition. Bringing her hands up to cup her breasts, she offered them to Dan, at the same time raising her eyes to meet his.

"Do it...." she panted, squeezing her thighs together, and sitting up in her seat. Her mouth opened and her tongue extended towards Dan's dripping cock. She was tempted to break the rules and take him into her mouth, but she held herself back. As it turned out, she wouldn't have had the time anyway.

Dan groaned out loud and pulled his foreskin back. Jennifer saw his cockhead expand mightily, then squealed as a huge river of semen erupted, sailing over the short distance to splash thickly over her tongue and lower face. Dan began to stroke himself off again, and each time he pulled his foreskin back another thick spray erupted. Jennifer's innocent smile became covered with cum, along with her extended tongue. Some of the hot spew dripped from her chin and onto her up thrust breasts. She moaned as she began to massage the musky liquid into her skin.

Dan sighed and fell back exhausted into his chair. His eyes were fixed on Jennifer as she smiled at him and massaged her cum covered breasts. From the corner of her eyes she saw motion and turned to see Randy getting up from his chair and stumbling towards her. His long thick cock throbbed angrily in his fist as he stroked it. Smiling and turned to him, Jennifer let her legs spread. She grinned as Randy stepped between them, holding his cock just an inch from her face.

Once again, Jennifer opened her mouth and extended her tongue, offering her mouth to Randy. He grunted as his fist flew up and down his hard cock. The vision of this young beauty so ready and eager to bathe in his semen drove him over the edge. Letting out a low wail, he aimed his cockhead at her lips as he began to ejaculate. His aim was perfect, and suddenly, Jennifer felt her mouth full of semen. As she closed her lips to swallow his juice, she felt his second eruption splash against her cheek.

Smiling up at Randy, Jennifer made a show of swallowing his cum as he covered her face with his copious load. Then tilting her head back, she offered her breasts to him, grinning as she felt his cum splash against her tits. She could feel rivers of cum trickling over her face and neck as she held her head back. Her hands moved sensuously over her tits as Randy showered his cum over them, kneading them like bread as she worked his semen into her skin.

Randy collapsed back into his seat, and Jennifer turned her eyes to Steve, hoping for a third cum bath from their new friend. She smiled as she watched Steve rise, his hard cock sticking out of his hand like a dagger. And her smile faltered only slightly as she watched Steve turn towards Shannon.

The young blond had been watching excitedly as Jennifer received the cum from Dan and Randy. She was almost as turned on watching her girlfriend get a cum bath as she would have been getting it herself. The sight of those two hard cock spewing their hot load over Jennifer's smile made her come again and again as she slid two fingers in and out of her sopping pussy.

But Shannon's smile increased noticeably as she noticed Steve turning to her. She looked at Jennifer and winked, as if to say no hard feelings, then turned her attention to Steve. Knowing that she was being observed, she turned herself to insure everyone an unobstructed view, then signaled Steve to move closer. As Jennifer had done, she spread her legs wide and sat forward in her chair. Steve took her hint and stepped between her legs, his hard cock just half an inch from Shannon's mouth. He continued to stroke himself, feeling the cum rising in his balls. As his orgasm approached, he sighed as Shannon opened her lips wide and leaned forward even more.

Without letting her lips touch Steve's cock, Shannon placed her lips over his cockhead as he jerked himself off. The sight was highly erotic, especially as she slowly extended her tongue.

Steve could take no more. He groaned as his cum rose up his shaft and spewed into Shannon's mouth. She mewled like a kitten as she felt his hot seed coat her tongue and teeth, but she resisted the urge to suck and swallow. If Jennifer had the strength to honor the rule, she certainly could too!

She grinned slightly as she heard the other three groan as Steve's hot cum overflowed her mouth and spilled wetly over her lips and chin. The hot liquid running onto her breasts made her shiver with delight. She knew what a sight she was with cum running over her tongue and chin, dripping wetly onto her breasts, and she reveled in the thought. Turning her eyes to Randy and Dan, she saw both of them looking hotly at her as they watched Steve pour his cum into her mouth. She added to the scene by closing her lips and pushing the rest of Steve's hot cum through her lips, feeling it pour over her chin and hang there like a thick icicle of semen.

Leaning back in her seat, she turned her eyes to Steve's and smiled at him as she gathered the cum from her chin with her fingers and placed inside her mouth again. Winking at him she tilted her head back and swallowed noisily. Jennifer groaned along with the three boys, at Shannon's slutty performance.

As Shannon's eyes slowly opened, Jennifer grinned at her and winked. Using her fingers to gather the cum from her own cheeks and chin, she followed Shannon's lead, drawing it into her mouth and swallowing obviously.

"I love the taste of fresh cum..." Jennifer said as she leaned back in her chair. "I could drink it all night long..." Shannon smiled at her and nodded her agreement.

"I knew that about you when I first met you." she laughed. "You're as much of a slut as I am!"

Jennifer laughed with her friend and shrugged her shoulders. "I'm beginning to realize that about myself." she said with a chuckle. She turned to see Dan watching her with a curious look and smiled at him quizzically. "What...?" she said, still smiling.

Dan grinned at her. "You might just get your chance tonight..." he said, "...if we end up at the beach party."

Jennifer turned to Randy with the same quizzical look. Her hands continued to move over her tits, gliding through the cum that covered them. Her nipples were as hard a little pebbles as her fingers passed over them. She was as excited as hell, but she wondered what Dan was hinting at.

Randy grinned at her and nodded. "A lot of the team and a lot of the cheerleaders usually come to the beach parties." he said, his handsome grin making Jennifer smile. "Shannon can tell you some stories about the beach parties."

Jennifer turned to Shannon, who was grinning and nodding her head. She felt her heart begin to beat faster. She turned back to Randy, who was watching her caress her tits as they spoke.

"Uh...just how many is "a lot"..." she asked, truly curious as to what she might be getting into. Her heart was still pounding with excitement.

Randy's grin widened as he looked over at Shannon. He locked eyes with her as he answered Jennifer.

"Well...let's see.... Last time Shannon joined us, nine guys showed up. Remember that night, sugar?" Shannon took a deep breath and nodded. It was obvious that the memory was exciting her. Jennifer looked at her friend in disbelief.

"God, Shannon!" she whispered, "Did you....?" Shannon grinned at her and nodded again.

"All of them..." she whispered back. Her eyes were glazed with a sheen of lust. "I had some help from the other girls, but I did every one of least once... Some of them came two and three times..... They kept lining up... It was so fucking hot...." Her voice trailed off as her eyes closed. It seemed as if she was remembering the evening. Jennifer turned to Randy, feeling as if her heart was going to burst through her chest. Randy looked back at her and smiled.

"She sucked off every one of them." he said proudly, turning his gaze back to his girlfriend. "And I came four times that night..."

"In my mouth...." Shannon breathed back to him. Her hand had moved between her legs, and she was sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy as the two of them relived that night.

"In your mouth..." Randy replied. Jennifer looked down to see that Randy's cock was fully hard once again. The night had obviously been quite a turn on for both of them. Turning her gaze to her boyfriend, Jennifer saw that Dan's cock was also hard as he listened. He was watching Shannon with a look of pure lust. As she looked at Steve, she saw he was staring at her. She smiled at him and let her legs spread. At the same time she allowed her hand to travel over her belly and over her pussy lips. Steve licked his own lips as he watched her slide a finger deep inside. She grinned as she saw his hand move up and down his own hard on.

"I think I need another shower..." Jennifer said breathlessly. She turned to Dan and smiled. "But I think the beach party sounds great...." Dan grinned and nodded.

"There's more..." he hinted. Jennifer's eyes widened, then narrowed as she leaned forward.

"Randy invited some couples from Rangeview..." he said with a grin. Jennifer's eyes were like saucers as she turned to Randy.

"Also!?!?" she asked incredulously.

"Also." Randy answered. His grin made Jennifer shudder with excitement.

"Wow..." she said to herself as she turned to Shannon. The blond was smiling as she got up and extended her hand to Jennifer. Jennifer got up on shaky legs, letting Shannon pull her up.

"We're gonna shower..." Shannon said to the boys. "You'll wait for us won't you...?"

All three boys grinned, knowing they didn't need to answer. They all watched the backsides of Shannon and Jennifer as they walked into the house.

The night was going to be an interesting one, that was for sure. Randy got up to make the guys a drink while Dan went to the phone. He began to dial number after number, letting his friends know that there was a beach party happening tonight at Smuggler's Cove.

By the time the girls were ready to go he'd made sure that there would be plenty of guys at the beach for the party. His cock began to thicken in his pants as he imagined Jennifer and Shannon on their knees in the sand....surrounded by hard cocks. He also wondered which members of the cheerleading team would be there. Shannon had a lot of friends on the team. Since she was the captain, she had final say in who was or wasn't chosen. He had a feeling she'd used criteria that was above and beyond the talent of jumping and cheering...

He smiled at Jennifer as he saw her coming down the hall. She was wearing a short black mini-skirt and a white cotton T-shirt that did absolutely nothing to hide her wonderful tits. It was obvious that she was ready to party.

The night was going to be a fun one. He was sure of that!!

To Be Continued...


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