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Kim & Stephanie
by Doc38

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

I positioned myself in a 69 position on top of her, taking care to keep my hard, throbbing cock just out of reach of her eager mouth. She bucked her head to suck it into her mouth, and I pulled away just in time. I started kissing down her soft legs, my cock in perfect view of her hunger eyes all the time. I concentrated my kisses ever nearer to her pussy, noticing the dark stain on the lacy material. She let out a loud moan of pleasure when I flicked her panty with my tongue followed by kissing her drenched crotch through her panty. My cock was touching her swollen breasts and occasionally I would lower myself to brush her nipples with my balls.

I slid my hands under her panties to either side, and ripped then off in one single jerk, revealing her clean, shaven cunt. "Oh YESSSS!!!... YESSSS.." Her lips were so swollen, it looked like a nest, ready to be eaten. I ran my wet tongue down each lip separately, already tasting her wetness. "Ooooooooooo .. Ooohhh my Godddd", she moaned. She tasted like nothing I ever tasted before, sweet with a very strong flavor of sex. I used my fingers to part her lips, revealing her swollen clit, standing out between her wet lips. When I leaned down, I made sure just to touch her clit very lightly, curling it in circular motions without licking it. When she started bucking her hips wildly, I pulled back. "Oooohhh BABYYYYY .. Fuck MEEE .. Fuck me NOWWW !! .. Fuck meeee!!, she squealed.

I was concentrating so hard on teasing her, that I didn't notice Stephanie in the doorway. Stephanie is Kim s 18 year old daughter and had a towel wrapped around her, her hair wet and she looked very much like her mother. People would often mistakenly think of them as sisters. She must have seen the shock in my face and only smiled at me. It was only then that I noticed that her one hand was between her legs, obviously playing with herself. I turned around and looked at Kim and saw her smiling at her daughter. I started wondering if this whole thing had not been just a setup by the two to get me into bed, but I shifted that idea quickly from my mind. I was now as horny as hell and wanted to get laid badly.

Stephanie walked over slowly and sat on the edge of the bed, leaning over to kiss me soft and gently. Her young tender lips felt like fire on mine. When the towel slid from her body, she revealed even more beautiful breasts than her mom. Her nipples were smaller and pinkish, but very hard and erect. I noticed that she was cleanly shaven too, while she continued touching herself with her fingers, her legs slightly spread. I touched her young, firm breasts with my one hand, when she rocks her head back and lets out a rather loud moan. "Ooooooohhhhhh ... " My other hand was stroking up and down Kim s inner thigh and when I let my hand on Stephanie slide down her beautiful body towards her crotch, I found Kim s now trembling clit and started rubbing it with my finger. "Yessss YESSSS .. Fuck me with your fingerssss... DEEPER !! .. Faster !!!"

Stephanie parted her legs further, taking my hand and guiding it towards her hot and wet pussy. Feeling such young flesh in my hand, I couldn't resist but to explore her wet pussylips with my fingers, making her increasingly moan with pleasure. "Oh my God, you feel so tender and soft.. ", I told her, and she could only smile. By now I had inserted two fingers into Kim s dripping cunt, and was fingerfucking her furiously. Her hips were bucking wildly, and I started feeling like I would cum at any moment.

Stephanie had leaned over and was taking my cock s head between her sweat, tender lips, sucking lightly as she teases me with her tongue. She must have done this before, because she was sending signals of intense pleasure through my whole body. "Ooooooohhhh GOSH!!!! .. Ooooooo...", I couldn't help moaning. I felt some pre-cum welling up in my throbbing cock, which she eagerly licked, followed by taking more of my cock into her mouth, stroking me as she sucked.

I knew I wouldn't be able to withstand this pleasure for long, but held back as best I could, wanting to feel my cock slide into someone s wet pussy. When Kim s moaning became more intense followed by her soft squeaky moans and rapid, shallow breathing, I couldn't hold back any longer, I just needed to bury this throbbing cock of mine in her wet swollen cunt. I quickly stood up, sliding my cock from Stephanie s mouth, and guided it towards Kim s bucking pussy. "Oh yes baby .. YESSSS .. Fuck me .. Fuck me .. Fuck me hard .. Fuck me NOW !!!!", she almost screamed, her body twirling with lust.

My hands reached both under her, clenching her firm ass, as I thrust my cock deep into her pussy with one immense blow, hitting her top, while she screamed out. "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDD !!!!!" Her cunt was so tight, but I couldn't hold back to give her time to adjust to my thickness. I kept my cock deep inside her until I felt her tense body relaxing after my thrust. When she started contracting her muscles to squeeze my cock, I nearly came, and started to slowly wiggle my throbbing member in her pussy. I started to fuck her slowly, feeling every intense moment of pleasure as her swollen lips grabbed my hard cock. "Ooohhh Yeah .. Fuck me .. Fuck me", she continued saying. Her tightness made it feel as if she was milking my cock, and I really had a tough time to concentrate not to shoot my load to into her.

My body trembled when I felt soft lips pulling at my slowly swinging balls. When I looked back, I noticed Stephanie had positioned herself on her back, her face between Kim s legs and she was pulling my balls into her mouth while I fucked her mom. The sensation was unbelievable and I started humping Kim increasingly faster as I felt my nearing orgasm. "Ooooooo YEAHHHH!!! .. YEAH!!!!!.."

I was fucking Kim so fast now that Stephanie had trouble holding on to my balls, but I didn't care and just continued to slam my rock hard cock deep, fast and hard into Kim s pussy. What happened next was so incredible I find it hard to describe with only words. As I felt my cock swell with my hot cum, I felt the feverish spasms of Kim s contracting pussy on my pounding shaft, when suddenly Stephanie showed her finger deep into my ass. I blew my load so deep into Kim s pulsating cunt, it was such an enormous load, that it felt like my cum spewed past my cock from deep inside her pussy, covering my crotch and balls with a mix of her cum and mine. While I continually kept up pumping deep into Kim s slippery cunt, I felt Stephanie s tongue eagerly licking the gooey juices from my balls. Even after I had stopped and was laying on top of Kim, my breathing rushing like I just completed a grueling race, I felt Stephanie licking up the sweetness.

She must have been darn near crazy of lust and desire by that time, getting only what is left over from her Mom s pleasure. I slid down and untied Kim who was just as exhausted as I was. I was laying on my back next to Kim, when Stephanie positioned herself laying down between my legs, pressing her firm, tender breasts on my legs, and taking my slump penis with both her hands. It s head was very sensitive now, and my body puckered every time she licked her tongue over it. "Ooohhh .. Ooohhh!!"

She slowly started stroking me while licking off the cum from my shaft. It wasn't before long that I felt my erection growing again, and I placed my hand between Kim s spread legs and started smearing the dripping cum over her cuntlips and gently stroking her clit. Stephanie was now sucking my erect penis with full force, reflecting her urgency to be fucked. I moaned .. "Oooooh Gosh .. Oooooooo YES!. suck me you little slut"

Kim was starting to moan again too, hissing between her teeth every time I touch her sensitive clit. I pushed myself up and pulled Stephanie s face towards me, kissing her deeply as she pushed herself up and shifted over my body. She was straddling me and it was absolutely sensational when she sat her wet, tight cunt on my penis. I kissed her more intensely when she started squirming on my cock. After kissing for nearly a minute, she broke the kiss and lifted her cute ass to guide my pole towards her tight pussy. I fell back when I felt her tender lips touch my cock s head, feeling the pressure as she slowly impaled herself on my hard, thick cock, stretching her love-hole to accommodate what must have been a monstrous cock to her. "Ooooh my Goddddd ...". I felt her pussy relax, clamping down on my shaft when she tried to lower herself too fast. She arched her body while she was doing this and ran her sweet tongue over her opened lips.

When finally I felt her ass-cheeks on my upper legs, I knew she had taken in all nine inches of my monstrous cock. She placed her hands on my breast and sat still for a while, before slowly starting to twist her ass, curling her sensual, young body. I raised my hands and started to caress her perky breasts, pinching her tender nipples between my fingers, drawing circles and pulling gently. She moaned in a high pitch "Eeeeewwwwwww ..." This initiated a series of increasingly louder moans escaping from her mouth, hissing just like her mother.

She slowly started bucking on my shaft, and I could feel her warm juices running down my crotch, as I joined her motions by thrusting my hips to meet her rhythm. Since her young cunt was even tighter than her mother s, I could soon hear the squishing sounds of her juices, as she picked up her raid on my throbbing cock. I slid my hands down to grab her slim waist and helped her motions as she started fucking me in all earnest. My thrusts have increased their own assault on her luscious pussy, and I noticed Kim s hand on Stephanie s breasts, encouraging her daughters rise in excitement. I got the feeling she wanted to have her daughter experience the joy of having a decent cock between her legs, as she has had the pleasure of having earlier. "Oooooh Goddd .. YES .. Oooooo YESSSSS" , Stephanie moaned excitedly.

I noticed Kim getting up and then helping her daughter to turn around facing away from me, without have my cock slide from her hot pussy. Kim was now encouraging her daughter to fuck me as hard as she could and the sight of Stephanie s firm, white ass drove me crazy. I couldn't resist to run my hand down her crack, teasing her hole with my fingers. I was surprised to find her hole lubricated, and thought it must have been when she rode me and her juices flowed from her pussy. I started applying pressure against her hole while she fucked me like she was going insane. "Oooohhhhhhhh YESSSS... OOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Her moans had become screams, and I soon felt my finger push up in her ass. I started finger-fucking her ass as she rode my cock ever harder and faster, at one stage burying almost the whole length of my finger deep into her asshole. "I mmm ccccuuummmmmmingggg!!!!...", she screamed.

Stephanie came with such force that I couldn't move my finger and it felt like a vice was gripping my cock, fast rapid spasms, clamping down forcefully on my monstrous cock. I couldn't hold back when I felt her, and let out a scream of pain and pleasure as I felt my cock swell and shoot a massive load of hot, creamy cum deep into Stephanie s fluttering pussy. "OOOOOOO GODDDDD..." It was as if at that moment she came again with full force, once again clamping down on my cock, milking every drop of sweet cum from my cock.

When her orgasm had settled, she almost fell back on my chest, my cock buried still deep inside her tight cunt. I slowly started to fondle her small, firm breasts until her breathing returned to normal. We lay there for a good 5 minutes before she got off me, and to my surprise joined Kim in licking every drop of cum from my now limb cock. Soon afterwards, she left the room and I heard the shower run. Kim and I talk for a while, exchanging kisses and smiles, when she helped me get dressed and walked me to the door. I kisses her good-bye and was feeling satisfied. A big smile covered my face for the rest of the day.

I received a number of calls after that from either Kim or Stephanie, but those are stories for a next time.

I trust you will send me e-mail if you enjoyed this story as much as I did. And just so by the way, this really happened.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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