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Kelly's Bukkake
by stockinglover

While chatting in one of AOL's many trashy rooms, Kelly met a man who seemed nice enough. He said he was a 20 something from the Midwest, and made a good living in the market. He told her he loved her profile, and wanted to talk to her about some of her fantasies. She said she has a desire to be the object of dozens of men in a Japanese sex ritual called bukkake.

"Bukkake?," asked Dave.

"Yes. It's a perverse act where a young woman is dressed in fetish clothing, and her face is used as a target of the cumshots of the dozens of men as they jerk off," replied the not so innocent temptress.

"Mmmmm. I'm suddenly very turned on. Have you done this before?"

"No, I've never had the guts, nor have I found the right group of men to help."

"Perhaps I could help."

"How?" she asked, suddenly becoming aroused at the thought.

"One of my friends is getting married this summer, and we're looking for some entertainment. We're tired of the same old stripper scene, where the woman comes in, does her act, and leaves us all horny. But none of us want to hire a whore, as some have wives and girlfriends. But this bukkake sounds like a happy medium."

"Oooh. Sounds exciting. But you live so far away."

"That is no problem. We're all well off. Flying you in first class and buying just the right outfit for you would be no problem."

"When is it?" asked Kelly.

He's getting married at the end of August, so perhaps two weeks before?"

"But you don't know what I look like."

"I'm assuming you're fairly attractive. But the key is not how beautiful you are, but how willing you are to have your face covered in 25 cum shots."

"I'm willing," said Kelly, feeling very submissive. "I'll send you my picture so you can see what I look like."


After Kelly sent her picture, Dave sent her a message. "Very nice. I'm hard thinking of that pretty face covered in cum. Are you up for it?"

"Yes!" Kelly was surprised at her newfound willingness to do something crazy.

Ok, I have pictures of the clothes we would like you to wear. Put your hair in pig tails. We ask that you wear the outfit from the moment you leave your home until we are done with you. Flying on the airplane in the slutty clothes will keep you constantly aware of the purpose of the trip."

" I like that idea."

Dave continued, "We will send a limo driver to pick you up. Help yourself to the bar we will provide. He'll drop you off at our hotel and will give you a key to your room. When you arrive, call our room ad tell us you're ready. Then, unlock the door and kneel in the center of the room. We will have a stripper in our suite, and will be horny and ready to jerk off. When we're all done, we will take some pictures of you for a souvenir. You will then have the rest of the weekend in Chicago to spend as you please. Just charge all your meals to the room, and we will take care of the tab. You won't need to spend time with us. You'll just be needed for the entertainment for that time. "

"Yes sir. You can send the plane ticket and outfit to my address. I'll email it to you."


The day finally arrived. Kelly was beside herself with a strange tingling of nervousness and wanton excitement. She'd tried the outfit on each night for the past week, and each time was so aroused she laid down on the bed and got herself off, all the while imagining two dozen men covering her beautiful face with cum, transforming her from an angel into a filthy mess. Her flight was scheduled to leave the Charlotte airport at 1:43PM. She had a layover in Nashville, before her connecting flight to Chicago O'Hare Airport, where she was to arrive at 8:30 local time. The though of spending two hours in a strange airport dressed like a little Lolita excited her beyond words. She knew men would be ogling her, but she didn't care. It would only make the final event more exciting.

She put the outfit on once again, this time knowing it was for real. She drove to the airport and parked her car. She packed light, as she knew she would not need lots of clothes for her two-night stay. As she walked through the terminal, she was keenly aware of the men undressing her sexy body. She saw one man sitting with what appeared to be his wife staring at her as she strode by. As she passed, she hiked the back of her skirt up, revealing the tops of her stockings and turned back and gave him a wink. She saw the woman grow furious, and Kelly laughed while looking at her. The power she had was something she had never felt before.

She boarded the flight, and noticed the glaring looks from the female flight attendants. "Prissy bitches", she thought. "I bet they'd never have the guts to do this." Her seat was next to a 50 or 60 year old guy. He was on the aisle, and she sweetly said. "Mister, excuse me. I need to get by. She saw his pants swell immediately, again smiling to herself. As she slid by him, she intentionally bent over a bit, giving him a clear view of her firm ass. She sat down, turned to him, and said, in her sweetest voice, "Thank you," and gave him a quick smile. He couldn't even reply. The plane took off, and she was feeling naughty again. She repeatedly crossed and uncrossed her legs, giving the man a view first of her nice legs, then the tops of her cute stockings, and finally of her white satin panties. When she caught him staring, she looked into his eyes and smiled, then looked down at the bulge in his pants he was trying unsuccessfully to hide and licked her red painted lips. She then slowly slid her hand under her left thigh and began to massage herself through her panties. Letting out a soft moan audible only to him, she again looked him in the eyes. She kept the eye contact the whole time, and within 45 seconds was able to bring herself off without anyone but the strange man knowing. As she composed herself, the man stood up and walked to the restroom. She knew exactly what he was doing. Again, she was amazed at her power, a power she knew she would relinquish that night.

The layover was comparatively uneventful, but her keen awareness of her appearance kept her wet until she arrived in Chicago. As she began to leave the plane, she suddenly realized she did not know what the chauffeur would look like. She hoped he had a picture of her. As she walked into the terminal, she immediately knew her concerns were unfounded. Among the several other chauffeurs holding signs that read "Smith", "Jones" and "Brown" an overly made up woman in a dark skirt suit with big dark hair stood there, holding a placard that simply read "bukakke". She laughed as she headed towards her. The woman seemed unaware of what the sign meant, but was obviously impressed with the girl, actually a woman in girl's clothes, who was walking towards her.

"I'm your passenger," she said.

"Come with me, ma'am" the chauffeur replied. Ironic. She wanted her to come WITH her, while the men in the hotel who were now watching a stripper work her magic would come ON her tonight. She followed her to the limo, where she opened the back door for her. Kelly got inside, and as the driver was shutting the door, was already pouring herself a scotch. The limo pulled away, and she was on the final leg of her perverse journey.

Her drink was gone in minutes, and the combination of the liquor, the limo, and the thought of her role tonight made her realize she needed to make herself cum again. Not satisfied with her fingers to do the trick, she looked around the limo looking for something suitable to help her. Finding nothing, she realized the pair of spiked heels she had in her overnight bag, just in case she needed them later to show of her firm legs. She pulled one out and slid her panties to one side. First she massaged herself with the toe of the patent black shoe. Aware the driver could see her through the tinted window between them, she turned the shoe around and began to fuck herself with the stiletto heel. Never had she acted like this....a nymphomaniac pleasing herself in any way, while a complete stranger, a woman no less, watched! Unlike on the airplane, she was quite vocal with her orgasm, screaming "oh fuck" as she climaxed. The window between the was lowered, and the driver said, trying her best to keep her voice even, "We're here ma'am."

Her skirt still around her waist and her panties pushed aside like a $20 whore; she lustfully slapped her pussy and said, "thanks for the ride". The driver opened the door as Kelly finished composing herself, and Kelly stepped out. The driver handed her a key with a smile, starting to realize what was in store for this woman tonight.

Kelly strode into the hotel, went to the elevator, and headed to her suite on the 17th floor. Arriving there, she saw the note to call her men in room 2102.

Four stories above, more than 20 men were watching two women, one blonde and one brunette, both with hugely inflated tits, putting on a show for them. They were high priced strippers, and were obviously good at their jobs. The two women had covered each other in baby oil and were sliding over each others bodies, hands groping and tongues sliding over each other. The men knew the women would not allow them to touch, and the huge guard was there to insure that. None except Dave knew of the phone call that was to come any moment now.

As the women were wrapping up their show, the phone rang. Dave was standing by the phone, expecting the call. He punched the speaker button. "Hello."

In the room four floors below, the sweetest of voices read from the script left for her. "Dave, it's your cum queen. I am dressed as you asked. You may bring your friends down her to use me to empty their balls on my face when you are ready."

The silence in the room was deafening. Dave let a smile creep across his face, as he turned to the groom and said, "Marc, old buddy, have I got a treat for you. And the rest of you guys, it's your lucky day. We're about to complete the bachelor party of a lifetime. "

Kelly took her place in the middle of the suite. She looked across the room and saw herself in a full-length mirror. She was shocked to see how she looked. Kneeling on the floor, with her seemingly innocent plaid dress, her white stockings with cute bows at the back of the thigh, and patent Mary Jane shoes, she was the picture of cute. Her blonde hair was pulled into tight pigtails. The only not so sweet thing about her was her makeup. She had bright red lipstick on, which accentuated her full lips. She smiled at herself, wet with her image.

She heard loud voices in the hall. As the door opened, she felt a moment of terror. "What have I done?" Quickly, the fear turned back to excitement.

"I'm Dave. Nice to finally meet you. You look as cute as I had hoped."

"Thank you. Nice to meet you too."

"These are the guys," he said, as the rest of the crew filed in, all with lust in their eyes. "This is Marc. He's the guest of honor."

"Hi Marc. It's my pleasure to meet you," she replied from her knees.

"Ok guys, let's get started. This is called a bukkake party. She's here for one reason: To look good while we jerk off and cover her with our cum. Shoot it on her face and in her hair. Sweet lil' Kelly introduced me to the idea on the Internet some months ago, and agreed to be our cum queen for the night. The only rule is that Marc gets to go first. Everyone else just jump up when you're ready to add your cum to her face."

"First, we'd like to take some "before" pictures" She posed for all of them, as the girls did in the bukkake pictures she's seen. She tried to look as submissive as possible, looking into the camera lens with a pouty look. She then sat up on the edge of the bed and lifted her legs in the air, grabbing her ankles. She knew she had great legs, and the bow topped white stockings and the patent leather Mary Janes made her look like the most innocent of sex toys. Dave snapped some more pictures of her in her compromising position, set the camera down and said, in his best Miss America emcee voice "Ok guys. Here she is, Miss Cumslut." Kelly returned to the place she felt she belonged, oh her knees in front of a room full of men with hard dicks.

Several of the guys let out a whoop, and immediately zippers came down and hard cocks came out. She had never seen so many cocks in one place before. And all of them were there for her. Actually, she was there for them. At least her face was. This was the moment she'd fantasized about for so long.

"Talk dirty for us Kelly," said one of the men, stroking his 8-inch cock. "Tell us how you feel."

"I feel so hot. I'm all dressed up like a sweet little thing, but I feel like a whore. Stroke that hard cock of yours. My face is here for you." Her words shocked her. Looking over at Marc, she said, "Hey mister, come stand in front of me. I want to watch you jerk off." Marc walked over and stood in front of her.

Another man with a smaller dick walked around behind her and held her pigtails. This caused her to look up at Marc's stiff hard on. The man stood behind her with his cock brushing against her neck said, "Here she is. That pretty clean face looking up at you. Look at her. She's here for us. For YOU!" Kelly noticed the others picking up the pace.

Marc's expression changed. Pure lust overtook his features. Kelly cooed, "Marc, I want you to come on my fucking face. Start making a mess of it."

With that, Marc tensed up. He moved closer, and pointed his cock straight down, right at the tip of her nose. Cum started spurting out, the first batch of many to come. Try as she might, she couldn't keep her eyes open. It was a good thing, as the second spurt hit her in the left eyelid. She felt it hitting her face, stream after stream. Not a drop missed her gorgeous features. Marc let out a sigh, and stepped back. The group let out a whoop, and as he stepped away, several of them were giving him high fives. Kelly felt so used, yet so excited. The power she felt earlier in the day had been replaced by the submission she craved. "Thank you sir," she breathed.

Within seconds, another man walked forward. "I'm next! Look me in the eyes baby."

"Oooh, yes. Come on my face!" she screamed, as she looked him square in the eye. He lost it right then, and sent jet after jet of semen over her delicate features. Some ran off the side of her face and onto her blouse. This was the second time in her she'd had two men cum on her face. She knew there was LOTS more to come.

Two men stepped forward. One had the biggest cock she had ever seen. The other wasn't exactly small, but it looked puny compared to the monster aiming at her from the right. She heard a voice in the background shout "Cum on her! Cum on the chick's face!" With that, the monster cock let go. Again, most of it found its mark. Some of it landed in her open mouth. She immediately spit it out the side of her mouth, and it ran down her cheek and down her neck. The smaller cock started to spasm, and his load cam e out with suck force it landed in her hair. Again, a cheer went up.

Kelly was feeling quite pleased with herself, not to mention horny as hell. She reached down and pulled her pure white satin panties off and thrust a finger in her wet pussy. Someone stepped forward with a stool that sat about a foot off the ground. It was just low enough to keep her directly in the firing line of cocks before her, but high enough that she could spread her legs and pleasure herself. It also gave the men a clear view of her shaved pussy, and of the cute stockings that encased her sculpted legs. As another man stepped up with his load ready to blow, she slid the straps of her dress down over her shoulders. At the moment the man started to cum, she ripped open her top, sending the top 4 buttons flying. This seemed to intensify the load she was receiving, and the man grunted loudly as she squealed with delight. This one landed on her forehead directly between her blue/green eyes. Her tits were now completely exposed to the gang surrounding her. She had never felt so dirty, and yet so fulfilled.

Over and over the scene replayed itself. Cocks of all shapes and sizes were thrust in front of her. As badly as she wanted to throw her head back and take one in her mouth, she knew that was not allowed in a bukkake. So she just sat there, fingering herself while her head was laid back, a receptacle for these men's jism. She lost count after several baths, and was forced to close her eyes, or else the cum would run down her forehead and into them. She heard the raucous cheers, and the humiliation was exciting like no feeling she had ever felt. She heard cameras snapping as her photo was taken. She knew these souvenirs would be saved for a later day when each man would relive the moment while they jerked off.

"Kelly, you look nothing like the pictures you sent me a few months ago." She recognized the voice as Dave's. She forced her eyes open and wiped the cum away from them. She looked up at him, stroking his hard cock as he said, "This is exactly what we wanted, isn't it?"

"Yes, I'm your cum queen. I'm addicted to this stuff. I want your cum on my face too." She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She was shocked. The sweet innocent girl she had seen in the mirror only 30 minutes before was transformed into an unrecognizable mess. Her face was so covered in cum she didn't recognize herself. It had run down her neck and onto her tits, drying as it went. Her face glistened with the sperm. He hair, which looked so pretty in the pigtails, was now a matted mess. She realized she looked just like the women she'd seen in the movies she had bought at the local porn shop, all the while hoping no one she knew would see her. But the humiliation she would feel if her friends saw her now would be ten times as degrading. They knew her as a conservative college student. Little did they know, tonight she was 25 men's jizz sweetie.

As the other 24 guys chanted "Cum, cum, cum", Dave started stroking his cock faster and faster.

He said "I'm gonna make all you guys look like sissies. Watch this shot. It's enough to cover 4 sluts' faces, but I'm going to give it all to this cute little thing." With that, it began. Kelly was able to keep her eyes open through most of it. Shot after shot erupted from his cock. He was pointing it in different directions on her face. A shot on her left cheek. One shot aimed at and hitting her forehead. The right cheek. The bridge of her nose. A shot hit her in the right eye, cause her to wince. But she quickly re-opened her eyes, just in time to see the final burst land on her eagerly outstretched tongue. She dutifully let the cum dribble over her still red lips down her chin.

Applause erupted from the group. Dave leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Thank you Kelly. I think you and I both lived out a fantasy tonight." He grabbed his camera again, and took pictures of her filthy face, full shots of her in her now ruined outfit, and one of her face with another hard cock in front of it.

She leaned back, her neck resting on the edge of the bed behind her. She splayed her long legs, putting her cute shoes in the air. "No, thank you. And thank all you guys. This has been fantastic. Just make sure you send me a copy of all the pictures. " She had lost track of the number of times she had made herself cum, but was sure it wasn't as many times as her face had been plastered with cum. The men started to file out.

When the last one left, she walked into the bathroom. Her dress was bunched up around the waist. Her white silk blouse hung over the top of the dress. Her stockings were still in place, and surprisingly, not a drop of cum was on her shoes. Her face was a different story. She loved the feeling she had. And she knew she would want to see Dave again that weekend. She had some ideas, and this time, she would be in charge.


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