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Kissing Cousins
by Kip Carson

When Tim was fresh out of high school, he moved to Chicago to go to work. He had a first cousin who lived there, named Michelle. He hadn't seen Michelle since they were younger, and when she picked him up at the airport, he gasped. She was very tall and slim, almost 6 ft tall, and had very large breasts. Her legs were long and shapely, and she looked incredible in the short skirt she was wearing. "Oh, Tim, how are you?" she said. Michelle threw her arms around her cousin and she held him tightly. Her large firm breasts pressed against him, and he could feel her erect nipples thrusting against her sweater. Tim's cock began to stir, and he knew this was bad, and he tried not to think about his voluptuous cousin as she tightly held him.

Needless to say he couldn't think of anything else, and his cock now fully erect and throbbing, pressed against his cousin's soft belly. Michelle thrust against him, and smiled brightly. "Wow, when Aunt Martha said you were coming to Chicago, I had to let you stay with me" she said. "we can catch up on old times" She added. Tim pulled away from her, his hard cock obviously pressing against the crotch of his jeans. Michelle grabbed one of his suitcases and led him to her car. "Are you hungry?" she asked.

"Yeah, pretty much so" Tim replied. She drove through Taco Bell, and they picked up some dinner, and she quickly drove to her large apartment. Tim was impressed as he looked around the large beautiful apartment.

"Wow, this is nice" he said.

"Oh thanks, I like it" Michelle added.

They carried Tim's bags to the extra bedroom, and she helped him put his belongings away. "Want a drink?" Michelle asked.

"Oh that would be cool" Tim said. Michelle left the room and Tim could hear her placing ice cubes in the glasses. He headed towards the living room and they sat on the sofa, and began drinking their rum and cokes.

The 2 laughed and caught up on old times, and Michelle openly flirted with him. "Mmm, excuse me for a moment" Michelle said, and she left the room. Tim sat there sipping his drink, and thinking about how much his little cousin had evolved into a Goddess. Tim gasped as Michelle entered the room. She wore a thin transparent blue teddy, with dark blue fishnet stockings, and high heeled shoes.

"Damn you look so hot" Tim said, ogling her beautiful body. His eyes stared at the firm large nipples as they pressed against the flimsy material. Michelle cupped both of her breasts in her hands, and began to squeeze her nipples. Tim's cock thrust against his pants. Michelle had a very nice neat trimmed bush, and he could see her glistening pink pussy lips as she stood there spraddle legged. Tim watched as his cousin slowly, seductively inched her way closer to him. She now stood directly in front of him, and she grabbed his hair, and pulled his face into her pussy. Tim could smell her womanly fragrance as he inhaled deeply.

"Mmm, you smell so good" he moaned. His tongue slid against her swollen clit, and she moaned softly as he began to suck it.

"oh god, big cousin" she moaned. Tim ran his tongue up the length of her wet pussy slit. Michelle thrust against her cousin's face, rubbing her pussy against his mouth. She softly moaned and ground her pussy against him as her orgasm approached.

"mmm, God, you are making me cum!!" she groaned. She began to shake and quiver, and her pussy sucked hungrily at Tim's probing tongue.

"Oh God, yes" she yelled. Tim felt her sweet pussy juices as they flowed into his mouth. He made loud slurping noises as he sucked the hot tasty juices into his mouth. She continued to convulse and shake as she climaxed. She grunted and moaned, and her clit was now very huge. Tim rolled the large pink wet clit between his fingers, and she moaned loudly. "Oh fuck" she yelled as she came again.

She quickly pushed Tim back onto the couch, and began to undress him. Tim gasped as she began sucking his nipples. Her mouth and tongue were so hot and wet. She made his cock tingle. Her soft hand slid downward, and she blindly reached for his erect cock. She gripped the large shaft in her small hand, and began to slowly stroke him. Tim grunted and thrust against her hand. Michelle pressed her lips over Tim's mouth, and began thrusting her tongue inside of his mouth. Tim passionately sucked her tongue as they french kissed wildly. She felt the precum as it oozed from the swollen tip of his large cock, and she quickly lowered her head between his legs. Tim watched as his cousin took his large cock head between her lips.

"Mmm yes" Tim moaned as his cousin began taking more and more of his long thick cock into her mouth. Michelle now held his cock head deeply in her throat. Tim moaned as she slid her tongue up and down the huge vein at the bottom of his shaft. She lightly cupped his balls, and began moving her mouth up and down his shaft quickly. Tim moaned and thrust against her wet talented mouth. She could feel his cock thicken and pulsate, and his breathing became quite erratic. Michelle gasped as the first jet of thick hot cum shot into her mouth. Her eyes looked upward and Tim looked at the deep lust, and moaned loudly. His cum squirted wildly into her mouth, and she hungrily swallowed every sticky drop. "Oh God, you are so good" Tim moaned.

Michelle let his cock fall from her mouth, and she smiled. "Mmm, and you taste incredible" she softly moaned. She held his thick stiff cock in her hand and continued to stroke him. "God I want to feel your big hard cock inside of me" she moaned. Michelle straddled him, and began lowering her wet dripping pussy onto the throbbing head of his hard cock. Both moaned loudly as she began to take his cock deeper into her hot wet pussy. "Oh fuck yes" Michelle moaned. Tim thrust upward shoving his cock all the way inside of her. Michelle grunted and slammed downward against Tim's large stiff cock. "Oh yes fuck me baby" she moaned as she rode him wildly. Tim reached up and took her large breasts into his hands. He firmly squeezed the erect nipples, and she moaned loudly. Tim continued thrusting his cock upward into her making her grunt.

"Oh fuck yeah, I am cumming" she yelled. Tim could feel her pussy tighten around his cock. "oh yes God" he moaned.

Tim grunted loudly and his cum splashed against the inside of her tight wet pussy. Michelle moaned and her young body shook wildly as she climaxed. She pressed her lips against Tim's and they passionately french kissed. Tim continued to hold her beautiful large breasts in his hands, squeezing her pretty pink nipples. Tim thrust repeatedly into her pussy, emptying his remaining cum into her.

Michelle slid off his shrinking cock, and lay next to him. "Mmm, yes, this is why I want you here" she softly purred. "I forgot just how good you were" she moaned.

"Oh yes, and you are so beautiful" Tim said to her. They held each other tightly, and exchanged tongues once more as they passionately kissed. Tim found a job the next day, but he and Michelle still live together, and are definitely Kissing Cousins all the way.


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