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Keiko's Fantasy
by Keiko

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

As I sit on the high stool, I pretend not to have realized that my short skirt was revealing so much of me. We chat of our meeting earlier in the day. He asked if I mind that he was drawing me and I say "no ... I was rather flattered that anyone one would want to draw me". He mentions that he thinks I am very pretty. I can almost feel his eyes at the low cut "v" of my negligee. He then begins to stare at my crossed legs, as if hoping I would uncross them. Of course I do :) I uncross and cross my leg with the opposite leg allowing him to view much of my hairless pussy. He seems to be obsessed with my hairless pussy. This makes me become very excited. I feel a tingling running through out my body as he seems to stare at my crossed legs. He finally realizes that he was staring and he actually blushes as he looks up into my eyes. I smile :)

After chatting and flirting for almost an hour, I think he is now began to feel comfortable with me. It was almost closing time as he leans over and whispers into my ear. He said that since I did not want to slow dance if we could go somewhere else? I think for a moment and decide that it was not the proper time. I tell him that I have be home soon and that I have an early class tomorrow. I can see the disappointment in his face. So, I ask for his business card and tell him perhaps we can do something another evening. He gives me his card and we toast to another night. As our glasses "clink" I lift my glass to my lips .... Suddenly, the person sitting behind me accidentally bumps me from the back. The bump causes me to spill most of my glass of wine onto my lap. I let out a quiet scream as I spread my legs apart. The cold wine runs down to my pussy and onto my pussy lips .....Wow!! what a feeling!!!

Ooooooohhhhh..........I had cold white wine dripping from my bare pussy and Perry was staring right at it. Perry was now looking at my naked, hairless pussy with my wet lips spread apart and the pink inner flesh which seemed to be inviting him.

He finally gets over the shock and instinctively grabs a napkin and starts to wipe up whatever is left on my lap. I say that "it is ok .... no harm done". He starts to wipe the insides of my thighs ... oohh ... it feels so good. The damp napkin quickly becomes a small, little ball of wet pulp. Suddenly, I feel "Perrys" bare fingers gently stroke the insides of my naked thighs. My friend "Perry" grows even more daring as I feel his had go closer to my pussy. Finally it happens, "Perry" reaches the edge of my pussy ... Electricity instantly runs through my body as his fingers gently stroke my wet pussy lips. I moan with pleasure as "Perry" softly runs his fingers up and down my hairless pussy. I let out another soft moan of pleasure. I say "Perry .. that feels so good, but..."

The music suddenly ends and the people begin walking off the dance floor. "Perry" looks up at me in his cute, but embarrassed way. He stands and I quickly adjust my skirt. I wipe the remaining wine from my short dress and tell "Perry" ... "thank you for helping". I give him a big "smile" and say that it is really late and I must go.

"Perry" offers to drive me home. I wonder if it is wise for my to accept a ride from him? But, I think he is nice enough. So, I say "ok". He is a perfect gentleman, he even opened the door of his car for me. I direct him to my home. Which is a little cottage in the suburbs. When we get there, I open my door and tell "Perry" ... "thank you for a wonderful evening". I give him a kiss on his cheek and let myself out of his car. I stand there and wave as he drives off.

I let myself into my house and I immediately go into my bedroom. I fall onto my bed and remember my wonderful night with "Perry". I remember his touch on my pussy and the feeling of excitement like I had never experienced before.

It feels very stuffy and warm in my bedroom. Perhaps it is the wine?? I had much more than I normally drink and I think the affects were still lingering. My body felt very hot and my heart seemed to be beating faster than normal. I sit up and walk over to the patio doors which lead to my little garden. I slide the doors open and walk outside. There is a beautiful full moon shining in my garden tonight. The cool night air smells fantastic and I have several flowers that are blooming. I walk to the center of the garden which has a small patch of soft grass. This is were I often sunbathe as so I do not have any tan lines. As I stand there in the bright moonlight, I again think back of my adventure with my new friend "Perry". I wonder if he also enjoyed himself?

My thoughts return to his fingers on my bare pussy. I run my hands down my sexy dress to my pussy and slowly rub where "Perry" had been earlier in the night. I raise my hands to my hair and remove the pins holding my hair up. I let my long hair down and run my fingers though my hair. I move my fingers to the one of the strap on my dress and slide it off my shoulder. My finger goes to the other strap and also let that one slide off my shoulder. I move my body only slightly and the dress falls to the floor. It feels so wonderful to be standing in the moonlight completely naked. I cup my breasts and massage them. My nipples become very erect as I squeeze them one at a time with my fingers. Suddenly I hear something moving in the bushes in front of me?? Is it my imagination?? I continue to move my hands down to my navel and finally to my wet pussy. This is when I notice someone standing behind the bushes??? I recognize him to be my new friend "Perry"??? I wonder what he is doing there? Has he become my new "peeping tom?" or peeping Perry?". I smile to myself as I pretend not to see him. I am guessing he did not see enough earlier and he wanted to see more? Well, I love to be watched, so it is perfect ....

I was standing in the moonlight naked, in front of my new friend who is peeping at me and I am still feeling the affects of the wine I had earlier. My legs seemed to be also effected, so, I slowly lower myself onto the soft grass. I face "Perry" as he watches me and wondering what I will do next. I continue to rub my breasts and moan with pleasure. The bright full moon shone on me like a bright spotlight. I lay back onto the soft grass and with my eyes closed continue to run my hands over my body. I peek through my partially closed eyes and I see that "Perry" was still standing behind the bushes. But, now he had his pants down around his ankles. My "Perry" is masturbating as he watches me. OHHH .... I LOVE IT!!! He is slowly stroking his erect penis and has a funny look on his face :) I hope he is enjoying it.

As I lay there, I slowly spread my knees apart .... only a little at first. My hands slowly run up and down my thighs. My heart begins to beat even louder. A tingling feeling runs though my body as my hands near my hot, wet pussy. I spread my knees even farther apart .... I can feel my pussy lips separate as I do this. I am sure "Perry" is getting a show he did not expect. I peek and I see "Perry" stroking his penis even faster now. I run my fingers to my wide open pussy and rub my clitoris. I finally insert a finger into my pussy. I let out a loud moan as my finger goes in and out of my pussy. It feels so wonderful to be doing this outdoors. I am masturbating as my new friend watches me?? I wonder what he is thinking?

My finger slides in and out of my wet pussy frantically. I peek and I see that "Perry" is also stroking himself at a similar pace. I am enjoying this!!! Very Much!! After several minutes of masturbating, I near my climax. I raise my hips to the movement of my fingers. I now slide two fingers into my very, wet pussy. This instantly makes me climax and my body quivers with excitement. I suddenly become limp with exhaustion. I look over at the bushes and I see that "Perry" is no longer there. I wondered if he enjoyed himself?? I also wonder if I will see him again? I hope so :) I lay back on the grass in the moonlight. I am exhausted and decide not to return to my bedroom, instead I fall asleep on the grass as the cool night air gently blows over my still warm pussy.

Is this the end??? hmmmmm ...

When I awoke from my nap about an hour later, but I remember a strange "dream" I had. In my dream ... I was just about to fall asleep, when I heard a sound from where "Perry" had been standing. I peek through my partially closed eye and I see my friend "Perry" ... he had not left like I had thought. He was on all fours creeping towards me, BUT!! he had not only taken his pants off, but also his shirt. My friend "Perry" is completely naked!!!

As he nears me, I wonder what his intentions are? I hear him whisper ... "Keiko? are you awake?" I do not move and pretend to be sound asleep. He is now right next to me and I can almost feel his warm, naked body next to mine. He placed his face above mine and slowly lowered himself until his lips met mine. He only gently kissed me on the lips and it felt wonderful. He then moved himself lower and I felt a gentle touch on my nipple. He had softly kissed my nipple. I let out a moan of pleasure and he froze in position. He became afraid that I had awaken, but I just lay there and still pretending to be sound asleep.

He was feeling confident now that I was asleep, perhaps he realized also that I did have more to drink then I would be able to handle. He again came up to my face and this time he kissed me on the lips much firmer than before. I again let out a moan of pleasure, but this time I opened my lips slightly. His lips met mine again, but this time his tongue found it way into my mouth. It was wonderful.

Suddenly, I felt his hand on my leg!! It slowly ran up my leg and along my thighs. He stopped at my navel for a few seconds and then slowly ran up to my breasts. He was now able to feel the breasts he had be watching so intensely all night. He gently cupped my breasts and played with my nipples. His hands felt very strong as he massaged my soft breasts. I had to let out another moan of uncontrollable pleasure. But, this time I raise one of my knees to open the way to my pussy. He saw this and wondered if he would dare to be so bold.

After a few minutes of not moving, his hand again ran down to my tummy and finally reached my naked pussy. He stopped at the top of my clitoris and gently touched my wet pussy lips. "Perry" was again at my most private parts. I could not help but to again moan with pleasure as he ran his fingers up and down my pussy. He stopped ... I do not know why? He was moving his position? I thought perhaps he was leaving??

He stopped near my raised knee. He gently lifted my other knee. Now, I had both knees raised and spread apart for my friend "Perry". He was motionless for a minute. Suddenly, I felt his hot breath on my exposed pussy. His face was actually between my legs!!! He gently licked the sides of my thighs and gently ran his tongue near my pussy. Electricity filled my body as his tongue finally made contact with my wet pussy!! Wow!! it was wonderful!!!! I had never felt anything like it before!!! It seemed like he was there forever, but I did not want him to stop!!! He licked me with such ecstasy and pleasure. It was like a fantasy ... laying on the grass in the moonlight and having a naked man between my legs licking my pussy.

hmmmm... this was a dream, yes?

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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