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Katie's First Time
by Kat Girl

It all happened when I was at school and still fairly inexperienced when it came to sex. Sure I'd had one or two boyfriends and fooled around with them but it was all rather hurried and far from satisfying. This was totally different...

During the summer vacation I went to France to visit my French pen friend. She was a year older than me and her name was Marie. At the time she was about 5'5" and had a gorgeous figure. She had shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. Living in the South of France she was naturally quite suntanned and all her body was well toned through all the exercise she did... swimming and playing tennis.

I was staying at her house which was near Nice. The days were hot and so we mostly spent them sun bathing and in the evenings we went out to visit friends and to the local night spots. We had been writing for quite a while and had seen each other once before when I had been over on a school trip but this was the first time we had really spent any time together. We found we really hit it off, we laughed at the same kind of things, liked the same kind of music and liked going out and having a good time. By the end of the first week we were quite close to one another. Up to this point nothing sexual had happened between us, however this all changed.....

One day we started off on our normal routine up at 10am and straight into the garden for a spot of sunbathing. We both liked to show off our bodies and wore what can only be described as very skimpy bikinis. Normally we sunbathed by the pool and today was no exception. We plastered ourselves with the obligatory sun oil and settled down to let the sun do its work on our lithe young bodies.

After about an our Marie asked me if I had ever sunbathed topless? I don't know what prompted her to ask but I said that I hadn't which was quite obvious from my bikini lines. She asked me if I felt like doing it to which I nodded. Since the area by the pool was quite open and Marie's brother was around she suggested that we go to another part of the garden which was a bit more secluded. This we did, laying down our towels and taking our tops of. I looked at Marie's breasts which were about 34", they were already as tanned as the rest of her. She started to smear oil on them and told me to do the same.

As I oiled by breasts my nipples started to get quite stiff and I realized that I was turning myself on. I started to wonder what it would be like to have someone else oiling by breasts and what they would do after they had done so. At this point I had no one special in mind to perform this task it was just a general thought. We lay down again. The feeling of the suns rays on my nipples felt so good and I wondered why I had not done this before. It must have been the heat that started me thinking about sex again which started to turn me on.

Marie broke my thoughts before I started doing anything about it, asking me to oil her back. As she rolled over I noticed the way her breasts glistened in the sun and the way they squashed as she lay on her stomach. I took the oil and started rubbing it in to her back. It felt quite sexy running my hands over her well defined back exploring all the contours and down to her bikini bottoms which barely covered the cheeks of her bum. After I had oiled her Marie performed the same task on me. The touch of her hands on my flesh felt so good, however I just ignored the sensations that I felt at the time.

After about an hour more of laying in the sun it started to get really hot and Marie's mum called us in for lunch, and regretfully we put our tops back on and went inside. In France everything stops for two hours at lunch time and most people stay out of the midday sun. WE ate lunch and the Marie's mum said she had to take her brother to the tennis club for his lesson. It was still quite hot so Marie and I went upstairs to her room to relax until the sun was not so intense.

We each had a quick shower and Marie changed into a pair of cut-offs and a short top while I just put on my bikini bottoms and a tee shirt. We sat on Marie's bed reading some books. After ten minutes Marie got up to go to the bathroom. She came back and sprawled on the bed as before, legs drawn up and book resting on her knees. I noticed that the buttons on her shorts were undone and that I could see her pubic hair. I also noticed that the crotch of the shorts was right up against her almost cutting into her pussy. I sat there entranced my nipples hardening under my tee shirt, watching her pussy.

As I watched she moved her hand down to her crotch and pushed it inside her shorts rubbing herself gently. She seemed really engrossed in the book almost ignoring me. The sight of her touching herself was really turning me on, I could feel myself getting damp under my bikini bottoms. I shifted position on the bed and Marie looked up from her book into my eyes and smiled. She asked me if I minded her touching herself and hoped that I was not embarrassed. I stammered that it didn't bother me. Grinning she took her hand away from her crotch and I could see that she was wet she put a couple of fingers inside her mouth and sucked them clean.

At this point my tongue must have been virtually hanging out. I was so horny . My mind kept racing back to the site of Marie's breasts covered with oil and the feel of her hands on my flesh from that morning. Still grinning she lifted her top over her head exposing her breasts and showing off her pert nipples. She moved closer to me and began stroking my thigh. She asked me if I thought that she was attractive and if I had enjoyed going topless in the morning. I said that I had, I could feel her hand moving up my thigh to my crotch, I was really turned on at this point.

She leant into me and looked into my eyes as I looked back lustfully. She kissed me at the same moment that her hand started rubbing my pussy through my bottoms. I could feel her tongue exploring my mouth and her fingers pushing aside the material of the bikini and dipping into my pussy. I responded to her kiss pulling her towards me and cupping her breasts with my hand. Marie broke away from me for a minute and pulled my tee shirt over my head and shimmied out of her shorts. She pushed me back on the bed and kissed me again, this time more passionately.

She moved her lips to my neck biting the flesh before kissing their way down to my nipples which she tugged between her teeth and swirling her tongue all the way round them. All the while her hand was busy with my pussy, her thumb on my clit and her fingers buried deep inside. I was so excited by what she was doing to me and was quite close to orgasm already. Her lips glided down my body over my stomach and down to my pussy. She pulled off my now soaking bottoms and buried her head in my crotch her tongue darting in and out of my hole while her fingers worked on my clit. I was in heaven and came the moment her tongue hit my soaking pussy.

After she had made me cum three or four times she kissed her way back up my body and again kissed me passionately letting me taste myself on her lips. Her breasts were squashed against mine and I could feel her hard nipples digging into my flesh. She pushed her thigh in between mine and up against my pussy. Her arms were wrapped around me and one went down to my bum and started stroking the cheeks and darting to the rose of my anus. God it felt so sexy.

She moved her leg away and pressed her clit up against mine rubbing our pelvises together. Up to this point I hadn't really had the chance to do anything to her but I took this opportunity to kiss her neck in a similar way that she had done to me. While my hands caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples. As I did this I felt her finger enter my bum probing. It felt really tight and made me cum again really hard.

By now I was dying to taste her pussy as she had given me so much pleasure to me. Marie seemed to sense this and swung her legs over my face into a 69. Again she buried her tongue in my pussy while I busily set about licking her out. She tasted so good, mind you I did not have anything to compare it with. Our afternoon of sunbathing was forgotten as we tongued each other senseless, making each other cum again and again. Marie also showed me the benefits of her dildo using it first on herself and then on me. It really filled my pussy up as it was a good eight inches long and quite thick, it was the biggest that I had ever experienced. As she pumped it in and out of my pussy her tongue lashed my clit. It was the best sex I had ever had up to that point.

By the time she had finished with the dildo it was nearly six o'clock and her mum and brother were due back. We were covered in pussy juice and had to have a shower together to clean each other up. Needless to say we had some more fun in the shower before we eventually got dry and put some more clothes on. We were just in time as Marie's mum arrived back just after we were ready.

That evening we went out into town with some friends of Marie's and I found it really hard to keep myself from touching her all evening. When we got back to her house we crept back to her room and spent the night together... making sure I was back in my room by morning.

The rest of the holiday was more of the same. We explored each others bodies as often as we could as well as partying with some of her friends both male and female who taught me some more about sex. I spent another couple of holidays in France with Marie and had even more fun as we just got dirtier and dirtier.


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