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Kim's Gift
by Carl East

The rain just wouldn't quit as Kimberly (Kim to her friends) walked the half-mile to work that morning. She had a terrible headache. She'd had it now for three days, it just wouldn't go away.

Kimberly was a nurse, a very good one. She was well respected by her peers and liked by her friends, in fact the kind of woman that people like to be around. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes and legs that wouldn't quit; but her best assets were her breasts. She was proud of her body and didn't care who knew it.

"If I don't get my finger out I'm going to be late," she thought to herself.

"You're late Kim," she heard someone say.

"I know, I've got a terrible headache!" she replied, turning to find nobody there.

Kimberly looked all around her and found she was alone in the car park, which was situated opposite the hospital. In fact the only person she could see was Dean, who even now was putting his hand up to wave, but he was in the window of the first floor.

"That's strange," she thought. "I could have sworn I heard a voice." She brushed it off as the wind playing tricks on her and proceeded into the building.

"Morning Kim," her friend Connie said. "Horrible out there isn't it?"

"Yes, not a good day at all," she replied.

Connie could see something was up, and being a friend she asked if there was something wrong.

"I've still got that headache from yesterday," came the reply. "It just won't quit."

"Perhaps you should see someone," Connie said, looking genuinely concerned.

"God I wish I could fuck Kim," came a voice. Kim turned around to find one of the patients heading towards the toilet.

"Please don't use that kind of language in the hall ways," Kimberly said, looking angry.

"I didn't say a word!" the patient protested.

"I clearly heard you say, "God I wish I could fuck Kim,'" she said.

The patient looked stunned for a second then whispered into her ear, "I didn't say that Kim, but I did think it."

Kimberly looked at him, seeing that he looked serious, she turned to Connie asking weather or not she had heard his remark.

"No, he didn't say anything," her friend said with a worried look on her face. "A re you sure you're well enough to be here Kim?"

"Apart from this confounded headache I'm fine," she replied.

Kimberly went about her duties that morning without anymore strange occurrences. At lunch she sat on her own thinking about the flat she had just moved into, wondering when she would find the time to decorate it. She had just finished her lunch when the pain from her headache started to get worse, the next thing she knew was blackness as she passed out.

When she awoke she found herself in one of the private offices the Doctors use for telling the patients what was about to happen to them once they were admitted to the hospital. She could hear voices in the adjacent room and called out for help.

Doctor Peterson popped his head around the corner. "Oh, so your back with us are you? You gave us quite a scare," he said, picking up her wrist to check her pulse.

"What happened?" was all she could say.

"It seems you passed out, my dear, but you seem fine now. Connie told me that you've been suffering from headaches for three days. Is that true?" he said.

"Yes, I have. The pain killers have not been working."

"Well, have a rest for a while. If you feel better, go back to work in your own time; if not I suggest you go home early drink plenty of fluids and get some rest," he turned and left the room.

Kimberly had only just noticed that her headache had gone. Getting to her feet she walked around the room a bit to check if she was still all right, then decided to go back to work. Her first round that evening would be the private wards. She always enjoyed doing the rounds because she felt she was contributing to the patients welfare and also because she got to meet some genuinely interesting people.

Her first stop was Mr. Clarke who'd had a car accident and might never walk again. She entered his room to find he was still strapped upside down in a specially-made bed. He'd just had a delicate operation and had to be kept confined in this manner so that he couldn't cause any damage to himself while the healing process took effect.

"Evening, Mr. Clarke," she said, after entering the room. "How are you tonight?"

"I feel like a bat," he joked.

"Not to worry, Mr. Clarke. It won't be for long," she reassured him.

"I wonder how well she gives head,' he thought to himself.

"Mr. Clarke, you don't have to insult me like that," she replied.

"Insult you? I didn't say a word," replied Mr. Clarke.

Kimberly wanted to check this out so she got down on her knees to look up at Mr. Clarke and asked, "Did you just think 'I wonder how well she gives head,'" bluntly.

Mr. Clarke looked embarrassed, but nodded his head in agreement. Kimberly started to get excited about this. Looking up at Mr. Clarke she asked if he would concentrate on thinking something about her without letting her know what it was. At first Mr. Clarke looked puzzled, but went along with it.

"I wish you would give me head," he thought.

"You just wished I would give you head," she blurted out.

"Yes, but how did you know?" came an astonished reply.

"I don't know, but it's the third time today I have heard someone's thoughts," she looked thoughtfully at Mr. Clarke.

"I'm going to give you your request," she said, pulling herself under the bed.

Pulling the covers to one side, her only other obstacle were the pyjama bottoms he was wearing. She could see the bulge starting to appear.

"Well we know this still works," she said, pulling them down past his now throbbing cock.

Kneeling up she let the cock enter her mouth and started to suck the end. Gently at first then faster and faster taking more and more down her throat.

"Oh yeah! That feels so good! Oh oh oh, god I'm going to cum!" said a deliriously happy Mr. Clarke.

He came in her mouth, which is just what she intended. She sucked him dry, then covering him back up she went about her business like nothing had happened. As she left the room Mr. Clarke thanked her.

On her way to the next patient she couldn't help but wonder why she was hearing people's thoughts. It was then that she realised that the only time she'd heard a thought was when it directly concerned her. She had to test this out somehow. "How should I do it?' she thought.

Then she had an idea. Walking briskly to the coffee lounge and finding several nurses talking together she went in, walked over to the coffee machine then deliberately stared at several people.

"What's she staring at?'

"She's got one hell of a body on her.'

"I'm so jealous of her looks.'

It was confirmed. For some unknown reason she could hear the thoughts of people, but only when they were thinking of her. Now the question was how could she use this gift to her advantage; but more importantly why had she been chosen to bear such a gift? For the moment she would just think about the possibilities and go about her business.

Her next patient was Mr. Dunbar. He was recovering nicely and should be sent home any time now. Mr. Dunbar had a visitor. It was his son, a strapping young man with blonde hair, brown eyes and a well-defined, sun tanned body.

"Evening, Mr. Dunbar," she said reaching for his chart. " How are you today?"

"I'm feeling well, thank you. And how's my favourite nurse?" he asked.

"Oh, I'm all right. I see that you'll be leaving us soon," she replied.

"I see what Dad means now. I wish I could fuck her," thought Mr. Dunbar's son.

"Your body is the only thing I'm going to miss," thought her patient.

This time Kimberly had been looking at them both and knew that neither one of them had spoken. Walking back to the door she locked it with her own key then turned to face the two men.

"I've got a treat for the pair of you," she said, slowly removing her nurse's uniform.

Mr. Dunbar and his son couldn't believe their luck as they watched this pretty young thing slowly discard her clothing. Once naked she crossed over to the bed, pulling the sheets off she quickly got to work on Mr. Dunbar's cock by sucking long and hard. His son couldn't get his pants off quick enough, but once he had he entered her from behind with long deep thrusts.

"Ahh, you are a big boy aren't you," she said, momentarily taking her mouth off the cock she was servicing. "Mmmm yes, ahh...yes oh mmmm! You have a nice cock, too, Mr. Dunbar."

Mr. Dunbar was watching his entire cock go down the throat of this beautiful woman, not believing what he was feeling. She was licking the end as she came up then sliding it effortlessly back down her throat. He knew he wasn't going to last long, which annoyed the hell out of him because he wanted it to last forever. His son had all nine inches of his cock going deep into her womb, being young and inexperienced he came a little too soon pumping her full of his cum. Soon he became flaccid, pulling up his trousers he continued watching the show.

"I'm coming! Yes, here it comes!" Mr. Dunbar yelled.

He shot his load down her throat. She didn't bat an eyelid as she carried on sucking until he had no more. Then after wiping her mouth she got dressed and left them staring into space. As she walked down the corridor she realised that there was a difference between someone talking to her, and someone thinking about her. It became clear as she passed the many people she saw while on her rounds those that talked to her didn't sound as clear as those that thought about her. She didn't bother wondering where this gift had come from, she just accepted it.

The end of the day came quickly and she soon found herself walking the half-mile back to her apartment. It was about nearing her residence that she heard another thought.

"As soon as she passes the white car, drag her into that alley."

Seeing a dark figure in the doorway down the street, she changed direction, heading quickly for the tavern that was fifty feet away.

"Damn, she's changed direction," came the last thought that night.

Once she got to the tavern she phoned the police informing them of a prowler. Giving them half an hour to check the area, she decided to go home and retired for the evening. When she awoke the first thing she did was check this was not a dream. Walking to the door she retrieved the newspaper from the step and waited for someone she knew to come into view. She didn't have long to wait, for her neighbour was also retrieving the paper.

"Look at her in that night gown! She's gorgeous."

"Yep, it was no dream," she thought, closing the door. Lots of thoughts were entering her head that morning, mostly her own, though. She thought of one way in which this gift could benefit her, playing cards for money. She couldn't lose, but she didn't like cards or gambling for that matter.

Of course, helping the patients at the hospital was a rewarding thing to do, and maybe she would think of other things later. It had already saved her from a mugging, or worse, a rape. As she turned the corner approaching the hospital someone's thought hit her.

"Here she is, right on time."

Looking up she saw Dean in the first floor window waving to her. His was the first thought she'd heard the day before. She decided to go and see him as soon as she entered the building. Once she reached his office she knocked and entered. Dean was at his desk pouring though some patient reports.

"Good morning Dean," she said crossing the room. "How are you?"

"I'm fine, and you?"

"Couldn't be better. I wanted to see you before I started my shift. You always make me laugh," she said.

"Why? You're not feeling down are you?" he asked.

"No, far from it. I just wanted to talk with someone."

"I wish we could get together sometime. I'd love to see that body of yours and tell you how much I love you," Dean thought to himself.

She'd been watching him all this time and knew that those words hadn't passed his lips. Looking at him she realised she hadn't noticed before, but he was quite an attractive man. She became bolder now that she knew how he felt about her. Walking around the desk she reached out her hand, getting him to stand. She kissed him passionately. He was shocked at first but soon returned her kiss and they fell onto the desk in this passionate embrace.

Kissing this woman was the one thing he had wanted to do for such a long time. They started to feel one another's bodies. She feeling his groin while he had a hand up her skirt. Soon the things on the desk were on the floor, as the passion took over. They were virtually ripping each others clothes off, until they were both naked. In all this time they didn't stop the kissing. They were hot for each other and nothing was going to stop them.

Slipping off the desk Dean went straight for her lovely pussy with his tongue, licking and sucking her clitoris then inserting a finger, making sure she was wet enough to receive his manhood.

"Oh Dean, that is so nice! Yes, yes! Oh don't stop! Don't stop! gorgeous man, you," she said in the heat of passion.

Dean stood up, his erect eight inch cock throbbing, wanting to thrust into the waiting love spring. She brought her self to the edge of the desk, wanting it every bit as much. He entered her slowly almost teasing the opening of pleasure. She felt it for the first time, and took a deep breath. His cock was in and she came, so intense were her feelings as he started to pump in earnest. She came again, her feelings making her head spin. The thoughts going through her head were of meeting the right man at last. He started to cum, filling up her womb. But not for a moment did he stop, this was real passion; the kind that is rare these days, the kind that people all over the world would love to have. He reached for her breast, fondling her nipple, then bending down to lick it with the tip of his tongue. He slowed his pace, for he was savouring the moment.

"I don't believe it! I'm coming again, ahh! Yes, harder, yes, ahh, god, yes yes yes yes yes! I'm coming!" she screamed.

"I'm coming too!" he shouted, with a look of sheer delight covering his face.

Once he was done he slumped on top of her body kissing her neck and breasts. He hadn't yet pulled out of her pussy, but when he did, he did it slowly. She sighed once it had vacated her passage of love. It was only while getting dressed that they realised how lucky they were that nobody had entered the room. Laughing about it they decided to meet later that day for lunch and would discuss their plans.

As Kimberly walked away from the office she couldn't help thinking about her gift; for if it weren't for it she would never have known about Dean's desire for her. With a glow that says "I'm in love' she went back to work.


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