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Kelli Gets Even
by Kelli Bleu

Kelli walked out of her dorm, knowing that everything was going to change, beginning tonight. Her plans were in place; now she just had to push through the rest of the day without letting onto the truth. She had heard revenge was sweet... now it was time to put that idea to the test. It was Monday night of finals week, and she had 5 people to get even with, one for each night, culminating with her graduation on Saturday. After three and a half years of mistreatment from those 5 people, she had spent most of the last semester getting ready to balance the scales; it was good to know that the time was at hand.

Her first victim was Bonnie. She was working from small to large, from the person she simply disliked up to those she hated outright. It was going to be too much fun. Kelli's tests were easy, she was a great student, she barely needed to concentrate on anything besides her plans, always her plans.

Bonnie had been her friend once; at least Kelli had thought Bonnie was her friend. That all changed after a few months, when the prank that Bonnie had been scheming for came to fruition. Kelli had been at the gym, working out as she did 4 nights a week to keep her body in perfect shape. It was late, about 2 in the morning; Kelli worked at the gym, and was able to stay beyond normal hours. There was no one else around. When she stepped out of the shower, she was surprised and horrified to find that all of her stuff was missing... her gym bag, her bookbag, and, worst of all, her clothes! She had stayed in the gym for 15 minutes, stricken by fear, before she remembered that she could call her roommate, Bonnie, for help. She called, and a sleepy sounding Bonnie said she'd come right over with some clothes, but Kelli would have to open one of the outer doors so she could get in. They agreed upon a door, and Kelli went down to open it. When she did open the door, with a big smile of thanks on her face, Bonnie grabbed her arm and pulled her out the door, which closed and locked immediately, to the delight of the large crowd of men that was standing outside watching. Bonnie laughed as Kelli turned red from the soles of her feet to the tips of her hair, and then ran away, dodging grabbing hands as she ran to the dorm. Before she made it there, Kelli was picked up by security; by the time she had told her story, there was no evidence to implicate Bonnie. A week later, a videotape appeared at Kelli's door... someone had recorded the whole thing on tape. Kelli was humiliated for the entire semester. Tonight, she would get even.

Day turned to night, and Kelli went to work on her revenge. She had enlisted the help of two people... a male stripper who owed her a favor, since she let him into the college's gym for free, and a girl who worked in the theatre department. Kelli went to the college's theatre and made sure that all was in preparation, which it was, of course... she had left nothing to chance. Several months before she had arranged the details. Since then, the stripper had contrived to meet Bonnie, to become friends; tonight, he was going to get her drunk and "put the moves" on her. Kelli knew Bonnie well enough to know she wouldn't miss her chance to do someone as beautiful as Mike (the stripper)... that's why Kelli had chosen him for this plan. Kelli slid quietly behind the couple as they walked across the campus; Mike was "wired" with a microphone; she had the receiver attached to an ear piece in her ear.

Kelli ducked out of sight as the couple stopped to kiss each other... a long, lingering kiss. Bonnie was showing all the signs of wanting to rip Mike's clothes off and do him right there on the lawn. Mike looked at Bonnie and said "let's make this special... I know a great place." He led her by the hand into the back entrance of a nearby building, conveniently unlocked by Kelli earlier in the evening.

Once inside the building, Mike took a cloth out of his hand and wrapped it around Bonnie's eyes, blinding her. "Oooh, Kinky" she breathed at him, "I can't see a thing."

"you'll love this" Mike promised. He led her through several rooms into a large open space with only a chair in it. He set Bonnie down on the chair and flipped a switch; loud music began to play, a sexy sultry mix of sounds. Bonnie sat on the chair and listened; she could only hear the music, could barely hear Mike as he walked over in front of her. Kelli watched from the shadows. Mike took a moment to appreciate the woman in front of him... Bonnie was 5-2, 120lbs or so, more voluptuous than slim, but gorgeous nonetheless. She had done it right this evening; she was heavily made up, wearing a short black skirt and halfshirt that displayed her body perfectly.

"Okay, Bonnie, are you ready? Tell me what you want." Mike said. "I want everything, Mike, I want you all over me, I want your cock in me, I want you to fuck me like I've never been fucked before," Bonnie said, predictably being her own slutty self, inhibitions removed by too much alcohol. "I think I can promise that" Mike said, pulling her to her feet. With quick movements he pulled off her top and skirt, revealing that she was only wearing thigh-hi's underneath. "Mmm, very sexy" he said, bending to kiss her nipples, fingering her pussy gently. Bonnie moaned with pleasure.

He picked her up, then sat her down on the chair, spreading her legs wide. Kneeling before her he began to eat her out, pausing only to tell her "talk to me, Bonnie. Tell me what you want. Keep telling me." His hands savaged her breasts as he licked, kneading them hard enough to make her gasp, bringing the nipples to full attention. Her voice was strained as she talked to him while he ate her... "more.. yes, more... oh please... harder.... More....." After she shook with her first orgasm, Mike stood and walked around behind her, tipping the chair back just a little, and positioned his cock at her lips. Without a second's pause, she started to suck him. "Play with yourself while you suck me, my little slut" mike said as he held her head in place, fucking her mouth. Bonnie obliged, sliding both hands down to her wet hole, spreading her legs wide. After several minutes of this, Mike picked her up again, spun the chair around, and set her down standing, legs spread wide, hands on the back of the chair for support. Without a word he slammed inside of her from behind, causing her to cry out in pleasure, and continued to slam her over and over, spanking her occasionally, reveling in her cries of pleasure that were almost loud enough to drown out the throbbing music.

When he was ready, he pulled out of her and threw the chair out of the way, setting her on the floor. Again he positioned his cock at her lips and commanded her to masturbate; she spread her legs wide and started to finger fuck herself as he thrust in and out of her mouth. A few seconds later and he pulled out, spraying gobs of thick white semen over her painted face. "Keep doing yourself, I'll be ready again in a second" he told her; Bonnie obliged, moaning as she leaned back, bringing herself to yet another orgasm.

A few minutes passed as she pleasured herself. Then Bonnie heard a strange sound. It sounded like... clapping? She tore off the blindfold and blinked as her eyes adjusted to the light... and then she saw the audience. 300 people were in the theater, and had watched the entire episode.... Each time he had moved her, Mike had put her in the best position for the audience to watch as he used her, finally leaving her spread wide to the audience as she fingered herself. Bonnie looked around in utter shock for Mike, who was at this point standing beside Kelli in the back of the theater, where Bonnie couldn't see him. "Did I do good?" he asked her, laughing. Kelli reached up and kissed him on the cheek. "You were perfect." Bonnie now remembered she was naked, and looked frantically around for something to cover herself with. The bare stage gave her nothing, and she rushed out, through the audience, and out the front doors, naked, into the night air.

Laughing, Kelli popped the eject button on the videotape recorders, and took the tapes. "One for Mike, one for Me... and one for Bonnie," she commented to herself, laughing. It was true, revenge was sweet. As she was leaving, Mike looked at her and said "Did you like what you saw? There's plenty left..."

Kelli wrapped her arms around him and gave him a hug. "Well, let's talk about that....." she said, and they walked arm in arm out of the building.

All the while, Kelli's mind was thinking.... One down. Four to go.

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