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Katya Gets Extra Credit
by Marla

Katya blinked once as she stared at the stern face of her social studies teacher. "You're going to flunk missy, and you have only yourself to blame for it. You think your pretty little smiles and your blonde hair and your blue eyes are going to get you out of this one? You think you're so special, well special doesn't win this time."

is venom was amazing, she thought. She had never even exchanged 3 words with this man, what did he have against her? She had to pass this class to graduate. She didn't care, she had to grovel. "Mr. Collins, I have to pass this class or I won't graduate. Don't you have some extra credit or something? I'll do anything, I have to pass, please Mr. Collins, please, I have to pass."

"Well, well little missy, begging?", he sneered, "Now you need me, don't you? You've been looking down your fine nose at me all semester long but now you need me."

What was this nut ball talking about, Katya wondered. Greasy little slimeball. Looking down her nose at him? She had never even noticed him. Ah well, needs must. "I'm sorry, Mr. Collins, it just that I was always so attracted to you, I knew if I even looked at you, I'd never be able to turn back." Yeah, right, she thought, he wishes. "What can I do to make it up to you? Surely there must be something."

"I think if you apply yourself", he began, "there may be enough time to make up your lost points." "Anything, Mr. Collins, I'll do anything", Katya began to hope she might slide by. "Come by my office in the morning and we'll discuss it", Collins glanced up at here with a sly smile.

Katya went home and climbed the stairs to her room to change. She stripped off her school uniform and looked at herself in the mirror. She was looking mighty fine, if she did say so herself. Her long blonde hair just barely caressed the curve of her bottom. Her breasts were full and high and firm with large brown nipples. She kept her blonde pubic hair trimmed in a neat little rectangle, just covering her slit. She slid her hand across her flat belly and then up to her breast. She pulled her nipple and began to roll it between her fingers, enjoying the tingle her fingers caused.

A low moan escaped her lips. She moved her attention to her other breast and began to tug on that nipple, drawing it out and letting it snap back. Her other hand strayed down between her legs. God, she was wet. She began sliding her fingers in and out, through her slit. She raised her hand to her lips and sucked her own juices. Katya opened her eyes and watched herself in the mirror. She licked one finger sensuously and began to rub her clit. Her other hand continued to move from one breast to the other, playing with her nipples. She moaned and spread her legs a little farther apart. She loved to watch herself get off. Her rhythm increased and her hips began to sway forward and back, riding her hand. She pushed one long, manicured finger deep into her pussy and then returned to rubbing her clit. She could feel the sensation beginning to build, deep in her stomach.

She sat down in her easy chair, positioned right in front of the mirror and spread her legs wide. No one was home so she was free to make as much noise as she liked. She rubbed her clit hard and fast and pulled on her nipples. She moaned louder and louder. Suddenly a shutter tore through her body and she went limp, "Damn that was a good one", she panted.

"A stupid oral report," Katya fumed. "I have to do a stupid oral report and I only have one day to get it done. Stupid, ugly Collins, dumb ass, is that the best he can come up with?" She headed for the library. "A stupid oral report about a stupid Day in the Life of a Farmer. What kind of report is that? Does he think we're in the 6th grade or something?" At least it would be easy. Katya had no trouble knocking out 3 pages on farm life.

The phone was ringing when she walked in the door at her house. Katya immediately recognized the voice of her teacher, Mr. Collins. "Katya", he began, "one more thing about tomorrow, if you want to pass the semester you had better give that report straight, no matter what happens."

"What the hell was that supposed to mean?", she wondered. "Damn freak, what did he thing was going to happen?"

The next morning Katya walked into her classroom to give her report. Mr. Collins directed her behind a large podium that was standing the front of the room. It was about chest-high on her and stuck out about 4 feet on each side. Mr. Collins took a seat almost directly behind Katya.

"What the hell is this about?", Katya wondered, "dumb shit is probably going to take a nap and doesn't want the class to see him". She took her place behind the podium and began to speak. Suddenly, she felt Mr. Collins' hand run up the back of her leg. She turned her head towards him, ready to yell, when she caught the look in his eye. He had a mean, set look, to his face and he was mouthing the words, "anything to pass".

She reluctantly turned back to the class. What else could she do? She had to pass this class. He had her under his power completely. As she began to speak again, she felt the hand pass under her skirt and begin to caress her bottom. "Oh God", she thought, "how can this be happening to me?" She started to speak very rapidly in order to get through the report more quickly. He pinched the back of knee her viciously.

"Miss Fry, I believe you had better start again. We certainly don't want any of your classmates to miss a moment of your report." Katya resigned herself to taking whatever was to come and began her report again. She felt the fingers begin their ascent once more. Collins forced his hand between her tightly clamped knees and tried to pry her legs apart. When she resisted, he pinched her again. She dutifully spread her legs. She couldn't believe this was happening to her. Right here in front of her whole class, this man was having his way with her.

She continued speaking as the fingers moved upwards. She felt a finger pass between her legs and rub softly against her clitoris. She couldn't believe it when she felt her body begin to respond. Her legs spread a little farther apart. This nasty man was fingering her and she was enjoying it! How could this be happening?

The finger slipped beneath the elastic of her panties and in to her wetness. She couldn't believe how hot this was making her. Her classmates sat in front of her, listening to her drone on about farming, never knowing she had a finger up her pussy! She felt him drawing her wetness up and back along her slit and into her crack. Suddenly the hand was removed. "Oh God", she thought, "that would just like the prick, get me all hot and bothered and then stop."

She felt both hands up at her waist, pulling her panties down. He pulled her panties completely down and she stepped out of them. She looked back just in time to see Collins slip her soaking panties into his pocket. "Now what am I supposed to do", she wondered, "go around all day with no panties on?" S

he felt the fingers begin to probe her again, spreading her wetness, rubbing her clit slowly. She felt his other hand travel up her leg and two fingers began to thrust deep into her pussy. He pulled the fingers out and ran them up her crack. He caressed her asshole with one hand as he rubbed her clitoris with the other. Katya was having a hard time keeping her voice steady. She felt a finger pushed in her ass. Surely her class could see her state? Collins thrust a thumb into her pussy.

He began to pump her in her ass and up her pussy, without ever stopping the rhythmic rubbing on her clitoris. God, god, god, she was riding his hands, up and down, in and out, this was the most tremendous sexual experience she had ever had. She felt herself about to cum. She reached the end of her report just in time.

"Any questions?" she asked. Then her body exploded. She couldn't believe the sensations coursing through her. She barely managed to suppress her moans. Collins pulled his fingers from her and pulled her skirt down over her bottom. She looked up at the class as her vision cleared. They were looking at her strangely. She hoped she hadn't cried out. "No questions?" Her legs were shaking so badly from her tremendous orgasm that she barely made it back to her seat.

Mr. Collins got up before the class to make some closing announcements. "Miss Fry has done very poorly this semester and has begged me for extra credit work so that she may pass. In accordance with that, Miss Fry will be giving an oral report every day for the next two weeks until school is over."

He put his hand in his pocket with her panties and looked straight at Katya. Katya didn't notice, she was too busy thinking about her next "report".


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