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Kathy Gets Some Cock Pt. I
by Kidd77

My name is Kathy. My friends call me Kid. That's because I'm shorter than average (5'0") and I have been told I have a cute little kid face. But I've also been told I have a great body and that I'm a wonderful fuck. I'm 21 years old and I'm a lesbian. Or at least I thought I was. Let me explain....

Four months ago I moved in with a male friend of mine named Rob. Rob made a pretty good living and was a really nice guy who'd do anything to help a friend out. I really needed a place to stay because I am too lazy to get a job and my parents were getting tired of me bringing my "bitches" home to fuck. So Rob let me move in with him, I mean, what would it hurt? We both knew that I was a lesbian and Rob wasn't the kind of guy who would "try anything." So I moved in and for several months everything went great. I stayed at home and did my thing and Rob went to work and paid all the bills. It was a sweet deal for me because I didn't have to lift a finger cooking or cleaning or anything. Rob did it all.

Then about a month ago it happened. I had just come off of a bad relationship with my girlfriend Jesse. Jesse was a good deal larger than me, with huge tits and a shaved cunt. I was in the market when I noticed a hot Hispanic chick, maybe a little younger than me, checking me out. I struck up a conversation with her and before you know it, we were back at Rob's place fucking our brains out. Well I lost track of the time and forgot that Rob was on his way home from work, and Lita (the chick's name) and I were just fucking away in the middle of the living room.

That's when the door opened and Rob walked in. Lita had her face buried in my very bushy cunt, lapping up my juices and squeezing my clit with her teeth. I didn't even notice Rob come in at first, I was in pure ecstasy, oblivious to the rest of the world. I opened my eyes when Lita stopped her tongue-fucking of my pussy and quickly saw why she'd stopped. Rob was just staring at first, then he quickly covered his eyes and said "Damn, I'm sorry Kid. I'll leave you two alone." Then he rushed out of the house and drove away. It took a few minutes for things to get back to order but Lita and I did finish our fuckfest.

I sent her home in a cab a couple hours after the "incident," then sat down to decide how I was going to deal with Rob seeing me in my most intimate moment. I mean, I'm not a shy person, but I am very self-conscious when it comes to things like that. My fears were premature though, for Rob returned home and didn't make any mention of what had happened earlier. For a few days at least, things went back to normal. For a few days.

Then came the day that Rob had a day off from work. Neither of us had plans so we decided to spend the day together at home, playing games, watching TV, and just hanging out. Somehow we wound up playing a game of truth or dare. And after about ten minutes, it became apparent to both of us that neither of us was going to pick "truth."

"This is stupid, Kid," Rob said. "We're good friends and yet we act like we can't talk to each other about personal or private stuff."

"Ok, then, I pick truth. Ask me a question."

That's when the heat started getting turned up. Rob pretended to think over long and hard what he was going to ask, but I had the distinct feeling he already knew ahead of time what it was.

"The other day," he started.

"Uh-huh," I replied, "what about the other day?"

"Well when I walked in on you and your 'friend', well you know...."

"Yeah," I said, getting a bit red in the face.

"Was it good?" He asked me that like he wanted to ask me a dozen other things, but settled on that question instead.

"Well," I started and I don't have a clue what possessed me to say what I said next, "did it look good?"

Rob was taken aback by my question and was visibly flustered himself. "Yeah," he slowly responded. "yeah it looked really nice. Something about two beautiful women appreciating each other's beauty that kind of turns a guy on."

"Well I don't know how beautiful I am but..." then it hit me and I asked: "did it turn you on??"

"Yeah it gave me a major hard on, Kid. And for your info you have one hell of a nice body."

Suddenly I felt a dampness between my legs. I couldn't believe it but hearing this MAN say I had a hot bod made me very wet. I had always considered myself strictly a lesbian, not bi. At that moment, I began to quickly reassess my nature. And at the same time, I began to wonder if Rob was as turned on right now as I was.

"My turn," I said.

"I pick truth," Rob said as if he read my mind.

"Are you hard right now?" As soon as the words left my mouth I couldn't believe I had said them.

"Hell yeah," he said laughingly.

"Can I see?" I didn't totally understand what was going on in my mind at that point but I did understand that I was wet and this man had caused it. And I wanted to fuck him very badly.

Slowly Rob stood up and unzipped his pants. He started to open his boxers, when I cut him off. "Take off your pants, Rob.....please? I want to see all of it." He smiled and responded "Tell you what: why don't we both go to my room and we'll take each other's clothes off?" I nodded as my soon-to-be "first" led me to his bedroom. He closed the door behind us and then he kissed me. I loved every second of it. It wasn't like a woman's kiss. It was hard yet tender. Rob's hand made its way up to my chest and squeezed my right breast through the fabric. I never wore bras around the house and now I'm sure Rob appreciated that very much. I stood back and pulled my shirt off. That's when I realized just how beautiful my tits were. They were 34C but on my small frame they looked so much larger. I could see in Rob's smile that he approved. He leaned in and took one of my nipples in his mouth. God it felt good. The warmth of his lips engulfed my tit as his tongue ran laps around my nipple. I moaned my consent as he ushered me onto the bed, tit still in his mouth. He let go of my breast so that he could take off his own shirt.

I had never really appreciated the rugged beauty of the male form before. Rob worked out a lot and he had great pecs and a firm stomach. I on the other hand was kind of chubby and any other time, I was always nervous about taking my clothes off. But right now more than at any time with my female lovers, I wanted someone to see my naked body and admire it for the work of art it is. I quickly shed my jeans and my undies, leaving nothing between Rog and me but his pants with a huge bulge in the middle. "Let me help you out of those damn things," I said.

I leaned in and pulled his previously-unzipped jeans down to his ankles. He kicked them off and smiled down to me. I reach around the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down and off as well. That is when I fully understood what being fucked was about. saw a man's cock for the first time up close. I couldn't help but stare at Rob's lengthy piece of meat. "H-how big is that thing," I somewhat-jokingly asked. "Nine inches," he replied. I reached out to touch it and couldn't believe how wonderfully strange and at the same time natural it felt. I squeezed it slightly and heard my new lover moan. I ran my hands over it in worship. I found the ballsack and gently rubbed and caressed it.

This was what it was all about, I suddenly realized. Pussy was great, don't get me wrong. But this was powerful, It was commanding and it made me weak in the stomach and wetter than ever before between my legs. My pussy ached to feel it inside me but first I knew that I had to taste it. I had to give this wonderful hunk of flesh all the attention it so rightly deserves. I kissed the head first and ran my tongue up and down the shaft. Then I glanced up at Rob and smiled. I took the huge member in my mouth, a little at first. I had never given head to a guy before and it took me a few minutes to really become accustomed to it. Rog didn't seem to mind my practicing. Then I slowly started a rhythm of sucking and jerking. I used my hand to play with his balls as I would a woman's clit. I used my lips to suck and my tongue to lick, just like I would do to a pussy. But this was so so different.

There was this feeling of power in this organ and having it in my mouth, letting it fill my mouth with its size, made me feel like I could do this forever. I sucked faster and faster. I became so enthralled in sucking Rob off that I didn't realize I was taking his big dick further and further into my mouth. When I finally deep-throated it, I heard Rob's loud moans of pleasure. I continued at this pace until I could feel the cock muscles tightening and I just knew what was about to happen would forever change my life.

"I'm about to come," Rob warned in case I didn't want to swallow. But I did. OH GOD I DID!!! I wanted all of that creamy man juice in my mouth and down my throat and on my face. I wanted to feel like a whore and like a queen all at the same time. I sucked and sucked, begging for the gift about to be bestowed upon me. Then I felt it. A little at first, then a lot. Big gooey globs covering the roof of my mouth and running down my throat like a river. I pulled my head back, not so much out of surprise, but because I wanted it on me. I wanted it on my face and I got it.

The cum flew from the large cockhead and splattered over my cheeks and forehead. It got in my hair and even dripped down onto my sizable tits. I must have looked like someone who hadn't had dinner for years. I licked it up every where I could. I was licking it off of my tits when Rob handed me a shirt to wipe the areas I couldn't reach. I was in such a state of lust, I just threw the shirt aside and kissed Rob full on the lips, letting him taste his own juices still swimming in my mouth. Then I lay back on the bed and spread my legs. I could tell in Rob's eyes that he not only knew what I wanted, but couldn't wait to get at my dark bushy pussy.

"Well," I said, licking my lips. "what are you waiting for?"

To Be Continued...


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