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Karen Has a Plan
by Dayna Jo

This story is inspired by my new friend, 'wil' he always be happy

Karen Smith loved her husband Dave. In fact, she loved him so much; she would do anything for him. So it was that Karen decided to give her husband the best birthday present she could think of...she would enact one of his favorite sexual fantasies. Karen knew quite well that Dave often fantasized about her with other fact, Dave had a very special fantasy of watching Karen take on several men at one time. Unfortunately, Dave also knew that this could only be a fantasy...that something like this could never come true. Karen knew that Dave was quite content role playing in their bedroom, with Dave often pretending to be several different men having their ways with Karen. And Karen would play along, talking dirty, telling the men what she wanted...and later, when Dave and Karen would make love, she would tell him all about her "adventure" with several men. Karen noticed that Dave had his most powerful orgasms when she retold the stories of her "fantasy gangbangs."

Thus, this begins Karen's true adventure...her attempt to satisfy her husband to the ultimate...little did she realize just what a dangerous game she would be playing.

Karen Smith was a beautiful woman, although in her own shyness, she never really recognized the effects she had on other men. Of Asian descent, Karen had beautiful brown eyes, a soft and creamy complexion, and the beautifully sexy figure of a full-breasted Asian girl. Karen tried to keep her figure in control, remaining comfortably slender, with firm, fully shaped breasts, a small tummy, slightly narrow hips, and long slender legs. Although she was shy, deep down Karen felt beautiful...she just did not realize that she was also an extremely desirable and sexual woman.

Once Karen had committed herself to enacting Dave's gangbang fantasy, the first step would be to recruit eligible men whom she could trust. Her plan was to allow several men grope her in front of Dave, even take her clothes off her, perhaps kiss her entire body, and then allow Dave to take her. She could never bring herself to actually having sex with strange men, or any men for that matter, but she convinced herself that she could at least allow a group of men to grope her and play with her...provided that Dave was with her the entire time. Yes, that would be her plan...recruit some handsome men, make Dave sit in a chair and watch, as she allowed them to play with her...the only stipulation was that they were not to have sex with her. Now, where to find these men?

Karen contacted several Escort agencies until she found a service that she felt she could trust. A sweet, middle aged woman, Mrs. White, ran the service. Karen met with her during and interview to discuss her plan. Mrs. White informed Karen that she could provide several young men to perform this "adventure." She also assured Karen that sex was not permitted, no matter what a client might request. This was a legitimate escort service, not a prostitution ring. Karen was relieved and felt very comfortable explaining her plan to Mrs. White. The basic plan would be for Karen to tie her husband Dave to a chair in the middle of her living room. She would explain that she had a special plan for Dave and that he must sit and just observe. The men would then come into the room, one at a time, and slowly dance with Karen...eventually all three or four men would have Karen surrounded and they would proceed to grope her gently, all in front of Dave. They would be free to talk aloud as to what they would like to do to Karen, telling Dave what they would like to do to Karen. Then, they would proceed to remove Karen's clothes until she was completely naked. At that point, the men would untie Dave and leave the two lovers to themselves. The fee would be $1000 per man. Karen wrote a check to Mrs. White for $5000. The plan had gotten her excited.

The next step for Karen was to select her gang bangers. Mrs. White provided Karen with a photo album from which to select her men. It did not take Karen long to select five absolutely beautiful young men. The first two men were both white...tall, dark eyes, dark hair, and very lean. One of these men resembled Antonio Banderas. The other was just plain gorgeous. The next two men were black, one a Wesley Snipes look a like and the other a Michael Jordan clone. Karen could not believe how beautiful these men all looked. The fifth man Karen chose based on her own secret fantasy...a fantasy Dave knew nothing about...this man looked like he had recently been paroled from prison...strong jaw, rough features, angry eyes. Karen often fantasized about being forcefully taken by in a prison. This man certainly fit the bill...Karen found herself slightly shaken by his photo, as if he was straight from her own fantasy nightmare.

Before the big evening, Karen was to meet with the men as a group and explain the process. All five men were extremely polite and gentlemanly. With the exception of her own fantasy man...he never spoke a word during the entire interview...instead, he stared directly at Karen as if he knew what she really wanted and needed. He made Karen extremely the point that she almost canceled her contract...something told her to go through with it, for Dave's sake. After all, this was a very safe and exciting little birthday present she had planned for Dave. He would go absolutely nuts over this and then Karen and Dave could continually relive this in their bedroom. And then a great idea popped into Karen's head...why not video tape the entire session...then they could watch it over and over like their own personal porn film. Karen could not believe she was thinking this way...she was too shy to even look at herself naked in a mirror, and now here she was planning her own filmed group grope! God how she loved Dave...he better appreciate this!!


On the night of Dave's birthday, Karen dressed in a soft cotton T-shirt, white. She wore no bra, allowing her breasts to sway gracefully under the material as she moved. She wore a loosely flowing knee length red skirt...and under the skirt Karen wore her first pair of thong underwear. Dave came home from work that evening and nearly attacked Karen when he saw the way she was dressed. He could not believe she was wearing the thin T-shirt with no bra!!! Karen always wore a bra...and now she looked so incredibly sexy that Dave wanted to rip the clothes right off her body and take her right on the living room floor. What a great Birthday present he thought...little did he know.

Karen, after pushing away Dave's advances, then explained to her beautiful husband that she had a special surprise for him. Dave replied that she was his special surprise. But Karen informed Dave that she had much more in mind. And with that, she instructed Dave to take a seat in a chair positioned against the wall of the couple's living room. Karen then proceeded to tie Dave's hands together behind his back. What in the Hell, Dave asked. Just cooperate and soon you will understand, Karen explained. Karen then informed Dave that for the next hour or so, all he could do was watch what Karen had planned. But first, a blind fold. Dave was completely confused. In his mind, he began to imagine that his beautiful, prim little wife was perhaps going to try to perform a seductive little strip tease for him. How sweet he thought...what a wonderful she was, so shy and so proper, about to try something quite out of her comfort zone. Dave loved his wife so much!

Dave listened carefully. Sure enough music began to play from their stereo system...quiet slow dancing type music. This is going to be great Dave thought to himself. And then Dave heard his wife enter the room again and approach him. The blindfold was removed. Dave was stunned to see his wife standing with five men. The five men paid absolutely no attention to Dave, but instead focused their undivided attention on Karen. What in the hell...? The men did not even seem to notice that Dave was in the room!

"Karen...what the hell is going on here?" Dave asked.

"You just sit back and enjoy the show sweetie" Karen explained. "These men are here to help you witness your favorite fantasy...I've hired them to dance with me...and we'll just see what happens...what do you think?"

"Are you kidding? You can't really do this can you?"

" talking now...just enjoy the show..."

And with that, Karen beckoned the first white man to her...and Dave watched as this complete stranger began to dance slowly and seductively with his wife. And then Dave watched as this man began to lightly caress Karen's firm bottom as they danced...and she didn't stop fact, Dave watched as she began to grind her hips against this stranger. The two danced for several minutes until one of the black men approached Karen from she was sandwiched between the two men...briefly. The white man then stepped away and the black man continued to dance with Karen, holding her from behind. Dave watched as this man pressed his pelvis against Karen's ass, his hands pulling gently on the front of her pelvis...Karen moved with the man slowly...and then, to Dave's amazement, Karen took the man's hands up to her breasts and guided his hands as this stranger, this black man, began to squeeze and kneed her breasts. Dave was as hard as he could ever remember being...watching as this black man groped his wife through her thin white T-shirt...Dave could see Karen's nipples standing out aroused and the black man began to pull at her nipples.

In all his excitement, Dave did not notice as the second black man approached Karen from the front and began to kiss her mouth...he watched as tongues explored...Karen was kissing this man back...all the while the other black man continued to grind into her pelvis from behind and play with her firm breasts. The two black men continued to paw and caress Karen, taking turns squeezing her breasts, her ass, her stomach...turning her around between them...taking turns kissing her. Eventually, the two white men decided to join in and Karen was completely surrounded by the four men. Only the angry looking white guy remained in the shadows. Dave could not believe what his wife was allowing these men to do to her...she was being kissed and groped and squeezed and pressed by four men all at once. And the way the men had her surrounded, Dave could not see what was actually going on...all he could do was imagine.

And then the unexpected...from out of the huddle of four men and Karen, one of the men threw out a white T-shirt! Oh my God...they taken off her shirt! They have her breasts completely exposed...what was she doing? Dave was about to protest, but then thought against it...Karen had told him to sit quietly...and she was not exactly complaining. Dave continued to watch...occasionally catching a glimpse of one of the men sucking on a nipple, Karen's head tipped back in obvious ecstasy, hands exploring her stomach, her back, her bottom. And then came Karen's skirt...flung out from the huddle. The men opened their huddle just enough for Dave to see his beautiful wife naked with the exception of a THONG! And her beautiful naked ass was now being squeezed...her breasts were being sucked, one of the men was kneeling between her legs kissing the crack of her ass from behind...another kissing her mouth. Dave was mesmerized.

And then Dave was shocked back to reality. The single white man was suddenly standing next to Dave.

"Do you like what you are seeing?" he whispered to Dave.

"I can't believe what I'm seeing...but...well, to answer your question...Yes"

"Your wife hired us to grope her for a surprise for your birthday...such a sweet little lady you have here."

"Yes, I am truly a luck man...I never would have ever imaged she would do something like this"

The man looked at Dave...and smiled..."Well, we have even a bigger surprise for the two of you."

"What do you mean?"

"Your wife...she is so very beautiful...irresistable wouldn't you say?"

"Yes...but what are you getting at?" Dave asked...nervous about this man's sudden change of tone.

"Your wife paid those men $1000 each to grope her...I offered them an extra $1000 each to finish the job."

"What are you talking about?" Dave was clearly confused.

"It seems that sweet Karen only wanted us to grope her...and then let you fuck her...doesn't seem very fair, now does it?"

"I still don't think I understand" Dave mumbled, beginning to understand.

"Look at the rock hard erections your wife has caused...what are those men supposed to do with their pricks now that she's gotten them all worked up? Seems only fair that they get a chance to release all that pent up excitement...what do you think, DAVE?"

"OK, this has gone to far, I think it is time for you all to...." But Dave's words were cut off by the appearance of a very sharp knife.

"Here's the deal Dave ole buddy. Me and my boys are going to play with Karen some more...and as long as she cooperates, and as long as you body gets hurt and every body gets what they boys get to release their tension, Karen gets to be fulfilled entirely...and you get to watch! Sounds like a great plan to me...what do you think Davey?"

As the man talked, Dave watched as the men continued to kiss and grope his wife...during all the conversation, Karen had allowed the men to remove her thong, exposing her pussy to their fingers and tongues. She seemed to be truly enjoying herself.

"OK, but you have to promise not to hurt my wife."

"I don't have to promise anything...I plan to get my money's worth out of this evening..."

And with that, the man turned to the men and stated two simple words:

"Party Time!"

And then it was like a shark frenzy...Karen was pulled to the floor and onto her back...her arms and legs were held securely by the men in a spread eagle position.

"WAIT...WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? THIS ISN'T PART OF OUR DEAL" Karen screamed, obviously no longer enjoying herself...shocked and terrified at what was suddenly happening.

"Karen our love...the deal has been changed...after you hired these men...I over bid you and hired them for are far too lovely to simply grope..."


"I can't tied me to the damned chair, remember!" Dave was frustrated at not being able to help his wife...he did not mean to snap at her.

"All right!!! Every body shut do as you are supposed take care of us...and then we leave quietly and nobody gets don't make us happy...Dave pays with his fingers, and then his toes, and then his little prick. Understand?" The man was deathly serious.

"Y-y-yess...oh Dave...I am soooo sorry...I didn't mean for this to happen...I was just..." mppphhhhhhhhh.

Karen's explanation was cut off by a huge black cock suddenly stuffed into her mouth and into the back of her throat. Dave watched as the men holding her continued to grope her while pulling open their pants. They were all huge! How could all four men have such huge cocks...the one in her mouth was at least 9 inches and the rest were probably 10 inches or better. Karen would never survive this!

Just as Dave was about to protest, he felt the tip of the knife on his own God, Dave thought to himself, I'm still hard.

"Just keep quiet Dave...the fun begins now..."

Dave then watched as the stranger removed his own pants. He placed his thick cock in Dave's face and said:

"I'm going to fuck your sweet wife's little pussy with this...and then I'll make her suck me clean...let's hope you taught her well..."

He turned and walked toward Karen and the four men. One of the men had his head buried between her thighs, licking and sucking her pussy...Dave could see that he had several fingers buried deep into her pussy...another of the men had two of his fingers buried deep into Karen's ass...oh no...Dave thought...they weren't going to spare her any. Her breasts were now red from all the continued sucking and squeezing.

And then the black man in her mouth began to groan loudly and Dave watched as he convulsed in an orgasm, his cock deep in Karen's mouth...he watched as her throated shook as she tried to fight the flow of this man's cum in her throat...and then she began to reflexively swallow, taking the man's cum down her throat...and the man continued to cum...Dave watched as the overflow began to trickle out the sides of Karen's mouth and down her cheeks to her ears and hair. The long black cock was then pulled out of her mouth, dripping with saliva and semen...the black man rubbed his cock along Karen's cheek, catching some of the dripping cum on his head and then pushing his cock back into her mouth, making her suck him clean.

The white man with the knife in the mean time was now kneeling between his precious wife's thighs...this was it...he was about to watch another man fuck his wife...rape his wife actually, and he would be forced to watch this over and over as all five men were sure to take their turns with Karen.

As Karen felt the head of the thick cock against the opening of her pussy, she again began to struggle, but the men held her firmly on her back...and then the mean stranger pushed his cock into Karen's protesting pussy...he was thick and he had to work himself in and out several times before he had buried all 10 inches of his meat into Karen's tight pussy. As Karen opened her mouth in agony, another cock was stuffed down her throat. And then, the two men began to rock Karen's little body between them, fucking her mouth and pussy in unison.

Dave remained rock hard and mesmerized as he watched his wife being gang raped by five men. As Dave watched, he noticed a change coming over Karen...she seemed to stop struggling and in fact her hips were not moving with the man fucking her...Dave recognized the familiar flush on her chest when she's about to have an orgasm...the men seemed to notice as well and increased the intensity of their fucking and of the black men began to again insert his fingers into Karen's ass as his boss fucked her pussy...and then Karen began to shake and rock in an orgasm...Dave couldn't believe it...she was cumming!!! With one man fucking her pussy, another fucking her throat, two men groping and sucking her nipples and a third finger fucking her ass. Hell, Dave was near orgasm himself at this point.

For the next hour Dave watched as the men took turns fucking Karen's pussy, or her mouth...and then they would walk up to Dave to show off their spent cocks. Eventually, Karen's pussy was too messy and they rolled her on her onto her stomach...for another hour they took turns fucking her ass...Karen had never allowed Dave to engage in anal sex and now five strangers were taking turns fucking her...and Karen was loving it, pushing back with her hips to drive these cocks deeper. Several times the men positioned Karen on one of the cocks while another fucked her pussy...and she continued taking cocks in her mouth.

Finally, after hours, the men untied Dave and allowed him a chance to fuck Karen as well...Dave tried her pussy but is was too messy and too stretched, he took his turn in her ass...even with all the fucking it was still tight...and Dave watched as she took a face full of cum from two of the men as he fucked her. Eventually the men left the two lovers alone. On the chair that Dave had been tied to was a gift-wrapped the box, a videotape!

Happy Birthday Dave.


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