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Kathy Pt I: The Return
by Charlie the Texan

Kathy and I had been separated for about a year when she called me out of the blue and wanted to talk about us getting back together. All I had thought about for the last year was her, I had gone though total hell since she had asked me to leave so I wanted to play it cool. I told her if she wanted to talk to me she would have to come over to my apartment, she agreed and we decided to meet that night.

Kathy and I had lived together for several months but her reluctance to give her beautiful body to me completely had come between us. I was obsessed with this soft sexy woman and when she had given in to my dominance of her the sex had been incredible only making the lose of her that much worse. Now she wanted ME so I was going to make her agree to my terms which would mean SEX, SEX and more SEX.

Time passed very slowly as I waited for the sexual obsession of my life to arrive, I dreamed of Kathy’s tall sexy body. 5’8’ tall, 125 lb., long sexy legs, soft blonde hair, big sexy brown eyes, 36D breasts with large nipples, firm round ass, and most of all the most incredible cunt I had ever had my cock in. All I could think about was fucking her and using her in every way a man could use a beautiful women which kept my cock rock hard all day.

The knock on my door came like thunder as I sat lost in day dreams of lust for Kathy’s big pillow like tits and pretty pink pussy, my hard cock and I went to open the door. She stood there in the door way looking humble wearing a soft white print dress which clung to her lightly making her even sexier than I remembered. The look on her face when we made eye contact was one of surrender to my demands for dominance she knew I would make on her. I was now in complete control of this sexy young woman and I intended to use her incredible body to satisfy all my wants.

Kathy and I sat on the couch as she told me of her desperate need for me, I thought only of what I was going to do with her hot body. As I lightly stroked her bare crossed leg she said she had always loved me and was now ready to give me anything I wanted if only I would come back to her. I pushed my hand far up the outside of her soft smooth thigh and whispered in her ear, What I want is to fuck your hot cunt everyday for the rest of my life my darling little slut.

I nibbled lightly on Kathy’s pretty neck as my hand fondled her big soft breasts thorough the thin material of her dress and the soft cups of her bra. I told her, I haven’t been with a woman in a year, so I’m going to start making up for lost time right now baby, I began to unbutton her dress until it was totally undone from top to bottom. Pulling the dress open I sat back and enjoyed the wonderful sight of her hot ready to fuck body covered only by a lacy little white bra and matching panties.

I told Kathy, You’re in for the most fucking you’ve ever had in one night darling, now it’s time for me strip you naked. We stood together as I slowly slipped her dress down from her shoulders and tossed it aside. I pulled her warm body to me, french kissing her deeply as I reached behind her, unfastened the little white bra, pulled it out from between us and dropped it on the floor without ever breaking our passionate kiss.

The hard on in my pants was becoming unbearable as I reached down between Kathy’s smooth thighs and fondled her furry little pussy covered only by the thin material of her sexy panties. She was becoming turned on, the dampness of the crouch of her little panties betraying the fact that she was responding to my advances. Reaching inside her lacy panties I slipped one finger inside the waiting lips of her cunt while massaging her hard clit with my thumb driving both of us wild with lust.

It’s time to fuck. I told Kathy while stripping the last of her clothing down those wonderful long smooth legs leaving her body just like I wanted it totally nude. Kneeling down in front of her, my tongue soon found the rose bud clit of her womanhood. She soon began to tremble with passion from the two pronged assault of my two fingers inside pussy and the lapping of her clit with my tongue.

I soon realized Kathy was nearing an orgasm and I wasn’t ready to let her find release yet so I stopped. You can’t cum yet darling, I told her. You’re going to cum with my hard dick buried deep inside your sweet little cunt, I promised. Picking her red body up and heading for the bedroom, I intended to fuck her like she had never been fucked before.

As I laid Kathy’s luscious lust filled naked body down on the bed she spread her legs wide open exposing her red hot pussy completely to me. Please fuck me, she begged, I’m so hot I need to cum so bad, my pussy’s on fire, PLEASE fuck me Charlie. I stood looking down at the inviting site of her hot wet pussy, and began slowly undressing as she again begged, FUCK me PLEASE I’ll do anything, just stick your cock inside me PLEASE..

I moved over to the side bed bringing my throbbing hard dick near her face I told her, OK baby, if you want it so bad you’ll have to SUCK my dick first. She took my sex shaft in her hand stroking it as she began licking the pre cum from the tip. I leaned over to her melon sized breasts so I could suck her rock hard nipples while reaching down to finger fuck her red hot pussy.

Kathy took all my hard throbbing dick inside her soft mouth using her tongue and lips in an absolutely wonderful way driving me to new heights of lust for her oh so fuckable body. I stopped fingering her cunt and stood up, mauling her big soft tits as I fought for control of myself, not wanting to cum in her hot mouth but in her hot wet pussy. She wanted to cum so bad she tried to play with her own cunt but I stopped her, grabbing her hands I told her, You can cum only when I’m ready and not before, understand slut!

Pulling my incredibly hard cock from Kathy’s deep throat action to keep from exploding, I moved on top of her as she begged and pleaded with me to fuck her and give her relief from the fire that burned inside her flaming hot pussy. Using the last bit of my self control I hovered over her beautiful sexy body, french kissing her soft red lips while squeezing her big tits with both hands and rolling those wonderful inch long hard nipples between my fingers.

Please fuck me I’ll be yours forever, Kathy implored me as the head of my throbbing hard cock rested against the entrance of her sex starved pussy. I’ll be your slave, Charlie, I’ll do ANYTHING, just slam your cock into me, PLEASE, she begged in a sex crazed voice while pushing her hips up to try and get my cock inside her wet hot cunt. She was totally and completely mine now so it was time to do what we both wanted to do so badly, FUCK.

I allowed Kathy to slip my rock hard cock inside her wet and ready to fuck pussy, slowly I began to stroke the full length of my long shaft in and out of the incredibly warm feeling cunt which now was mine. It took only a few long strokes to bring her to a massive orgasm, her body arching up to me as she exploded with all the lust I had built up in her. I lost all control very quickly cumming violently, pumping a large amount of hot sex juice inside my hot little sex slave.

I laid on top of Kathy’s panting body, my semi hard cock still inside the heaven of beautiful hot cunt. My hands worked hard on her big tits and nipples, while my tongue roamed inside her warm mouth making my cock soon swell up to full size again. She wrapped her long sexy legs around me as I began to fuck her cum filled cunt with hard fast thrusts bringing her to several more wild orgasms. After I fucked her for at least a half hour a new desire filled my lust crazed mind so I pulled out of her white hot cunt and moved my throbbing hard cock up her torso to those big soft tits..

I’m gonna fuck your big tits now slut and cum all over your sweet face, I told my new found sex slave as I squeezed those fine soft tits of her’s around my hard cock. Lick the end of my dick, baby, I ordered her while pinching her hard nipples and fucking my cock savagely between her big tits. She lifted her mouth and used her tongue on the swollen head of my cock as it pocked out from between her big melons. My hands mauled her wonderful big breasts so hard as I fucked them that she cried out in pain but that just made me squeeze them even harder around my near to exploding dick.

I’m CUMMMMIN, I bellowed as a fountain of hot cum sprayed out of my huge hard cock all over Kathy’s pretty face and soft blonde hair, covering her with my hot sex juice. Lick your lips darling, I want you to taste my cum, you’ll be getting allot of it to eat from now on, I laughed as she tried to clean her cum soaked face.

God your so great, Charlie, I haven’t come so much since we split, I guess I’m yours now, Kathy stated as we lay together exhausted but sexually satisfied.

You belong to me body and soul, my little sex slave and don’t ever forget it. We shall explore all sorts of hot perverted sex. You’ll be my sex toy, but don’t worry I’ll be sure that you enjoy yourself as much as I do. Now clean yourself up, I’m hungry, so let’s go get something to eat, I informed my super hot woman.

As Kathy went to the bathroom I dressed and prepared in my mind for the next part of my hot little lady’s sex adventure. I had allot more hot sex waiting for her tonight and it was going to start when we went to dinner. I wanted to assert myself as her sexual lord and master now so she wouldn’t have time to change her mind!

The above is part one of a new series I’m writing send all commits to Charlie the Texan, much more is store for red Kathy at the hands of her new master ME.


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