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Kitty Pt. I
by Patrick

When Kitty returned home to take up a teaching appointment at the local High School, her intention was to maintain the independence she had established over the past few years and find a place of her own to live, but a combination of things made for a change of plans. Firstly, the range of accommodation suitable to her needs and her Bank balance proved to be very limited, and she really couldn't find anything she liked, and secondly, since her mother had passed on some years ago, her father, Patrick had continued to live in their old house, a rather large, sprawling property on the edge of town, set back from other properties in a grove of beautiful trees. The house was, of course, far too large for just one person, but as her parents had built it up from scratch, her father was reluctant to sell it, and, remembering all the wonderful times she'd had there in her growing up years, she finally accepted her father's offer to move back home.

At first there was a little awkwardness between two people who were used to being on their own, two people who were so alike in temperament it was almost spooky, and two people that recognised that time and growth had made marked changes to their relationship. This time round it needed to be one based more on the equality of adults than on the traditional subservient relationship that a daughter had with her father, but over the first 12 months they worked slowly towards this new relationship, with only one or two hiccups along the way - usually associated with her 'fun' times when she partied a little hard and had just a little too much to drink. By and large though, the arrangement worked out well, and she found herself becoming very comfortable with having a man around the house, and even managed to persuade him to act as her 'partner' when she had to attend functions in a couples environment, particularly in School based functions. She actually found herself enjoying his company as he was a good conversationalist and a very good dancer, and it didn't seem to matter to her friends and work mates that he was now touching 50 and she was still a few years away from thirty, although they occasionally teased her about her 'dates with older men'.

One of her female colleagues, not realising that her partner was her father at one function, grabbed a dance with him, and came back raving about what an absolute spunk he was, and wouldn't she love to get into his pants, and was he as good a lover as he looked? Kitty almost choked on her drink with a mixture of shock and amusement, and when she shared the story with her father in the car on the way home, they both laughed long and loud, but it marked a subtle change in the way they looked at each other and the way they treated each other. Nothing major or startling at first, just a slow and gradual reappraisal of each other, perhaps a budding awareness of each other as male and female instead of father and daughter.

One night as Kitty was about to leave for a party, Patrick told her that she looked absolutely stunning and would put every other female at the party to shame, and Kitty found herself glowing from that compliment all through her drive to the party, or perhaps it wasn't the compliment itself, but the way her father's eyes had seemed to roam slowly up and down her body, stopping a little longer than expected on the thrust of her breasts through the thin material of her low cut blouse. She didn't have particularly large breasts, a fact that had caused her considerable anguish when she was in her blossoming stage and all the rest of her girl friends were moving almost weekly into larger and larger bras. She just seemed to develop to what one unkind boy had once described as half a handful, and stopped there, so she was a little self conscious at times about her breasts, but the way her father had looked at them tonight had sent a curious buzz right through her, a buzz that remained throughout the party and caused her to be much more lively and out going than normal, and although it was probably her imagination, she did seem to have more men hovering around her that night. The problem was that she found herself comparing each and every one of them with her father, when they looked her up and down, or stared down the neckline of her blouse at her breasts, she realised she wasn't getting that same buzz she'd got from her father! that shook her enough that she quickly grabbed a drink and went out into the garden to mingle with the crowd and get those unwelcome thoughts out of her head, but they didn't seem to want to disappear.

At the same time that this was happening with Kitty, Patrick was going through a similar soul searching at home, sitting staring at a television that he really wasn't watching, because all he could see was the vision of Kitty as she'd walked out the door that night, how stunningly beautiful she'd looked and how incredibly sexy! it was that last part that was really bothering Patrick, as he began to realise and admit to himself that over the last few months he had come to notice Kitty more and more as a beautiful, exciting woman, and that he had, on a number of occasions, found himself reacting to her as a man would to any beautiful woman. He remembered the last time they had been dancing, the floor had become very crowded and they'd found themselves almost crushed against a wall by the press of other people, and her body had been crushed against his, her deliciously firm breasts almost burning a hole in his jacket, the smell of her hair had been almost intoxicating, and he found himself starting to get an erection! part of him panicked in case she would notice and part of him was hoping she would! a crazy few moments when in attempting to extricate themselves from the crush of people, his hand had accidentally fallen to the tight cheeks of her ass and cupped it. Her face was turned up to his, no hint of anger or annoyance at where his hand was or at the lump in his trousers that he was sure she must be feeling pressed against her, just a slight flush in her cheeks and a look of mild concern as she sought to aid him in escaping the crowd, but in that moment he had an almost overwhelming urge to drop his lips onto hers, to kiss her passionately.

Then the moment was gone as they were squeezed out of the crowd and decided to head for home, but he lay awake that night conscience stricken about his thoughts, his feelings and his reactions, and hoping like hell that Kitty hadn't noticed, but the more he thought about it, the more he berated himself, the more he thought about Kitty, the more aroused and excited he became, and for the first time in a long, long time he found himself stroking his stiff cock with a specific woman occupying his thoughts and fantasies, and there was a bitter sweetness sweeping through him as his cum juice finally exploded from his cock to splatter on his naked chest, at the realization that it was his own daughter creating this heat and horniness.

Little did he know that in an adjacent bedroom his daughter, Kitty was also tossing and turning, struggling with thoughts and feelings along the very same lines. She had not missed the bulge in his pants, or the feel of his hand cupping her ass cheeks, or the hungry, haunted look in his eyes as he'd gazed down on her, and she knew in that way that women always know, that he wanted her at that moment, that he wanted to kiss her and he wanted to do a lot more, and the shock she felt was only partly from that realization, it was also from the realization that her own body had responded to his touch, that she had been every bit as aroused and excited as he was, that she was hoping that the crowd would hold them there much longer and his hand would continue to cup and fondle her ass, and his cock would grow harder and harder, but most of all that he would kiss her! this was crazy, totally crazy, but her body was on fire and all she could do was flow into the feelings as her hand crept beneath her nightdress and began to stroke the super sensitive lips of her pussy, her finger quickly slipping inside to stroke her swollen clitoris, and all she could see was the face of her father as she stroked harder and harder until her body exploded in a surprisingly powerful orgasm.

Well that was some weeks ago now, but in two different places two people were finding it back in their minds. Suddenly, for Kitty, the party became just a sea of raucous noise, the people just a faceless mass, and she knew that she didn't want to be here any more, so she grabbed her coat and with a quick excuse to the hostess that she wasn't feeling well, she headed for home. Meanwhile, Patrick had put down the book he'd been trying to read for the past hour with no success, and glanced at the TV to see if there was anything worthwhile on, something to take his mind off the thoughts that had been plaguing him all night. He was still flicking from channel to channel when he heard the car pull up outside, the slam of the door and the tattoo of high heels on the concrete, then the door opened, and in walked Kitty, looking flushed and a little windswept from the drive, which she'd obviously made with the window down, and he expressed surprise at her early return from the party. She laughingly pointed out that it wasn't all that early as it was just after midnight, but she'd left early because she was feeling tired and her feet were aching from the long day at work.

Immediately concerned, Patrick offered to make her a coffee while she went and soaked in the bath for a while, then he would give her feet a bit of a rub. Kitty accepted straight away, the thought of a foot massage, particularly appealing, so off she went to her room to change. Perhaps because of the lateness, she decided not to bother with the bath, but to have a languid shower instead, and soon found herself relaxing as the water cascaded down over her naked body, and she gently soaped her breasts and buttocks, then a curious thought came into her mind and she wondered what she would have done if Patrick had offered to ''do her back'' for her, a shiver ran through her and her nipples immediately jumped to attention, so she quickly decided to change the subject of her thoughts, and reached up and changed the water from mild to cold, then leaped out with a startled squeal as the cold water hit her body.

Drying off in her room, and hearing her dad call that the coffee was ready, she slipped into her green satin robe and tied it at the waist and headed off for the lounge room. She was about to step in when she realised with a start that the robe was the only thing she'd put on! beneath it she was totally naked, and the robe was only three quarter length! she hesitated a moment and even half turned to go back, but something in her head said, "No, keep going", so she did, and found that her dad had placed her coffee by the sofa and was sitting on a stool in front of it with a towel and a bottle of oil in his hand. For a moment she felt a little flustered, but again that voice said "It's ok, keep going". So she took up her place on the sofa and reached for her coffee, nursing it's warmth in her hand and taking a few sips, it was hot and sweet just like she always liked it and she thanked her dad.

"That's ok" he said, "just let me know when you want me to start on your feet"

"Mmmmm, the foot massage is just what I need, so anytime is fine by me" I replied

So dad tipped some oil out into his palm, and taking my left foot in his hands, began to massage, and immediately it felt good. Just so relaxing, and I lounged back a little more into the sofa and just let myself enjoy his gentle touch. I sipped my coffee and watched him in action, his hands stroking and cupping my feet were almost hypnotic to watch, as much for him as for me it appeared, as he kept his head down staring at my feet as he massaged them. The coffee finished I seemed to fold myself into the sofa even more, and half closed my eyes as the beautiful feelings of relaxation swept over me, relaxation and something else, but for the moment I didn't dwell on that.

Dad finished with my left foot and placed it on the floor and I lifted my right foot up into his hands, at that point he said "You know, Kitty, you really do have beautiful feet" and his head came up to glance at me with a warm smile in place, "Why thank you daddy" I replied, "I didn't realise feet could be considered beautiful"

"Well on you they are" he said, and I shifted slightly in delighted embarrassment at his compliment. I guess it was that slight shifting combined with the fact that his eyes were on the way down from my face to my feet, that created the situation. Suddenly the smile on his face froze, and his hands on my right foot did too, and a big flush came to his face, and I immediately realised what was happening, my move had opened up my robe slightly and his eyes had discovered that I wasn't wearing any panties! he was staring straight at my naked pussy, and I could almost feel the intensity of his eyes like a physical touch, and I was immediately incredibly turned on, much more than at the dance a few weeks ago. I guess I could, and should, have innocently moved to place my robe back where it had been, but instead a mischievous part of me caused me to shift again and open the gap a little wider, at the same time letting my left leg move to the side slightly giving him an even clearer view of my naked pussy. I did this by pretending to yawn and stretch a little while at the same time keeping my eyes almost closed, so when he glanced up at me I gave every appearance of not being aware of what was happening. He opened his mouth as if to speak, but something stopped him, and I saw him shake his head slightly, as if to cast away some of the thoughts that I just knew had to be whirling around inside it, then his eyes dropped again and I saw his tongue come out to wipe across his dry lips as he stared intently at my pussy.

Then, still staring, his hands began to move again on my right foot, a slow sensual massage that seemed to have a new and deeper aspect to it, a sensual, sexual aspect, and I felt it all the way up in my pussy and my breasts, and I started to feel good, really good, it was like warm liquid was running up my leg to my pussy and then on up my body to my breasts, and my nipples were already responding and stiffening, and I almost groaned aloud. Then his hands slowed, and I knew he was about to finish, and I suddenly knew I didn't want that, "MM." I said, "That feels so good, could you do the rest of my legs as well? but not with the oil, I don't want to have oily legs when I go to bed, can you just do it with your hands?"

My eyes were wide open now and I was smiling down at him, so I clearly saw the haunted expression in his eyes as he looked up at me and gulped, "Kitty, I don't think" he stammered, but there was a hunger and a horniness deep in his eyes, and he couldn't finish his sentence.

"That's ok Daddy" I said, still smiling down at him, "If you really, really, really don't want to go on, I'll understand, but I want you to understand too that I like the way you're making me feel with your gentle hands, the rest of my body is jealous of what my feet have experienced, the rest of my body would love to experience the same, but if you don't think my body deserves that pleasure, if you think it's ugly"

"Oh no" he cried out, almost jumping to his feet, "You have a beautiful body, it's not that"

"Do I really have a beautiful body, daddy, are you sure, have you really looked"

His face was like a beetroot as he struggled with his embarrassment "No! I mean yes! I mean, I shouldn't, I couldn't, I mustn't"

I laughed, "Daddy, are you embarrassed? are you afraid to admit that you have looked at me, that you like what you see? can you really look me in the eye and tell me that you don't want to see and touch the rest of my body?"

"Kitty!" he gasped

"Well?" then I smiled again and said softly "Don't you understand that I wouldn't have let you touch me at all if I didn't want you to, that I wouldn't have let you see me at all, if I hadn't wanted you too? I didn't come home early from the party because I was tired, I came home because all I was thinking of was you, every man that tried to chat me up or come on to me fell short of you, I kept remembering the dance, the way you looked at me, the way you touched me, and I wanted that again " I stopped suddenly, quite shocked by what I'd said, by what I'd admitted.

Daddy was looking at me with a stunned expression on his face, then a shudder ran through him and his haunted look seemed to crumple as the hotness in his eyes took over, "Oh god, Kitty, I've been sitting here thinking of that too, remembering how good it felt to have you in my arms, to feel your breasts pressing against me"

I snorted, "Some breasts! there's virtually nothing of them!"

His face took on an almost beautiful smile, "Well, I think we should get a second opinion on that, don't you?" and he reached up and slowly drew the top of my robe apart to reveal my naked and very much aroused breasts and nipples, then he gently trailed his fingers around them, squeezing my nipples a little before cupping each one in his hands, "Tell me Kitty, are these breasts sensitive, do they bring you pleasure when they're touched?"

"Oh yes" I said as my body writhed a little under his touch.

"Seeing them and touching them brings me incredible pleasure too, so I guess that means that they're very beautiful and special breasts indeed, don't you think?" he said, then rising slightly from his stool, he leaned forward and captured one of my nipples in his mouth and sucked gently. Well, my body almost jumped off the sofa as fire seemed to explode from that nipple and race to every part of my body. "Is it just your breasts you feel are inadequate? perhaps we should give you a second opinion on the rest of your body too" he said, and slowly undid the tie on my robe and spread it wide and I was totally naked to his eyes! and they roamed over me, his trailing finger following their route, across my breasts, over my stomach and down across my pussy, and this time I did groan aloud.

Then his fingers were gone, and he was sitting back on his stool looking at me with a quiet smile on his face, "I would have to say that in my professional opinion as a man who has done some study of the female form over the past 50 years, that you have one of the most beautiful, exciting and sexy bodies, I have ever seen, everything is in perfect proportion, your legs are in proportion to the rest of your body, your breasts are not large, but you're not a large woman, so they are in proportion too, and as for your ass, well, you have the tightest, sexiest ass I've ever laid eyes on!"

I giggled, "But you can't see that part of me"

He grinned, "So stand up and turn around"

And I did! leaving the robe on the sofa I twirled in front of him completely naked, and I felt so good, so alive, especially when he reached out his hands and started to caress my naked ass cheeks, then turned me to face him and buried his face in my pussy, his tongue immediately darting out to slip quickly between my pussy lips, sending another flame of pleasure shooting through my body. Then I pulled away and moved out of reach, and I was smiling too, "Now you" I said, and he hesitated for only a fraction of a second before clambering to his feet. My eyes widened a little in surprise, because all this time I hadn't realised that he too was wearing a robe, and when he slipped it off, all he was wearing underneath was a pair of briefs that were bulging in a most interesting manner! Then he leaned forward and peeled them off and stood up, and I gasped slightly as his rampant cock came into sight! it wasn't a monster in size or anything like that, but god it looked so beautiful and yummy bobbing about and pointing straight at me, and I knew I wanted it like crazy, but I held myself back, teasing myself as much as I was teasing him! "Well, you're pretty well proportioned yourself" I said, deliberately staring down at his swollen cock, and I saw him flush slightly, with pleasure, embarrassment or fear I wasn't sure. Then he moved slowly towards me and I waited for him, lifting my hands to slide around his neck as his slipped around my waist then dropped to cup my ass cheeks, I felt his hard cock brush against my stomach then bend upwards to lay across it as he lowered his head and kissed me. Gently at first, but then with rising passion as the last vestiges of inhibitions washed away. Our tongues joined in a dance of delight as our naked bodies began to move against each other, rubbing, stimulating, lifting us ever higher into a state of passion from which there would be no going back.

Then he was lowering me to the carpet, and kneeling beside me he began to run his fingers, his lips and his tongue over every part of my body, and every part seemed to come alive. I thought he would lick and suck me a while until he got to my pussy and then thrust his cock inside me, but that didn't happen, he went up and down my body time and time again, lifting me to peaks of pleasure I didn't know existed, then he turned me over on to my stomach and started to do the same to my back! his lips and tongue in particular creating amazing feelings of pleasure around my neck and down my spine, sending shudders running through me. Then he started on my ass! god, I never knew it was so sensitive, but as he stroked and licked and sucked I found myself spiraling into a whole new dimension of pleasure, and when he spread my ass cheeks wide apart and began to run his tongue round my asshole, I nearly died with ecstasy! I didn't realise you could cum from having your ass licked, but I did, time and time again, so it was almost a sense of loss when he finally stopped and turned me over on to my back.

But any sense of loss soon disappeared as I felt the head of his cock finally touch the lips of my dripping wet pussy. Still he didn't thrust in straight away, teasing me some more by running the head of his cock up and down my pussy lips, but I wanted it now, no! I needed it now! and I gripped the cheeks of his ass and pulled hard and his cock slammed into me, "Yes Daddy, Yes! oh god that feels so good,, so tight, so hot, oh Daddy, fuck me! please!! fuck me hard"

He slid his hands beneath my knees and lifted and spread my legs apart as he started to really slam his hard cock into me, "Mmm yes, Kitty, I am fucking you, fucking my hot little daughter, like I've been dying to do for months. Such a hot body, such a sexy body, such a hot ass, such horny tits, Oh Kitty I'm going to drive you as crazy as you've been driving me, I'm going to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you all night long!"

"Oh yes Daddy, I want you to fuck me, I want your big cock to hammer into me, fuck me, daddy, fuck me hard, fuck me NOOOOW!" and a massive orgasm ripped through me almost dislodging dad's plunging cock, but he kept going, thrusting and thrusting as wild noises poured from his mouth and his back arched to thrust his cock even deeper, and I screamed again. "Yes! yes! yes!"

Then I felt his cock suddenly swell and explode, and hot juices poured into my steaming pussy "OH god, oh god, fill me daddy, fill me, FUCK MEEEEEE!", and I lost all connection with reality, everything seemed to go into slow motion, his thrusting cock, his spewing juices, my own screams, all in a kaleidoscope of slow motion color. At one point I had the impression of his big cock rearing into view, spewing its juices up and over my stomach and breasts, and my own hands came up slowly to take over from his, stroking his cock and directing the stream of gossamer liquid flying from its tip, but it was all locked in this veil of incredible bliss that was flowing through my body, and gradually it all faded away.

When my eyes finally flickered open, I was disorientated for a moment, then focussed on a very worried looking dad hovering over me, "Mmmm, what happened" I murmured

"I think you passed out for a while, are you ok?"

"Mmm, never felt better, I think I just died and went to heaven"

He looked relieved, "At least you're back now" he said

"Yeah" I said, slowly sitting up, and cupping his face in my hands, I kissed him gently, then glanced down at his now soft cock and grinned, reaching down to cup it in my hands, "Mmm, so much pleasure from such a little thing"

He grunted loudly, "It wont be so little if you keep that up" he said

My grin widened, "Or this" I said as I bent down and took his cock into my mouth and began to run my tongue over it slowly, "Your turn to lie back and enjoy" I said, "and I'm not going to stop until I've blown your mind too!!"

Well, he didn't quite pass out the way I did, but at times his eyeballs saw more of the inside of his head than the outside as I showed him just what a talented tongue I had! and when he finally reached his explosion point, even though it was his second time in a relatively short time, his spurting juices almost reached the ceiling! before cascading back over his chest and stomach where I proceeded to lick them all up. Mmmm such beautiful tasting juices, I think I could get a taste for this and put it on my regular menu! fortunately daddy Patrick felt the same, so I can now take my time to find the right man to settle down with, because I've got all the hot sex I want right at home!! - and both of us have agreed to make the most of it!!!


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