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Kitty Pt. II
by Patrick

After the amazing sexual adventure of the previous night, I expected that there would be some awkwardness at the breakfast table, but if there was, it was so brief that I missed it altogether. I was already sitting at the table in the kitchen when dad walked in, a smile running across his face from ear to ear, and he walked around the table towards me, "Hi, Kitty, what a fantastic morning, isn't it?"

By this time he was alongside my chair and I lifted my head to look at him as I opened my lips to respond, but the words remained unsaid, because he leaned down and pressed his lips hard against mine while at the same time his hand reached out and cupped my breast through the thin fabric of the T Shirt I was wearing. I wasn't totally surprised that he kissed me, I wasn't even totally surprised that he cupped my breast, but I was totally surprised at the speed and intensity of my body's reaction! immediately my nipples jumped to attention and my pussy became intensely hot and wet! The kiss only lasted a moment, but it was long enough for me to become completely turned on, and when he pulled away, there was a real sense of loss that I didn't entirely understand.

"What's for breakfast?" he asked cheerfully

"Whatever you want" I responded in a slightly throaty voice

"Mmm, now that leaves you wide open doesn't it?" he said with a grin, "I think I'll have a cup of coffee and a couple of pieces of toast served to me in the lounge room by a beautiful young lady wearing nothing but a pair of sexy , see through panties, and while I'm enjoying my breakfast I want her to kneel in front of me and lick and suck my cock, do you think you can manage that?". Then he immediately turned and walked out of the kitchen into the lounge room.

I sat there, quite stunned, for a moment, then got up and started to prepare the breakfast he'd asked for. All the time, his words were thundering through my mind and bouncing off every part of my body, and I realized that the whole idea turned me on immensely! of course, I wasn't going to do it, I was just going to make his toast and coffee and call him in and the whole thing would be treated as the joke it obviously was!, so I was quite surprised when I found myself placing his tea and toast on a tray, and even more surprised when I found myself lifting my T shirt over my head and tossing it onto the chair I'd been sitting in, then almost through a haze watching my shorts follow it, leaving me in just a very brief pair of lace panties.

I didn't know if I was really doing what he asked, or just playing out the joke to see how he'd react, but as I stood in the kitchen naked except for those brief panties, my body was absolutely on fire! Then I picked up the tray and walked into the lounge room, half expecting to see him standing by the window or sitting in his favorite chair, grinning at me, but he wasn't, he was lounging on the sofa completely naked, stroking his rock hard cock! I almost dropped the tray as I stopped dead and stared wide eyed and open mouthed at him as my body seemed to erupt in a new, even hotter flame.

"Ah, breakfast is served, and by the most beautiful woman imaginable, it really must be my lucky day" he said, and gestured me forward. And without a thought or a murmur, I moved over and placed the tray on the table beside him. As I did so, one of his hands came up and cupped one naked breast and the other cupped my partially naked ass cheek, "Oh yes, definitely the sexiest and most beautiful woman, such incredibly horny breasts and such a tight sexy ass, I think I'll come to this restaurant more often"

Suddenly I found myself enjoying the game immensely, his hands fondling my naked body and his big, thick cock bobbing just a foot or so away "Why thank you kind sir, I hope the service will be to your full and complete satisfaction! we take great pride in this establishment in meeting our customer's every wish! now I believe you did say something about wanted your cock licked and sucked during breakfast, would you like me to start immediately?"

I heard the slight groan come from him and smiled to myself, "Oh yes, Kitty, I would love you to lick and suck my cock right now"

So I moved down and taking his hand from his cock, replaced it with my own and began slowly and gently to run my hand up and down his delightful length. I guess things had been pretty hectic last night, so I hadn't taken a great deal of notice of his cock, even when I was sucking it, but I did so now. I guess it would have been about 7 inches long and of reasonable thickness, circumcised, so it had a delightfully sculptured head that was already glistening with the first oozing of his pre-cum juice, and I leaned forward and gently licked it off before taking the whole of his cock head in between my lips and rolling it around, then brushing over it with my tongue. Mmmm, such a lovely taste, and such a lovely texture, I hadn't realised until now just how much pleasure I could receive from licking and sucking my daddy's cock, and although I could hear him moaning lightly in the background, I almost tuned him out completely, all that existed was me and this gorgeous cock, and I was going to give it more pleasure than it had ever known in its life! Taking the head from my mouth I slowly teased my tongue down the underside of his cock all the way to his heavy ball sac, and back up again, then twirled my tongue around the head before running it down the upper side of his cock, feeling the heat and the hardness of his cock rubbing against my face and my nose, Mmmm, so delightful, so incredibly horny. His cock was already jumping and jerking like crazy and I knew that I had it totally in my control, had daddy totally in my control! I even tested it out by lifting my head slightly so only my breath caressed his cock head and his whole body lifted, searching eagerly for my lips and my tongue, which I didn't deny him for too long, as I was getting so much pleasure out of it too. I'd never played with a man's cock like this before, never realise just how sensitive it was, or how much pleasure it could give and receive, or how absolutely beautiful it was close up like this. Once again I ran my tongue lightly up and down the underside of his cock, taking the opportunity to glance along the length of his body to see how he was reacting, there was no sign of his coffee or of his toast, he was staring down at me with the hottest, horniest look on his face and in his eyes, "Mmmm, is this what you wanted daddy? am I licking and sucking your cock just the way you like it? if not I can always get someone else to do it for you"

"No, No!" he said in an incredibly strangled voice, "I want you, I want you sucking my cock, and you're doing the most fantastic job imaginable!"

Once again I ran my tongue up and down the underside of his cock and watched his body almost jump off the sofa, and I grinned, then I let go and raised myself to my feet, and saw the sudden look of disappointment come into his eyes, but it soon changed to something else entirely as I slowly peeled down my panties and stood for a moment, completely naked, legs slightly apart, giving him a good, long look at my wet, wet pussy. then I straddled his body and lowered myself to his eagerly waiting, rampant cock, and slowly, ever so slowly allowed it to penetrate the lips of my pussy. Just a little way to start with, continuing the game of tease, "You want this daddy? you want your hard cock in my hot pussy? tell me how much you want it daddy?" He groaned loudly, and his hands came up and began stroking and fondling my breasts, causing me to arch with pleasure, "Oh yes, my horny little daughter, I want my cock in your pussy, I want it even more than I wanted it last night, I want it in you to the hilt, I want to fuck you hard, I want to see you bouncing on my cock screaming out your pleasure, because you love it too, don't you? you love being fucked by your daddy, you love having my big cock rammed up your steaming pussy, you love it when I shoot my juices into you, don't you? don't you?"

His words, his hands becoming more insistent on my breasts, and his hard cock thrusting upwards, deep into my pussy, were all serving to drive me quickly towards a climax, and I rammed my body down onto his cock, feeling it fill me almost to overflowing, and my body shook and shuddered, and I cried out loudly, "Yes, daddy, I want you to fuck me, I want you to shoot your load in me, I want to make you cum and keep on cumming, I want to please you so much, oh daddy, daddy, give it to me, give me your cock and your juice, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK MEEEEEEE!" And I was exploding, and my explosion seemed to set him off too, and his cock was swelling and leaping and bursting all at once, and his hot juices were shooting up into my writhing pussy, and continued to shoot as I collapsed forward and our lips crashed together in a deep, deep, passionate kiss. A kiss we kept going until the last drop of juice had been squeezed from his rapidly diminishing cock, then we just lay in each other's arms for a long time afterwards, just enjoying the feel of our naked bodies against one another. When we finally rolled apart, it was to find that the toast was cold and uneaten, and the coffee was cold and undrunk, but I think we knew that the breakfast was only an excuse anyway, an excuse to once again break the ice, making sure there was no residual problems from the glorious, but totally unexpected night before. Now we both knew for sure that sex was going to be a part of our relationship from now on, and a curious, huge thrill rushed through my body as I realised that I was prepared to do anything to please him sexually, anything he wanted me to do, and as I looked up into his eyes I realised that he knew that also, knew that I was his to command, and another delightful shudder ran through me.

Over the next few weeks we tried to live as normal a life as possible, I still had my teaching to do and my friends to be with and dad had his work and friends too, but when we did get together, it was always incredibly hot and horny. Dad proved to be an eager and an inventive sex partner, and there weren't many rooms in the house that we didn't have sex in, but we seemed to come back to either the shower or the lounge room most often, perhaps because both had featured that first night. Then daddy suggested we go out dancing one night, there was a small club that he and mom used to go to over the other side of town where we weren't likely to bump into anyone we knew, and I jumped at the chance, remembering how horny I'd got when we danced before. I chose a special outfit designed to really turn him on, it was a dark blue ankle length skirt in crushed velvet with a slit up one side almost to the waist, so every time I walked there was a flash on one long naked leg. I also chose not to wear panties under it either - but I didn't tell him that immediately! Above the skirt I wore an ivory colored top made of very fine woven net, which from some angles gave the appearance of covering me completely and discreetly, but from other angles appeared almost totally see through! and needless to say, I didn't bother to wear a bra! dad was totally knocked out by the outfit and that pleased me enormously, so we were both pretty turned on even before we reached the club.

It turned out to be a fairly small, intimate club with individual booths around a small dance floor, and most of the booths seemed to contain couples in their mid to late thirties. There was a four piece band in one corner who were really quite good, not too loud and intrusive, but varied in the music they played, so we were soon up dancing, sometimes bopping along and sometimes just swaying with our arms around each other, feeling our bodies pressed close together, and sometimes even indulging in a light kiss or two. When we felt in need of a rest we returned to our little booth which was almost the last one along the opposite side of the dance floor from the band, and sipped a cool drink and just chatted or even just gazed at each other, allowing all the underlying sexual feeling to build and build as normal couples on a date do. I'd noticed that the very end booth contained a couple that kissed and touched a lot, but didn't get up and dance at all, the man looked to be quite tall and reasonably handsome, although in the dim light of the club it wasn't all that easy to tell, and his companion was quite beautiful - or so dad reckoned after he'd stared over at her for some considerable time while we danced a slow dance. That earned him a kick on the ankles when we sat down! but only a light one in fun!

Then we got up to dance again and the band played some of the early sixties rock tunes and we tried our best to dance in the sixties tradition, but I don't think either of us did too well, although it did have its advantages, the long split in my skirt meant that I could get really low when I was twisting, and that of course showed a lot of my leg and quite a bit of my ass too! it was when daddy was twisting low as well that he suddenly noticed my absence of panties, and nearly fell over! I also noticed the man and the woman in the booth next door start to take an interest and watch us dancing, but didn't think a great deal about it.

When one particularly boppy song finished and the band immediately went into a slow, slow number, I happened to have my back to dad, so I merely leaned backwards into his body and closed my eyes as I felt his arms come around and gently hold me. I don't know how long we swayed like that, but then I felt his hands move, they slid upwards to cup and fondle my breasts, and my nipples immediately jumped to full attention and I moaned slightly. I could feel his stiff and swollen cock pressing against my ass cheeks, rubbing slowly to the rhythm of the music, and I lost touch with where we were, all I could feel was the heat rising in my body, and all I could hear was the rapid beat of my own heart.

Then I sensed something, I wasn't sure what, but it moved me to open my eyes, and I found myself staring at the man in the end booth, and found him staring back at me intently. It took me a moment to realise that he wasn't staring at me, so much as staring at dad's hands fondling my breasts! "Dad" I whispered, "That man is watching you touching me"

"I know, Kitty, he's been watching ever since I started, and the thought of him watching me fondle my own daughter's breasts is exciting me like crazy! does it excite you at all?"

I guess I could have been shocked, or embarrassed, or even angry, but as I stared at the man staring at me, I began to wonder if it was exciting him as much as it was exciting daddy, and that thought suddenly excited me! I glanced quickly over at the man's companion, expecting to see some annoyance there, but she was staring too, and not just staring, but running her tongue over her lips at the same time! and I didn't need to wonder, I knew that it was turning her on! The way we were standing, swaying to the music we had our backs to the rest of the club and no one could see what was happening except the couple in the end booth, it was if we were putting on a display, just for them. But I couldn't bring myself to speak, to answer dad's question in words, but I answered it anyway, by moaning lightly and squirming even deeper into his body, even harder against his rock hard cock, and I heard the pent up breath gush from his body.

Then his hands moved down from my breasts, down to the hem of my lacy blouse and took hold of it and began to move back upwards. NO! my mind cried out, he wasn't going to, he wouldn't! but he was, and he did! lifting the blouse up and over my naked breasts to bunch at my neck, and I saw the man's eyes widen and spark with fire as he found himself staring at my completely naked breasts. From the corner of my eye I also noticed the woman react with a visible jerk of the body and a widening of the eyes. Then, leaving one hand holding the blouse up and out of the way, daddy dropped the other hand to my naked breasts and started to fondle them again in full view of the man and the woman in the booth.

"Mmmm, did you see the way his eyes lit up when he sighted your gorgeous breasts?" daddy asked, "He's getting so turned on he can hardly sit still, does it excite you to turn him on Kitty? do you like him seeing your breasts and seeing me fondling them, do you?"

"Oh Daddy" I groaned "It's making me so hot, your hands, his eyes, her eyes, oh yes it excites me, excites me like crazy!"

"I'm so glad, Kitty, I thought it would please you, but this is just the beginning, there's much more excitement and pleasure to come"

And I knew he was right, because even as he spoke quietly in my ear the man in the booth looked across at his partner and she nodded, so he rose to his feet and moved the few paces across the dance floor to stand right in front of me. Immediately daddy dropped his hand away from my breast and the man lifted his and cupped them!

"Such beautiful, exciting breasts on a such a beautiful, exciting woman, they deserve to be loved, totally and completely" and he gently stroked his hands over them, brushing the nipples lightly with his fingers, and a huge shudder racked my body. Meantime the hand that daddy had dropped from my breasts didn't remain idle for long, it slipped into the slit of my skirt and brushed against my sopping wet pussy, and I nearly exploded on the spot! this was completely crazy, in the middle of a club full of people my father was playing with my naked pussy and a complete stranger was playing with my naked breasts, and all I could think was 'for god's sake don't stop, I want it, I want it so much!', and although I didn't say it out loud, they both knew it, knew it from the way my body was writhing and lifting onto their hands.

"My name is Harry" he said quietly, "And my partner is Janine, and we'd love you both to join us" then he dropped his hands from my breasts and I almost groaned with disappointment. "My name's Patrick" daddy replied "and this is my partner, Kitty, and we'd be delighted to spend some time with you and Janine, but it's getting awfully smoky in here, so perhaps you'd like to join us at our place? we only live about five minutes away"

I was stunned, partly because he'd spoken of me as his partner rather than his daughter, and partly because he was inviting them home, but I was also incredibly aroused. I had absolutely no doubt that spending some time with Harry and Janine was going to be hot and horny, especially in the privacy of our own home, and part of me was already screaming, let's go, let's go!

Daddy had taken his hand from my pussy and had allowed my top to cascade back down over my breasts, so we followed Harry over to his booth and were introduced to Janine. She stood up to greet us, a hot, horny welcoming smile on her face, and she was taller than I'd expected, just a little taller than me, she had a mass of dark red hair than fell down at the front and rested on what could only be described as voluptuous breasts, and I saw daddy's eyes drop down admiringly, and there was just a momentary flash of jealousy. Then she turned her hot eyes on me and all those feelings disappeared as the heat rose in me afresh, Janine was an incredibly sexy woman, it just oozed out of her. And for a fleeting moment I wondered why Harry had bothered staring at me, then I felt his hand slide into the slit of my skirt and cup one of my naked ass cheeks, and I didn't care any more! all I wanted was for this to happen - even though I didn't really know what 'this' was!

Harry and Janine didn't have a car, so they came back to our place in ours. Janine got ahead of me as we left the club and jumped in the front seat alongside daddy, I was in the back seat with Harry, and we'd hardly pulled away from the parking spot before his hands were once again roving over my body. I saw daddy glance in the rear mirror and grin, and I grinned right back as I lounged in the seat and let Harry's hands turn me on even more, so by the time we reached home I was on fire. When I saw daddy getting out of the car with a huge bulge in his trousers I knew Janine had been pretty busy too, and it was four very happy and horny people who almost staggered into the lounge room. Daddy immediately went to the bar and mixed up some drinks and Harry, Janine and I flopped on the sofa.

When daddy brought the drinks over he proposed a toast, "To a night in search of heaven"

"Heaven" we all repeated, and took a sip of our drinks.

"But before we get under way, folks, I have a little confession to make, when I introduced Kitty at the club I referred to her as my partner, and I guess tonight she was, but Kitty is also my daughter"

I felt, more than saw, both of then jerk with shock, and although there was a horny grin on dad's face, I could see there was a little uncertainty in his eyes, and I knew it was time for me to step in and say something, so I bounced to my feet and linked my arms with his and grinned down at them.

"Yes, Patrick's my father, but he's also my lover!" I said, and saw them jerk again. I looked up at Patrick and I smiled, and hooking my fingers into the hem of my blouse, lifted it over my head to stand there naked to the waist for a moment, then unhooked the top of my skirt, ran the zipper down and let it fall in a puddle at my feet, so that I was now totally naked, and I turned again to look at Harry and Janine, "If that bothers you, we are happy to ring for a taxi to take you home, but we'd much rather you stayed, we are both incredibly turned on and we want to have sex with you - I glanced quickly at Daddy - well I'm pretty sure Patrick wants to fuck Janine, and I'm pretty sure he wants me to fuck Harry, and that's something I want to happen too, but sooner or later it will also be happening between us, you'll be watching Patrick fuck his very hot and horny daughter! so it's up to you, you can go or stay, leave or cum!" and I emphasized the last word so much that everybody burst out laughing!

"Hells, bells" said Harry "a father and daughter fucking, we've never shared that before, but the whole idea is driving me wild, what about you Janine?"

Janine didn't answer, with a huge grin on her face she rose from the sofa and began to strip. Harry and daddy were only seconds behind! and soon all four of us were naked and exploring each other frantically. Harry had quite a nice cock, not too large and not too small, and unlike dad, he wasn't circumcised, so the whole shape and feel of it was different. Because so much had happened before in the club, there wasn't a massive amount of foreplay, so it wasn't long before Harry's cock was knocking on the door of my hot, wet pussy, and I was eagerly inviting him in. I just had a brief moment to see Daddy's cock disappearing into Janine's equally eager pussy, before the feelings engendered by Harry's plunging cock took control and I focussed solely and totally on the pleasures of being fucked.

And it was a pleasure! completely different in style, shape, and content to fucking with dad, but I loved it, loved the feeling of his hard dick ramming into me, of his hungry mouth devouring my breasts and my tits, and particularly loving the fact that daddy was kneeling right next to me and occasionally watching me. It was one of those occasions when I felt daddy's eyes on me that I began to urge Harry on "Oh yes Harry, that's good, so good, fuck my hot pussy, fuck me deep, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me!"

And almost immediately I heard Janine doing the same, "Oh Patrick, yes, such a fantastic cock, so big, so hard, fuck me Patrick, fuck me good!"

I felt Harry jump and jerk inside me as he, too, heard Janine cry out, and I felt him thrust harder and deeper, making me cry out anew, and for the next little while it was almost as if there was a competition between Harry and Patrick so see who could make their partner scream the loudest, and a competition between Janine and I to see who could bring their man to an explosive conclusion first. I don't think any of us won, but we sure had a ball trying, and when Harry's cock finally expanded, then exploded, and shot his hot cum juice deep into my writhing pussy, Patrick was doing exactly the same thing to Janine, and we were both screaming like crazy as massive orgasms ripped through us.

Then we were swapping partners and daddy's cock was plunging into my pussy while Harry and Janine yelled encouragement from the sofa, not that we needed any encouragement, the whole evening had turned me on so much that I was wild for daddy's fucking. I knew that watching me with someone else had really turned him on, and it had certainly given me an unexpected buzz seeing his cock thrusting in and out of Janine, so our fucking that night was unbelievable, and instead of tiring us out, it seemed to make us even more horny, so I guess it was no surprise that we swapped partners again and fucked with Harry and Janine one more time before they had to leave.

When they were gone, we just stood and looked at each other for a while.

"Did you enjoy that honey?" he asked

I shivered with sensuous pleasure, "Oh yes daddy, I liked that a lot, especially at the club where anybody could see us, did you say you used to take mommy there?"

"Sometimes, but your mom was never quite as adventurous as you when we were in the club, but when we got home, well, that was a different matter!"

"With other couples?" I asked

"Of course! or sometimes even with just a single male, your mom really liked to get fucked in front of me, and I absolutely loved watching her"

"And now with me" I stated with a grin

He grinned back, "Only if you want to, honey, only if you want to"

"Oh yes, daddy, I want to, I want to do anything that will please and excite you, and it did excite you tonight, didn't it? especially when you told them I was your daughter, you wanted them to know that, you wanted the thrill of fucking your daughter in front of them, didn't you?"

He moved over and cupped his hands over my breasts, "I can't deny that, Kitty, there's a special excitement fucking you because you're my daughter and an even bigger thrill knowing that someone else knows, but if you don't like it..."

I grabbed him close and kissed him deep, "Don't be silly, daddy, it makes me every bit as hot as it does you, I can't get enough of your fucking, and I don't care who knows it!! in fact, I could do with some of your hot fucking right now!" and I led him slowly, or perhaps not so slowly to the bedroom, where we didn't get to sleep for quite some time - and I didn't mind one little bit!!


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