The Best Erotic Stories.

Kate Ch. III
by Alex de Kok

This is a work of fiction, written for enjoyment and amusement, hopefully yours as well as mine. Comment and constructive criticism welcomed.

* * * * *

We made it to the airport on time. Just. Meg's plane was on schedule and shortly after six she came through the gate and saw us waiting. Her face lit up and she hurried across to us, hugging and kissing Mike.

"Oh baby! I've missed you," she cried, then turned to me and hugged me. "Oh, mom, it's good to be home!"

"Good to have you home, sweetheart," I said, kissing her and hugging her back.

"Where's your bag, honey?" asked Mike.

Meg pointed. "The red one."

"I'll get it," he said and set off for it. Meg turned to me, her eyes sparkling.

"Now, mom, 'fucking incredible', I think you said. I hope you haven't worn the poor baby out!"

"Your 'poor baby' is an insatiable ram, daughter, and I am jealous as hell." I smiled at her, then hugged her again. "I trust you brought 'Plastic Mike' safely home. I may need him tonight."

"Safe and sound, mom. Come on, Mike's got my bag. Let's go home."

We discussed plans on the way home and detoured to Mike's house. Meg and I waited while he went in and came out with his overnight bag and school books. It had been my idea.

"Look," I'd said. "I do not have the slightest doubt that you two will want to go to bed and fu.. Er, make love. Okay, get yourselves away as soon as we get in. I'll make dinner - something that won't spoil - then we can watch TV or something while you're getting your second wind, then bedtime, whenever, and the two of you can go off to school in the morning." And I will have to masturbate myself to sleep with 'Plastic Mike's help.

The evening went more or less according to plan. When we got in, Meg and Mike went off to her room, Mike with an embarrassed backward glance - I gave him the finger and blew him a kiss! I busied myself with a tuna salad, because I had no idea how long they'd be. I guessed an hour, and I was close, because sixty-five minutes after they went upstairs they came back down, hand-in-hand, laughing and joking.

Meg came over and kissed me. "Feed us, mom," she said. "Sex makes you hungry!"

I laughed. "Supper's on the table. Come and eat."

The three of us soon cleared what I'd prepared and I stacked the dishes in the dishwasher and went through to the sitting-room where Mike and Meg were sitting on the couch, Mike's arm around Meg.

Meg grinned at me. "Mike's been telling me about your little photograph session. Imagine. My mom, taking photographs of herself being fucked by her daughter's boyfriend!"

I flushed, embarrassed, but Meg untangled herself from Mike and came and hugged me.

"I don't blame you, mom. I think I'd like to see what it looked like, being fucked I mean." She grinned. "Especially by someone with Mike's talent."

We both looked at Mike, who flushed to find himself the centre of attention.

"Mom?" said Meg thoughtfully.

"Yes, sweetheart?"

"Mike and I want you to shoot some nudes of me. Will you?"

"If you like, sure. It's too late tonight, and you're at school next week. If you want outdoor shots I'll do them as soon as you come home from school. Indoor shots, whenever you like." "I finish early tomorrow. Three o'clock. Mike has no classes in the afternoon. How about tomorrow?"

"No problem. I only have to shoot three houses. I'll do them in the morning."

"Oh, thanks, mom. That'll be great!"

"One thing, sweetheart. Bra strap marks show for a long time. "s soon as you get home, take a shower and put on one of my old hippy kaftans. Nothing else. It's light until almost ten, so if I start shooting around six the light will be interesting and the bra strap marks will have faded."

"Will do, mom. Mom?"

"Yes, sweetheart?"

"Have you processed the pictures of Mike yet?"

"I put them in the processor while you were upstairs. It should be done by now. Give me ten minutes." Truth time! I went down to the darkroom. The processor had finished its run and a processed and dried roll of transparencies waited for me. I cut the roll down to a more manageable size and slipped the strips into their sleeves. I took a deep breath and went back upstairs.

I don't know what Mike had said before, but as I came back into the room I heard him say "...You and your mom, both, you're really wonderful women."

"Well, thank you, Michael," I said. "It's nice to be appreciated." I glanced at what Meg was looking at and could feel myself flush. I glanced at Meg. "That's the second one. Did Mike tell you what he did with the first?"

""h, no. I didn't," he said awkwardly.

Hah! "He tore it up and gave it back to me," I said, with a sardonic smile.

"Mike! You didn't!" exclaimed Meg.

"Oh, but he did." I bent and kissed Mike then, quickly but with passion and a promise. "He made up for it, though. He said something like, 'if I still looked that good, he wanted to see the original'. I was delighted to show him!"

""nd I was delighted to see it, Kate. You and your daughter are both warm and wonderful women. I am delighted to have been of service," said Mike lightly.

"Talking of service, I have here some transparencies of a certain Michael Hanson with no clothes on." I looked at Meg. "Meg, there are two shots of Mike fucking me. I make no apology, I needed him." I still do, given half a chance.

"Mom, believe me, I want to see them, just as much as you do, in fact my pants are wet just thinking about it."

I smiled fleetingly at her."Mine, too!" I said with feeling. I turned to the cabinet where I keep the transparency reader. I had found it tedious to set up a projector in a darkened room whenever I wanted to view just a few transparencies so I had bought a transparency reader which connected to our TV and allowed me to preview the images on the TV screen. I loaded up the first strip and turned on the TV. There was Mike in all his naked glory, looking defenceless without clothes.

I'm proud of my camera technique. Those first nudes of Mike were tasteful and attractive.

"Now comes the juicy bit," I muttered as I moved the next strip into place. Mike's erection was quite impressive on screen. I studied it with remembered lust as I moved through the pictures. The time came when only two pictures were left and I took a deep breath.

"This one and the next, folks."

"s he had requested, Mike had been unrecognisable in the other 'hardon' shots. I couldn't say the same for this one. He had a look of pleasure on his face which almost matched my own. The two of us would be clearly recognizable to anyone seeing the picture.

"Wow," whispered Meg.

"Wow, indeed, sweetheart," I said. "I think I look like I was enjoying myself."

"I do, that's for sure," said Mike, reaching for my hand with his free hand and squeezing my fingers.

I moved on to the last picture. God, my pussy! It was the first time I'd ever seen it on film and from the glisten of Mike's prick I was in free flow. I think the first one was taken on the down stroke. This one was on the up, and my pussy lips were opened wide by Mike's cock. There was silence for a while, then I switched off the TV. I could feel my cheeks burning. I took a deep breath, then took the film strip from the reader, replacing it in its sleeve. I stood up.

"These go in the safe," I said and then managed a feeble witticism. ""nd I go in the shower. " cold one, I think." I smiled at Meg and Mike. "Goodnight, children. Sweet sensations to you both." I left the room and went into my office, locking the transparencies in the safe, then went up to my room.

In my bedroom, I stripped off my clothes and threw my underwear into the laundry basket in the corner of the bathroom. Out of curiosity I fingered my cunt. God, I was soaking! I turned the shower on and let it warm up for a moment, then stepped in and let the water run over me. I reflected on the day, over the past ten days in fact. From being a dutiful, caring mother of a teenage girl I seemed to have become a raving sex maniac, not only not caring about my daughter knowing but apparently actively encouraging her to be the same. I pondered. Not strictly true, I remembered myself at Meg's age. I couldn't get enough of Tom's prick.

Tom was the only man who had ever fucked me, until Mike, yesterday. Yesterday! Was that all? Did it only take two days to turn me into a raving nympho? Jeeze! I wondered idly if there were any available men around town. None that moved in my circles, such as they were, that was for sure. Maybe I needed to take up some hobbies, like . . Like what? I had no idea. I turned off the shower and reached for a towel, drying myself carefully, then easing myself into bed still naked. There was something under my pillow and I reached for it. 'Plastic Mike'! Thanks, Meg, I'm gonna need this tonight!

Next day, I went about my work in a somewhat abstracted state. I shot the house photos easily enough, then went home about eleven-thirty. No sooner was I in the door than the 'phone rang.



"It's Danny." Danny "iello, the editor of the Tribune. "There's a rush job on. Cy's already out. Can you take it?"

"I need to be finished by four at the latest."

"Not a problem. It's the civic opening of the new Mall extension. It's timed for one, which means two, so you should be finished by three!"

"OK, Danny. "m I formal?"

"No, it's supposed to be a relaxed affair, Kate, so be comfortable."

"Will do, Danny. I'll drop the pix off in the morning."

"Thanks, Kate. See ya!"

I scribbled a note for Meg to tell her I'd be home by four, then went off to do my civic duties. It was about three-fifty when I go home. No sign of Mike's pickup, and Meg was alone when I went in. Wearing one of my old kaftans, I noticed. Good girl!

"Sorry, sweetheart," I said, giving her a quick hug, "a rush job for the paper. I'm free now, so just let me grab a coffee and we'll sort out how we plan to do the photographs. Mike not here?"

"No. He 'phoned a little while ago." Meg grimaced. "He had to help his Uncle Bob. He'll be over about six."

"Well, let's see if we can't surprise him with some pictures. Come on, baby girl, let's see if we can't turn out something sexy!"

I started out by shooting conventional nudes. Nothing hidden, but no particular display. "s far as I knew, Meg had never modelled before, certainly not nude, but she was a natural, hardly requiring any direction and I quickly got through a couple of rolls of film. I was sure that Mike would like the results. There was no doubt, my baby girl was a looker. I had a thought and paused, leaning on the camera.

"Meg, honey?"

"Yes, mom?"

"Do you think Mike would like a strip-tease sequence?"

"I think he'd go ape, mom!" Meg grinned vividly.


"Let's do it!"

So I shot a sequence which when Mike saw it, looked as if Meg had stripped for me. In reality, I had her get dressed for the camera, shooting the sequence in reverse order, so that she finished up fully clothed.

"I think I'll keep these on, mom," Meg said when we'd finished. "Can you have the photographs processed before Mike gets here?"

"Five-ten. If I load the processor now, they should be done before Mike arrives, if he's not coming until six."

"Would you, mom?" Meg grinned. "I'll cook dinner."

"Deal, baby!" I said, grabbing the rolls of film.

I had the films in the processor and Meg had dinner started when Mike showed up, but neither of us was finished as it was only five-twenty. There was someone in the pickup with Mike and whoever it was drove off as Mike came in.

"Hi, sweetheart," he said, kissing Meg. "Hi, Kate."

"Hi, yourself. Don't I rate a kiss?"

"Of course." Quick and light, but it still made my pussy tingle.

"I've taken some shots of Meg, they're in the processor. Should be ready by six."

"Great!" He grinned at us both, eyes sparkling.

We ate at six and at six-thirty had the pictures in the TV viewer. Mike watched in absorption while I ran through them. We went through them quickly as he wanted to take Meg out to the college basketball finals.

"I need to study those," he said, winking at me. "Serious research. Take me weeks."

Meg aimed a mock blow at him, then kissed him. "Don't forget to compare the pictures with the original."

"No way!"

"Mom?" said Meg.

"Yes, honey?"

"Can we take the car? It means a cab otherwise, because Mike's Uncle Bob has his pickup."

"Is that who was in the truck? Yes, of course. I'm in for the evening now. Here's the keys."

Mike and Meg were away by seven-thirty and I decided to have a swim. Naked of course. I was really getting into the nude swimmer thing, now that I didn't need to cover up when Mike was around. It was about eight-twenty when I went into the pool and I just trawled up and down for a while, enjoying the feeling of exercise. I was startled when the doorbell rang and for some reason assumed it was Mike and Meg come back early for some reason. I swam to the intercom, said, "In the pool. Come on through" and pressed the door release.

I went back to my swimming and was heading away from the house when movement caused me to glance over my shoulder. Oh shit! It wasn't Mike and Meg at all! It was a man, a stranger!

"I'm sorry," he began, but I interrupted him.

"I'm sorry," I said, "I thought it was my daughter, forgotten her key again." I looked over my shoulder at him. "There's a robe on the lounger. Would you put it down near the steps and turn your back please?" I said.

"Of course," he said.

I waited a moment then looked round. He'd put the robe beside the steps as I asked and was carefully studying the stucco on the wall which sheltered the pool. I grabbed the robe and pulled it over my wet body.

""ll right, you can turn around now," I said. He did and I was faintly unnerved by the frank admiration in his eyes.

"May I help you, Mr?" I began.

"Larson, Bob Larson," he said and the vague familiarity crystallised.

"Larson! I know you, you're Mike's uncle!"

"That's right. I borrowed his pickup. He said he was staying here tonight, so I brought it back. I put my bike in the back, transport home." he smiled. " good smile. Reminded me of Tom's.

I smiled back at him. "Meg and Mike went out about half an hour ago. Basketball match, I think." I gestured towards the house. "Let me offer you a coffee or something, I'm usually a better hostess than this."

"You don't need to..." he began, but I waved him to silence.

"We don't get so many visitors that we turn them away. If you'll go through into the other room, I'll start the coffee and then put some clothes on." I flushed. "I'm sorry for the reception. I like swimming nude, it feels so much better." "nd why did I say that, I wondered.

"I know what you mean," he said, smiling.

"I won't be a moment," I said and went off to get changed. I didn't bother being clever, just had a very quick shower to rinse off, then towelled myself dry, threw on some underwear, jeans and a sweatshirt, and combed my hair out. I knew it would take a while to dry, so I just left it loose.

When I went downstairs I found Bob Larson looking at the photographs in the living-room. He had the photograph of me and Tom in his hand.

"My late husband," I said. I think I startled hum.

"Late?" he asked.

I took the picture from him and looked at it, remembering, before putting it back in its place. "He was killed in a car accident about four years ago."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know," he said gently.

"No reason why you should. Coffee?"


I made the coffee and we chatted for about half an hour before he left. I had enjoyed his company and found myself wondering how he kissed, whether he'd be any good in bed, that sort of thing, then told myself not to be ridiculous, that he'd only accepted a coffee to be polite. I was fantasizing if I thought anything else. I sighed, thinking that at least he was an eligible escort for a lonely widow, because I knew he was divorced. It wasn't long after that when Mike and Meg came back. We watched TV for a while and then went to bed. "t least I had 'Plastic Mike' for company. I fucked myself with him twice before I could sleep.

Over the next few days I found myself thinking about Bob Larson a lot, remembering his smile, his shaggy brown hair, touched with grey at the temples, his lopsided grin, his slow drawl of a voice. Despite the fact that he was somehow always on my mind and I was beginning to wonder how I could contrive to accidentally bump into him, it was a surprise when Meg answered the 'phone beside the pool on the Thursday evening. Mike was studying at home and Meg and I had been swimming. Naked, of course. The 'phone rang and Meg answered it as she was nearest.

"Hello?" She paused, then continued, "No, it's Meg. Hold on, please." She glanced towards me, holding out the 'phone. "Mom, phone for you." She gave me a grin, mouthing 'it's a man' silently.

"Hello?" I said, curious.

"Hi," said a remembered voice, sending a keen shock through me. "It's Bob Larson."

"Hello, Mr Larson. What can I do for you?" Fuck you, maybe? Down, girl!

"Mrs Evans. Do you mind if I call you Kathleen?"

"Yes," I said, "I prefer Kate."

He laughed. "Kate. Kate, would you consider doing me a great favour."

"Such as?"

"Will you have dinner with me?"

Yes! I paused, trying to remember my schedule, then asked, "When?"

"Tomorrow, Saturday, whenever."

"I'm working tomorrow and Saturday," I said. Damn!

There was a short pause, then he said, "It's seven-fifteen now. If I picked you up at eight-thirty, how about tonight?"

Don't be too eager, girl. Be cool! Huh! "I'd love to. Eight-thirty. Formal or casual?"

"Casual suit you?"

"Fine. I prefer sneakers to heels every time." But I'm partial to garter belts with the right man around.

"Great. See you at eight-thirty."

I hung up and looked at Meg. "Will you be all right by yourself, hon?"

"No sweat, mom, Mike will be here at eight. You going out?"

I put my hand on my hip and struck a pose. "Your mom has a date!"

"Hey! "nyone I know?"

"Mike's Uncle Bob."

"Oh, great! He's nice."

"Yes, baby, I think so too." I paused for a moment, lost in thought.

Meg grinned at me. "I just know he'd love to see you like that, mom, but don't you think you should put some clothes on?"

"You're probably right, baby. Perhaps I should." I smiled at Meg and went up to my bathroom for a shower. When I'd finished, I studied my wardrobe. Sneakers, I'd said. Well, perhaps not. I picked out a bra and panties set in pale blue, decided not to wear stockings or pantyhose and picked out a reasonably demure pleated green skirt and plain white blouse. I wasn't kidding about the heels and picked out a comfortable pair of tan loafers.

Before I dressed I added a touch of perfume to various spots of my anatomy, including one or two which no self-respecting widow should expect a man to reach on a first date. I was just fastening the last buttons on the blouse when the doorbell rang, so I quickly wrapped the skirt around myself and kicked my feet into the loafers.

Meg had opened the door and let Bob in and his face lit up when I walked in. 'He wants me', I thought, and felt a glow spread through me.

"Kate, you look lovely," he said.

I smiled and just said simply, "Thank you," then picked up my purse up, took my shawl from the back of the couch and smiled at him.

"OK," I said. "Let's go." I stooped and kissed Megan. "Bye, sweetheart. If I'm late I'll see you at breakfast."

We went out. I'm not sure what I was expecting in the way of transport, but the black Porsche took me by surprise. I smiled at Bob. "Impressive."

"My indulgence," he said, opening the door for me. It was a long time since I'd ridden in a sports car, but I managed to get myself in without anything more than a flash of thigh, and it was a problem managing to show just that much! He closed the door and went round to the driver's side.

""ny place in particular you'd like to go, or any particular preference in food?" he asked after folding himself into the driver's seat.

I patted my stomach. "I put weight on thinking about food!" I said. " lie, but I only ate an hour before you phoned!

Bob grinned. "OK, anywhere you'd like to go and watch me eat?"

I laughed. I don't know what I was going to say, probably something on the lines of 'why don't we just have a drink and a snack', but then I thought, perhaps he hasn't eaten yet.

"Yes?" he prompted.

"You'll think I'm silly." I am!

"I won't. Silly things sometimes appeal to me."

"Oh, yeah?"


"Like what?"

"Like walking barefoot on the beach, in the moonlight, eating potato chips out of a paper bag and drinking soda, like I was seventeen again, out with a girl for the first time."

Yes! "It is our first time. Let's do it!"

"You sure?"

"Yes." I grinned. "Where shall we go?"

"Do you know Ironhead?"

"Not since I was a kid. I've never been since."

"We'll go to Ironhead, then. We'll stop in "shbury for the potato chips and soda."

We stopped at a little mart and got sodas, potato chips, chili dip and pretzels. I curled up in the passenger seat, listening to the radio. I found a classical station and a rendering of Debussy's Clair de Lune was being played. I didn't know if Bob was susceptible to mood but he didn't say a word until it was finished.

It was only a few minutes more drive to Ironhead. Bob surprised me by taking a dirt road behind the dunes, finishing in a grove of pines.

"Eat first, or walk?" he asked.

"Eat, then walk off the calories." When we'd finished, he put the waste in a bag and dropped it in the trunk, then took off his shoes and socks and dropped them in the car.

"Right," he said, "time to walk."

I got to my feet and dropped my shoes beside his. The sun was just starting to set and the light was beautifully warm. 'I should bring Meg here for some outdoor nudes' I thought idly. I'd never been to this part of Ironhead before. "t least I didn't think so, because I'd only been once or twice as a child. We had the bay to ourselves and I made a mental note to ask Bob if it was always this quiet. We left footprints in the sand as we walked the mile or so across the bay, chatting as we went, discovering mutual likes in art, music, theatre, cinema. It was almost an hour before we got near to the car again. It was darker now, 'I'd need flash now' I thought, and a full moon was just starting to show. It was still warm and we were almost back to the car when I spotted a little hollow in the dunes. I took Bob's arm and pointed.

"Let's sit there for a while."

"Sure. I'll just get a rug from the car," he said. "It'll be better to sit on."

I waited while he fetched the rug and we strolled across and sat, looking out at the breakers. The sand still retained some heat from the day, warmth under the rug. I was feeling good, relaxed, in pleasant company. I glanced across at Bob and smiled. He reached over and took my hand. I squeezed his fingers and slid closer. Bob gently put his arm around my shoulders. Right on! I slid right across and snuggled against him. He gently stroked my shoulder.

"That's nice," I murmured. But my tits are lower and they badly want to be touched. He stroked the back of my neck, massaging, then leaned across and kissed my neck, then again. That's nice, Bob, do it again. I sighed contentedly.

"That feels nice," I murmured, squeezing his knee.

He kissed me behind my ear, so I moved my hair out of the way. He blew lightly in my ear so I blew straight back into his. He kissed my throat.

" 'S nice," I murmured. Keep it up!

He kissed my lips. Oh, nice! "gain, do it again. I gently extended the tip of my tongue and gently touched his, then did it again. I pressed my body against him and squeezed him in my arms. He lightly stroked the front of my blouse. Nice, Bob, but I don't want you scared off!

I pulled away slightly. "Please, Bob. Don't be in such a hurry." Lying bitch!

He stroked my neck again and I relaxed. "That's nice after a hard day."

His next action took me completely by surprise. He squeezed my hand and pulled away. He stood up and held out his hand to help me to my feet. I stood readily enough but I was curious. Why, Bob, when we were just starting to get somewhere?

"Come on, Kate. Let's go."

"Go where?"

"Somewhere safe."

"Safe?" I said, definitely surprised now. "What do you mean?"

"Somewhere where there are other people."

"Why," I asked. Don't you want me?

"Because if we stay here, I'm going to try to make love to you and I don't want to take the risk of spoiling a relationship that's only just begun. Kate, I like you, I want to see you again. I want to know you better." He smiled at me, somewhat ruefully I thought.

I studied him, bemused, careful not to let my feelings show. "You're an honourable man, Bob. That's quite rare these days. "ll right, let's go somewhere safe. One thing I will say, Bob Larson."

""nd that is?"

"I like you too, or I wouldn't have agreed to see you. Oh, and another thing?"


I smiled. "If I don't like what you're doing I'll tell you." "nd that will keep you guessing! I strode off towards the car, humming, trying not to laugh. Or cry. Glory be, I think he wants me!

"Would you like to stop for a drink somewhere?" he asked as we drove back into town.

I have a better idea, I thought, then asked him "Do you like malt whiskey? Scottish?"

He glanced at me. "Yes, very much. Particularly Talisker."

I laughed. Great! "nother shared taste. "I can't offer you Talisker," I said, "but I do have an Islay malt, Bunnahabhain, and a Balvenie. So take me home, Bob, and come in for a coffee and a malt whiskey tasting."

"nd that's what we did. There was no sign of Meg, but she told me later that she had just gone to bed when she heard us come in and decided that it was more discreet to stay out of the way. I led Bob into the living-room and turned on a couple of table lamps.

"Sit down, Bob. I'll fetch some coffee. There's a hi-fi in the cabinet and a selection of CDs, if you like music. Choose something you like, if you can find any." I laughed. "Meg's are on the top shelf. Ignore them!"

I set the coffee going then went through into the living-room and sat on the couch. Bob was still standing and I motioned him to sit beside me.

"The coffee's on. Ten minutes and it should be ready."


"Right, Balvenie or Bunnahabhain?"

"I've never tasted either, so what do you recommend?"

"The Bunnahabhain is an Islay malt, so if you like Talisker, you'll probably like that. The Balvenie is a single cask. You choose."

"Either would be fine, Kate. Thanks."

"I'll pour you a Bunnahabhain," I said, suiting the action to the thought. I'm not mean, but the single cask Balvenie was nearly twice the price and I was particularly fond of it.

I sat back down beside him and raised my glass in toast. "Here's to potato chips and soda pop!"

He laughed. "I'll drink to that." We chatted for a while. Bob never took his eyes off me. I know I'm not ugly, too many compliments had come my way for that, but I found his concentration mildly disconcerting. I excused myself for a moment and went for the coffee. We drank the coffee and the whisky, and carried on chatting.

Bob glanced at his watch eventually. "Sorry, Kate, but I think I'd better go. I need to be up early in the morning because I have a big order to get ready for the college." I was disappointed. Disappointed? I was devastated. I was longing for his touch and scared to show it. I was also conscious of the fact that Meg was upstairs and most likely not asleep.

"That's a shame. I was enjoying our chat." I smiled at him. "You can always come back. You're welcome in this house."

"Thank you, Kate, I'd like that," he said. "You said you were busy tomorrow night. No chance at all of seeing you?"

Yes! I smiled. "Every chance. I go bowling with the girls on a Friday. We usually finish about ten. If you want to see me, pick me up at the bowling alley around ten-fifteen. We can have a drink or something."

"Great! Ten fifteen it is." He stood and I stood with him, taking his arm as we walked to the door. "t the door I turned to face him.

"I enjoyed myself tonight, Bob. Very much."

"So did I." He put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me gently towards him. I didn't try to pretend any reluctance. If a kiss was all I was getting tonight I wanted a good one! I raised my lips to his kiss. It started as a friendly goodnight kiss, but I think we were both disappointed that something more hadn't come of our time together and we both tried to communicate the feeling in the kiss. Eventually, to my keen disappointment, Bob broke the kiss. I was shaking and buried my head in his shoulder, breathing heavily and trying to regain my equilibrium. My pussy was soaking and I could feel a faint tremor in my legs, as well as the unmistakable bulge of Bob's erection. Eventually I raised my eyes and smiled shakily.

"I think you'd better go now, Bob! I don't think I could trust myself after that kiss."

"Tomorrow night, Kate. Ten-fifteen."

"Ten-fifteen. I'll look forward to it." I leaned forward and kissed him, a mere peck of the cheek, but it was all I dared. I opened the front door, my hand shaking.

"Goodnight, Bob," I whispered.

"Goodnight, Kate."

I watched while he got into his car, waved as he drove away then went back indoors and closed the door, leaning my forehead against it. I gathered my scattered wits and locked the door, then put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, put out the downstairs lights and took myself off to bed. Thank goodness for 'Plastic Mike'. I needed him tonight!

When I got upstairs Meg peered out around her bedroom door.

"Hi, mom. Have a good time?"

"Yes and no, baby. Come and talk to me while I shower."

"I'll come in with you, I could probably use a shower myself." She came out of her room, a huge old t-shirt she used as a nightdress billowing around her, and followed me into my bedroom. "What went wrong?" she asked, sympathetically, stripping off her t-shirt as I undressed.

We went into the shower and I turned the water on. Meg, as used to the cold start as I was myself, waited in the corner until the water warmed then took the soap and began to wash my back.

"Nothing went wrong, baby, in fact I think it went too right."

"Too right?"

"Yeah. By the time Bob left just then, my pussy was soaking and I wanted him so badly it hurt."

"Why didn't you have him, then?" asked Meg practically, kneeling as she washed my legs.

"Scared in case I frightened him off with my forward ways, I guess." I smiled at her. "I knew you'd stay out of the way, but I guess Bob was nervous about having you in earshot."

Meg grinned fleetingly. "Too right. I'd have been watching from the balcony, see if my mom's technique was any better than mine. Or else I'd have come down and joined in."

I laughed. "We'd never see him again after that!"

""re you seeing him again?" Meg turned her back and handed me the soap.

"Tomorrow night, after the bowling." I soaped her back and then a devil took me. I soaped her butt and slid my fingers in and goosed her.

"Mom!" She grinned vividly, then paused as a thought struck her. "Mom? Did you ever make love with a woman?"

I had a sudden vivid memory of Diane sucking my clit as Tom fucked her from behind. Meg must have been about seven, staying with Tom's folks for a few days. Diane was Tom's cousin. She wouldn't let him fuck her at first, but she was game for anything else that long summer she spent with us, and ready for the fucking eventually.


Should I tell her? Not the details, just the fact. "One summer, when you were about six or seven."

"Was it good? "s good as dad?"

"Nothing was as good as that, young lady, but yes, I enjoyed it. Why are you asking?"

Meg flushed. "We only have one 'Plastic Mike'. I thought we could sleep together and share him."

I reached out and hugged her. "If that's what you want, baby, that's what we'll do," I said gently. I was curious, very curious. Would my daughter's touch excite me? Would mine excite her? We'd soon find out!

By ten-fifteen the next evening I was keenly anticipating Bob's arrival. I don't know if the thought of seeing him again inspired me, but I think I played as well as I have ever done. Maybe it was sharing 'Plastic Mike' with Meg. That experiment had been interesting. We both came from being stimulated by the other, but we both agreed that without a man being involved something was missing for us. I had made a mental note that I would like to try a threesome again, for it had been a long time since Diane, but I wasn't sure if the other woman should be my daughter. "lthough, if the man involved was Mike...?

My abstraction was suddenly dissolved. I spotted Bob moving towards me from the entrance. He took my hands and kissed me, to the keen interest of Mimi. I'd told her he was meeting me and she'd insisted on keeping me company 'just in case he don't show'.

"Mimi, this is Bob Larson. Bob, my friend Mimi Willis."

"Hello, Mimi, nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you, Bob. OK, honey, I'm off now. See you next week. 'Bye. 'Bye, Bob, look after her."

"I will, Mimi, goodnight."

Mimi went off and Bob and I looked at each other. He smiled.

"I couldn't get to sleep for ages last night," he said. "I kept thinking about you."

"Good thoughts, I hope."

He flushed slightly. "I think they were."

""h hah! From the look on your face, erotic ones!" I exclaimed gleefully.

He nodded ruefully. I took his hand.

"Bob," I said gently. "I went to sleep last night with a dildo in my cunt, pretending it was you." I flushed as he looked at me in astonishment. I'm not sure if it was what I said, or the fact that I'd said it. I locked my gaze with his. "Bob, at the risk of you thinking I'm a cheap whore, I have to tell you something. I want you, I want you badly. It's been four years since my husband died, and you are only the second man in that time, but you are the first I have wanted so badly. Take me home, Bob, and take me to bed. Or take me someplace else where there's a bed. Please."

Bob took my hand and squeezed my fingers. "I'll never think you're a cheap whore, Kate, never. You are a very desirable woman and I think I fell in love with you the moment I saw you."

I laughed, remembering that moment. "If I'd known you'd fallen in love with me, I needn't have dressed!"

Bob laughed too, remembering. He stood and pulled me gently to my feet. "Come on, Kate, let's go find that bed before my erection busts my pants and embarrasses us both in public.

I giggled like a schoolgirl. "We can't chance that, can we?"

Outside, he kissed me fiercely, then led me to his Porsche. "Where?" he asked when we were belted in.

"Your place? I suggested.

He grimaced. "Since Julie and I got divorced, I've been renting a small apartment near the store. It's all right for me, but I wouldn't want to take a woman there."

"So where do you take your women?"

"There have only been three since Julie and I split, and they were all one night stands. One had her own apartment, so we went there. The other two occasions, a motel. I don't want to take you to a motel, Kate, they're too tacky." He smiled at me. "Besides, I want this one to last."

I had a thought. ""re you prepared for a half-hour drive back in the morning to open the shop?" I asked.

He looked at me in surprise. "From where?" he asked.

"Goose Lake."

"What's at Goose Lake."

"Our cabin."

Bob grinned suddenly. "Of course. Let's go." He started the car.

"Can you stop by a 'phone. I want to tell Meg I won't be home."

"There's a cellphone on the console, there. Use that."

I dialled home. Meg answered on the fifth ring, breathing heavily. "Hello?"

"Hi, honey. It's mom."

"Hi, mom. Your timing's lousy. I was just about to come, with Mike's lovely prick in my cunt. What's up?"

"Nothing. I just wanted to tell you that I won't be home tonight."

"Whoopee! Bob taking you home?"

"No, we're going up to Goose Lake. See you in the morning. Sometime."

"OK, mom. Have fun!"

"Will do, honey. 'Bye."

"'Bye, mom."

I put the cellphone back in its rest and looked out. Bob was making good time, because we were already outside the town limits and up to the legal speed limit.

"Will Meg be all right by herself?" Bob asked.

"She's not by herself. Mike's there."

"You trust them?" There was mild surprise in his voice.

"I trust them not to wreck the house. So far as anything else is concerned, they're a couple of alley cats. Meg told me off, said she was just about to come when the 'phone rang!" I had a sudden thought. "Bob, in confidence. Meg and Mike have been sleeping together for a while now. I would rather they did it safely at home than find a motel or something. I don't know if Mike's folks know, so please, don't tell them."

"Don't worry, Kate. My lips are sealed." He laughed. "I thought Mike looked content with his lot these days."

"He is. She feeds him as well. Meg's a better cook than me."

"Lucky Mike."

"Lucky Meg. Mike's got a very talented prick." Oh shit! Kate Evans, you've shot yourself in the foot again!

There was a short silence. Then Bob asked casually. "How would you know that, Kate?" his voice very mild.

"It's a long story, Bob. I told you there'd only been two men since Tom died. Mike is the other one." "nd I told Bob about catching Mike fucking Meg, about the sudden scald in my cunt, I told him about my devious seduction of Mike while Meg was away. I didn't tell him about the photographs. Not yet.

"The poor baby didn't have a chance. He did a widow lady a very great service when she very badly needed it."

"If Mike woke you up to wanting to make love again, I owe him a vote of thanks," Bob said mildly, "but perhaps I'd better not thank him personally." He laughed. "I'll just have to hope that my greater experience helps me."

I squeezed his knee. "I manage to see Mike almost every day without my panties getting soaked," I said, then took his hand. I spread my knees and pulled my skirt back. "Feel."

Bob quickly caressed my cleft through my panties, then put his hand back on the wheel.

"I have that effect?" he asked.

"Yes," I said simply.

Bob smiled at me. "I'm glad. Now, woman, you'd better navigate, because that's the Goose Lake turnoff."

Ten minutes later we pulled up outside the cabin. Tom had closed a deal with the landowners which had gained them an excellent profit, while not antagonising any of the wildlife or environmental groups and in gratitude they had sold him the cabin for a song. There were no other cabins within a mile and it was at the end of its own unmarked dirt road, which to anyone else just looked like a fire road. The Porsche had come close to bottoming once or twice.

"Next time," said Bob, "if there is a next time, I'll use the pickup!"

He switched off the engine. "part from the tick of the cooling metal, there were only the night noises of the pine forest.

"What's it like in daylight, Kate, because it looks lovely in the dark?"

"Just as lovely. There's a little beach and the headland keeps our little cove quite private. You have to sail right up to it before you know it's there. Nearly all of the other cabins are at the other end of the lake."

"I know. I was surprised when you told me to take that turnoff."

"It's quiet here and we always liked it that way. Come on, let's go in. Have you got a torch?"

"In the glovebox."

Five minutes later we were in the cabin, had a couple of oil lamps alight and Bob was just setting a match to the fire, which we always tried to leave set ready to light. We still had our coats on, for although it was summer the night air was cool. I glanced at my watch. Five past eleven.

"Coffee?" I asked.

"Please, Kate."

By the time I'd got the gas stove turned on and lit, and had made the coffee, and we'd drunk it, the fire was warming the room nicely.

"The bedroom's through there, " I said, pointing. "But the bedding will need airing. The couch here is long enough to sleep on, and it's warmer in here. "

""nd the rug in front of the fire will make a wonderful place to make love." Bob smiled at me, then stood up and took off his jacket. He held out his hand and tugged me to my feet, putting his arms around my waist and bending to kiss me.

That kiss was all it took to get us started. Bob's hands were around my back. My arms were around his neck. I could feel the bulge of his erection against me as we kissed. I pulled back slightly without breaking the kiss and put Bob's hands on my tits. He squeezed gently and weighed them, then unfastened my blouse and unhooked my bra. His thumbs caressed my nipples, hard as pebbles in the cool air, then he gently pushed my blouse and bra off my shoulders. I lowered my arms to let them drop to the floor and unfastened his jeans, sliding my hand into his shorts. "h! One hot, hard prick. I felt his hands unfastening my skirt and sliding the zipper down, but I had to move to let it fall. I broke the kiss and moved back a little. I had chosen to wear a very sheer silk bra and panties set, with matching garter belt and the crotch of the panties was almost transparent with the fruits of my excitement.

I wanted Bob, I wanted him badly, and I wanted to be naked. I stripped off my panties and unhooked my stockings in record time, then slid off the garter belt. I was naked for Bob for the second time in my life, but I didn't count the first, when he'd surprised me in the pool.

Suddenly I felt shy. I lowered my eyes, flushing slightly.

"You are truly lovely, Kate," Bob said quietly. I looked at him. The admiration in his eyes was sincere.

"Get naked, Bob," I said hoarsely. "There is a woman here who needs to get laid very badly."

Bob laughed, stripping off his shirt and pushing down his jeans, kicking them off. "I'd rather she was laid very well, than very badly." He pushed down his shorts and suddenly he was naked before me for the first, but oh!, I hoped, not the last time. His cock stood proud, hot and dark. "nd big! I thought Mike was big at about eight inches, but I guessed Bob at maybe half an inch longer, and thick. Near as thick as my wrist.

The rug in front of the couch, near the fire, was thick too. I sat down, then lay back, throwing my legs apart. I stroked my cunt. "Come on, Bob! I want you in me! I'm not in a hurry to finish, but I sure as fuck want to get started."

Bob grinned at me, knelt between my legs then lowered himself, lining up his cock with my cunt. I took gentle hold of him and lined him up. He pushed forward steadily and I was so wet that he came straight in. Jesus! I felt full!

"Oh, Bob, baby. That feels so good, so very fucking good!"

"You feel fucking good, too, Kate. Snug and tight. You ready for some old-fashioned fucking?"

"Oh, Yes! Give it to me, give it to me now!"

That first time was good, but not great. We were both too keyed up. I came very quickly and Bob wasn't far behind me. He laughed as we got our breath back, his prick slowly softening in my cunt, considerately taking his weight on his elbows.

"Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am! God, I was like a kid on his first fuck. 'Just call me lightning'."

"Mm, it was a bit fast, wasn't it." I hugged him. "Just think, Bob, we can practice to make it better! Won't that be nice."

"You mean I don't get fired? I can have another go?"

"Soon as that beauty between your legs is hard again. I want you deep!"

"In that case, girl, I want you on your knees, so I can take you from behind. That way I can get deeper."

"I can hardly wait. But in the meantime, why don't you pull out and let me lick you clean?" I felt his cock twitch at that. Hah! He's responsive to verbal stimulation. Goody, let's talk dirty!

Bob gently eased his cock out of my cunt and rolled over onto his back. Suddenly I felt empty. I got to my knees and leaned over to kiss Bob lightly, then moved down so that I could lick his cock. "h, the taste!

"I like the taste of come and pussy-juice," I said, grinning at Bob. "Makes me wet and horny." Has done since I was seventeen. I don't know if it was my efforts or Bob's virility but I soon felt his cock starting to stiffen again and it wasn't long before it was hard. I sat back, pleased with myself.

"Guess I haven't lost my touch. Want to fuck again, mister?"

"Surely do, ma'am," he said, "but I want to take you from behind."

I turned away from him, but suddenly panicked. Did he mean my ass? I looked round at him.

"Not my ass, Bob. You mean my cunt, don't you?"

Bob smiled. "Kate, with a cunt as sweet as yours, I have no desire to use anything else to take my prick. Except possibly your mouth. I don't believe in ass-fucking, Kate. I think there's too much risk of damage or infection."

I leered at him. "OK, mister. This cunt is ready for you!"

He was right about going deep. Bob's cock filled me as full as I have ever been fillled. Tom and Mike were both a bit smaller than Bob, who had a magic wand and was a wizard at using it. I know size isn't everything and that technique is more important. Personally, I think genuine affection - or love, whatever - is the real aphrodisiac and turn-on. Bob took me slow and deep and when I came, just before he did, I came like a train. We fell asleep entwined in a blanket before the fire.

It was light when I woke and for a moment I panicked, not knowing where I was, but I could feel Bob's animal heat behind me. His arm came around me and cupped my left tit. I put my hand over his and squeezed.

"Good morning, Kate, my sweet. Sleep well?"

"Mm, yes. Being fucked to sleep always gives me a good night." I squirmed around to face him and kissed him lightly. Slight rasp of beard against my face. He smiled at me.

"It's almost seven, Kate. We'll have to leave by eight at the latest, if I'm going to get you home before I open the store."

"Well," I said, pressing against him, rubbing my tits against his chest, "that gives us an hour for a good, slow fuck, doesn't it?"

"It certainly does!" He grinned at me. "But I'm going to eat you first!"

I was so loud when I came that I reckon I scared all the wildlife for miles around. Then I made him let me come on top, so I could ride him to climax. I had never had anyone so deep inside me before and I loved it. When I came that time I was a lot quieter, but that was because I was concentrating on Bob and not myself.

Bob dropped me off at home at eight-forty, giving himself twenty minutes to get to the store.

"It's OK, Kate. I keep a razor and a spare shirt at the store. Five minutes and I'll be ready to face my customers. I'll see you at six-thirty, after I shut up shop."

"I can't wait." I kissed him and almost jumped him there at my front door, I felt so horny, but I managed to keep myself under control and waved him off before I went indoors. I needed a shower, to get the smell of fucking off myself.

Meg and Mike were having breakfast when I went in and Meg jumped up and hugged me. "Hi, mom. Have a good time?"

"I certainly did, baby." Meg grinned knowingly at me and I nodded. "Yep, that too!" She laughed.

"Do I take it that my Uncle Bob provided adequate service?" asked Mike, grinning.

"You may so take it, Mike. "dequate, however, is not the word I'd choose. More like excellent, great."

"Cosmic?" suggested Meg.

"Cosmic will do nicely. Now I'm going to shower, then I have to take some photographs and earn some money! Meg, can you do me some bacon and scrambled egg, say in ten minutes?"

"Sure thing, mom. Coffee?"


I went upstairs, stripped off my clothes and showered. I reminisced over the previous night. If I had anything to do with it, there'd be plenty more fucking coming my way from Bob.

Well, I thought, he seemed keen to see me again!


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