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Kurious Kathy
by Denni329

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Debby and Kathy started the grand tour of my penis. Debby explained that we always start our lovemaking with oral sex. She laughed and said sometimes that's as far as we get if we haven't had sex in a while. Kathy the vigilant student began touching my testicles and the underside of my shaft. She said, "he is circumcised. I think it looks better," and Debby agreed. "So, have you ever done this before?" I asked Kathy. "Yeah, once I tried it but I probably didn't do it right! I caused him to come in about 10 seconds!" We all laughed. Debby took over and said that it's a matter of not doing any one thing too long and having a sense of when he will come. She started by licking the underside of my shaft up and down slowly. See it's real easy but not too quickly. Kathy tried and flicked back and forth as she moved up and down. They stopped and giggled and said, "how you doing up there?" I replied, "fine, this is fun. Just be careful I don't want to come all over you two." Debby said, "don't worry I can get you back up in a flash," as she wrapped her mouth around the head of my penis and circled it with her tongue. She stopped and explained to Kathy to circle the head and lick the opening with her tongue. Kathy complied and gently put me in her mouth, circling and licking as she had been told. Next they grabbed my testicles and rolled them with their fingers softly and gently Kathy held each as Debby led the way. Debby then put one in her mouth and rubbed it with her tongue as she motioned to Kathy to do the same. I was getting more aroused and was enjoying every minute. They pulled back and said, "hey this is fun." Kathy continued, "I never knew how soft and smooth a penis was." I am enjoying all the attention but here I was with two pussies staring in my face. So I began to rub them with my hands and immediately they responded by opening up their legs to let me explore more. What a difference between Debby's furry dark beaver and Kathy's naked shaved pussy. I inserted a finger in each. Both were soft and well lubricated, as they were already aroused. I reached into Debby's vagina to find her G-spot with my index finger. I sometimes could feel it because it was a harder skin area that seemed to be more erect than the other moist skin inside her vagina. As I rubbed slowly Debby reacted with a slow grinding of her hips. As I continued with Debby, I turned to Kathy and began searching inside her for her G-Spot. She opened up more and I inserted two fingers and slowly rubbed the upper side of her vagina. I seemed to find it after a while and she responded by producing copious vaginal lubrication, all of which was making it easier to fill her pussy with my fingers. By this time they had decided to take my penis in their mouths, Debby instructed Kathy to straighten out her neck and open her mouth wide with the tongue rubbing the underside of the shaft. Down she went and took all of me as she slowly came up rubbing back and forth on the underside of my penis with her tongue. Kathy giggled and tried but got about half way down before she stopped and licked her way up. Debby said it takes a while before get the knack but you get used to having a bit of a gag reflex. They traded back and forth as they tried different licking and sucking techniques. Kathy eventually got all the way down and seemed to be a natural. They were enjoying my vaginal attention because both of their hips were grinding and rising and falling. I wasn't going too fast because I just wanted each to enjoy the attention and to keep the pace slow so I didn't come all over the place. They were responding with more rhythm and vaginal lubricant. I was not as "in control" as I thought as I felt my cum begin to fill. So I said, "this is getting close to an explosion so you might want to slow down." Kathy looked at Debby with a nervous look and Debby said, "well I can get you back up so let's finish you with and bang." She turned to Kathy and said, "it doesn't really taste like much, just a little salty," Kathy smiled nervously and they continued. Debby could feel some of the fluid beginning to come out of the tip and she pull back and said to Kathy, "it's just starting lick the opening." Kathy complied and said, "it's thicker and smoother than I thought." As she pulled off Debby got back on as I let a gushing squirt out into her mouth. Kathy was fascinated and replaced Debby as I pulsed out more cum into her mouth. She continued as I let another and Debby pushed her aside to get more. As I finished in Debby's mouth she sucked all of the remaining cum out of me. I could see Kathy with some cum dripping from her lip. There she was with the question of to swallow or spit. Quickly Debby came up with a mouthful and kissed Kathy on the lips. As she opened up her lips they shared their tongues and exchanged cum between them. That kiss lasted a while but they finished by swallowing whatever they had left. They moved around to me and both kissed me as well. I even got a little cum from each, which I had never tasted. It does have a salty taste!

We were tired and hugged for a while just enjoying each other and not really saying much. Ten minutes went by and Kathy said, "I feel satisfied, warm and comfortable. Is this how you two feel all the time?" So we looked at each other and said, "well yeah that's what it's all about silly!" We hugged some more and I said, "okay now it's my turn to do you!" I arranged them both up on the bed with their knees up and legs open. They were giggling and Debby joked "now let's see if you can do us both at the same time." I positioned my self between Debby's legs and started to lick her lips slowly. She was very wet and it just felt soft and smooth as I slowly circled her outer lips. I reached over to Kathy and rubbed her smooth pussy and wondered how Debby would feel hair-less! They were fingering each other's nipples as I heard them giggle and say ouch, too hard silly like this! I got more aggressive with Debby's pussy, licking more quickly and nipping her vaginal lips with my teeth. I heard them talking about how it felt and how Debby was feeling her clit get more erect. I had developed a light touch with Debby's vagina because she is sensitive around her clit but her lips are more easily roughed up with a little bite now and then. Debby was saying how I had developed the knack of lightly teasing her so that she continued to get aroused as I increased my licking and sucking. Kathy was curious and said to me, "what did you do when you first started to explore her vagina? Were you as sensitive as you are now?" So I said, "no I was rough and too direct until Debby told me what she liked and what was too much. Come here and I'll show you!" Kathy hesitated and looked at Debby but Debby just smiled as if to say okay. Kathy turned around and Deb moved into the middle of the bed. I showed Kathy the vaginal lip licking technique and I said, "I just start softly and lick up and down each side, sometimes flicking and nipping the lips. And then taking one side into my mouth and rolling it with my lips back and forth with my tongue. Want to try?" She smiled and giggled but moved toward Debby's pussy. She licked slowly and gently and moved back to the other side. Up the left and down then finished and look up at me for more instructions. I showed her the tongue in the vagina push as I went inside Deb's vagina and rolled my tongue around the inner walls and curled my tongue up inside the top as a finished. She understood and followed my lead. Debby was rolling her hips as we slowly built up her arousal. Next I showed Kathy the clit and how carefully I tongued it only flicking it as it grew larger. Deb had a long clit, outside of the rest of the hood, when she was aroused, and she was! So I sucked her clit into my mouth and slowly rubbed my tongue onto it. Deb's hips rose and she moaned a deep sigh. I stopped to let Kathy try her clit. Kathy let her subside and did what I had done. She flicked and licked even more carefully than I did. It seemed as if she had a natural sense of timing that I guess only another woman would know. She continued and pulled Deb's clit into her mouth and with a slow sucking of Deb's clit made her cum with a rush of vaginal fluid as she moaned loudly and let out a squeak at the end.

Kathy looked at me a said, "now that was a first! I would never have done that if you two had not helped me. Thanks guys I love you both!" We hugged each other and kissed each other. Debby was coming out of her orgasm high and said, "Now you get to relax and enjoy a good licking!" Kathy moved to the center of the bed and I moved below her in between her legs. As I stared at her hairless pussy and huge vaginal lips I got even more excited. I knelt down and started to lick her lips and enjoy her she quickly responded. Her hairless lips seemed more sensitive than Debby's as I continued to flick and lick she started to ooze vaginal juices. I felt Debby move in beside me. Kathy opened up even further to let Debby in between her legs too. Debby pushed in and started to lick the other side of Kathy's pussy. We alternated and gently and slowly gave Kathy all of our attention. Kathy responded and rolled her hips and sighed quietly at first and began to get louder and louder. As I rolled my tongue inside her vagina she moaned a deep and slow moan. Deb jumped in and quickly but gently licked her clit. Kathy moaned again and again. It just seemed as if women have a better touch on a clit. I wanted my share so I nudged Deb aside and found Kathy's clit, which was like a small penis! It felt like it was 1 to 2" long as I rolled it between my lips and sucked increasingly harder. She moaned and moaned and rolled her hips up and down. She let out a scream that was accompanied by a gushing of vaginal juices. I finished up with a mouthful of pussy juice. It seemed to taste salty just like the cum juice that the girls had when they swallowed my cum earlier.

We were all hot and sweaty and I was hard as a rock again. So I moved around to the center of the bed on my back and moved Debby onto my erect penis. She slid on quickly and tightened her grip on me, pulsing and moving slowly up and down. It felt soft and hot and juicy inside but I was working on my control to try to keep from coming too quickly. Kathy was watching as I slid into Deb and rubbed her back as she slowly moved up and down. Deb told her about gripping me with her vagina and Kathy tried to tighten her vagina in practice. I was enjoying our twosome but wanted to include Kathy so I asked her to move up and give me her pussy. As she sat on my face, I immediately tongued her soft, naked pussy. It was juicy and hot as I tongue fucked her. She was facing forward and Debby reached around and grabbed her nipples. They giggled and played while I had a great time with Debby's slow rhythm on my cock and my licking sucking rhythm on Kathy's pussy. We built up gradually to a rapid rocking and rolling. I knew Debby was about to come again because she was heaving up and down and moaning as she and Kathy hugged on top of me. Kathy was rolling back and forth on my face as I continued to lick and suck her clit and vagina. We all seemed to come together in a heap of sweaty, soft and hot flesh. I let loose first as Debby, quickened her pace on my cock. Kathy moaned and moaned as she rolled while I sucked her clit and nipped it with my teeth she came in a rush. We all just stopped for a moment as we took time to regain our senses. Debby sat up and pulled off of me, Kathy lifted her leg over me as I realized, I was juiced up all over my face and all over my penis and testicles. They joked and said what a mess you are as they hugged at the side of the bed. Debby left to go to the bathroom and Kathy followed. They quickly washed of the sweat and juices from their pussies and came back with a towel and wet facecloth to clean me up. Debby whipped my face with the towel as Kathy gently cleaned up my limp cock with the wet facecloth. It felt good to be cared for as they finished up. I was still excited but the connection to my cock was not responding as I lay there limp and soft.

We stopped for a glass of wine and sat on the bed enjoying our company and our new Exploits. Debby had tried another woman's pussy, Kathy had too and they seemed comfortable with the whole experience. We joked and laughed as we drank another glass of wine. Debby perked up and said. "Kathy, now you know that us girls can have multiple orgasms while these guys just go limp," as she pointed to my flaccid organ. "I'll show you how you get this thing back up." As she moved back down the bed, Kathy followed like the dutiful student. They joked around a bit and Deb rubbed and pulled my penis trying to get a response. I slowly started to respond as she put my semi-soft organ in her mouth she said, "this works best he loves a good blow job!" Kathy joined in as well and the traded off a couple of times. I grew harder and harder laying in the center of the bed. As Kathy continued to suck on me Debby moved her pussy over my mouth facing Kathy as she rubbed my balls and sucked on my cock. Debby motioned her up and she rose up with a sheepish look. Debby pulled her toward her, she moved her hips over my legs and finally over my erection. They kissed as Kathy got over my erection, Debby pushed Kathy's hips down as I positioned my cock to enter Kathy's pussy. I slid right in as Kathy sat on me she felt me fill her all the way up. I was surprise I went as deeply as I did but she seemed to have no hesitation. They hugged as Debby told her to tighten her pussy and release as I began to slowly move up and down. Kathy responded by rising and falling in rhythm with me. I almost forgot I had Debby on my face as I enjoyed Kathy's pussy. She had a good tightness to her and the feeling I had was not as urgent as I usually do. I was hard and enjoying the rhythm but not fighting back an urge to blow out a load of cum. We all continued building up our pace but not too quickly. Kathy moaned and moaned as she let go more juices and contracted hard on my penis. I could feel my cum building in my balls as I rolled up and down with Kathy's rhythm. Debby was rocking back and forth as well. They were both moaning and kissing as we pickup the pace and each started to reach orgasm. Debby let out a groan and Kathy seemed right behind her. I pumped load of cum into Kathy's hot pussy. She shuttered as I let go and she came again. We all seemed to finish together in a heap of sweat and exhaustion.

We rolled over and hugged in a group hug. Kathy seemed quiet but peaceful. Debby was cuddling with both of us. We just lay there without saying a word for the longest time. Kathy broke the silence, "I love you guys. I have never felt this way. I am exhausted and excited at the same time. I have done more in the last few hours than I have ever imagined. I never felt pushed or that we did anything wrong. I just felt loved and wanted and it felt natural and loving." I didn't know what to say and Debby just leaned over and kissed Kathy. "We love you too. I told you it was different when there's no pressure and you just do what seems natural at the time." We talked and talked for another hour as the time went by we talked about how Kathy had had relationships with other guys and they really never seemed to care about her. I got to know more about what women want from men. Sex is really just part of it. It's more loving and tenderness than anything else. I did have one question that I was dying to ask so I said, "Kathy what happened to your pubic hair?" She giggled and said, "Well I never really developed a lot of hair down there. I guess with my light skin and hair it's pretty normal not to have much. I noticed other blonde and light haired girls in the showers and they never had a lot either. I just seemed to even have less. So one day as I was shaving my legs in the shower. I decided to give my pussy as shave. I liked the smooth feel and I noticed that I am more sensitive as well. I always seem to be a little aroused. It must be the feel of the material in my panties rubbing as I move." Debby piped up and said, "How often do you have to shave?" "Sometimes 2 or 3 times a week. But it seems that I need to do more in the summer." Debby looked at me and said. "Do you like her naked pussy". "I was excited to see it and I really liked the feel of it as we had oral sex. Would you try shaving?" She looked at me and said, "I was surprised today when we were cleaning up the apartment. Kathy came over to help and stripped off her clothes as I was already nude. When I saw her hairless, I got a little jealous. I thought it looked beautiful. I couldn't stop staring at her and imagining what I would look like." Kathy said, "so now I can show you two something new," as she went to the bathroom to get scissors and a razor, some shaving cream and a bowl of hot water. Debby assumed the position on the edge of the bed. She lay there open legged as Kathy trimmed her pubic hair with the scissors. Kathy quickly got down to very short hairs and applied warm water with a towel. Debby was looking at me and Kathy as she nervously grinned. Kathy applied some shaving cream and slowly shaved down the left side and then moved to the right. She carefully removed a little at a time and got the job done. As she washed off the excess shaving cream I looked at another hairless and beautiful pussy. Debby jumped up and pranced around the bedroom and headed for the full-length mirror behind the door. She posed and posed as she smiled and proclaimed that she liked her new look. I could see her excitement as her nipples became erect and her lips seemed to swell on her newly naked pussy. Kathy was smiling and seemed happy to have shown Debby a new way. "So let's try it out," said as I pushed Debby onto the bed. She slid up and opened her legs as if to show off her new nakedness. I slid in and licked and flicked as I always did. Kathy joined in and we played with Debby's new pussy. She was aroused and quickly got into rolling her hips and moaned slowly. I was not responding to this situation. I was as limp and soft as I had ever been. I guess all that earlier sex was just too much for me. I looked at Kathy and said, "she's getting ready for another orgasm. But I can't get it up." Kathy smiled and went over to her overnight bag. I didn't pay much attention to her as I continued to orally apply to Debby's new naked pussy. As Kathy came back she had a black leather harness around her hips and through her legs with an 8" black dildo attached in front. I couldn't believe it! She said, "this is my toy. I may not have a lot of dates, but I do have a few orgasms every once and a while." Debby moaned as she was nearing an orgasm and never really said anything as Kathy positioned herself and the dildo in front of Debby's gaping naked pussy. She said to Debby, "are you okay?" Debby motioned yes as Kathy slid the dildo into Debby. It went in slowly. Kathy was gentle. It was thicker and longer than my real penis and Debby adjusted her hips as Kathy slid it in further. Kathy pulled back and slowly slid forward again and again, several times, until she had the whole thing inside of Debby. Then Kathy picked up the pace a bit and established a slow rhythm as Debby responded more and more. She moaned and said it felt huge inside her. OHHHHH! She screamed and Kathy picked up the pace as Debby rose her hips to meet the dildo. Faster and faster Kathy went. She was sweating and Debby was panting and moaning as the huge dildo pushed in/out of her. She came in a rush of screams and moans and OHHHHHH's. As she finished, Kathy slowed down and pulled out the black stallion full of pussy juice.

I didn't know what to do so I helped Debby move up the bed as Kathy removed her "toy". We hugged and fell asleep after a while. We were all exhausted!

We had a great time for the next few months. I had more sex than I could imagine. It was summertime and the girls were not shy about running around nude in the apartment. We all seemed pretty uninhibited. It was great having both of them. I'd be relaxing and Kathy would cuddle up and the next thing I knew she was giving me a blow job. She loved to swallow cum and I really enjoyed cuming in her mouth. Debby would need a trim on her new pussy and Kathy and I would fight to do it for her! We had sex every where in the apartment! One kitchen table event was really unusual because we used all the refrigerator sundries like whipped cream, ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard. They drew faces on each other and decorated my penis with whipped cream and ketchup. We took a group shower after that one. Lot's of fun too!

We went to a nude beach in Rhode Island during the summer and the naked pussies caused a lot of interest. Every guy on the beach would stare as they walked by our blanket or saw the girls walking to/from the water. I could see erections pop as Deb and Kathy would walk by. I'd notice the guy's pointing out the shaved pussies to their girlfriends. Sometimes a conversation would quickly start as they discussed whether to shave or not. One couple came over and we had a long conversation about the pros and cons of shaving. The woman also saw I had shaved my balls and trimmed everywhere else and asked if I liked my new look. I told her it was great and I liked having oral sex with the ladies shaved pussies because they seemed more easily aroused! She kidded me and asked if I was more easily aroused. I just said all it took was a light breeze. She laughed! As I think back we could have easily engaged with this couple in a group activity but we missed the opportunity. As the summer went on, more and more women were shaved smooth at the beach. It was fun to know we had an impact and started a trend. I just enjoyed the view and I know the guys with the shaved girlfriends were enjoying themselves too. I could only imagine how much fun they were all having.

Our threesome lasted until Labor Day when Kathy went away to finishing school. Debby and I continued for another year or so and drifted apart. We split up in a very agreeable way and I never felt any animosity or regret.

This all happened 25 years ago! I have since married and had two great children and a lovely wife and enjoy my life. I do clearly remember our time together and have thought about it often. When I do I usually get another erection.

I kept track of Debby over the years, She married and moved away. Had a couple of kids and seemed to be happy. After our breakup I never heard about Kathy.

A few weeks ago I ran into Debby at the local shopping mall. We talked for quite a while and were both happy to see each other. She had split up with her husband and wanted to move back home and finish raising her kids close to the rest of her family. I asked her if she ever heard from Kathy. She smiled and said, "oh yes, we have kept in touch over the years. She lives in Connecticut near Hartford has one son and is married but things don't seem to be very happy for her." I said, "Oh, that's too bad she's such a great person. I hope it all works out for her." Debby smiled and said, "Kathy always asks about you when we talk. I never could tell her more than I knew you lived here and were married. I'll tell her you were asking for her. I know she will be glad to know we caught up with each other!" We said our good-byes and as we walked away Debby said, "Let's get together some time I'll call Kathy and have her drive up?" "Sounds like a great idea, give me a call and we'll set it up?"

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another Fine Story by Denni329.

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