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Kiss Me, Kate
by Fanta C

Have you ever had one of those days where everything just seemed to go wrong? First you're late for work. Then your boss chew you out because the project you're working on isn't ready. Then you get a phone call from your daughter, telling you that she has just been arrested for shop lifting and that she needs you to come bail her out. That was basically how my Friday went. I didn't realize until that point, how much my life had deteriorated since my wife had run off with a wannabe rock star.

My daughter, Kate, had suffered the most since her mother had run out. I was consumed with work and rarely had time for her, to help her through that initial period of adjustment. I guess now I can honestly say that it was all my fault that I couldn't be there for her when she had needed me. But I had been suffering myself.

I'm not an bad looking fact I look quite young for being almost forty years old. My hair was still thick and full, a dark, rich brown, and I had very few wrinkles, just tiny laugh lines at the corners of my moss green eyes. My wife had once told me that I had very square, chiseled features, and that I reminded her of a young Sean Connery, minus one Scottish accent.

I had patiently put up with Kate's antics recently, saying that all she needed to do was adjust to everything that had happened, but last Friday was the final straw. I don't think I had ever been as angry as I was the day I stormed into the police station. When I saw her, a red haze descended over my eyes, even as they raked over her. Her blond hair was loose and flowing around her shoulders and she had on enough make-up to make you think she belonged on a stage. She was wearing a midnight blue leather skirt and a matching halter top, that revealed her stomach and shoulders. But it was the navy blue, six inch heel on her feet that added the finishing touch. She had looked like she belonged on the nearest street corner.

I vaguely remember paying her bail as she stood silently beside me, chewing her gum and blowing bubbles. I was completely silent on the way home and had trouble controlling my anger as Kate scrambled from the car when we arrived home.

I watched her as she strolled toward the front door, almost cringing at the way her mini skirt barely covered her tight young ass. I kept staring, noticing that it wiggled slightly as she put her key in the lock and strolled inside. My cock involuntarily jumped, hardening slightly between my legs as I thought about getting a piece of her. Almost immediately I had tried to squelsh the thought. It was wrong to think about my daughter like that, but I had been so long without a woman, it was hard not to notice.

The day had progressed from bad to worse at that point. Kate hardly spoke to me at dinner before storming up to her room, after being informed that she was grounded for the entire month.

I don't know how things had gotten so out of control...My job was going downhill, Kate was a complete mess, and I was fantasizing about screwing my own daughter. I went to bed that night with an aching hard on. Finally, unable to bear the pressure, I had to give myself a hand job to relieve the tension that had built in my body.

The next morning I got up early, wanting to beat Kate to the shower. I was determined to have a long talk with her about everything that had happened since her mother had left.

The long hot shower relaxed me thoroughly. As I was walking out of the bathroom, a towel casually draped around my waist, Kate came up and said good morning. It was nothing unusual for her to see me with just a towel on. We shared the only bathroom in the house. But that morning she ran her fingers across my chest as she pressed herself up against me, to squeeze between me and the doorframe. Normally it wouldn't have bothered me so much, if it hadn't been for the skimpy nightgown she was wearing. It was a slip of satin that fell to her upper thighs, and the area that covered her breasts had been nothing but thin black lace. Her nipples protruded as she rubbed against me, brushing their throbbing hardness against the muscles of my chest. I almost groaned as she shut the door behind her.

The first thought that had gone through my head, was, "Where did she get that nightgown?" followed closely by, "I hope to God she didn't notice my straining cock."

By the time I finished getting ready, and Kate had gotten out of the shower and joined me, I had breakfast on the table and was ready to have our little chat.

"Kate," I said cautiously, not wanting to start this conversation wrong.

"Yeah, dad?"

"We need to talk." I paused letting my words sink in. "It's about your behavior lately. And about how you feel about your mother leaving."

"What about it?" she snapped, her blue eyes flashing dangerously.

"Well, I've noticed that your grades have declined drastically, you're doing things you never would have done before, and your attitude lately has become overbearing."

"Daddy, what is the point of being a good little girl and getting good grades. It doesn't get you anywhere but depressed. Look at mom. She was a good girl and did everything she was supposed to...yet years later she is bumming around the country as a groupie to a loser singer. I don't need school to be able to do that. If I want to live my life like that I'd rather do it now, than put any kids I have through the ringer, like mom did."

I was so upset at that point. I hadn't truly realized what Marie's leaving had done to Kate. "Oh honey, is that what you think all women do?" I reached for her hand and pulled her onto my lap. "Not all mom's run out on their children. Most of them are really happy in the lives they have." Kate buried her head then, and started crying softly into my shoulder.

"Then how come mom wasn't happy?" she cried softly.

"I don't know honey. I really don't know." I patted the back of her head softly as she cried. I tried to ignore the feel of her ass, tucked tightly against my ever rising dick. I groaned softly as Kate unconsciously wiggled against it.

Slowly I felt her pull away from my shoulder and look into my eyes. Her crystal blue eyes were moist and wet, but I could see something else swirling in their depths, something I couldn't identify.

That was when it happened. Before I had any chance to register what was happening, Kate was kissing me. And I don't mean a swift father-daughter peck. It was a full on the mouth kiss. Her soft lips pressed tightly against mine, opening as her tongue ran across my closed lips, prying them open and sweeping inside my mouth. I couldn't help the groan that escaped me as I plunged my tongue into her mouth, tasting her sweetness.

The kiss went on and on, before, finally, an alarm went off in my head. This was my daughter I was kissing. My own flesh and blood. Quickly I pulled away and gasped for breath.

"Why'd you stop, daddy?" She asked in a child-like voice.

"Honey, what we were doing is wrong. I'm your father and I'm not supposed to do things like that to you."

"Why not? All my other friends do things like this with their dads. They said that there's nothing wrong with it."

I sat there stunned for a moment. All her friends did this with their dads. That couldn't be true. Could it?

Uncertainly I swung Kate off my lap and stood her before me. I had to be positive. I hoped against hope that this was what she really wanted, because I couldn't wait to get into her teenage cunt.

"Are you sure this is what you want, Kate?"

She nodded furiously and I wasted no time, pulling her between my legs as I remained sitting in my chair.

"Are you a virgin?" I asked. When she said no, I was slightly disappointed, but not to the point of stopping.

Gently I tangled my hands in her hair, pulling her face down to mine for a steamy kiss. Her lips played with mine for a moment before straying to my earlobe and working down my jaw. My hands weren't still as she continued to kiss the skin of my jaw. I placed them on her shoulders, slipping the thin satin straps of her nightgown down. She lifted her arms and let the straps slide off, her nightgown falling, revealing her to the waist, where it bunched up.

Reverently I placed my hands on her breasts, her rose colored nipples hardening beneath my touch as she moaned in my ear. I pinched her nipples softly and she shook slightly in response.

I moved away from her for a moment and flung everything off the table with a sweep of my hand. I pushed the nightgown down over her hips, taking in her beauty as it slid to the floor.

She looked like a goddess as she stood bared before me. Her pert, pouting breasts, thrust out boldly, her hairless, smooth cunt, glistening slightly from her own juices. Her legs were long and smooth, slightly muscled from cheerleading and gymnastics.

I sucked in my breath..."How had I gotten so lucky?" I thought to myself.

"You're beautiful, Kate," I whispered softly, as I lifted her onto the table. I spread her legs and stepped between them, leaning over to kiss her softly. My hands ran down her body, caressing her breasts with soft strokes, as my mouth followed, kissing her chin, the hollow of her throat, making a path down to her breasts. I started with one breast, slowly kissing the perimeter with hot, openmouthed kisses. I worked my way inward, rubbing my tongue over her tit, finally reaching her nipple, swirling around it with my tongue. Quickly I sucked it into my mouth, tugging on it gently. I held down Kate's hands, as she arched against my mouth offering me more. Swiftly I removed my mouth, relishing in her groan of dismay. I transferred my gaze to her other breast, lavishing it with the same attention before moving on.

I kissed my way slowly down her stomach, moving my lips over the taut muscles of her abdomen. I reveled in the way they leapt beneath my mouth. Finally I reached her wet, hairless cunt. I raised my head and looked into Kate's eyes, and for one heartstopping moment I thought she was going to tell me to stop. But she just closed her eyes and arched her hips upward in a silent invitation. Encouraged by her response I placed my mouth against the beautiful, wet, glistening lips and gently began sucking on them, my tongue making deep forays into her tight fuck hole. I held her hips as she pitched and bucked against my mouth, trying to get closer to my tongue.

I pushed my tongue deep, lapping up all the honeyed juices flowing out of her. She tasted so good, even better than her mother. Finally, wanting to give her an explosive orgasm, I withdrew my tongue from her and began running it swiftly over her clit, teasing her wickedly.

"Oh dad!!!" She cried out, unable to control the thrusting of her hips against my face. I kept licking and teasing as she pitched against me. Finally, I drew her clit into my mouth, sucking on it hard, wanting her to cum.

She let out a low scream and cried out endlessly. "Oh dad, I am cumming. I'm cumminggggg! OHHHHHHHHHHH!" With one last shrill scream, she bucked against my mouth, before collapsing back on the table, her body limp, and still shaking with the small tremors of her orgasm.

But I didn't stop to let her get her bearings. I quickly stepped up, pulling her ass to the edge of the table. I unzipped my pants, my steel hard cock springing free of its' confines. Without a second thought I looked in my daughters eyes, noticing her reaction as she saw my 9 inch cock thrusting between us. It was easily as wide as her wrist. Not wanting to be stopped, I stepped forward and rammed my cock into her sopping teenage twat.

I was momentarily lost in the heat of her enveloping cunt and closed my eyes, hearing her scream in orgasmic pleasure, her cunt, convulsing around me as she shook and shook. After that, I was gone. I began thrusting in and out, angling my dick so that each thrust ground my pelvis against her clit. I felt nothing but the hot walls of my daughter's tight cunt clenching around me in pre-orgasmic spasms. Harder and harder I thrust, until I was pressing against her cervix. I couldn't stop, ramming my dick into her over and over, pressing against her clit with each thrust.

"Kiss me, Kate," I cried as I felt my orgasm rising in me and I pushed harder into her, feeling the explosion working its' way up my balls, rising in my dick. She kissed me for all that she was worth, her tongue, dipping into my mouth. The kiss triggered the onset of my orgasm and I almost blacked out, as my incestuous sperm shot from my body, deep into my daughters hot depths. I felt her cry out against my lips as another orgasm overtook her sweat drenched body. I kept thrusting, wanting to plant my seed all the way inside her.

Exhausted, I finally collapsed on top of her, my softening dick, still lodged deep within her tight cunt.

When I was able to rise I pulled out of her cum filled twat and zipped up my pants, watching as our commingled cum dripped out of her onto the table. I grabbed her hand and pulled her up, then hefted her onto my shoulder.

"What are you doing, dad?"

"You didn't think that this would be a one time thing, did you honey?" I replied as I walked up the stairs toward my bedroom. She didn't answer but I could sense that she was smiling as I ascended the stairs. This was the beginning of a whole new life...for both of us.

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