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Kaitlin's Tale Pt. II
by Aerin Thomas

Stepping out of the club and into the limo was a shock to the senses for Kaitlin. The noise of the club and the lingering heat from her encounter with Andrew faded away as she sunk into the deep leather seats of the limousine. Her personal assistant, Kelli James, was waiting inside with a glass of champagne, which Kaitlin downed without a second thought, holding the glass out for a refill. She took a moment to look at Kelli: 5-4, 125lbs, fairly fit, with large breasts and voluptuous curves that frequently made Kaitlin jealous, wearing a bright red dress. Nice earrings and necklace, and very perky short blonde hair. She was an excellent personal assistant, although very demure and quiet. Kaitlin didn't think Kelli had what it took to rise further than personal assistant, but was glad to have her around in that capacity. As Kelli filled her glass again, she asked "So, how was the club tonight? Did you have a good time?"

Kaitlin felt the limo begin to move as she answered Kelli. "Nothing of any value happened in there tonight; it was just another evening. So tell me, what's going on with this trip? Are my things packed? Are we headed to the airport?" As she asked the last question, Kaitlin felt the champagne hit her brain, making her dizzy. She leaned her head back against the seat and sighed deeply, waiting for Kelli to answer her questions.

Kelli was not particularly interested in answering Kaitlin, however. She watched as the tranquilizer she had slipped into Kaitlin's drink took effect; waited as Katlin's breathed slowed into sleep. Picking up the phone, she told the driver to double back to the club. Fortunately, Kaitlin had not noticed the modifications to this limo, which was a virtual twin to the one she normally used. Kelli put those modifications to good use as she used leather straps to bind each of Kaitlin's wrists to a bracket mounted on the roof on each side of her head, spreading her arms wide. Kaitlin slept fitfully as Kelli continued her ministrations, cutting the strap to Kaitlin's purse and rifling through it, then setting it aside. Reaching up, she removed all of the jewelry that Kaitlin was wearing.

The limousine pulled to a stop outside the rear door of the club, and Andrew leaned into the back. He took Kaitlin's purse and jewelry, and handed it to another man standing in the alley. With a few quiet words between them and an exchange of cash, the other man was on his way, walking briskly down the alley. Andrew climbed into the limo, and it pulled away, blending immediately into traffic in the downtown streets.

As soon as the car was underway, Kelli was hitting Andrew with a barrage of questions. "Are we okay? What happened in the club? Did anyone see you together?"

Andrew replied by grabbing Kelli and kissing her deeply, silencing her protests as he slid his tongue into her mouth. Kelli pushed him away, sliding across the seat to put her back against the back of the limo. "Of course people saw you together. You fucked her, didn't you? Right there in the club?" Andrew met Kelli's eyes, then nodded unapologetically. "So how was she? Was she worth endangering the whole scheme for?" Kelli asked coldly. "Did she do it for you, big boy? Did you cum like never before?" As she talked to him, Kelli pulled her dress up over her head, leaving her clad only in a black bra, garter belt, stockings and heels, which she placed point first into each of Andrew's shoulders, pushing hard enough to make him wince. With a toss of her hair she nodded at Kaitlin. "She is pretty hot, it's true... sometimes I get excited thinking about fucking her instead of you... of having her kneeling between my legs, eating me out... " as she fantasized, Kelli's fingers traced the shaved mound of her pussy, spreading the lips and teasing her clit. Andrew watched, unable to take his eyes off her hand as she played with herself.

Kelli closed her eyes and leaned back into the leather of the limo seat, grinding her heels harder into Andrew's flesh. The fingers of one hand continued to stroke her wet slit, occasionally circling around her entryway but never diving in. The thumb of that hand stroked her clit slowly, gently. The other hand traveled languidly up her body to her bra, then softly teased a nipple through the thin material, circling the aereola and causing the nipple to rise, poking at the lace that covered it.

Andrew's breathing quickened as he watched, Kelli's pleasure mixing with the pain in his shoulders turning him on. His crotch felt constricted as his erection pushed against his clothing. Reaching down, he unzipped his pants, freeing his cock; he could smell the aroma of his earlier episode with Kaitlin mixing with Kelli's sharp scent. He started stroking it as Kelli continued, eyes widening and breath quickening as she slid her bra off of her shoulders and pulled down the cups, freeing her large breasts and engorged nipples.

Grabbing her breast in her hand, Kelli brought the nipple up and licked it with the tip of her tongue; simultaneously, she slid two fingers inside herself, letting a loud gasp and moan escape from between her dry lips. Soon both hands were at work on her hairless mound, working quickly over her lips and her clit. Eyes open, watching as Andrew jerked off, she shuddered violently and cried out with her first orgasm; several more followed immediately after it, leaving her spread eagled on the limo seat, nearly senseless.

As her feet fell from his shoulders, Andrew quickly moved forward and positioned himself between her legs. Kelli regained her senses with a start as Andrew slid his incredibly hard shaft deep into her pussy, grabbing a swollen nipple in each hand and twisting. He moved with her as she scrambled backwards on the seat, thrusting harder as she tried to move away, finally pinning her against the corner of the car, pushing on her breasts to keep her in place.

With one hand he reached up and slapped her lightly across the face, knowing how that turned her on; with the other, he pinched and rolled a nipple. She moaned with pain and pleasure as he continued to pound into her pussy, showing no mercy, ramming deeply in with each thrust, then pulling slowly out, only to ram in again, sending the shock through her whole body.

Breathing heavily, Andrew replied to Kelli's earlier question. "No, Bitch, I didn't cum like never before; in fact, I didn't get to cum at all. But I plan to solve that problem now." Kelli's reply was trapped in her throat as he grabbed a handful of breast and squeezed, taking the air from her lungs. He felt her muscles clamp down on him as she spasmed again, the force of her orgasm suprising them both. He pulled out of her momentarily, then stood up, crouching so as not to hit his head on the roof of the limo. Grabbing her under the ass with both hands, he dumped her roughly onto the floor. She looked up uncertainly at him. "Open your mouth" he commanded, pulling her head back roughly, causing her to cry out as his fingers twisted into her short blonde hair. Her ruby painted lips parted submissively as he slid the head of his cock into her mouth, bending his knees and sinking it in all the way. Kelli fought to keep her throat open, tasting both her and Kaitlin's juices, as well as Andrew's salty semen. She swallowed convulsively as he shot burst after burst of cum into her stomach, pulling her hair all the harder as he did so, clamping the other hand onto her breast and squeezing. The pain brought her to orgasm again, and she shuddered, falling sideways to the floor as he slid out of her mouth and moved away. She blinked the tears out of her eyes and looked up... right into the disbelieving eyes of their bound captive. Kaitlin had regained consciousness in time to see Andrew, who she had called a "low class dick" in the club that night, unloading his seed into her personal assistant, then tossing her to the side.

Even as she saw that unimaginable sight, she realized her wrists were bound. Kaitlin knew she was in trouble.

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