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Kaitlin's Tale III
by Aerin Thomas

Andrew leaned back and stretched, then noticed that Kaitlin was awake. "Well, the little whore big shot 'high class piece of ass' is awake, huh?" he taunted. Leaning forward he grabbed Kelli, who was still just staring into Kaitlin's eyes, by the hair and yanked her across the limo. Forcing her face into his crotch, he commanded "Lick me clean, bitch." Kelli acquiesced, taking his limp cock into her mouth, cleaning her juices, Kaitlin's juices, and Andrew's cum from it.

Kaitlin, misunderstanding the situation, looked at Andrew and said "Leave her out of it. You don't have to hurt her. It's me that screwed you over in the club. She didn't do anything." Andrew paused for a second, reveling in the fact that Kaitlin didn't realize that he and Kelli were partners in this little venture. Of course, Kelli didn't know everything as well; that was the delicious part. Bending down and making a show of licking Kelli's ear, he whispered to her so that Kaitlin couldn't hear "this is perfect; pretend I've captured you, too." Kelli twirled her tongue around the top of his cock in a signal of agreement.

Looking at Kaitlin, Andrew said "you both belong to me, and you'll do whatever I say." Kaitlin pled with him again to let Kelli go; seeing that he wasn't listening, she shut up resolutely, refusing to give him any pleasure from the situation.

Andrew watched as Kaitlin composed herself. This was going to be so much better than he'd thought at first. They still had 20 minutes or so before they reached their destination, and Kelli had brought the life back to his stiffening manhood with her tender ministrations.

Releasing Kelli's hair, he looked at Kaitlin and said "Kelli, go lay on the floor in front of Kaitlin." Kelli did so, putting her legs on the seat across from Kaitlin, her head a couple of inches in front of Kaitlin's feet. Andrew moved on top of Kelli, positioning his cock at her lips, kneeling right in front of Kaitlin, looking her in the eyes as he sank his erection between Kelli's puffy lips. Kaitlin tried to look everywhere but at Andrew; he grabbed her head and forced her eyes down to where he was face fucking her assistant. "MMM she's good, don't you think? Good style, good form, and great lips" he mocked. Kelli, for her part, was starting to think this was not as much fun as she had hoped.

Grabbing a handful in each hand, Andrew harshly ripped Kaitlin's dress down the middle, pulling it from her. She cried out with shock as he did so. He leaned back, freeing Kelli's mouth, and stared at Kaitlin's body appraisingly. "Not too bad," he remarked to Kaitlin. He reached into a bag he had brought with him and handed Kelli a thin vibrator. "take off her bra" he said to Kelli, leaning back on the seat and stroking his erection. Kelli reached up and, not meeting Kaitlin's eyes, removed her bra. "Suck her nipples." Kelli bent her head to Kaitlin's breast and took a nipple in her mouth, circling her tongue around the aerola, biting at the nipple, which was hardening against Kaitlin's will. Kelli then moved to the other breast, raising that nipple as well. When both were hard, Andrew swept forward and slipped nipple clamps attached by a chain to them, causing Kaitlin to cry out and spasm in pain. The chain was long enough to reach the other seat, where he returned and sat again. As Kaitlin writhed with pain, he ordered Kelli to kneel lay down and eat Kaitlin's pussy.

Kaitlin's eyes widened with shock as Kelli slid between her legs. "No, Kelli, please don't" she said, betraying her decision to remain quiet, "don't do this." A yank on the chain brought her speaking to a halt with a gasp of pain. Kelli began licking gently. Andrew reached into his bag of tricks and brought out a vibrator with a remote control, which he slipped between Kelli's parted legs. He played with Kelli for a while, turning up the intensity of the vibrator at random intervals, watching as she licked faster in proportion to the vibrator's speed, occasionally snapping down on Kaitlin's chain to make her cry out.

Unbelievably, Kaitlin's body was responding to Kelli's efforts. Kaitlin could feel the orgasm deep inside her waiting to build and explode; and with each yank of the chain, and the diminishing of that pain, it seemed closer to the surface. Kneeling now between Kelli's legs, Andrew pulled out the vibrator and slid to full length into Kelli's sopping hole. She moaned with pleasure, and simultaneous slipped 2 fingers into Kaitlin's anus.

Kaitlin screamed at the invasion, unable to lift herself off of Kelli's fingers but trying to anyway. Andrew smiled at her, and pumped Kelli harder, which caused Kelli to lick faster and to ram her fingers in and out of Kaitlin. After a minute, she slipped the vibrator into Kaitlin's ass and turned it on, ramming her fingers deep into Kaitlin's pussy instead. The vibrator was thinner, which was a bonus; but Kaitlin was crying from the pain of it as it shook inside her. Kelli's fingers and mouth brought her to a surprise orgasm, then; that brought it's own pain from her clamps as she shuddered from it.

Andrew saw her orgasm and smiled again; she was learning to associate pleasure and pain, which would make her all the more valuable. He felt that he was close to his own orgasm, and stood up in a crouch, moving to stand in front of Kaitlin. He raised her head with one hand, stroking his cock with the other; gasping for breath, he came, showering Kaitlin's face with white. He finished with her by wiping his dripping cock in her hair.

Just then the car slowed. "We're almost there," Andrew said, pulling on his clothes. Throwing Kelli's clothes at her, he said "get dressed, slut." She pouted and started getting dressed, wondering when she was going to get to have some fun. When he was finished, he got right in Kaitlin's face and said "You won't believe what's in store for you."

"This" he continued, yanking harshly on her nipple chain "is nothing compared to your future." Kaitlin continued to sob as the car came to a stop. She couldn't imagine how it could get any worse.

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