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Kaitlin's Tale IV
by Aerin Thomas

As the limo pulled to a stop and Andrew and Kelli dressed, Kaitlin's mind was whirling, trying to find something, anything, to get her out of this situation. Outwardly, she continued to sob; inwardly she raced through her options. Andrew watched her do this with much amusement, knowing that she had no options at all. He grinned slyly, thinking of the fun yet to come.

Reaching back into his bag, he pulled out a blindfold and tied it around Kaitlin's eyes, blinding her completely. Stepping from the limo, Andrew and the driver reached in and pulled the naked Kaitlin from her restraints. Andrew threw her struggling form over his shoulder and carried her bodily into the building before him, laughing as she screamed for help.

You could call it a house, in the same way one would call Notre Dame a church. It was a grandiose old structure, with spires reaching to the sky, radiating a dark menace in the inky blackness of night. All it needed was a moat to complete the image. The darkness was total; no one would see them taking Kaitlin into the house, even if anyone happened to be nearby, which was unlikely.

Once they got inside, Kaitlin was carried into a room and thrown roughly on a bed. She struggled up, tearing off the blindfold, only to see Andrew's smirking face. "You BASTARD! I'll kill you!" she screamed through her sobs, jumping at him to tear him limb from limb.

Andrew laughed again as he caught her and slammed her back onto the bed, stealing the breath from her body. Kneeling next to her, he twined his fingers in her hair, and pulled her head up so he could whisper in her ear. "Your life is changed forever, Kaitlin Donnely. You are my property now. Sleep well." With that comment, he slid a needle into her arm, and she immediately slipped into unconsciousness.

Time passed for Kaitlin in a blur of uncertainty. To the world outside, she was dead; killed in a fire, the only proof remaining of her life was the purse that was found at the scene. Unknown to her, she was being physically and mentally transformed. 6 months later, she was a different individual altogether. Plastic surgery had erased any wrinkles, blemishes, or excess fat from her body, and increased her breast size from a b-cup to a d-cup. Forced exercise had toned her muscles and given her a sculpted look that was just muscular enough to be beautiful, and just soft enough to be completely desirable. Her long auburn hair was cut off to a bob, and she became a platinum blonde.

Worst for her were the nights she could dimly remember, nights of pain and involuntary pleasure, which were slowly positioning her for the final drastic changeover of her personality. Unknown to her, tonight was the final night of her reconstruction, exactly 6 months to the night from her abduction.

She knew something was different the moment she awoke. Unlike every other day she could remember, she had been allowed to wake up on her own. She stood, looking around her cell, wondering what was going on. A few stretching exercises helped to wake her up, and she padded to the bathroom for a shower. It never occurred to her to wonder why she wasn't screaming, trying to break free from her cell; it was simply normal that she be here; that was the way it had always been.

When she came out of the bathroom, she had another surprise waiting for her. A wrapped package lay on her bed, and her cell door was open. That door had NEVER been open before; someone had always come and escorted her from place to place. Kaitlin couldn't believe it. She walked cautiously to the bed, eyes darting this way and that, looking for any new information to make sense of what was going on. Reaching the bed, she leaned over and looked at the package. A small card on the top revealed her instructions: "Dress, then go out the door and make a right." Kaitlin marveled at the freedom; she had been without it for as long as she could remember. Unwrapping the package, she found smaller packages inside. Opening the smallest, she found a red g-string; she stood up and slipped it on without another thought. It fit like it had been made for her. Another package yielded a matching bra. She put it on as well. Both were made of some sheer material that felt wonderful against her skin; each was virtually skintight as well, the bra lifting up and pushing out her already ample breasts.

Next were a pair of crimson stiletto heels, which she set aside for the moment. The final package contained a leather bodysuit covered in zippers. As she slid it on, she luxuriated in the feel of the leather on her skin, and in the chill of the zippers against her bare flesh. There were buckles and loops at various places on the skintight sheath as well, whose purpose Kaitlin couldn't figure out. The leather wrapped her from wrist to ankle, and surrounded her throat to her jawline.

Sitting down again, she slipped on the very high heels. Crossing and uncrossing her legs a few times, she enjoyed the feeling of being in those clothes. Then, obedient to her captors' instructions, she stood up and walked from the room.

As she stepped into the hall, her attention was caught by a full length mirror on her left. She looked deep into that mirror; a completely unfamiliar person looked back. Her peroxide blonde bob framed a gorgeous face with large pouting lips, high cheekbones, perfect eyebrows. Her voluptuous body was slim yet incredibly sexy at the same time, her breasts jutting forward like an invitation to grasp them, her tight ass pushing against the leather that encased it like a request to be touched. The high heels raised her to an almost intimidating height, helping to show off her long powerful legs. The effect was stunning, amazing; she looked like someone's idea of the perfect woman, built for sex.

From the end of the hall, Andrew watched Kaitlin take stock of her new self, grinning openly. She was the perfect woman, built to order for a very special, very discriminating client. Tonight was the final step to get her ready, to close the deal. Kaitlin turned then, and looked directly into Andrew's eyes. Where before there was lust, then anger, now there was nothing as she looked at him; simply obedience. "Come to me, Kaitlin" he commanded, and she acquiesed quietly, walking down the long hallway towards him. "Kneel" he ordered as she drew near; she dropped to one knee without a second thought. Touching her chin with one finger, he raised her eyes to his. "You are perfect, my Kaitlin." Since he had not given her permission to respond, she did not. "Stand" he commanded, moving back from her. When she had obeyed, he took the moment to run his hands over the luscious body before him. Whispering in her ear, he said "You have three tests to accomplish tonight. Do them well, an! d you will be rewarded; do poorly, and you will be punished like never before. The first test is at the end of this hall. Now go."

Kaitlin then walked away to the door at the end of the hall. Without hesitation, she opened the door and walked through to meet the challenges that awaited her...

To Be Continued...

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