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Key to My Heart
by Lily

As I walked into the bar several men turned to watch. The new black dress was brief and eye catching. I paused in the doorway, letting them look there fill. I saw an empty table near the middle of the room and walked slowly towards it. A women turned to glare at me. I smiled in return knowing it was her husbands reaction to my arrival that had made her angry. My red hair bounced around my shoulders as I crossed the room. My dress slid up my thighs barely covering the top of my stockings as I sat down. A waitress arrived quickly and I ordered a scotch.

The band began to play slow bluesy music I closed my eyes for a moment savoring the tune. When I opened them again the waitress was back with the scotch. "Compliments of the tall guy at the bar," she said. I thanked her and raised the drink in a silent thank you. You grin and watch as I raise the glass to my lips, I couldn't seem to take my eyes from you. It wasn't that you are handsome. It was the feeling of strength and power that emanated from you that arouse me. you have a strong square chin, dark eyes and the most beautiful full lips. The kind that made you imagine what you would do to me given the chance.

I finished the scotch but before I could order another a man asked me to dance. I was hoping you would ask but decided I would say yes and show you what you are missing. It was a slow song, I love to dance, to move with the music. I slid my body against the stranger who held me to close and began moving his hands over me in a way I didn't like. I tried to break away from him but he held me tightly. A large hand tapped him on the shoulder.

A deep voice said "I believe this dance is mine." It is you.

I gratefully let you gather me in your arms and hold me. "Why did you dance with him?" you asked your voice deep and gruff.

I blushed and tell you the truth. "I was hoping if you saw me dance you would ask me." You chuckle and stroke my back with your palms.

"Impatient little thing, aren't you?"

My eyes widened, "I have never been called little in my life!" I didn't know whether to be offended or pleased.

"What's your name?" you asked me after a minute.

"Does it matter?" I ask in return.

You looked at me for a moment and then said, "Yes, I think it does," then you pause before saying, "I want to hear you call out my name when I pleasure you." I gasped and you chuckle again. I felt one of your hands drop lower to my ass. you rub it for a moment before lowering your fingers and lightly snapping the back of my stocking. I whimpered, I couldn't seem to help myself. You smiled as you soothed my skin.

We stayed on the dance floor, and when the music began again you pulled me closer. I could feel your arousal between my thighs and was amazed when I reached between us and stroked you once with the back of my hand. you startled me when you grabbed my hand and held it there pressing it against your heated flesh.

"If you do exactly what I tell you, I might let you have some of that." I looked up at you and you are smiling calmly down at me.

"Reach in my pocket," you said releasing my hand. I felt a key at the bottom of your pocket. "Take it and put it in your bra right now." My heart beat faster as I did what you told me to. Both of your hands cupped my ass and you turned so anyone in the bar could watch as you fondled me. The skirt of my dress bunched in your fingers and I knew the tops of my stockings were showing. you looked around and caught the eye of several men watching then. You push your knee between my thighs and pressed against me, I moaned as you squeezed my ass again, pulling my skirt high enough so that the bottom of my cheeks were exposed. You rubbed two fingertips up and down the crack of my ass, under my skirt. I was shaking when you finally released me.

You helped to straighten my skirt and leaned over to whisper in my ear. "I want you to go upstairs now, to my room and wait for me, and as you leave, look around at the men and yes even a lady or two and see the lust in their eyes. Because they all want you." I turned without saying a word. and walked slowly back to my table. A lady met me there and whispered, "Call me," as she slipped me a card with a phone number on it. My face flushed at the thought. I picked up my purse and started for the door. One man caught my eye and smiled knowingly. After that I kept my eyes on the door. I walked quickly to the elevator and then took the key out and looked at the number. It said 412 across it. I pushed a button on the elevator and leaned against the wall closing my eyes and trying to steady my breathing. By the time I found the room my heart was still pounding. I slipped the key into the lock and turned the handle.

The door closed behind me, and I set the key down on a table next to the door. The room was spacious and beautiful. A penthouse, I thought walking to the window. I opened the heavy curtain and unlatched the balcony door. I slid it opened and welcomed the soft breeze. I jumped as the door opened and closed behind me. I turned and our eyes met. you watched me without moving. "Did you see there faces?" you asked. "Do you realize how much they wanted you?" I didn't answer just stood there. "Come here," you said and I obeyed. you took my hand and led me towards the bed. "Turn around" you say softly. "Lift up your skirt and show me your ass."

My eyes widen but I slowly raise the hem, I feel it sliding over my skin as I pull it up until my ass is completely exposed. "So pretty," you say and lean over giving me a light slap, watching my skin flush in the shape of your hand. My black thong rode high, the matching lace garter framed my cheeks exciting you more. "Take your dress off for me, honey," you say sitting down and pulling off your necktie. I reached for the tiny row of buttons that ran down the front of my dress. One by one I undid them until my dress was open. I slid it from my shoulders and it pooled around my sandals.

My breasts swelled under your watchful gaze. my nipples tighten and strained against the sheer black lace of my bra. You pull me towards you and I stand between your legs. Your hands wound around my waist and you press your face into my skin breathing in my scent. Your hands travel lower to my ass tightening your hold on me. squeezing me gently. I feel your lips pressed against the underside of my breast rubbing softly back and forth. Your teeth nip at me through my lacy bra. My fingers shake as I undo the buttons of your shirt, pulling it from your shoulders and laying a line of kisses down your neck and across your chest, nipping softly at your skin and soothing with my lips and tongue. Without any warning you grab my wrist and pull me down onto my stomach across the bed. I try to roll over but you stop me with one hand on the middle of my back. "What's your name?" you demand.

"Marie" I whisper. You smile as you run a single finger up my spine. I shiver "Yours?" I ask.

"James" you answer resting on your elbow next to me. you sit up and run your hand slowly down my back over my ass and down my thigh to my ankles. You flicked the strap of my spiked sandal off my heel and then pushed it slowly off my foot. You stroke the arch of my foot and up my calf and then my thigh, I feel your hand moving so slowly upward, I gasp when you travel close to touching me but you slip your fingers back down over my other thigh and remove my other sandal instead. slowly your hands both of them glide up my legs over the tops of my thighs, pausing to trace the line of my thong. You sat up with your legs over the side of the bed and pulled me up next to you.

I unbuckled your belt and pulled it off slowly, I drop it on the ground and quickly open the zipper. Your already hard and you watch as I remove you from your pants and hold you in the palm of my hand. You stop me by pulling me closer. I straddle your lap and we groan together as I rub against you. "This has got to go" you say snapping my thong. you slip your fingers under the elastic and begin to slide them down. I stand up while you drag them down my calves and help me step out of them. Grabbing my thighs you pull me back into your lap. Your fingers unhook my bra and peel it from my body. "James?" I whisper.

"Huh?" you ask stroking your hands over my skin.

"I'M..." I couldn't even finish.

"Shhhhhh" everything's fine, you'll see," you say brushing my hair back off my cheek. and leaning closer to kiss me. Your lips trail over mine and down my chin to my neck where you lingered feeling me tremble in your arms. your fingers slip between my thighs. "Mmm" you growl as you feel my slippery lips. You draw your fingers back and forth sinking it slowly between my lips. I'm so hot and ready for you, I pull your hands to my hips and you guide me as I sink slowly down onto you. At first I don't move, you give me a minute to get used to you, then you slide your hands under my ass to bring me up slowly. Your teeth sink into my nipple and I cry out as you suck it between your lips. I push back down setting a slow rhythm with lazy figure eight's riding you slowly savoring each movement. "You taste so sweet," you whisper roughly as your tongue licks over my skin. The rhythm becomes more insistent and you grab my waist for leverage as you push into me while I ride you harder. My hands push against your shoulders and you lay back and roll over, pinning me beneath you, still deep inside me. I wrap my legs around you and arched as you thrust into me. My fingers dig into your back and then your ass as you surge forward pumping into me. I cry out as I cum clenching you inside me.

You withdraw slowly and rest your head on me as we catch our breath. "Turn over and get on your knees," you say standing up next to the bed. I look up at you hesitating and then turn over but just lay there wondering what you are going to do, Your hand comes down hard on my ass. 'smack' "On your knees!" you repeat more forcefully this time. Your voice scares and excites me at the same time. I do as you command slowly I feel the bed dip as you kneel behind me. your tongue touches me softly at first, licking each lip and then sucking first one and then the other. "You like that?" you ask.

I moan "yes." You reach up and touched my clit, rubbing it with small circles as you plunged your tongue into my pussy. I whimper and begin to pant as you push in deep and then withdraw. Spreading my cheeks you touch the tip of your tongue to my ass and rim me slowly. I buck against you, and you can hear and feel my excitement. You push your tongue in and out and then move to stand behind me. I felt you push quick and hard into my pussy, you slide in and out pushing harder with each stroke. Two fingers rub against my clit as you pump steadily into me quickening the pace. You slap my ass and then soothe it and then slap it again. I cry out with each slap and you groan, leaning forward hold your finger up to my lips "taste yourself from my finger." I suck it between my lips and you moan slamming into me quicker, and harder. you pull your finger slowly from my mouth and use it to rim my ass.

My body shakes as I start to cum and I scream, "James!", clenching you inside me.

"AHHHHH Marie" you gasp as you shoot inside me. I can feel you cumming with each final thrust. You collapse on top of me and we lay there, gasping for breath and wondering what would happen next.


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