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Kaitlin's Tale VII
by Aerin Thomas

Kaitlin awoke refreshed, and more than a little sore. She took a long hot shower, and dressed in the clothes provided for her. Whoever bought this outfit must be very very odd, thought Kaitlin, as she put it on; it was simply an array of straps, some large, some small, that encased her, barely covering her most private areas. Large metal rings were set at the wrists, ankles, and at her belly button and lower back. The whole outfit was done in shiny black leather that chilled her skin as she put it on. As the ever present clock in the corner of the room ticked down to zero, Kaitlin walked through the door and into her final test.

She groaned out loud when she saw what awaited her. Standing in a large room that looked like a high-tech workshop were Andrew and Kelli, both of them grinning evilly at Kaitlin. Also present in the room was a radiant woman, wearing heels, leather pants, and a leather jacket. She was 5-3, probably 125lbs, and looked to be in amazing shape. Her long blonde hair cascaded to the small of her back, tied in a ponytail at the top of her head.

"Hello, Kaitlin, my pet, you have done well" the mystery lady commented, and Kaitlin recognized her voice from the previous tests. "This is your final test. It is of endurance. I have given Andrew and Kelli a time limit within which one of two things will happen. The first possibility is that they will break you, in which case you are of no use to me, and I will release you into their hands." Kaitlin blanched at the thought, and shook her head unconsciously, gritting her teeth. Kaitlin's mistress continued "The other possibility is that you will endure their punishments, and you will pass this, your final test. A new world awaits you if you can make it, Kaitlin." She finished by walking up to Kaitlin and kissing her softly on the lips, then striding from the room. As the door closed, her voice came back over an amplifier. "The time begins... now."

As Andrew and Kelli came at her, Kaitlin submerged the desire to run and to fight. She knew that submission was key, that it was her role to endure whatever Andrew and Kelli had to offer her. Andrew picked her up and threw her across his shoulder, carrying her across the room to what appeared to be a person-sized cube made of lengths of pipe. Kaitlin's wonderment turned to fear as ropes were attached to each of the rings on her clothing, and she was raised into the air, spreadeagled, arms and legs bound with lengths of rope to the corners of the cube.

And then the test began in earnest, as Kelli and Andrew came at her with everything they had. Whips, canes, and bare flesh combined to bring pain to Kaitlin, who quietly took it all, her mind on the prize awaiting her at the end. Her mind slipped away, as it had been taught to do by all of the preceding tests, and she felt nothing.

What seemed like moments later, Kaitlin realized she was alone in the room, still suspended in her cage. She heard quiet footsteps, heels clicking as a door opened and someone walked across the room to her. She found that she was without the strength to raise her head... she noticed that sweat was in her eyes, and dripping down her face.

She felt the cool touch of a leather-clad hand caress her bare legs, and realized she was naked. "Kaitlin, my pet, my darling, you have done it. 2 hours, and they could not break you." Kaitlin felt herself being lowered into the woman's arms, and felt nothing more as exhaustion washed over her and she faded into blissful unconsciousness.

Time passed. Kaitlin was brought into Cynthia's household, and made a servant. A year passed in this way, Kaitlin attending to all of Cynthia's needs without complaint, a perfect submissive. Then, in the summer of the following year, Cynthia began to teach Kaitlin new things, and Kaitlin discovered she had a talent for domination. Soon Kaitlin was in charge of all of the people that used to be her fellow submissives, a virtual partner to Cynthia. Kaitlin learned that Cynthia was a professional dominatrix, that people came and paid her for her services. Kaitlin was added to the list, and soon had a strong client base developed. As she reached her third anniversary with Cynthia, Kaitlin had forgotten her former life, and embraced the new life that she had been given.

Cynthia had not forgotten, however. On the anniversary of the day of her final test, Kaitlin awoke to find a sheet of directions on the pillow beside her. After dressing in her preferred non-work fashion, a long skirt, blouse, and sweater, Kaitlin wandered down and chose a driver from among the submissives that lived with them, and slid into the back seat of the green Jaguar that awaited her.

An hour later and Kaitlin was at a place she'd never seen before. It was in the warehouse district, and appeared to be a big abandoned building. As she walked in the door, she was assaulted with memories... this was the room that she had been tested in! Kaitlin wondered what was going on, then a spotlight fell on a dimly perceived shadow in the corner of the room. Cynthia walked forward, encased, as always, in a sheath of leather. "Kaitlin, my pet, happy anniversary. I have brought you a gift. Would you like to see it?" Confused, Kaitlin nodded, and two more spotlights flicked on, illuminating two pipe cages like the one she had been tested in.

Hanging from the first was Andrew. Kelli struggled in the second cage, screaming against the gag in her mouth. Andrew was silent, and looked fearful. A surprise grin tugged at the corner of Kelli's mouth as she looked at Cynthia for enlightenment. "I bought them, Kaitlin, the same way I bought you. But you I bought because I wanted a partner, someone to care for, to share things with. Them I bought for revenge. For you. For a gift. They will be added to our household once you've finished with them." Cynthia handed Kaitlin a case, and walked from the room. Kaitlin opened the case and found her "tools"... several small knives, a whip, some shackles, some rope, and her dominatrix clothes. Kaitlin closed the case and walked slowly to Andrew and Kelli, and stood between them.

"Fear me" she told them, using one of the knives to cut their clothing off, leaving them naked and hanging only from the straps that bound them to the cube. "I will be back in two hours to help you make the transition into a proper submissive, just as you helped me. Only I'm better at it." Kaitlin left them and walked upstairs to change, already planning what it would take to break them, and make them useful parts of the household. A full grin split her face as she laughed with happiness... her life had come full circle, and she now felt as if she was complete... for the first time.


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