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by Patrick

I moaned as the big thick cock shifted and twisted inside me, sending shafts of fire up through my body, and as the lips brushed over my sensitive breasts and turgid nipples! it felt so good! I felt so good! and it had all happened so quickly and unexpectedly!

Devastated by the break up of a particularly special relationship, I'd sought to escape the city, escape the knowing looks and pseudo sympathy of friends and colleagues, so I'd rung auntie Edith and Uncle Bert and asked if I could come and stay for a while. They had this amazing property that was part hills and part forests, with a beautiful self built house that seemed to blend in totally with the environment, I'd loved spending my holidays there as a child, even thought the rest of the family tended to regard uncle Bert and auntie Edith as more than a little weird, they were conservationists before that word became fashionable! When my teen years came along of course, priorities changed, so I hadn't been out there for over 6 years, but they were delighted for me to come and stay for a while, so I drove over late afternoon on the Friday. It was now mid evening and things had taken a decidedly different tack to what I'd expected!!

After the usual effusive greetings and small talk we'd sat down to the beautiful country meal that Edith - she asked me to drop the auntie as we were both grown ups now! - had prepared, and conversation was kept light and inconsequential. It wasn't until we were sitting in the lounge room later that uncle Bert asked what had caused this sudden decision to visit, and all the emotion boiled up again and I burst into tears! they were both incredibly solicitous and caring and immediately came over and gave me a joint hug, and for a while I just nestled into their arms and sobbed my heart out while telling them of my terrible tragedy, although in the telling, it didn't seem as terrible as it had even a short while ago! then Edith suggested that what I needed was a gentle soothing massage, so they led me into the other room and while uncle Bert went out to get some perfumed oil, Edith undressed me and placed me face down on the table. I must admit there was a momentary embarrassment when Edith said that everything had to come off, especially when she said that both of them were going to be involved in the massage, but eventually I removed the last piece of clothing and lay naked on the table, a slight shiver running through me that wasn't caused by the cold because in fact it was deliciously warm in the room as it caught the late evening sun. Edith decided just to go with the natural light supplemented by a couple of candles, and put on some gentle soothing music to help create an even more relaxing mood.

Then uncle Bert returned with the oil and the massage began. It felt a little strange at first having two pairs of hands stroking the oil into my body, but they seemed to move in perfect unison and harmony, and I soon found myself beginning to relax and enjoy. Their hands moved gently over my shoulders and back for quite some time, obviously waiting until I became comfortable and relaxed before moving on, because when they did move on and I felt their hands beginning to stroke my naked buttocks and the tops of my legs and thighs, quite different feeling began to come into play! feelings of gentle pleasure that were decidedly sexual! I tried hard to focus solely on the delightful relaxing nature of the massage, but with two pairs of hands - and I was extremely conscious that one pair was male! - lightly stroking and squeezing my buttocks, it was becoming extremely difficult, I could sense my body itself reacting and responding to the stroking hands! at times almost lifting from the table in search of more!! Edith was obviously attuned to the battle that was going on inside me, because she slowly stroked her hands up my back to lightly massage my neck and lean down and whisper in my ear "It's OK honey, just relax, just let yourself enjoy everything, right now your body needs to feel loved, needs to be loved, just let it happen!", then she slowly returned her hands to once again stroke and squeeze my buttocks, while uncle Bert moved down to work on my calves and feet. I tried to do as Edith had suggested and just relax and enjoy, and found it surprisingly easy to surrender to the warmth and the pleasure that their hands were bringing to me! I even accepted that it was ok if some of those pleasures felt a little sexual!

I did have a fleeting moment of panic when Edith said it was time to turn over and I realised that uncle Bert would be seeing me completely naked, my breasts, my pussy, everything! but then the panic was replaced by an unexpected thrill running through me, and I realised with a start that the thought of uncle Bert seeing me like that actually excited me! I even found myself wondering if he'd think I was beautiful! what a crazy thought!! Then I'd turned over and was lying on my back and I heard a distinct intake of breath! but whether from Edith, uncle Bert or both I wasn't sure! Then their hands were working on me again, one pair smoothly stroking over my feet and legs, the other over my neck and shoulders, obviously this time they were going to work independently and meet in the middle! I guess I became conscious of the hands at my neck and shoulders first, they felt slightly rougher, so I knew they were uncle Bert's, and with so little area to work on, they soon began to move downwards, down towards my breasts! I could feel myself tense up! and obviously uncle Bert did too and he leaned forward and said quietly, "Just relax Lisa, let your body experience and enjoy fully! after all don't your beautiful breasts deserve as much loving as the rest of you?". His quiet words slammed through me like an explosion! beautiful, he called them beautiful, did he really think they were beautiful? this was crazy! and my breasts! they seemed to be calling out to me 'yes, we want to be touched!', and then they were being touched and oh god it felt so good! I'm sure my body squirmed with the sheer pleasure of that incredibly gentle first touch! then I heard Edith's voice as if from a great distance, "That's better, Lisa, let your body enjoy! you have such a beautiful body, it deserves all the pleasure it can get! can't you feel how your breasts are eager for Bert's touch? can't you feel how they're responding?", and I could feel! I could feel my nipples stiffening and swelling and the skin stretching over my breasts becoming more and more sensitive, and waves of pleasure were rolling right through my body! Pleasure that intensified incredibly when Edith's fingers trailed between my open legs and brushed across my pussy!!

My whole body seemed to leap off the table! and when it landed again my legs were even further apart than before!! giving Edith's stroking fingers even greater access! but she didn't immediately take advantage of it, choosing instead to let her hands roam upwards across my stomach to join Bert's briefly on my breasts, before sliding down and again briefly brushing them over my pussy! there was no use trying to pretend any more, I was feeling more sexually aroused than I'd ever done before!! and yet it was still an incredibly languid, relaxed sort of turn on!! Perhaps there was a peculiar unfathomable expression on my face as I acknowledged and accepted the arousal they were creating in my body, because I heard Bert whisper softly to Edith, "perhaps we'd better stop! perhaps this isn't what she needs right now!" and I heard Edith responding, "She needs to be loved, she needs to know that she doesn't need to hold on to yesterday's pain, she needs to enjoy the moment! but if you want to back off, if you want to stop loving her?"

I was amazed at the sudden panic that flew through me at the thought that they might stop! and I couldn't stop myself, I cried out, "Oh no!, don't stop!, please don't stop!, please! I want you to love me, I want it so much!" this time I was sure the sharp intake of breath came from both of them! but it was Bert who spoke, "Are you sure, Lisa?, are you really sure? it's only right we should tell you that if we go on we're not going to stop until we've loved you completely, until both of us have loved you completely!!!" I groaned as the full impact of what he said and what he meant burst like a thousand firecrackers in my head, this was totally wild, totally bizarre, my uncle and auntie wanted to make love to me, wanted to have sex with me and were virtually asking my permission!! a shudder ran right through my body, and my mouth became like a waterless desert, but incredibly, there weren't any doubts in my mind! I wanted them, I wanted both of them!! The whole time I'd been on my back being massaged I'd had my eyes closed, now I opened them and lifted my head slightly to better see Edith and Bert, and was surprised - though I'm not sure why! - to see that they were both totally naked, and uncle Bert was sporting the most massive erection!! For a long moment I looked from one to the other, noticing the uncertainty mixed with desire in their eyes, then I smiled, and I saw the flash of relief, particularly in Edith's eyes, "I've enjoyed the massage! I've enjoyed being loved by your hands! but now? well, now I want more than your hands loving me! I don't want you to stop until you've loved me totally - both of you!!"

Edith's face lit up in a broad smile and uncle Bert followed suit, but Bert obviously believed that you should strike while the iron is hot, so slipping one arm under my back and the other under my knees, he lifted me from the table and made his way slowly to the bedroom and deposited me on the bed! as we'd moved towards the bedroom, with Edith close behind, my arms were around his neck and I was kissing him deeply and passionately! but now I was on the bed and this big thick cock was shifting around inside my pussy, Uncle Bert's cock! and these soft lips were brushing over my breasts and nipples, Edith's lips!! and I was in heaven!! all thoughts of my recent pain and heartache were gone! washed away by that delicious, sensuous massage, and then blown away by the beautiful, thick, hard cock now thrusting, thrusting, thrusting deep into my eager, receptive pussy! and I was crying out as orgasm after orgasm racked my body, "oh yes!, that feels so good, you're so big uncle Bert! so big and hard! fuck me deeper! fuck me harder, fuck your hot cock into me nooooow!!!!!", and uncle Bert was only too delighted to oblige! fucking me harder and faster, almost bouncing me off the bed as auntie Edith sucked harder and harder on my swollen nipples, sending even more flames of delight racing through me! then I felt uncle Bert's cock expand and explode! blasting his hot juices deep into my writhing pussy! and a huge orgasm engulfed me!! I thought it would be over quickly as it had been with the boys I'd been with so far, but uncle Bert just kept on thrusting and thrusting and spurting and spurting until it felt like my whole body was filled with his cum!! it seemed an absolute age before his cock finally stopped shooting its load into my pussy and began to soften, and I gave a deep moan of disappointment when it finally slipped from my overheated pussy! but the groan of disappointment soon turned to a mew of renewed pleasure as the hard cock was replaced by the delicate brushing of a soft tongue! Edith's tongue! she lapped a little of Bert's juices from my pussy lips, then slid her tongue forward to circle and caress my clitoris! and fire erupted in me again! oh, wow! it felt so incredible! I'd never been licked by a woman before! and it was completely different! she seemed to know just where and when to place her tongue to give me the maximum pleasure!! and she quickly took me on another series of incredible orgasms!! then I felt the rhythm of her licking change, become more of a jerk and a jab, and I opened my eyes and glanced down and drew in a sharp breath! uncle Bert was now standing behind Edith, his hands on her hips, fucking his big cock deep into her pussy as she was sucking me off!! and Edith was clearly loving it! at both ends!! then she arched and shuddered! and I felt her scream vibrating through my pussy as she came! and I came too!! and then Bert bellowed and he came too!!!! all three of us were shaking uncontrollably through the most amazing triple orgasm!!

Needless to say, when the orgasms subsided we all fell in an untidy heap on the bed, our legs and bodies intertwined, and stayed that way for a good quarter of an hour before we rolled apart and got our breathing back to normal! Bert grinned, "a cool drink, I think" he said and slid off the bed and left the room, Edith looked at me, then leaned over and gently kissed me full on the lips! the first time I'd ever been kissed that way by a woman, and I found myself enjoying it! but she broke away as Bert came back and I saw the grin and the wink that he directed her way! As I sat sipping my drink I looked from one to the other, quickly reliving in my mind all that had just happened, "I want to thank you" I said, softly, "for loving me enough to love me!" the words sounded strange when I uttered them, but I could see that they understood, then Bert said, "It's we who owe you a debt of gratitude!" I was surprised and didn't really understand and I think that was obvious from my expression, but it was Edith that took over "when we were young like you, we were pretty wild and I guess pretty unconventional, we both absolutely loved sex and took every opportunity to indulge with each other and with other people, oh yes, we swung quite a bit in those days!" she laughed, glancing across at Bert, "Most of my girl friends couldn't seem to get enough of Bert's gorgeous cock!!" Bert looked momentarily uncomfortable, then grinned, "and my male friends couldn't get enough of your gorgeous tits and hot pussy!!" he said, they both laughed, then turned again to me, "but in recent times we seem to have taken our lives for granted and even taken each other for granted, and were beginning to feel we were fossilizing!" said Edith, and Bert nodded his agreement, "but then you popped up, so beautiful and so vital, and we both felt ourselves coming alive again! we didn't even need to talk to each other about it, there was just suddenly a new energy around the place! a new sense of passion, a new sense of desire! it was like it used to be again, and I knew that I wanted you! wanted you sexually, and I could see that Bert wanted you too!! and now that it's happened we feel as if we're alive again!!"

I wasn't sure what to say, how to react! to me they had always been the most incredible, beautiful, dynamic people I knew, and the thought of them ever fossilizing was laughable! there was just too much life in them - as I'd just found out! but then I knew what Edith meant, and I suddenly knew that I wanted to help keep them vibrant and alive, and I knew how! and at the same time I also knew how I was going to deal with my own problems!! I looked from one to the other and smiled widely, "I've only popped up for the weekend" I said, "but would it be too inconvenient if I extended my stay for a little longer - perhaps indefinitely???!!!" Both looked a little stunned, then began to smile, "are you sure this is what you want?" asked uncle Bert, "You're not just running away from your problems?" I looked at him and grinned, "I don't have any problems any more! is that pool still at the bottom of the waterfall? the one we used to swim in when I was young?" they both looked bemused by my sudden change of subject! "Yes" said Edith, "We still swim there sometimes, why?", I grinned, "and I bet it's one of your favorite places for making love isn't it?", uncle Bert nodded, then I saw a glimmer of understanding come into his eyes and he started to smile, "You mean?" he said, and I nodded, "I haven't got to lick auntie Edith's pussy yet, or feel your beautiful cock sliding into me from behind, and I think that's the most perfect place for it to happen!!". they were now both grinning!! and Bert's cock was again at full mast! so I leaned over and started to lick it! "what do you think Edith?" said Bert as a groan came from deep inside him, "do we let this horny niece of ours stay?", Edith leaned over and joined me in licking Bert's cock! "only if she stops calling me auntie 'cause it makes me feel ancient - but keeps calling you uncle, 'cause it turns me on when she yells that out when you're fucking her!!" I lifted my head from Bert's cock and stuck out my hand, one finger disappearing deep into Edith's pussy!! "a deal", I said, "it excites me too, to know I'm being fucked by my uncle!!", uncle Bert looked down at me with a wide grin on his face, "is that an invitation?" he asked, "Oh yes!... uncle... fuck your hot little niece real good!!" and he proceeded to do just that!!!!!!! with Edith gleefully urging him on!!!!! I think the pool by the waterfall might have to wait until tomorrow!!!!


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