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by mightybrat

I'm here to tell you about my first lesbian experience. It first happened back when I was in high school with my best friend Lisa. We had been close friends since we were thirteen and had only grown closer over the years.

I met her in my homeroom class. Something was different about her right off from the start. For some reason she made me feel like I had to get to know her. I wasn't a popular girl, but she was and this intimidated me. But that never stopped how I felt toward her. I needed to get closer to her. First I would bribe her with candy and money in return for her friendship. Even though I didn't mind giving her money or candy for her friendship, apparently she didn't feel it was right. I felt elated the day she returned my money to me and told me that I had her friendship, but she didn't need or want my bribes. I think this is where I fell in love with her.

Lisa was the most beautiful girl to me back then. She had long brown hair with light brown eyes and the largest breasts in the whole seventh grade. My parents even nicknamed her "Dolly" to make her blush.

She often slept over at my house or I at her house. We started slowly getting into partying. Lisa wasn't a partier like I was, she tended to stick to beer, while I moved on to pot.

Her dad would buy us beer sometimes too. He felt it was safer buying us beer and keeping us home, then us going out and drinking in cars. Leaving the possibility that we would drink and drive.

Being young and not used to much drinking, it didn't take us long to derive a buzz from the alcohol. Three beers a piece was enough to get Lisa really drunk and even I would get a good buzz from it.

One night we were drinking our "three" beers a piece, Lisa decided she wanted a back rub during the second beer of hers. I was always giving her back rubs and never thought anything of this request. Nor do I believe she really had anything planned when she asked me. Some things happen naturally.

Lisa's bedroom was clear up on the third floor of her parents house. They had changed the attic into a small bedroom and Lisa claimed rights to it over her three siblings. Lucky for us that she was the oldest and could claim seniority. It gave us peace and quiet and the room to play when the time came.

She had stretched out on her stomach on her bed, while I straddled her hips to start by rubbing her shoulders and work my way downward. My butt lightly rested on hers and my hands were warm against her back. This was making my heart race and the heat increase in the room.

If you've ever massaged anyone's back, then you know that clothes are an impediment. This was the case with the massage I was giving Lisa. I asked her to pull her shirt up while I rubbed her shoulders, neck and back with slow but firm strokes.

The idea never occurred to me that this was turning her on. I knew what it was doing for me, but never gave her a thought. So I didn't feel it in my right to hit on her. Lesbianism was taboo in our school and social lives. I didn't want to jeopardize our friendship, just because I was becoming sexually stimulated by rubbing her body.

Most of the time when I gave her massages I never asked for anything for myself. Tonight was different. I was for the first time feeling sexually stimulated and wanted to feel her hands on my body. So when I was done massaging her, I asked for a back rub in return. Lisa was only more than happy to return my request, seeing how many times I had done this for her.

I layed on my stomach on her bed just like she had. Lisa climbed up on my back and sat her pretty little butt down on top of mine. It was strange having a girl sit on me or even get this close to me, but it was a nice sensation rather than disgusting as one would think of lesbian thoughts.

Her hands were firm and strong rubbing over my shoulders and back. It wasn't long before she made the same request I had. For me to remove my shirt so she could massage bare skin. The tingling that came from her hands running over my body was forming a sensation that I had never felt before. Little did I realize that this was desire. Desire for another girl to touch and feel me. I had never even felt this way with all the boyfriends who I had let grope me before this.

At first I thought it was my imagination that her hands were straying longer than necessary along my sides where my breasts were. Her strokes would become light and teasing over my skin near my breasts and I longed for her to reach around and touch them. The strokes came closer and closer to my breasts and I decided to find out what she would do about it if I lifted up and let her get even closer. I pushed up on my elbows just slightly at first. Just enough if she were looking for an opening that she would notice it. And to my delight she did! Her hands tentatively reached around to rub along the sides of my breasts and I only lifted up a bit more to let her know that I was willing. She took the bait. Fingers stroked lightly around my nipples and then her hand closed over the fullness of my breasts. I gasped at this new sensation and Lisa moved her body above me so that she was now laying on top of me.

All these new sensations were scaring me. When she moved to roll me over, I panicked. I told her I had to go to the bathroom and ran down the steps and sat down on the toilet. Breathing heavy and thinking frantically of all the new feelings that my best friend had produced in me.

This was lesbianism we were getting into. I wasn't sure if I wanted to participate in this taboo area with Lisa. God she was beautiful and I would be lying to myself if I denied that many fantasies were all centered around my delicious friend. All these thoughts roamed through my head and I knew Lisa was probably wondering what was keeping me. She probably was scared herself laying up there. Here she was a popular girl in the school and she had hit on another girl. This knowledge could have ruined her reputation in school if I took it there. But truth was that I wanted her as much as she wanted me. My decision was made for me and climbed the steps slowly to my best friends room.

As I thought, she was waiting for me quietly stretched out across her bed. She pretended to be asleep as I layed down beside her. I moved my hand to close the distance between us, until I could put my hand into hers. She responded immediately by squeezing my hand back in hers. I pulled her over so she was laying in my arms now. Our heads instinctually moved toward the other and I felt the softness of her lips close on mine. I had only allowed a few boys to kiss me, but never like this! I opened my mouth and invited her inside to the warm wetness and she accepted gratefully. Our tongues met and dueled and we started moving together passionately on her bed.

Her body was thrusting against mine and she moved to lay on top of me. Her knee moved between my legs and pressed against my center and I bucked my hips up against it. I bent my own knee to rub in against her pussy returning the favor. Our mouths were moving frantically against each other now. Learning each others secrets and loving the taste. Lisa hand close over my breast again and I arched up to greet her.

In my naiveté, I never realized where this was heading. Only that it felt so good. Her hands on my body were creating sensations that I never felt with another person and I only wanted it to continue. Lisa had many more experiences with sex than I did and she taught me many things that night.

The first thing I learned was how another woman's breasts feels and tastes. Lisa's breasts were so large, but I loved stroking them with both my hands and twisting her nipples gently between my fingertips. She would press her body closer to mine and gasp when I squeezed the hardened peaks. I rolled her over to her back and moved over her. I wanted one of those large nipples in my mouth and I grasped one between my teeth and tongue and flicked them one at a time until goosebumps appeared around the areolas.

Rubbing my pussy over her knee was bringing me excitement, but I wanted closer contact. Lisa must have realized my need. Her hands went down the front of my panties finding my pussylips and parting them. Two fingers slipped inside and she groaned at my wetness. I jumped when she found my clit hard and waiting for her. I started pumping my hips against her invading digits so it would stroke my clit up and down. Then I felt her slip inside. God the sensations she was bringing out in me were tremendous. Even until this day, no one has ever made me feel like this again. I had already lost my virginity to a boyfriend a year previous to this, so her fingers slipped right into my depths. I felt first one finger, then another join it a few minutes later. I was still moving my hips up and down against her fingers as I suckled on her breasts.

It wasn't long before I felt a pressure start inside of me and I moved faster against her digits. Just as I was ready to come on her hand, Lisa pulled out and moved her fingers over my clit again. This pushed me over the edge and I felt my hips bucking against her hand. Once I was spent, I moved to lay beside her. Pulling her along with me and into the same position that I had just left. She took the hint and drew my nipples into her mouth. What a awesome sensation!! Her hot tongue swirling around my hardened nipple made me gasp into her neck.

My hands went into action. I was at first afraid of returning the favor she had bestowed on me. But I wanted to return the same feelings she had invoked in me. I moved down her stomach with my hand. Rubbing any exposed skin along the way and dipping into her bellybutton for a moment. My movement slowed as I neared her pussy. I was upon another new experience. Touching another girl's wetness!

I reached her lips and stroked my finger along the crack that I found there. Lisa hips eagerly pressed down against my invading fingers and it slipped inside her. She was so wet! God it felt great to slide my finger up and down that wet slot. Then I discovered the hardness of her clit. I had only read about this mysterious clit and found out what it could do a week before. Now I had the chance to see if what I read was true. I moved my fingers against Lisa's clit and I felt her gasp out in surprise. I guess she had never felt anything like what I was doing to her either. After that first initial contact, Lisa pressed her hips against my fingers eagerly responding to my clit stroking.

Reading was a favorite pastime of mine. Especially porn books. I would read sexy stories for hours. Discovering the assortment of erotica stories locked up in my parents bedroom had been a stroke of luck for me. I used some of the knowledge I had found in those books on Lisa now. My fingers kept stroking her clit. I had dipped down and put my fingers inside her from time to time, but I brought them back out and up to her clit. Over and over I did this. Building up the orgasm that I knew that was in her. I don't even this Lisa knew what a orgasm was yet. Hopefully she would find out now. I moved down over her body. My lips seeking out her nipples, then her belly button as I moved toward my goal. I had never tasted another female before and I was scared that I wouldn't like the taste. But I had a fever built in me now and I wanted to taste my best friend like I had never wanted to with my boyfriend's cocks.

My tongue found her pussy lips and I moved it slowly up and down her crack tasting her. God she tasted good. So hot. So sweet. I had to have more of her. I pushed my way inside and found her aching clit with my tongue and lips. I sucked and licked all around her clit and Lisa gasped with this new sensation, pressing forward with her hips. I moved my hands over her buttocks and pulled her close to my mouth. I couldn't get enough of her taste! Moving up and down her hot slit, over her labia and up inside her. Pushing my tongue up as far inside her as I could. I wanted to become part of her.

In a matter of a hour, I had become a sex fiend. I couldn't stop licking her pussy. Knowing that she wouldn't be able to come until I licked over her clit some more I stay away from it as long as I could. Somehow I could tell when it was getting too much for her. Lisa's body was covered in sweat and she was getting frustrated. So I moved over her clit and sucked it into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. Over and over I flicked and sucked until I could feel her body tensing, close to orgasm. Her body started to tremble and her moaning became more frequently as she moved her hips back and forth over my mouth. When I felt her go over the edge, I sucked her clit into my mouth and held on until the trembling of her orgasm subsided. I felt her wetness increase when she came and I moved to clean that up with my tongue. I just couldn't get enough of that sweet and musky taste.

When I removed my tongue from her pussy, Lisa collapsed on top of me. After she recovered, her lips sought out mine. Our tongue intertwined and it thrilled me to know that she had to taste herself on my mouth.

Lisa pulled away and asked if that was her that she tasted and I told her it was. She then snuggled up to me and told me that next time she wanted to do that to me. We stayed up most of that night getting to know each others bodies. She tasted my pussy later in the night and found out that she was addicted to the taste also. It seemed we couldn't get enough of touching and tasting each other.

Reality hit Lisa the next morning though. Another of a good friend of ours woke us up the next morning. We had been snuggling in each others arms when Sherry decided to pay a visit. Lisa's mom had told Sherry where we were and she had climbed the stairs to the attic calling out our names as she came. We broke apart and got in our own space real quick like.

I still say if it wasn't for that day that our affair would have continued. Things would have been so different for me and Lisa. She started refusing to come over to my house or have me over at her house any longer after that. Lisa was scared of her lesbian feelings and was running from it. Actually I did too for years after that.. But when I was 22 I finally came out of the closet and I have never been happier!

I think that Lisa would have came out of the closet too if she was given a chance. She came onto me again when we were 21. She had came along on a trip with me and my parents and we had shared a room together. But time had change and I felt differently now. I was almost ready to come out of the closet and Lisa was still that naive little girl. I didn't feel it was right to take advantage of her that way and made her sleep in her own bed. She had pushed me away when I most needed her when I was fifteen and first discovering my gay feelings and now I was pushing her away because those feelings I had for her were gone.

Lisa will always been my first puppy love though. She had a special place in my heart and I will always treasure that first night of love we shared together.

The funny thing is I'm 33 years old now and I'm still gay and out of the closet and Lisa is still striving to maintain her straight life. Deep down inside I know Lisa is gay and I'm wondering if she'll ever realize that. She was the one who made that first move on me that night and she looks and act every bit the lesbian. Except for the fact that she dates real old men that can't get it up very often and keeps a pretty young thing by her side. Every time I see her my gaydar goes up. I pray one day she has the nerve to get past social standards and be who she really is inside.
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