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Late Again
by Phet-Ish

It was nine p.m. and Della was sitting on her living room couch facing the front door. Wearing a tight, almost see-through blouse and a short pink skirt, she looked like she was ready to go out somewhere. As a matter of fact, she was. Her boyfriend, Adam, was supposed to have arrived to pick her up at seven for an romantic evening of dinner and dancing.

"If that jerk is out drinking with his buddies again..." she muttered to herself. Adam, though he was sensitive to Della's feelings most of the time, had a habit of "forgetting" about their plans once he got to drinking. Della was about to give up on him this time.

Just then, the front door slammed open and Adam came in. He wasn't alone, though. He had brought his friend Matt with him. By the looks of them, they had been drinking a LOT.

"Sorry I'm late, Del. Mind if we stay in tonight? I brought Matt over," Adam slurred as Della walked around the two to close the front door.

"Whatever, Adam. I'm going to bed. You two make some coffee or something and try to sober up." With that, Della climbed the stairs to her bedroom, took her clothes off (she usually slept in the nude), and got into bed. For a while, she didn't think that she would be able to sleep, as Matt and Adam were making a lot of noise downstairs in the kitchen. Eventually, though, she fell asleep.

Della was awakened by the feeling of lips on her breasts. Not just one pair of lips, but two. Startled, she sat bolt upright. "What is going on here?" she cried.

"Just relax and go with it, Del," Adam replied. "We just want to have a little fun, that's all."

Della didn't know what to do. She had never been in a threesome before, but the feelings Matt and Adam were giving her felt pretty good. Before she could make a decision, Matt pushed her back down on the bed and went back to sucking her tit.

"Mmmmm...That feels good..." Della murmured.

The guys didn't need any more encouragement. Before she knew what was going on, Adam had climbed on top of her and rammed his rock-hard dick into her. Della couldn't hold back a scream, part from surprise, part from pleasure. "Yes! Oooh, Adam....Fuck me, baby!" Della, in all the excitement, forgot about Matt for the moment. All she could think about was the throbbing cock that was pushing in and out of her hungry pussy.

Pushing all the way into her, Adam threw his weight to the side, effectively rolling the two of them over. Now Della was on top, and doing her best to impale herself again and again on Adam's cock.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Matt digging around in the dresser drawer where she and Adam kept their sex aids and toys. She was getting too excited to wonder about it, though.

It didn't take long for Della to find out what Matt had been doing. Suddenly, Adam pulled her down onto him, smashing her breasts into his muscular chest, and started kissing her passionately. She felt fingers spreading lube onto her asshole and immediately tensed up.

"No, Matt! Please don't....It hurts too badly," Della protested.

Adam reassured her, "Just relax, Del. If you relax, it won't hurt at all. I promise."

Della tried to relax, and sure enough, Matt started to work his thick cock in between her butt cheeks. She felt the head pop past her sphincter, and the rest of him slid in easily. Matt moaned and started to fuck her ass slowly.

Matt and Adam soon got a rhythm going, and Della started to get the familiar feeling of an approaching orgasm. She loved the feeling of two thick, hard cocks filling her up. "Yes! Oh, God! I can't believe I'm being fucked in the cunt and the ass at the same time! It feels so fucking good!" As she screamed, she felt the first electric waves of pleasure washing over her. She trembled with the force of her orgasm, her pussy and ass contracting on the two cocks inside her.

Matt and Adam, their senses dulled by all the alcohol they had been drinking, had been able to hold out to this point. Feeling Della come and her muscles squeezing their hard rods, both of them started to cum at the same time. Adam's cum shot deep into Della's pussy and Matt's into her ass.

"Oh, YESSS!!! Fill my cunt and ass up with your cum!" Della screamed. Another orgasm took hold of her and her body writhed around, trying to get even more stimulation from the two cocks buried deep within her.

After he had shot every ounce of his cum into Della's tight ass, Matt rolled off of her and passed out. Once Adam was done and had passed out as well, Della got up to go to the bathroom. Looking down at the two men who had given her so much pleasure, she laughed a little. "Well, I hope Adam's late a little more often now."


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