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Love All at Wimbledon
by Mike Tauron

[ Note: this story is fiction and is intended merely as a token of my admiration and respect for the sporting prowess of the two remarkable athletes who appear in this narrative ]

Every year London is packed for the tennis finals at Wimbledon. I hadn't been there myself, but I was working at a hotel only a few miles away whose name it might be better not to mention. Some of the players were staying there, and on the evening of a grand reception for the Tennis Association a lot of them went out and showed no signs of returning that night, so I was having a quiet night working Room Service. Just before my shift ended, there was an order for a bottle of wine from room 412, so I said that I would drop it off before I went home.

412 was actually one of the suites reserved for the top-rank tennis players, so I was only slightly surprised when the door was opened by one of America's leading tennis champions. She smiled perfunctorily as I brought the wine in, but I heard a giggle from one of the armchairs and turned to see her younger sister Serena draining a wine glass.

"Oh goodie," she giggled, "more wine. Open it up!" She waved her glass, obviously feeling no pain. Her older sister took a seat next to her and they resumed their conversation about the reception they'd just returned from, particularly the large number of Lords and Ladies who'd been present. "Closest we ever got to nobility till now was listening to mamma's old Duke Ellington albums," chuckled Venus.

I opened the new bottle of wine and poured a glass for each of the sisters. They were both in expensive-looking evening dresses, and for once had omitted their trademark beaded hairdo. Venus shivered a little and said "London is cooler than Florida. Think I'll turn the heat up a notch." She stepped over to the thermostat and adjusted it.

I took a quick deep breath as she turned to the thermostat. Her dress was nearly backless and her long naked back shone like polished ebony, the muscles moving slightly under her smooth skin as she raised her hand to adjust the dial. It was all I could do to keep from groaning to myself at the sheer animal magnetism of her.

"I think he likes you, sis" laughed Serena, whose eyes had not missed my glance and the subsequent reddening of my face. Venus turned back towards her chair, then stopped as she was passing me and looked down at me.

I gulped. I was about 5'10" and I could look Serena in the eye, but her sister was at least three inches taller than me, with broad shoulders and arms that rippled with the muscles of a professional athlete. It occurred to me that if she was offended, I could not only lose my job but she might throw me out the door herself. I smiled weakly.

She smiled back and her usually serious expression was replaced by an amused look. "He's sort of cute himself, ain't he? What's your name, honey?"

"Michael, Miss Williams."

"Oh, don't you just love that accent! And why don't you call me Venus?"

"Well, I shouldn't while I'm on duty, but my shift ended a couple of minutes ago.....Venus." I trembled a little at the last word. It would have been enough to get me fired, whether I was officially on duty or not. But it was worth it to see her smile again.

"You are a little sweetie, Michael....." Her voice was husky as she moved closer. I could feel the heat radiating from her body as she paused an inch away from me. My knees began to shake from excitement and she murmured "Don't be nervous. I'm not going to hurt you."

"Damn right," giggled Serena. "Not unless you try and get away."

Venus threw her a scolding look, but her sister just grinned at her over the half-empty glass. It was obvious that they had the sort of sibling empathy that meant they didn't need to say what was on their minds about this evening.

I thought maybe I should at least try and behave like a gentleman, and I stammered "Miss Williams, I.. I think you've had too much to drink...."

"No," she said, "I've had just enough." Her face came down to mine and before I could move she was kissing me full on the mouth. Her lips caught my upper lip and played with it gently as she pushed her warm body against mine.

"I shouldn't......" I began, but she held my head against the dark column of her neck and muttered "C'mon baby, loosen up a bit." She nursed my head like a mother cradling a reluctant child, and my will-power turned to water. I knew I was risking my job but I just didn't care anymore!

With a half-strangled groan, I began to nuzzle the base of her neck and slipped one arm around her waist, holding her close to me. My crotch pressed against her leg, and she gave a little laugh of delight as she felt my excitement growing. "Oho, so Englishmen don't have ice water in their veins after all!"

She moistened her lips and put an arm around me, turning my face up to be kissed again. This time I co-operated fully and our lips opened as her tongue slid into my mouth. We stood there for a moment, locked together; time seemed to stand still for us. Finally we moved apart and took a deep breath. She looked at me with a gleam in her eyes and gripped the end of the tie that was part of my waiter's uniform.

I found myself being towed into the bedroom that opened off the sitting room where Serena was finishing off the wine. Venus didn't even bother to shut the door completely before she pulled me against her again. We embraced and I could feel her hands moving over my back and down to my buttocks. A little growl of arousal escaped her lips as she caressed me. Then she let go of me and took a step back.

In less time than it takes to tell, she had slipped out of the elegant evening gown and was stepping out of her underwear. Her naked body shone like a tower of precious metal, the muscles under her skin rippling as she moved towards me. An involuntary moan escaped my lips as I watched her approach.

"Miss...I mean, Venus, are you sure......" I began but she tossed her head impatiently.

"You saying you don't want to, honey? 'Cause if you are, I say you is nothing but a big old liar." She was right on top of me now, and her hands were pulling at my clothes. As she stripped my shirt off, I could feel the hard points of her nipples pressing into me. I undid my belt and stepped out of my pants. All I had on now were my briefs, and they were soon yanked down, letting my painfully erect cock free at last.

Her hand closed over my maleness, stroking it gently up and down a couple of times. I had to bite my lip to keep from groaning aloud. Then I felt myself being pushed back against the bed, falling gently backwards onto the enormous bed that dominated the room. I lay there, my erection pulsing as it stood up rigidly vertical. Venus looked down on me, her breasts rising and falling quickly as she closed in on me like some magnificent predator about to pounce.

"Ooooh, don't he just look good enough to eat?" came Serena's voice from the open doorway. Fully dressed, she leaned against the door, watching her sister move closer to me. Venus ignored her, so I assumed this wasn't the first time they'd done this in front of each other. I should have felt embarrassed, I suppose, but if anything it made me even more eager.

I didn't have to wait any longer. The bed creaked as Venus straddled me, holding my cock steady as she lowered herself towards me. With her other hand she spread the lips of her pussy and I could see moist pink flesh awaiting me. The head of my cock was red and throbbing, almost painfully erect. But pain was the last thing on my mind as it slid between her lips and into the welcoming warmth and wetness.

"Oh Gaaaaad!" I moaned as her flesh closed around me. She began to rock back and forth on top of me, her athlete's legs effortlessly raising her above me, causing my pulsating hardness to piston in and out of her superb body. Her eyes were half lidded, and perspiration appeared on her forehead as her movements became quicker and more intense. I could hear an obscene-sounding slurping noise as her well-lubricated cunt was pushed down onto me again and again - I thought it was the most wonderful sound I had ever heard.

The bed squeaked and moved under our weight. "Just lie back and think of England!" giggled Serena. I hadn't noticed her enter the room, but now she was standing alongside the bed so she could get a better view of our coupling. She grinned as she watched her sister's muscled black body devour my pale slight form.

My cock was being thrust deep into her every time she moved, but I felt I needed even more. With a daring that came from complete lack of conscious thought, I gripped Venus' hips and rolled over on the bed. She gave a grunt of surprise as she found herself beneath me now, our bodies still joined by the delicious spike embedded in her pussy.

I may not have been a professional athlete, but my sheer masculinity urges turned my body into a remorseless fucking machine. I drove into her again and again, harder and harder, my lips pulling back till my face was a grimace of passion. Venus was grunting at every stroke now, her thighs spread wide to allow me complete access to her moist womanhood, and I took advantage of every opportunity she offered.

Finally her back arched and her eyes rolled back in her head, a scream escaping her lips as she came and came. "Ahhhh! Haaaaaaaaaaaaah !! " She collapsed backwards, completely limp, breaking the connection between us. My cock, red and shiny, popped into the open as I swayed blindly over her. Then to my surprise, a delicate hand came out of nowhere and closed around my erection.

"OK, let's finish you off now," said Serena brightly and I moaned as the teenager's hand stroked me. It only took four or five strokes before I grunted and came spectacularly. Sperm shot from my cock in thick ropes of gluggy whiteness, falling onto Venus' stomach and thighs as she lay there dazed from the afterglow of her orgasm. Serena's hand completed my climax, and she plucked a tissue from the bedside table to wipe off the sticky mixture of sperm and pussy juice from her fingers.

I never saw Venus again. She went straight to sleep and her sister covered her up before showing me to the door. She said that Venus needed some sort of release to completely relax her before her first match tomorrow, and sex was often a good way for her to forget the stress of Wimbledon. Serena gave me a peck on the cheek and said goodnight, then said teasingly "Perhaps when we stay here next time, I might order some Room Service myself." She gently closed the door and I made my way to the elevator to go home. Halfway down the hall I had to stop and sit down for a few minutes because my legs wouldn't support me. I felt as exhausted as though it was me that was appearing at Wimbledon. And in a way, I suppose you could say that I played an important part in the next day's match!

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