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Lust at First Glance
by Sexy Eyes

As we walk towards my car, I feel the juices run down my legs...I automatically start to feel horny again. But I think that I will wait until we get to my place to let all the thoughts in my nasty mind take over my body.

We walk into my apartment and I ask you if you would like a cold beverage, and you respond "yeah I wouldn't mind one" with a smirk on your face as you say it. You watch me as I bend over taking a couple of sodas out of the fridge. I sense you are looking at my ass in my thong. I am getting wet all over again, and then I walk over to you and hand you the cold soda can. Not expecting this you lean me back onto the kitchen table and run the can all over my nipples getting hard from the chilled soda, you untie the strings from around my neck and back removing my bikini look at my tits and tell me" You know you have amazing tits slut" Being called names drives me crazy and I feeling your cock against my cunt is just an extra turn on to put the cold can on my nipples making them numb and so hard...sucking on the other while running it up and down my stomach. I am letting out little moans of pleasure, I get goosebumps all over my body from the can running all over my body and your hard cock against my wet cunt.

I ask you "How about that shower now?"...smiling at you as I say it...without waiting for your answer I take your hand and lead you upstairs to my bedroom...You notice that I have a huge stand up shower, clear glass, and there are little lights on the ceiling above it at the corner of my bedroom..Very beautiful and very classy. The lights in my room are dim, I decide to light a few candles that are all around my bed and dressor. I tell you to sit down on my bed...standing in front of you I take off my bottoms, my back towards you as I take them off my ass slowly ends up sitting on your cock. You grab me by the tits from behind and pinch my nipples. I grind my ass into your cock slowly...making you harder than you already are. We both are really hot and so fucking horny right now...I start to grind faster....leaning back a little that my back is against your chest. You begin to kiss and lick my neck, driving me totally crazy from desire. My hand at the back of your head...pulling your hair back. I want to feel your lips onto mine and let our tongues swirl together as I am making your cock rock hard and wanting my cunt.

Our kisses so passionate and rough at the same time, I let out a moan from my cunt being so wet from the feeling of your cock in between my ass cheaks...rubbing my slit without inserting you in me. I am so into teasing each other...and I know that you are too. I ask you "now that we are all hot again fucker, how bad do you wanna fuck me now?" you respond " oh you slut...I want your cunt bad and I want it now!" I get off of you and make you stroke your cock for me while I turn on the shower, I get in and I see you on the bed stroking and you see me getting all wet from the water running down my body....I ask you "you ready?" you say "yes slut I'm ready" then I order you to get in here. As soon as you walk in you notice that I have hooks on my wall...with wrist bands for either me or you...I tell you to get against the wall and I strap your wrist tightly so you can't move....I get down on my knees and start to suck your instantly let out moans and I love hearing a guy moan. You look down at me and notice tat I am also looking at you in the eyes. You see your cock disappear and re-appear over and over again into my obviously hungry mouth. Then I start to lick your pisshole with the tip of my tongue, and then I pull your cock out of my way, stroking it and start to suck on your balls...licking them slowly, biting them gently and by now I am really hot and soo wanting to feel this cock of yours into my sopping wet cunt. I untie you and tell you to fuck me now...without thinking twice you turn me around, and start licking my slit with your thick, long tongue. I feel my juices coming out onto your face...but I am not cumming yet...I am holding myself back a little...I feel your tongue go deep into my mound and it feels so fucking amazing. I am moaning so loud from the feeling of arousement are giving me. I keep telling you "eat my cunt fucker, eat it good, taste my juices, OH FUCK eat this slut!"

I am thrusting my hips from being so fucking turned on by the way you make me feel. "Oh FUCK I want to feel your cock ram hard inside this sluts cunt" you say" Oh you want that slut? Do you wanna feel this hard cock inside you? Tell me bitch!" "YESSSS please... this bitch is real fucking horny" The next thing I feel is your cock slide so easily into me...."Oh yeah! That's it fucker....fuck this bitch!" You start spanking my ass stings a lot from my ass being wet. I let out moans and tell you to keep spanking me. Your cock so deep in my love tunel, and with your free hand you flick my clit so fast that I have to let go....I have to cummm now. I tell you this and you say "Oh yeah bitch I am gonna explode all inside your mouth"You order me not to cumm yet because you wanna eat it all up too...I turn over and put your cock in my mouth, making you cum all down my thirsty throat, while I am swallowing your thick are rubbing my clit making me wild and on the verge of cumming myself. You pull out of my mouth and start to lick my clit really fast, no time at all goes by and I start to scream from such an intense orgasm...I feel your tongue taking it all in, making me wild and my pussy pulses come up and put your lips against mine and make me taste my own juices....

We both stand up now....and begin to wash each other. When we are done taking the shower, we go into the bed and cuddle and both ask simutaneously " next..your place or mine?"


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