The Best Erotic Stories.

Latina and the Holiday Party
Thirteenth Installment in the "Latina" Series of Erotic Tales
by Latina

Latina prepared carefully for Frank's office Christmas party. She wore her frilliest black bra and panty set, paired with black stockings and garters.

She knew that Frank alone would get to see and enjoy this sheer lingerie later, and she knew that she would feel deliciously naughty all night, knowing that others could not see the sexy underwear, which she could feel so soothingly caressing her skin.

She slid her ankle-length, black half-slip over her sexy underthings, then the outer layer: the smooth, shiny, velvet royal-red Victorian gown, with black lace trim, that Frank had bought for her last Valentine's Day.

Latina asked Frank to zip her up, and as he did, he reached around from behind her, and he softly cupped her lace-covered breasts in both of his palms, kissing and nuzzling her neck in that special way of his, that always made her melt. The gown has a big black bow at the back of her "bustle", and as he snapped it closed, he massaged, pinched, and cupped her ass, heating up her passionate feelings for her husband even more.

"Stop that, Frank!" Latina giggled, squirming beneath his loving neck-nuzzles, and only half meaning what she said. "You'll make us both late for the party." She watched in the mirror, admiring how her gown's plunging neckline revealed just a hint of the black lace bra beneath, and oceans of cleavage between her mountainous 38-C breasts. Latina took a half-step to her right, so that she could also admire Frank's outfit, as she fastened her ear-rings and applied her lipstick.

Frank, 5 years her junior (he was 43), was already dressed in his black tuxedo pants, black cut-away coat with long tails, grey wool vest (with lapels), white tuxedo shirt, grey-and-black cravat tie affixed with a gold pin, black patent- leather dancing shoes with a white tongue, and of course his black top- hat. The gold pocket watch in his vest pocket was attached to his vest with a gold chain, and complemented with a real silver watch fob, dangling from a black leather strap. Even the cuff links on his shirt sleeves were real gold (the cuff-links had been his grandfather's). Latina wanted nothing more at that moment, than to hurriedly remove what had taken Frank an hour to put on, and to wrap her tight slit around her husband's thick shaft. But she somehow managed to control herself, knowing that what she craved would "come" in about 6 hours.

The 5'2" Latina slipped her delicate little feet into her Victorian boots, with the 1-inch low spiked heels. She slipped her string of real pearls around her neck, ending at her navel; she knew that these pearls formed a boundary around, and naturally drew all eyes to, her generously-proportioned bust, much of which was visible above her gown's low-cut neckline. Next, she slung her tiny Victorian- style black-and-white cloth purse over her shoulder, and she slipped on her nearly-transparent lacy black gloves, which were so wispy that they could almost have been made of spider-webs. In their elegant Victorian outfits, Latina was Kate Winslet to Frank's Lenoardo DiCaprio, and they both knew that before the night was over, his Titanic-sized cock would sink deeply, straight down into the warm ocean of moisture inside of her pussy. No cold icebergs for them on this night, just passionate heat!

Latina turned to the mirror one last time, to admire the total effect of her outfit. She had spent two hours in the beauty parlor that afternoon, getting her nearly-black, shoulder-length hair piled high atop her head, looking just-right to go with her Victorian gown. While Latina had been getting her hair fixed just right, Frank had dropped their 11-year-old son off for an overnight visit at a school-friend's house. Their son's absence that might would mean that after the party, Frank and Latina could get as wild, and as loud, in their bedroom, as their complete lack of sexual inhibitions could make them, without worrying about their son hearing them.

Appraising herself in the mirror, Latina couldn't help but smile. Even at 48, and even with all of her best physical assets hidden behind an ankle- length gown, she was still a knock-out, as Frank so often liked to tell her. Although her ankle-length gown revealed little, it did nicely outline and accentuate the generous endowment of her chest, the feminine curve of her hips, and the smooth, round globular ass cheeks that Frank so enjoyed kissing and fondling.

The party was in a big city about 40 miles away, so Frank's employer had chartered two luxury buses to take about 120 employees and spouses to the party. As Frank and Latina talked with other couples in nearby seats, he held her hand through her delicate, sexy, and naughty-looking black lace gloves, and they made googly eyes and smily faces at each other, as they both thought about what they would do to, and with, each other, AFTER the party.

Latina and Frank were the only couple to show up in historic costumes. One of the women in Frank's department wore a purple gown. Otherwise, all of the other women, both employees and wives of employees, wore nearly- identical black cocktail dresses, with necklines plunging to just above their nipples, and hemlines raised high, to just below their pussies. Anything less would have gotten them all arrested for indecent exposure. In some ways, Latina regretted covering up her dark, shapely legs beneath an ankle- length gown, for she knew that she can look at least as sexy as any other woman there. But she liked the mystery of a Victorian gown, and she also knew that Frank would later be showing his appreciation (as he always did) for her well-sculpted, naturally-dark legs, when they were alone at home.

When the buses arrived, dinner was still an hour away, but the company had thoughtfully provided various appetizers. The succulent jumbo prawns were quite tasty. The oysters lived up to their aphrodisiac reputation, cranking up the volume by a notch or two on her lust, which had been building inside of Latina, ever since Frank had started kissing her neck and fondling her breasts, while helping her to get dressed. She had been growing even randier at the feel of the lacy black bra enfolding her breasts, and the smooth, silky texture of her sheer black panties, which rubbed enticingly across her pussy as she walked. Perhaps the oysters were at least partly to blame, but her mental images of her and Frank undressing each other, grew ever more vivid, frequent, and of longer duration, as the evening progressed.

After dinner, and the usual round of speeches by the top company executives, everyone congratulated each other for defeating their competitor's hostile takeover attempt. Then the band began to play, and after about 10 or 12 couples meandered onto the dance floor, Frank and Latina got up and danced. Their mutual interest in ballroom dancing had helped bring them together more than two years earlier, so they easily negotiated all of the dance steps, and they had the extra advantage of holding each other close, as they both had longed to do for several hours now.

The two buses that had brought everyone to the party, were scheduled to leave at different times. One at 10:30, for those who wished to go home early, and one at midnight, for the die-hard partiers. While Frank and Latina could, and often did, dance and enjoy a party until all hours, they knew that if they stayed until midnight, they would not be home until well past 1:00 a.m., and they would then be too tired for what both had been day-dreaming about all evening. The 10:30 bus, on the other hand, would have then home, undressed, and sharing some sweet loving, long before midnight. So they returned on the early bus. This first bus was filled to capacity with couples holding hands, talking and laughing, smiling, gazing soulfully and lustfully into each other's eyes. Frank and Latina smiled, winked, and giggled merrily at each other, realizing that at the precise moment when they would be climbing lustfully all over each other, so would all of the other couples on this bus! The open secret, shared by all on this bus, was the awesome amount of fucking, sucking, and licking that would soon be taking place, in each of Frank's co-workers homes.

The bus dropped them all in front of the corporate headquarters, and while holding hands and hugging, each couple scurried in double-time to their cars and sped away, none of them caring how obvious their lustful hurry was to their co- workers. Latina couldn't blame them for this haste. The women in their tight, black mini-cocktail dresses, and the men in their elegant tuxedos, all looked stunningly elegant, attractive, and yes, damn it, extremely SEXY. And the good news of finally beating back the attempted hostile takeover of their company, made even Latina share the feeling of all the other couples on the bus, that they just wanted to rush home and fuck each other's brains out, in victorious celebration.

It was only a ten-minute drive from Frank's office to their home, so Latina and Frank would be able to start their own private celebration, a few minutes before any of the other couples who had shared the bus ride home. They didn't want to squander the advantage of being the first to start celebrating, so the moment they were safely inside their bedroom, Frank and Latina began undressing each other. Latina removed the gold pin that secured Frank's black- and-grey cravat tie, and Frank hurriedly untied his cravat, tossing it on the bedroom chair that they had strategically placed before leaving the party, as they had both known that they would need this chair later for piling their clothes.

Frank spun Latina around, so that her back faced him, and he unsnapped the big black "bustle" bow covering the base of her spine, the bow which drew attention to her sweet, curvaceous ass just below. Latina spun around to face Frank again, and she slowly worked his cut-away coat down his sleeves. Frank neatly folded his tuxedo coat over the back of the chair, while Latina removed her ear-rings, and set them in the jewelry box that she had placed strategically atop her nearby desk. Frank removed his pocket watch, watch chain, and fob from his vest, carefully laying them in the special case that came with the watch. Latina now slowly unbuttoned Frank's vest, running her palms sweetly and excitedly down his chest, as her unbuttoning moved ever lower. Frank slid his arms out of his vest, and he folded it atop his jacket, on the back of the chair.

Frank spun Latina around again, and he slowly unzipped her long gown from behind, gently massaging her back, as he exposed more and more of her soft, smooth, dark flesh. Latina let her gown drop to the floor and, still with her back to Frank, she gingerly stepped out of her gown, neatly folding it atop Frank's vest, on the back of the chair. She bent over, thrusting her curvaceous ass into Frank's crotch, as she removed her boots, and shoved them under her desk. Now she turned around and faced Frank; Latina was now wearing only a barely-there black lace demi-bra, wispy black lace panties, her sluttiest black garter belt, and sheer black stockings. The naughty, frilly lace trim, at the top of her stockings, perfectly accented the dark flesh of her well-proportioned thighs.

Latina knew that she had a lot of catching up to do, to get Frank as undressed as she was now. She began by slowly unbuttoning his elegant white tuxedo shirt, massaging each newly-exposed area of skin, as her fingers worked their way down his chest. While she was unbuttoning his shirt, Frank removed his gold cuff-links and he tossed them atop Latina's desk. She untucked his shirt, pulling the sides open, and she leaned in close to Frank. She began kissing him at the base of his neck, sinking down onto her knees, as her lips moved down his chest, stopping to lick and nibble at each of his nipples, which she knew from experience were extremely sensitive to her licks and nibbles. Satisfied now, that his nipples were as rock-hard as they were going to get, Latina continued to kiss her way down Frank's chest, until she reached his belly-button. Now she backed her lips away from his chest, stood up again, and slid his shirt down off of his arms, helping Frank to gently fold his shirt over the chair back, too.

Naked from the waist up now, Frank decided that it was time for Latina to reach the same state of undress. At 5'10", he was considerably taller than Latina's 5'2", so he knelt to his knees on their bedroom carpet, placing his lips level with her breasts. He then began to kiss the inside of her cleavage, and he worked his kisses all the way around the circumference of her 38-Cs, before zooming in on her already-hardening nipples, and the wide, red-brown areolas that he loved so much. Kissing, licking, and sucking her nipples, right through her lacy black bra, until they became big and stiff like a cock, he finally reached around behind her. He unclasped her bra, grabbing it before it could hit the floor. He then tossed her bra squarely into the seat, instead of over the chair back.

Frank now bent over, his ass thrust toward Latina's face, and he untied his shoes. Latina couldn't resist softly kissing first one, and then the other, of his ass cheeks, right through his trousers. Frank kicked his shoes under their bed, and he tugged his socks off, tossing them atop her bra, in the chair.

Now it was Latina's turn again, to strip him some more. Squatting down before Frank, she began to unbuckle his belt. She struggled with unclasping the hook at the top of his pants, so Frank helpfully reached down and unhooked his pants for her. Now she began slowly unzipping his trousers, eager to see and feel his pulsating manhood underneath. But she would have to wait. Grabbing the waistband of his tuxedo trousers, Frank very slowly, seductively skimmed his pants down his legs, revealing first his muscular thighs, then his knees, and finally his hairy legs and powerful calf muscles. Latina well knew the power in Frank's hairy legs, as they had often been used to power his deep thrusts in and out of her horny little love tunnel.

But now Latina wanted to see more than just her husband's bare legs. She reached for his boxers, wanting to hurry them down his legs, but he blocked her. Grabbing the waistband, Frank began slowly pulling his undershorts away from his waist, flashing her brief glimpses of the long, thick rod that she longed to taste. Frank slowly, seductively skimmed his boxers down his legs. As soon as his cock and balls sprang completely clear, Latina eagerly grabbed both sides of the fabric on his boxers, and she eagerly thrust his shorts the rest of the way down his legs, and completely off of him.

Before Latina could focus on her man's magnificently-thick cock, throbbing literally before her eyes, Frank stood her up, from her squatting position before him. He wrapped both of his arms around her, in a loving hug, his rock- solid cock pressing firmly up against the sheer fabric of her black panties, as he tenderly kissed her lips, her neck, her cleavage, and her bare breasts. He let his hands drop from hugging around her back, until they reached the elastic waistband of her skimpy, lacy, nearly-transparent black panties. Reaching his hand inside the back of her panties, he began massaging and squeezing her firm ass cheeks, running a finger back and forth along the little crease, where each of her ass cheeks fastened to the tops of her legs. Almost despite herself, Latina let out a soft "Mmmm!" at the feel of his finger caressing her ass creases.

Frank then slid his hand around to the front of her panties, entwining his long, slender fingers in her thick, dark pussy fur, before sliding the inside of his knuckle across her outer lips, and her clit. Finally, he firmly grasped both sides of the elastic waistband of her panties, and he slowly, lovingly, seductively skimmed her panties all the way down her legs, tossing them over his shoulder, to land softly on the carpeted bedroom floor. Now Frank and Latina stood facing each other, both completely naked, and both hopelessly in love (and deeply in lust) with each other.

Sinking completely onto her knees on the carpet now, Latina faced Frank, and she quickly flicked her tongue to catch, then release, the very bottom edge of his balls. When Frank reacted with a startled jump, Latina devilishly flicked her tongue again, more slowly this time, savoring the feel of the fleshy folds of his balls, against the tip of her inquiring tongue. When he began to squirm and moan, Latina began a series of slow, methodical licks, all over the surface of his balls. She then withdrew her tongue, back into her mouth, and she began planting light-as-a-butterfly kisses all over the wrinkly surface of his balls.

"Ooooh, Hon-NNEYY!" he moaned.

Frank's moaning was all the encouragement that Latina needed. Pursing her lips, Latina sucked the textured folds of skin on his balls, ever-so-gently into her mouth now, first one ball, then the other. She began carefully, gently alternating her light kisses, with lustful nibbling on this sensitive region.

"Mmmmmm!" Frank moaned in growing ecstasy, writhing and squirming before her, struggling to stay on his feet, trying not to collapse with the sheer pleasure of it all.

As good as Frank's balls felt on her lips and tongue, Latina could no longer wait to feast on his pulsating eight-inch-wide, two-inch-thick shaft, which was now nearly poking her eye out. Releasing his balls from her teeth, she began a tortuously-slow lick, upward from his balls, all along the underside of his shaft, leaving his horny cock very little room to throb, between her insistently- pressing tongue and the flesh of his own belly, as she continued savoring the sweet taste of every firm, rock-solid inch of him.

Reaching the very top of his eight-inch shaft, Latina thrilled now at the contrast of the rougher skin at the top of his shaft. She smiled at the realization that her eager, probing tongue would soon be reaching up to lick his thick, bulbous, purple, blood-engorged cock-head, which she so enjoys swallowing.

She licked along the small crease, where the underside of his cock leads directly to the eye, at the very tip of his cock head. She knew from experience, that this crease is one of the most sensitive spots on her man's organ. Her loving attention to this spot was amply rewarded, as his strong, hard manhood powerfully pulsed and thrust against her hungry tongue. From this crease, it was a short and simple step to dart her tongue directly into the large, wide-open eye at the tip of his cock-head. She loved the feel and taste of licking INSIDE of his cock head, and she KNEW that her licks inside the eye of his cock would make him go ballistic with lustful excitement. Her tongue withdrew, pulling a clear, sticky drop of his pre-come out of his tip, and stretching this single, crystal-clear dew-drop, like a strand of melted cheese atop a pizza, his pre-come stretching longer and longer, as she backed away from his cock. The stretching strand of his pre-come, continued to join his cock to her mouth, as she backed ever further away.

Her tongue returned to his balls again, and once more she licked up along the underside of his shaft, but more quickly than the first time. There was a good reason for her haste in licking up the length of his shaft this time. For when she reached the head again, she could no longer resist opening her lips wide around the head, and letting his cock-head slide S-L-O-W-L-Y past her teeth. Wrapping her delicate little fingers around the very base of his shaft, and finding that her fingers could not completely encompass his girth, she cupped his balls in her palm. She slowly rocked her head forward, pressing ever deeper into his thighs, slowly savoring the taste and feel, as more and more of his eight- inch love tool disappeared past her lips, sliding against the roof of her mouth, and finally pressing against the back of her throat.

She closed her eyes, and she began to swoon over the feeling of his big cock filling more and more of her hungry, salivating, anticipating mouth. She remembered Frank's co-worker, Tim, and his beautiful redhead wife, Maggie, at their table during the company party, winking and flirting with each other. Latina flashed on an image of Maggie naked on her knees, sucking-off Tim, matching Latina's attention to Frank, lick for lick. She pictured all the svelte wives at the party, stripping off their barely-there black cocktail dresses, and sucking their men down their eager throats, every one of these couples eager to celebrate the company's successful thwarting of their competitor's attempted hostile takeover. As Frank moaned at the pleasure which Latina was bestowing upon him, Latina's daydreams could hear his moans amplified a hundred-fold, by the moans of all the horny wives who had also left the party early, as they lovingly licked their studly husbands, and those husbands licked their wive's wide-open pussy lips, and hard, throbbing clits.

"What am I doing?" Latina began to wonder, as she pictured so many clits being so eagerly licked. Frank would just about always eat her out first, and here she was sucking HIM off, before the slightest attention had been paid to her moistening pussy. But Frank's increasingly rapid thrusts, in and out of her mouth; his deep, baritone moans; and the loving way he stroked her hair, as she vigorously sucked and licked him, now answered her unspoken question: "What am I doing?" What she was doing, was giving tremendous pleasure to the man whom she loves, with all her heart and soul. And as Frank thrust into Latina's throat, and pulsed against the roof of her mouth, she realized that she was ENJOYING licking and sucking his massive shaft, every bit as much as Frank was enjoying being on the receiving end of her loving attention to him.

Nevertheless, Latina now picked up her pace a bit, partly because she REALLY, desperately wanted to taste his come right now, but mostly because she knew that as soon as she finished sucking him, into an explosive orgasm of tasty cream, Frank would then very lovingly, generously lick and suck HER to a series of uncontrollable, quaking, throbbing, ecstatic orgasms, one right after the other, until she would be practically too sore to move. She could hardly wait for the attentions that she KNEW her Frank would soon gratefully bestow upon her, he MORE than repaying her for all of her licking and sucking on him.

Latina recalled that Frank quickly loses all control whenever she licks his shaft WHILE it is inside of her mouth. He had told her that he had never before met a woman with the skill, patience, love, and generosity, to roll her tongue all over his shaft, WHILE it was in her mouth. Seeing and feeling his reaction to her talented tongue, always made HER as powerfully horny as it did for him. So now she tightened the grip of her fingers on his balls, released her fingers from around the base of his shaft, and with one deep swallow, she sucked the entire length of his shaft down her throat, rolling her tongue up, down, sideways, all over the outside of his deeply-buried shaft. He rocked and thrust his lower body forward and back, forward and back, forcing his warm, thick cock, deeper down her throat with each powerful and lusty thrust. Through all of his thrusting, squirming, and loud, baritone moans, Latina's hungry tongue never once lost contact with the warm, smooth flesh surrounding his pulsing, throbbing shaft.

Frank grabbed both of Latina's ass cheeks in his palms, and he began gently massaging her, increasing the pressure of his squeezes on her ass cheeks, with each deeply-penetrating forward thrust, of his cock into her throat. His cock throbbed hard against her tongue, and against the roof of her mouth. Latina recognized this throbbing as a sure sign of his impending orgasm, so she cupped her hands around his ass cheeks now, not letting him withdraw, and flicking wildly, as his cock remained stuffed, so deep and hard, down her throat.

He pulsed very strongly against the inside of her cheeks, and she placed both of her palms flat on his stomach, pushing him away, until only the head of his cock remained in her mouth, her lips still sucking, still tightly closed around his cock-head.

With one final twitch, not quite as forceful as his last few pulsations, Frank began to gush against Latina's still-flicking tongue. She savored the taste and feel of his warm, thick, sticky cream, as one strong spurt after another coated the millions of happy little taste buds atop her tongue. She swished his cream all around the inside of her mouth, wanting to savor every drop, even as her tongue sucked and licked ever more volume out of him. When he stopped pouring his love against her well-satisfied taste buds, she sucked his shaft hard into her mouth again. That simple act of kindness on her part, was enough to make him erupt all over again. Soon, Latina's mouth was overflowing, and a trickle was seeping out past the corner of her lips. This simply wouldn't do, Latina determined. She would not let even one drop of his precious fluid be wasted. Swallowing hard, she sucked the residue of his first orgasm, deep down her throat, making room for the second mouthful, which was now pouring rapidly against her tongue. She eagerly swallowed his second load, too, sucking hard, trying to swallow his entire wonderful, loving, throbbing eight inches, all the way down her throat. She quickly licked his drooling come off of her lips and chin, then she wildly rolled her tongue all over the length and breadth of his hard love tool, as she sucked him deeply down her throat.

Once more, she pushed him away, with her hands on his stomach. As he withdrew, he twitched and pulsed one last, powerful time, sending his third mouthful of creamy delight, blasting past her lips. Once more, Latina swallowed hungrily, before letting her husband slip entirely out of her mouth now.

Although he had already erupted three times, Frank wasn't nearly ready to let the evening end yet, and he knew that his sexy, horny wife was not nearly satisfied yet, either. He lifted her naked form into his strong arms, her firm, rounded ass pressed into his left arm, her dark and slender legs dangling over his right arm, her small feet crossed at her ankles, and swaying provocatively in mid-air. He gently laid her flat on her back, on their bed, lovingly fluffing her pillow under her neck.

Latina instinctively knew, without being told, what Frank wanted to do next, because it was exactly what SHE wanted him to do, too. So she raised both of her knees high into the air, her feet flat on the mattress, and she pushed her thighs wide apart. Frank dutifully stood over the foot of their bed, and he sank to his knees, letting his still-engorged cock press hard into the edge of the mattress. From this position, he had a clear view up Latina's dark and lovely legs, all the way up to the thick crop of dark hair between her legs, and more importantly, to the already wide-open lips and rosy interior of her sweet, hot, tight, horny, moist, and beautiful--make that stunningly gorgeous- -pussy.

Frank gently kissed each toe of her right foot; then he switched to kissing, licking, and sucking the little toes of her left foot. Next, he planted kisses on both of her ankles. He slowly kissed his way up the inside of her raised left leg, up her calves, over her knees, along her widely spread-apart inner thighs, and he finally planted a gentle kiss directly on her pussy lips, sliding his long, lean body up the bed, as he moved up her leg. Latina could feel each quaking pulse of Frank's cock, against the sheet, as he slid his long, lean, toned body ever further up their mattress. Frank then lazily rolled his tongue up the entire length of Latina's pussy lips. He then quickly, teasingly flicked across her hardening clit, before sliding his tongue inside of her juicy opening, and licking the flowing moisture from her dampening inner walls.

His tongue rolled back out of her again, only to be replaced by his long, thin middle finger, stroking her inner walls, massaging her G-spot, and probing all the way in, until his fingertip touched her cervix. His probing finger freed his tongue now, to concentrate its licks on her desperately-horny little clit. As he licked at her growing nub, she squirmed her hips from side to side, and she used her strong ass muscles and thigh muscles, to thrust her excited clit higher and higher off their mattress, closer and closer against his incredibly-talented, enthusiastically-swirling tongue.

His lips closed over her swelling clit now, sucking her up into his mouth, as his tongue continued to flick and swirl at her hot, horny love button. His teeth began a gentle nibbling, on the very tip of her long, hard clit, which was by now standing at full attention, like a miniature cock. His long, slender finger continued its incessant probing, deep inside of her love tunnel. Latina closed here eyes again, returning to her day-dream of their table-mates at the party, Tim and Maggie. Latina imagined that, right now, Tim's tongue was just as skillfully attending to the stunning redhead Maggie's needs, as Frank's tongue was to Latina's own needs. Frank snapped Latina back from her daydream, by placing a long, slow, loud, sweeping slurp of his tongue, all the way along her pussy lips and clit.

"Unnnngggghhh! Hhhhh!" Latina cried, thrusting her hips upward, and exploding gush after gush of her liquid excitement, from around her clit and her G-spot, against Frank's loving tongue, nibbling teeth, and gently- kissing lips. "OHHHHH!" she loudly moaned, letting out one, two, and then three more mini- explosions, in rapid succession, from deep inside of her. Frank's tongue continued to gently bathe her pussy lips and clit, savoring the rich taste, and the sweet aroma, of her unceasing stream of multiple orgasms, one explosion instantly following the previous one, until they had both lost count of her orgasms, in the day-dreaminess of their mutual excitement.

"Mmmm!" Frank's rich, deep, booming baritone voice purred. "Keep giving me that sweet juice!"

"Mmmmm-Hhhmmm!" Latina cooed, dreamily agreeing to anything that her sweet, loving, generous, orgasm-inducing man wanted now, anything at all for a man who could make her feel THAT good. So just as Frank had requested, Latina let yet another burst of her juice coat his lips and tongue--not that she could have stopped her flow, even if she had WANTED to, she was so over the edge with desire by now. As she flowed and flowed, Latina moaned: "Oh, honey, she WANTS your thick cock in her, right NOW!"

Happy to oblige, Frank slid across the mattress, and he pushed himself up by his arms, until he was poised directly above her. Grabbing his 8-inch long, 2-inch thick, quivering love monster, in both of her hands, Latina guided him against the very edge of her wide-open slit. Frank replaced her hands with his own, as he eased the very tip of his cock-head inside of her. Latina raised her lower torso higher up off the bed, trying to slip more of him inside of her, and even MORE quickly. Frank took the not-so-subtle hint, and he pressed himself down hard into the mattress, pushing his entire 8 inches deep inside of her, in one quick, powerful thrust. Latina wrapped her arms around his back, wrapped her legs and feet around his ass, and let out a deeply-contented sigh, purring like a contented kitty-cat, as he thrust so lovingly, deeply, lustfully into HER contented kitty-cat.

Frank now very slowly withdrew, almost all the way out of his wife again. He used the space between their bellies now, to slide his finger back and forth against her long, hard, quivering clit. He left his finger rubbing her clit, as he slowly lowered himself again, letting his full eight inches slowly sink back between his probing and prying fingers, back into her, a millimeter at a time. Once his cock was pressed all the way down inside of her, he pushed even harder, as if he might stuff his balls into her, along with his enormous cock. Once again, he slowly withdrew.

As he hovered above her, he whispered, "I'm about to fill you ALL full of hard, THROBBING cock!"

"Oh, YYYEESSS, honey! That's JUST what I want! What I NEED! Give it to me! GIVE it to me! GIVE it to MMMMEEE!"

With one rapid thrust, Frank made good on his promise, to stuff Latina completely full of cock. He knew JUST what she wanted, what she needed, and EXACTLY how to fulfill that need. His thrusting length, and his pulsating thickness, filled her SO full now, that there was no longer room even for his finger against her clit, as there had been before. His in and out thrusts grew more rapid, and so did Latina's highly-excited breathing.

"Mmmm! Oh!" she screamed. "Yes! You've GOT her! You've GGGGOTTTT her!"

Frank slowed the pace of his eager, hard, pounding, in-and-out, up-and-down thrusts just a little now, wanting to hold back his explosive finale for just a bit longer.

"OOOOHHHH!" Latina shrieked. Frank could feel her thick cream oozing and flowing, coating the entire length of his thick rod now. He gave himself permission to slam very hard into her one final time, and when he was all the way in, balls to her walls, he let out a powerful burst, deep inside of her, Frank filling Latina's cave to overflowing now, with the sticky, tangible expression of his love and lust for his wife.

Rolling over on their sides, with their hugging arms wrapped tightly around each other, Latina and Frank began softly kissing each other on the lips, neck, and ears, his hard cock still deeply buried, and still wildly twitching, inside of her, her pussy lips clutching and squeezing tightly around his still-throbbing, still-thick shaft.

Careful not to let his cock pop out of her yet, Latina slowly rolled over, until she was on top of Frank. She wrapped her arms around his neck, as he wrapped his arms around her lower back. He cupped her ass cheeks in his palms. They kissed 20 or 30 times, letting their tongues play with, and dance around, each other. Then they fell asleep in each other's arms, her still on top, him still deeply-buried inside of her.

About 4:00 AM, Latina awakened. His cock had long since gone soft inside of her, but amazingly, his one-eyed trouser snake had not yet popped out of her, no doubt held in place by the strong, tight grip of her pussy muscles around his shaft. Sitting straight up over Frank's thighs, and placing her palms flat on his chest, Latina slowly rose up off the bed, until his cock slipped out of her. She could see her pussy juices, and some of his milky come, coating his shaft and his cock- head, and matting-up his pubic hair. Latina carefully, quietly laid Frank's spent, slicked-up cock, against his stomach, the very tip pressing up into his navel. Holding her pussy lips wide open, she then set her outer lips squarely over the length of his shaft. Now she began rocking her wide-open slit, back and forth, along the entire length of his shaft, smiling as she saw and felt him harden again, against the outside of her pussy lips.

Frank blinked his eyes hard several times, fighting off the last vestiges of sleep. He gazed deeply, soulfully up into his wife's deep brown eyes. He placed one palm on each of her hips, pulling her forward and pushing her back, increasing the speed and pressure of her slit's rocking movements along the outside of his cock.

Feeling his full eight inches springing back to life, and rocking along her opened pussy lips, Latina's breathing once more became rapid and panting. Frank carefully guided his cock-head, to rock back and forth, directly against her clit. After only a few minutes of his cock-head gliding across her clit, Latina's pussy oozed her thick cream, all over her thick pubic hair, her thighs, his cock, and then HIS thighs.

Grabbing Latina's hips, Frank lifted her straight up, and he aimed his thick love missile against her wide-open and juicy slit. Then he pushed down hard on her shoulders. He shoved her straight down onto his cock, letting her sweet femininity instantly swallow-up the entire length of his very-erect organ. Frank clutched both of her big, round breasts in his palms, and he let his fingers playfully pinch and squeeze her long, hard nipples, as she rode eagerly, powerfully, straight up and down, atop his skyward-pointing cock.

Ten minutes of this hammering and pounding, was about all either of them could stand now, and Frank and Latina both exploded, for the fifth or sixth time that evening. Their entire bodies quaked, with yet another round of pleasure.

Latina and Frank both closed their eyes now. They happily seeped their goo all over each other, relieved to have released their pent-up lust, and contentedly bathing in the after-glow of their love. Just then, in their day-dreams, Frank and Latina could both just about see and hear, every one of Frank's male and female coworkers, and their spouses, coming, screaming, moaning, and shaking, all at exactly this same moment. Frank and Latina were quite sure, this would be a holiday that NONE of the company's employees would ever forget. At least, Frank and Latina both knew, the two of THEM would never, COULD never, forget this magical night!

And then this happy, sexy, lusty, fun-loving couple, repeated their Bedroom Olympics all over again, the NEXT night! By Monday morning, Latina and Frank were ALMOST too tired and sore, to get up for work. But this weekend of partying, and of no-holds-barred loving, had also left them both energized, refreshed, contented, and more deeply in love with each other, than ever. Latina and Frank wondered how many of Frank's co-workers, had undergone similar experiences over the weekend. Judging by the horny looks that couples had been giving each other on the bus, on the way home from the party, Latina and Frank would both have bet, that a LOT of Frank's co-workers would be in the same happy-but-sore state, on Monday. Latina and Frank recalled how the women on that bus, had been every bit as desperately HORNY, as their men had been.

So Frank was not at all surprised on Monday morning, to find his co-workers, male AND female, looking blissfully content, grinning as broadly and as goofily as he was, their hair and clothes STILL in slight disarray. And everyone in the office, including Frank, faintly smelled like raw fish.


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