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Latina's Birthday
Fourth Installment in the "Latina" Series of Erotic Tales
by Latina

Hi, it's me, "Frank" again, guest-authoring in my wife's space once more, as I did in our second erotic tale. My wife is letting me tell this story, this time, from my perspective, since I'm the one who plotted and schemed all the details of this particular adventure. But I'll let her tell the next story again, because she told the first and third stories so well, she usually plots most of what we get up to anyway, and she often has a more descriptive perspective on our sex- life than I do. So please bear with my writing skills, or lack thereof, one more time, and I promise you that my sexy, passionate wife will have another of her great real-life stories for you very soon.

A popular stereotype of Latin-American woman is that they are fiery and passionate lovers. Like most stereotypes, this is exaggerated and overly generalized. However, I am happy to report that, even after two years of knowing each other, I can still bring out the passion in my Latina wife, even though we are both in our 40s. Our passion is probably deeper than most younger couples, because we are more mature, and because we have more than JUST sexual passion going for us. We also have romance, love, trust, and respect. We are building a wonderful life together, full of caring for and about each other, and sharing life's adventures together. Sometimes, this means that just about every night, and first thing nearly every morning, my wife simply can't WAIT to feel my tongue in her mouth, on her magnificent breasts, or in and on her sweet, tight, horny little pussy. She also can't wait to do everything in her own considerable power, to turn me on just as much, from nibbling on my chest, to massaging my ass cheeks, to eagerly licking and sucking my cock until it springs to its full and glorious 8 inches of throbbing, rock-solid stiffness, to begging me (in her swet, moaning, erotic voice) to plunge in and out of her at an ever-increasing pace.

Although our romantic and sexual fire still burns brightly and hotly after two years, it is sometimes hard to find clever new ways to be romantic. So we recently got help in finding new romantic ideas, in the form of a book called 1001 Ways to Be Romantic. A key point that this book stresses repeatedly is that being romantic is an everyday life style, not just an occasional thing, and that it is all about showing how much you care about your life partner, not about what you expect in return. But this book also points out that, although this is not the purpose nor the goal, being romantic to your partner usually pays big dividends in return. For example, my wife generally likes to wear short shorts, and even shorter micro-miniskirts, and when I am romantic to her in a kind and unselfish way (such as making her an elaborate home-cooked dinner), she'll find clever ways to reward my loving and selfless attention to her, such as unzipping her shorts, or raising her skirt, and then she'll flash me an inviting glimpse of those sheer, skimpy, form-fitting, cute, and always extremely-sexy little panties that she loves to wear (when she bothers wearing panties at all).

Of course, I like it even better when she lets ME unzip her dress or her shorts for her! She loves when I stand behind her, nuzzle her neck, cup and massage her breasts from behind, and unzip her sexy shorts, all the while pressing my hard cock against her shapely derriere right through my jeans.

Unzipping her like that is a kindness in a way, but of course I get rewarded by slowly revaling more of my wife's soft, dark Latina flesh. Nevertheless, she looks upon my unzipping her as a kindness, and she will often repay me in kind by unbuckling and unzipping my pants. Again, this is not an entirely selfless act on her part, as by this point she is usually RAVENOUSLY hungry to stroke, lick, and suck on my stiff, pulsating, throbbing eight inches of rock-hard cock, which she does every chance she gets--lucky me!

One of the ideas in this romance book was to turn your partner's birthDAY into a birth WEEK, and give romantic little gifts all week. With my wife's birthday a week away, she got her first gift last night. As members of the local aquarium, we both enjoy sea animals, and we both find it so peaceful and relaxing to just sit and watch them swim and play. Being a romantic, I am always on the look out for little gifts for her that relate to our many and varied interests. So when I found a pair of gold earrings in the shape of dolphins, I just KNEW that she would enjoy and appreciate them, and she would want to wear them on our next visit to the aquarium. I gave her these earrings last night, the first in a week- long series of birthday gifts. I received some very passionate kisses in return for my thoughtfulness.

Another idea in the book is to read magazines that your partner reads. How can you be romantic if you do not understand how your partner thinks and feels? The book's suggestion for men was to buy and read the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, to see what women want in terms of romance and, yes, sex. This month's Cosmo contained an article on how a woman can have multiple orgasms every time she has sex, and I decided to try out a few of these techniques on my wife last night.

When I cleaned up and changed for bed last night, I made sure to shave my facial hair very closely, so there would be no stubble to scratch her when I kissed her all over. I also put on the moisturizer she bought me, so my face would be as soft and smooth as possible.

When we were both in bed, we started out slowly, as we usually do, kissing each other on the lips and neck, and then progressing to French kisses. She stroked my cheeks and my chin, commenting on how much she appreciated my making my face so soft and smooth for her. I removed her bra, pulled up her nightgown, pulled down her skimpy, sexy little panties, and I began rubbing, massaging, and kissing her wonderful 38-C breasts--those fine, firm breasts that are capped with her extremely-wide areolas, which I find so very inviting. Her breasts, nipples, and areolas are all so sensitive, that all of my gentle, loving, lustful attention already had her writhing, squirming, and moaning, and I had yet to go anywhere near her hot, wet slit or her throbbing clit.

She lifted my shirt to rub my chest, and she began to roll my nipples between her fingers. I sat up to remove my shirt, and she also sat up to remove her nightgown. While we were sitting up, stripping each other, and stripping for each other, we kissed ferociously, hungrily, putting into those kisses all of the fiery passion that had been building-up between us all evening.

While she was still sitting up, I wrapped both arms around her from behind, cupping her breasts in both hands, and kissing the back of her neck and her shoulder blades. Kissing her shoulders always seems to make her melt. I moved one hand to her back, to massage her work-day stress from her for a while, while still cupping one breast with the other hand.

Then she lay down on her back, and I began kissing and licking her breasts, sucking and nibbling on her nipples. I alternated from one breast to the other, and I also kissed and licked her cleavage every time my head moved from one breast to the other.

I remembered something I hadn't tried in a while: kissing UNDER her breasts. Just as I remembered from the last time I did that, my kisses there got her moaning, squirming, and breathing heavily. My wife's breasts are sensitive all over, not just on the nipples, and she seems to appreciate the attention to erogenous areas that are not so obvious and might often be ignored. I love kissing under her breasts, having her wonderfully-wide areolas and long, hard nipples right at eye level, where I can see and enjoy them the most, and where my tongue can take an occasional break from licking the soft but firm bottom curve of her breast, to flick upward and stimulate her long, hard nipples that much more.

My attention to her breasts must have been JUST what she wanted, for now she raised her legs, so that her feet were flat on the bed, and with one knee raised in the air, she spread her legs even wider apart, showing me that she desperately wanted first my tongue, and eventually my thick, throbbing, 8-inch cock, firmly planted there. Believe me, I didn't mind at ALL that she was opening up more and more to me now.

Now I rubbed my long, thin middle finger along her clit, and I let it slide in and out of her pussy. After a few minutes, I felt the first few drops of her dew forming along her inner walls. I moved my knee so it rested on her leg, but without letting my hardening cock touch her yet. My unexpected knee against hers seemed to increase her passion, and she began kissing my neck and chest, then darting her tongue in and out of my mouth, as my middle finger continued to slide in and out of her. As her dampness built up, I began massaging her clit with my thumb, gradually increasing the pressure on her love button. I could feel her clit getting harder, and arising out of its hiding place, desperate for as much contact as possible with my rhymtmically-massaging thumb.

Now she reached down and removed my silk boxers, one of many pairs she has bought me (I agree with her, silk boxers are much sexier and more comfortable than the white cotton briefs that I used to wear).

She began fondling my balls, and then slowly stroking her hand up and down my cock. While she did this, I continued to play inside of her pussy, and to massage her clit, making her inner walls ever damper. Her squirming became more rapid, her hips started gyrating more eagerly for me, and her hungry moans grew louder. Although I already knew the answer, as a courtesy I asked her if she was ready for me. She moaned something nearly incomprehensible about wanting me deep inside of her, so I slid between her legs now, and I let my solid 8 inches ease into her. She moaned and squealed my name as I began my slow descent into her. As usual, she wrapped both legs around me, resting her feet on my ass cheeks. I just go crazy with desire for her when I feel her feet on my ass, pushing me up and pulling me down as I glide in and out of her. Feeling her feet wrapped around, and resting on, my butt just makes me pound her harder, faster, and deeper, which sems to be JUST the way she likes me to give myself to her, and which I'm QUITE sure is why she puts her feet there in the first place.

I then remembered one of the positions in that Cosmo article. Much as I hated to remove her foot from my butt, I reached my right hand under her right knee, and I pulled her right leg almost straight up in the air, while leaving her left leg outstretched on the bed. Cosmo was right: in this position, I really COULD (and did) penetrate her much more deeply than in the standard missionary position. The ever-increasing volume of her moans, and the growing rapidity and desperation of her squirming, told me that she didn't at ALL object to my position-shift, or to my deeper and harder thrusts.

As I held her leg up, I also remembered to use my hands and arms, like doing push- ups, so that my two-inch-thick cock would massage her clit on each up and down stroke. Her moan changed to a long, drawn-out o-o-o-o as I pumped deeply in and out of her. I felt her juice well up around her clit and her G-spot, and she was already starting to thoroughly SOAK the outside of my cock with her thick liquid horniness. Her orgasm was all the excitement I could take now. I gave one last, deep push into her, and as she continued to ooze her delightful stickiness all over my shaft, I exploded my hot, blasting come all over her inner walls.

After our orgasms, I usually leave myself buried deep inside of her. After a few minutes, I generally begin excitedly pulsing inside her, which she really seems to enjoy, judging by the "mmmmm" and "ahhhh" that this always evokes from her. She says she has never heard of, much less experienced, any other man who throbs so hard inside of a pussy even AFTER coming, and when she says that, she makes me feel like a rare and terrific lover. Anyay, this time, before I began my postorgasmic throbbing, I repositioned her on top of me, and I placed myself so that the pulsing would also press against her clit, while she rode slowly but steadily up and down on top of me. Her juicy slit opened wide, and hungrily swallowed-up my cock, as her widespread thighs slowly sank down on top of my legs. Getting comfortable now, she established a slow up-and-down, side-to-side bucking, swallowing my cock in her sweet pussy, then drawing upward and releasing, her tight, wet inner walls swallowing and releasing, swallowing and releasing.

Her steady plunging of her wide-open slit, up and down, up and down, over my long, thick cock, soon had her moaning my name, and clenching then releasing her tight pussy muscles around my cock. Clenching and releasing. Her pussy muscles squeezing me like that, made me very hard in a very short time, and I decided to see if I could really do as Cosmo said, and help her to achieve multiple orgasms. I then tried to control my pulsing and throbbing, so that my cock expanded precisely when her pussy muscles contracted; this would make the pressure against each other as tight as possible. While I can't really control my involuntary, post-orgasmic throbbing, I did manage to synchronize my expansions with her contractions a couple of times, and that was enough to bring her to a second orgasm. Her breathing was very fast and heavy, her moaning into my ear was loud, and I felt my cock getting DRENCHED in her hot, flowing love juices again. Once more, her uncontrolled and uncontrollable reactions to my thrusting and throbbing, made me feel like the greatest and sexiest lover in the world.

I now rolled her onto her right side, and I lay perpendicular to her (I was sideways across the bed). In this position, I began sliding my cock in and out of her. This, too, let me go deeper inside of her than in the missionary position, although perhaps not as deeply as when I had raised her legs earlier.

She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me, and she nuzzled her lips against my chest. I was surprised at how hard her passion was making me again, after I had already released one explosive orgasm. After about ten minutes of pounding in and out of her like this, I came again, almost as explosively as the first time. To my amazement and delight, my second orgasm triggered her third, accompanied by her flailing her arms and legs, wriggling her hips, shrieking, screaming, and moaning. Hey, this Cosmo multi-orgasm article was really ON to something! We lay in each other's arms for several minutes, with me still DEEPLY buried in her, as we both calmed down and regained our normal breathing patterns. Every time she squeezed her pussy muscles against my still-throbbing cock, she bucked her hips up-and-down, side-to-side, and she released yet another torrent of warm juices against the entire length of my shaft, until we had both long-since lost count of the number of her orgasms.

Finally, she said she was worn-out after two hours of me pounding her through three powerful, and an unknown number of lesser, orgasms. She only wanted to go to sleep now. So I slowly, if reluctantly, eased myself out of her now, so that I would not cause either of us pain or discomfort while withdrawing my thick shaft from her narrow slit. She rolled over onto her left side. I lay behind her, also on my left side, with my right arm draped over her sexy, curvaceous hip, and my right hand cupping her right breast. My semi-hard cock rested against the crack of her soft, smooth ass. We fell asleep in this position, as I gently kissed my way down her back, over her luscious and lovely ass cheeks, down the backs of her smooth, dark legs, and down to her feet, ankles, and toes. As I kissed her backside, she very softly moaned, right through her sleep. When I saw that she was finally asleep, I rolled her face-up, and I moved my head upward from her feet. I then nuzzled my lips lightly against her thick patch of dark pubic hair. Finally, I, too, drifted off to sleep, blissfully content in the knowledge that the gorgeous reddish-pink, flowery folds of her sweet femininity, would be the first sight to greet my awakening eyes -- and my licking tongue -- in the morning. Again, lucky me!

Tonight, I plan to give her the second birthday gift, a summer sun hat that she especially wanted for her birthday. Again, I am giving this gift to her to show her how much I love and care about her. While I expect nothing in return, I certainly will not object if her response is as passionate as it was last night.

To commemorate our week-long celebration of her birthday, my sweet, sexy, and loving Latina wrote the following wonderful poem, based on the 12 Days of Christmas. It is about the gifts I gave her. Reading this poem, I think she enjoyed my SEXUAL gifts, even more than she liked the ones that were wrapped in packages. Well, read her poem for yourslf, and YOU decide which types of gifts gave her the most enjoyment!

-- "Frank", Husband of "Latina"


Latina's Birthday Week Six days before my 48th birthday, my loving husband gave to me, A pair of gold earrings shaped liked little dolphins.

(He followed this up with kisses on, around, and MMMMMM! under my breasts. Then a long, slow massage on my clit OOOOOO, and last but certainly not least, 8 hard, throbbing inches of cock pumping SLLLAMMM! in and out of my pussy YEEEESSSS!)

Five days before my 48th birthday, my loving husband gave to me, A lightweight sun hat with front and rear sun visors, And a pair of gold earrings shaped liked little dolphins.

(He followed this up with a back rub with massage oil. Then reaching his strong, hairy arms around me and cupping and stroking my breasts, and pinching and rolling my nipples until they grew long and hard. Then lying me on my back to lick inside my pussy, OH--MY--GGGAWWWDDD!!! And finally, nibbling on my clit until I arched my back, bucked my hips upward, and came UNNNGHHH! right into his hungrily-lapping mouth.)

Four days before my 48th birthday, my loving husband gave to me, A sheer white, ruffled lace negligee with bra and G-string in my favorite shade of purple, A lightweight sun hat with front and rear sun visors, And a pair of gold earrings shaped liked little dolphins.

(I repaid him by kissing and nibbling his sensitive nipples, then kissing my way down his body, and finally licking his gorgeous SMACK! DROOL! 8-inch cock SLLLURRRP! until it was hard enough to take down my throat in one long, slow, swallowing gulp, SSSLLLIDDDE! where he finally spurted SQQQUISHH! and I gratefully, MMMM! OOOHHHH! swallowed GULP! GULP! GULP! enjoying the taste of every drop AHHHH!)

Three days before my 48th birthday, my loving husband gave to me, A framed copy of the lyrics to "our special song", A sheer white, ruffled lace negligee with bra and G-string in my favorite shade of purple, A lightweight sun hat with front and rear sun visors, And a pair of gold earrings shaped liked little dolphins.

(He followed up by kissing his way up my legs, rubbing my clit MMMMOANNN! until I was drenching wet SMMMACK! SQQQUISHH! and then turning it all into a terrific 69, with us exchanging lick for lick SLLLURRRP! his tongue licking my clit, and mine licking his cock head.)

Two days before my 48th birthday, my loving husband gave to me, A beautifully-engraved birthday card with flowery poetry about how much he loves me, A framed copy of the lyrics to "our special song", A sheer white, ruffled lace negligee with bra and G-string in my favorite shade of purple, A lightweight sun hat with front and rear sun visors, And a pair of gold earrings shaped liked little dolphins.

(He followed up by sitting me on the counter of our sink and, on his knees, he licked, sucked, and nibbled my pussy, then sucked my clit entirely into his mouth OHHHH! HONNNN-NNEY! until I violently bucked forward on the counter YES! OHHHH, YYYEEESSS! and I gushed my passion SQQQUISHH! all over his face.)

On the day before my 48th birthday, my loving husband gave to me, A pair of wolf-shaped redwood earrings to match my favorite wolf T-shirt, A beautifully-engraved birthday card with flowery poetry about how much he loves me, A framed copy of the lyrics to "our special song", A sheer white, ruffled lace negligee with bra and G-string in my favorite shade of purple, A lightweight sun hat with front and rear sun visors, And a pair of gold earrings shaped liked little dolphins.

(He followed-up by letting me rock back and forth and slide my outer pussy lips all along the whole length of his throbbing eight inches of pure manly studliness, then he planted his manhood deep inside of me as I rode up and down on his shaft YEEESSS! YEEESSS! OHHHH, YYYEEESSS! until both of us exploded GGGUUUSHHH! in mutual orgasm. Then we showered together, lovingly washing and stroking each other all over while the shower spray massaged us.)

On the day of my 48th birthday (today), my loving husband gave to me, A framed portrait he had a local artist paint of me, A pair of wolf-shaped redwood earrings to match my favorite wolf T-shirt, A beautifully-engraved birthday card with flowery poetry about how much he loves me, A framed copy of the lyrics to "our special song", A sheer white, ruffled lace negligee with bra and G-string in my favorite shade of purple, A lightweight sun hat with front and rear sun visors, And a pair of gold earrings shaped liked little dolphins.

Tonight's MY night to follow up, before he gets a chance to start the romance himself. Let's see, maybe I can start with cooking us a light, tasty, and nutritious dinner, then put on a romantic movie in the VCR. I definitely want a movie that will get him in the mood to lift my skirt and start stripping me naked. A romantic comedy, like When Harry Met Sally? A tasteful porno tape with a star who resembles me? He doesn't like anything mean, vicious, or sick, just warm and loving, same kinds of tapes I like. I know he likes Janette Littledove and Hyapatia Lee, because they are both dark-copmplexioned, dark-haiered, sexually- aggressive women like myself. Yes, that should DEFINITELY put him in the mood I want him to be in on this, my birthday night. Hmm, I guess I'd better not wear any panties UNDER my skirt tonight, so no time is lost removing additional clothing before his highly-skilled fingers, tongue, and cock can start to explore every inch of my soaking-wet interior.

Maybe after the movie, a bubble bath by candlelight, sipping sparkling apple cider together out of champagne glasses. Then put on that sheer white, ruffled lace negligee he just bought me, the one with bra and G-string in my favorite shade of purple. Maybe I'll let him slowly take this negligee off of me, let him kiss, lick, and nibble each new exposed area, as he slowly undresses me. While he does that, maybe I'll massage his firm and luscious ass cheeks, which always gets him moaning. Of course, if I REALLY want to make him moan, while he's eating me out so lovingly and masterfully, I could always plant my tongue against his balls, and excrutiatingly slowly lick my way up the underside of his beautiful, hard COCK, until I reach the head, then I could swallow his shaft whole, in one swift, hungry gulp, my mouth slinking up on him like a cat. Yes, that could DEFINITELY get the result I desire.

Oh, I'm sure we'll both be able to figure out SOMETHING creative and fun to do from that point on, and ways to keep the romance and passion going all night long. Whatever we decide to do, I just KNOW that I'll wake up happy tomorrow morning, just the way I want to be: with the sweet, creamy taste of his warm, sticky spunk still lingering so deliciously on my lips and tongue. Mmmmm! I can hardly wait to get started!


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