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Lucky Buildup Pt. I
by S. Joel Philips

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Sandra stood up on the table looking down at me and I was hers. Anything she wanted. As I stood looking up at her only inches away, she reached for the center zipper and all at once her outfit was crotchless. She stood legs far apart allowing me a view of the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. She was wet! As I watched she ran her right hand across her pubic hair and inserted her middle two fingers between those pink wet lips. Removing her hand slowly, she brought her fingers to my mouth offering me a taste of honey. As her fingers entered my mouth I could hardly contain the moans coming from my throat. She removed her fingers and brought her hands to the back of my head. Then she surprised me by bending down and bringing her lips to mine. Her kiss was soft and slow, mixed with little kisses and the light touch of our tongues. The rush of blood to my head had me suspended. I couldn't move, nor did I want to.

As we broke apart I realized her breathing was heavy and she was breaking out in a sweat. "could I be getting to her?" She got down from the table and as she untied me she looked at me and said, "I hope the steak and oysters have taken affect. Are you ready to get serious?" Serious, I thought, I've been nothing but serious.

I walked up to her and stood as close as I could get without touching. She smiled up at me, took my hand and led me to the workout room, carrying the brown bag with her. "if you think it has been crazy so far, just wait," she said.

After entering the room Sandra asked me to position the workout bench in the middle of the room directly under the rings hanging from the ceiling. As I was doing this she adjusted the large spotlight to shine on the bench. Then she turned to me and said, "still my rules. Ok?" "no problem," was my response.

Sandra then instructed me to remove my pants and boots and lie down face up on the bench. I did as she instructed. The bench being only about four and a half feet long left my legs from the knee down hung over with my feet on the floor. Sandra then went to the brown bag and removed four leather straps. I could feel a raging hard on beginning to form in anticipation. Then she tied my ankles to the legs of the bench and strapped my waist and arms to the middle. Next she placed a rolled up towel under my head to allow me to see my erection, which had grown bigger and harder than I had ever seen it. She took the last strap and ran it over my forehead and around the bench. I could not move.

Then Sandra turned out all the lights except the spotlight. I could hear her moving around but could not see her. Softly, music of Ravel's Bolero reached my ears. In the background I could hear the rustle of the paper bag. Sandra stood next to the bench, now completely disrobed, spreading oil with the fragrance of coconut all over her body. Then she put on a pair of rubber gloves. Taking a jar in her hand she stepped to the head end of the bench. Throwing her leg over she now straddled my face with her beautiful well oiled pussy. I strained for a taste but she perched on her toes just out of my reach. Then as she bent toward my erection my lips came in contact with her wetness. I could not believe the heat. I licked and sucked savoring every minute. Then I felt her hand rubbing my prick. As she bent over farther I began to see our reflection in the ceiling mirror. The feeling of the rubber glove was strange. Then she took some cream from the jar and spread it over my cock and balls. At first it was ice cold and then very hot. As she rubbed I noticed less and less what she was doing as I concentrated on the moist feast in above me. She grew wetter and wetter. Her juices began to run down her inner thighs. All at once she got up. I looked down at my prick. It was standing straight up. The head look as if it was ready to explode.

As I heard the bag open again I wondered what was next. Sandra came to my cock and before I knew what was happening I was sporting a french tickler.

As I looked up I saw the rings being lowered to just above my prick. Then Sandra took the ring ropes and twisted them around each other about a dozen times. To my amazement Sandra stepped up on the bench between my spread legs and inserted one leg into each ring, while holding the guide rope so she wouldn't start to spin. Next she lowered herself so that the rings rested behind her knees. Then she guided herself directly over my cock and slowly lowering herself further, her hot wet pussy encompassed my raging erection, tickler and all. To my surprise I could not feel myself inside her. As I watched she started a gyrating movement and the swing slowly began to unwind. She was moaning then panting then screaming with delight as the swing turned faster and faster. My heart was beating so fast I could see the pulse in my chest and I was breathing as if I had just run a mile, but I could not feel my prick. I was exhausted, but, not as exhausted as Sandra.

As the swing stopped Sandra took her legs out of the rings, without removing me from inside her. Then she laid down on top of me and fell asleep. This was the closest I had gotten to her, but I couldn't move and I still could not feel my cock.

I must have fallen asleep. When I awoke Sandra was gone and I was untied. I got up and walked through the conference room into the bedroom. No Sandra. As I entered the bathroom a note on the mirror said "rest. Take a jacuzzi. You'll need your strength." As I reached down between my legs everything seemed normal. What did she do to me?

As I checked the medicine cabinet I found a complimentary razor and shave cream, deodorant, mouth wash tooth paste and tooth brush along with a dozen condoms. Very thoughtful.

As I was about to shave, there was a knock. I put on the robe and went to answer the door. I ask who was there and the reply was "barber and manicure sir." "Sandra thinks of everything." As they entered they were followed by the dry cleaner returning Sandra's clothes and the waiter to clear away the dishes.

I sat in one of the oversize conference room chairs as the barber began to lather my face. The manicurist started to work on my right hand and as I leaned back I felt the first real relaxation in since I got up this morning. The barber finished and ask if I would like a hot face towel. "sure why not," I said." As the towel lay on my face any tension left was gone, except for an ache in my groin. As the barber removed the towel the manicurist was finishing up my left hand. The barber was about to leave when the manicurist asked if I would like a pedicure. "love it" I said. The barber told the manicurist he had another appointment and had to leave. She nodded and he left. She retrieved a small folding stool from the closet and sat down in front of me with my left foot on her lap. As she did so I realized my robe had opened slightly and I knew from where she was sitting she was seeing all of me. As she worked on my toe nails she rested the heel of my foot against her crotch. From time to time I could feel the increase and decrease of pressure against my foot. For the first time since she arrived I took a good look at the woman at my feet. Her skin was a deep olive color, her hair as black as coal. Her eyes, her eyes were dark blue, almost navy in color. The lodge uniform she wore fit like a glove. She could have gone anywhere the way she was dressed, except for the white nurses shoes. I asked her name and she replied "terry sir." I noted a slight accent and ask where she was from. "New Zealand" she said with a smile. As we spoke the phone rang. I asked terry to get it. It was the barber. He wanted to know how long she would be. He had a client waiting for her. She looked over at me asked if I would like her to finish up in a hurry or return a little later. I was enjoying our conversation so I said, "please come back."

As she left, terry said she would call me when she was free. I smiled and walked her to the door. As I opened the door for her she brushed against me and her hand found it's way to my balls. I jumped and she was gone.

Today has been the most remarkable day. I was bushed but I hit the switch to the pool. As the drapes parted I wondered where Sandra was.

I dropped my robe and dove into the pool. I swam about ten laps and felt my whole body going weak. I left the pool and dried off. I turned down the lights in the conference room, went to the bedroom, brushed my teeth and got into bed. It was just past midnight as I dozed off. I was awakened by the door opening but I decided not to move. I kept my eyes closed and was dozing when I felt the jell bed start to move. Then I felt the warm body up against my back and an arm come around me and cup my balls. Then to my shock I felt a second body in front of me. As I reached over I found her back was to me. My arm went around and my hand nestled on her left breast. This was not Sandra. This breast was much smaller but definitely a hand full. As I nuzzled closer I brought my knees up behind hers and the body behind me moved in as close as possible. We all drifted off to sleep. I slept like a baby the rest of the night. I was awakened by the sound of the jacuzzi. As I was getting out of bed I noticed my pedicure was finished. I smiled.

I entered the bathroom. Sandra was laying in the tub with the water churning around her. I made my way to the toilet, now realizing the lack of privacy. As I stood there relieving myself in front of Sandra , I couldn't believe the last 24 hours.

When I was done I asked if I could join her and she said "no time now. Maybe later." As she rose from the tub I offered to dry her but she said, "I'll dry under the heat lamps as I put myself together." "together" I thought." Most people don't look this good ever." I asked her what we were doing today. "riding" was her answer. As I was about to say I had nothing to wear, Sandra pointed at the closet. I opened the door and saw a soft black leather jump suit. She said "put it on. Its your size.

As I unzipped the front I noticed the inside was kidskin and as soft as fur. The suit had two zippers. One ran down the front to the waist and the other ran from the base of my spine through my crotch and up to my waist. I asked if she had picked up any underwear for me and she said. "what for?" I put on the outfit. It was tighter than skin tight. Sandra smiled and said, " perfect." The bulge in my pants showed every wrinkle on my cock. Even the head was outlined. As I reached for my boots I could feel the movement of the kidskin against me. I was getting turned on just moving, and it showed. Every inch. As I put on my boots and looked in the mirror I was pleased, as was Sandra.

There was a knock on the door. "get that. It must be breakfast," said Sandra. Breakfast was packed in a small carry-all. "we are eating on the road", Sandra said. "you don't mind do you?"

As she entered the room she blew me away again. We were wearing the same outfit. The only difference being she had zippers across her breasts which gave the appearance of pockets. Believe me, there were no pockets and there was very little left to the imagination. Before we left the room she called the desk to secure another night. I checked our funds. We were down to about five grand. I put four thousand in the wall safe and I tucked the rest in my boot. We grabbed the keys, our helmets and the carryall and out we went.

When we reach the bike Sandra informed me she was driving and assured me she knew how. I had let her have her way up till now. Why change?

We started up the highway. The clock on the instrument panel said 7:32am. It was a hazy day, very humid but not too hot. Sandra made a few turns as if she knew right where she was heading. We left the main road and started into a wooded area. The path we were traveling was just wide enough for the bike to pass. After about 15 minutes we came to a beautiful clearing. At the far end was a very tall water fall. The sound of the water cascading down was like thunder and the mist rising from the bottom looked like steam.

Sandra parked the bike and brought the carry-all to a spot near the falls. Opening the carry-all, she removed a blanket and we spread it on the grass. I started to remove the food containers but Sandra had other ideas. "swim first. Eat later, " she said. As we peeled off our clothes that old feeling was back in my groin.

Sandra walked out on the rocks looking like a goddess. She had taken down her hair. It was very long and looked so soft, blowing in the mist. As I watched, Sandra disappeared into the spray. I put one foot in the water and was shocked. Cold could not describe the temperature. Frigid was more appropriate. I decided to move down to the pool and dive in. When I hit the cold water my breath left me, but it was better fast than slow torture. I spotted Sandra standing on a big boulder. She motioned me to her. As I joined her I noticed she was looking down at a hole in the rock. It was about 3 feet across and no telling how deep. A stream of water ran into the hole but no water overflowed. It seemed very strange. Sandra asked me to lower myself into the hole and see if I could touch bottom. As I did as she asked I noticed the water was very warm in the hole. As my shoulders were about to go under water my feet touched bottom. Sandra said, "perfect." She told me not to move, as if I could. She went to the blanket and retrieved one of the food containers. When she returned, she told me to put my hands at my sides. This was difficult as the hole was narrow. Then she sat with her legs around the hole, her exposed pussy inches from my face. As I watched, she ran her hand down her body, through her pubic hair and then inserted her fingers between her already moist lips. "would you like some breakfast?" She asked. I licked my lips. "my way. Right?" She said. "any way you want it." I replied.

She continued to stimulate herself for a few minutes. She removed her hand and ran her well lubricated fingers across my lips. I reached with my tongue but she quickly stopped me. She said, "why go for second hand when the source is available." I leaned forward. Her sweet taste and the fragrance of leather had my manhood stiff. I tried to reach my prick but the hole I was standing in was too tight. Sandra moved my head away. As she did so, she was peeling a banana she had removed from the carry-all. Sandra put the entire banana in her mouth, letting it slide down her throat. I'd heard about deep throat but had never seen it done. It was incredible. As she moved the banana in and out, I imagined what this would feel like on my cock.

She removed the banana and asked me if I would like to start breakfast with bananas and cream. "would I!" Was my reply. She took the banana, spread the lips of her pussy and inserted it until only a inch remained visible, looked at me, smiled and said, "breakfast is served."

As my mouth encompassed the end of the banana and our lips met, I could feel my erection hitting the rock wall of the hole I was standing in. I wanted to be in a hole, but this was not the one.

I slowly sucked and nibbled away at the banana, amazed at the erotic sensation and the sweet taste. I look up to find Sandra rubbing and pinching her nipples, as a soft moaning sounds came from her throat. After all we had been through, this was the most turned on I had seen her. When I finished the banana, I continued to lick and suck her clit, which had hardened like a small penis. All at once her legs tightened around my neck and her hands were at the back of my head, holding my face to her wetness. Her juices flowed so heavily I thought I would drown. As she released me I realized my face and her thighs were completely covered. I started to run my tongue down her thigh when she turned her body away from me. She took my head in her hands and covered my face with kisses ending with her tongue dancing across mine. Sandra stood up. She bent over me putting her hands under my chin and before I knew what was happening I was sitting on the edge of the hole. I could not believe she was strong enough to lift me. We returned to the blanket and finished our breakfast in the normal fashion. As we were finishing up, she looked straight into my eyes and said, "tonight I'll have a special treat for you. Please take a nap and I'll be back for you at noon. Please trust me." She got up, dressed, got on the bike and off she went. I tried to nap with no success. I was horny as hell. I thought of jerking off but it occurred to me I was enjoying being constantly turned on. I decided to take another swim in the icy river. I finished my swim and got dressed. As I was packing up the carry-all, I heard some voices from the direction of the river. As I looked across I saw a canoe with a man and woman paddling up stream to the falls. They left the water on the opposite side of the river and spread a blanket, stood, and off came their clothes. They ran for the river, and as they dove in I thought I recognized the woman. I had to see if I was right. I made my way down stream to a point where I new they couldn't see me. I crossed the river at a shallow spot and worked my way up to where I could get a good look. They had left the water and were lying on their stomachs facing away from me. He started running his hand slowly up and down her back, moving closer and closer to her ass, then, over her cheeks and up between her legs. She shifted a bit to allow his hand to move into her most private area. As his hand moved, her hips began a churning movement that made me think of the movement of a hoola dancers hands. After about ten minutes, he removed his hand and rolled over on his back. I was amazed to see the size of this guys erection. It was about average length but twice as thick as mine. The woman got up on her knees and facing me she straddled his prick. It was lost in her fur covered cunt. As she started to move her hips front and back, grinding her pussy into him, she looked up and spotted me. At that same moment I recognized her. It was terry, the manicurist. She smiled straight at me and mouthed the word, "later." I smiled as I made my way back across the river and to the clearing where I was to meet Sandra. I was watching terry and her friend get dressed and start back down the river, when I heard Sandra returning. She looked as glad to see me as I was to see her. We folded the carry-all, which was now empty, and I opened the carrier on the bike to put it away, only to find the carrier full of packages. I slid the carry-all into the saddle bag and didn't say a word. I figured, I'll know soon enough. We headed back to the lodge and parked the bike. Sandra insisted I not touch the packages. She had a bell boy take them to our suite. As we walked around we noticed many activities going on. Sandra ask what I would like to do. I thought for a moment and whispered in her ear, "get my rocks off." She smiled and said, "there are many ways to do that. Watch." Sandra led me to the main house. She announced, "we're going to play bingo." Bingo I thought. Bingo doesn't get me off. We sat down and bought just one card. The prize was, being named king and queen of tonight's theme dance and a complete body treatment at the spa for two. Sandra looked at me and said, "remember, your the luckiest person alive." The caller only called out four numbers and I yelled bingo. People turned and looked in disbelief. We had won.

It was only 1:30 in the afternoon and we decided to go directly to the spa. We entered and were greeted by Borus and Becky. They had been assigned to take care of our every need. We were asked if we preferred separate dressing rooms or to share a double. We decided to share. Borus ask us to disrobe, wrap a towel around ourselves and join them at the geisha room.

We entered the geisha room and found Borus and Becky waiting for us. Borus was wearing what I would describe as a loin cloth and Becky, a g-string bikini. Becky led us to two wooden tubs that looked like oversized beer kegs. Borus walked up to me, removed my towel, and lifted me under the arms placing me in the tub of hot water. He then did the same to Sandra. We sat there soaking, not knowing what was next. About twenty minutes passed and Borus lifted Sandra from the tub placing her on a wooden stool. He then did the same for me. I was very relaxed. Becky came over to us and told us we were to be washed. She asked who we would prefer to have wash us. I chose Becky and Sandra, Borus. They started by shampooing our hair and then soaping our bodies. I was so relaxed I did not feel the slightest bit uncomfortable or aroused, nor did Sandra.

When they completed the soaping, Borus again picked each of us up in turn placing us in a large pool of hot water. They joined us in the pool and removed all the soap from our bodies. Then we were led to the shower for a final rinse. After the rinse we again put into the hot tubs of clean water to soak for ten minutes.

Borus returned and carried each of us to the massage room placing us on two tables next to each other. Borus asked Sandra who she preferred to massage her and she chose Becky. So did I.

Sandra insisted I go first. Becky started with my toes, working each and then moved to my arches. I could feel my whole body start to respond. As she moved up my legs it was almost as though I was falling asleep from the feet up. Moving across the cheeks of my ass, she started at the base of my spine. Inch by inch she meticulously worked her way to the back of my head and to my shoulders. Then she turned me over and massaged from foot to head, skipping only the area of my deepest ache. Becky covered my hips with the towel and moved over to Sandra's table.

As I looked at Sandra's reflection in the ceiling mirror, I noticed her heavier than normal breathing. Was it from watching Becky or watching me?

Becky turned Sandra on her stomach. Then she took a container of hot scented oil from a heater on the wall and filled a small bowl. She placed the bowl on a cart next to Sandra's table. Becky placed both her hands into the oil and started to work the oil into Sandra's feet and legs. She worked slowly to make sure all the oil was absorbed in Sandra's skin. Becky continued until Sandra's back was completely done and then rolled her over on her back. Sandra was asleep. Becky resumed at Sandra's feet, using the hot oil and rubbing ever so gently. She worked her way up Sandra's legs over her hips across her stomach and as she approached Sandra's breasts I noticed her hands begin to tremble. She oiled the base of Sandra's breast never getting close to her nipples. As she leaned across Sandra, reaching for her right arm, Sandra's arms came around Becky and unfastened her bikini top and removed it. I turned my head switching my gaze from the ceiling mirror. Becky and Sandra were together as they moved in a circular motion breast to breast. My cock started to jump. Here we go again.

After a few minutes, Becky moved away, going to the foot of the table. Then, to my amazement she raised a pair of stirrups and placed Sandra's legs in them. Then she folded down the end section of the table to allowing her to move between Sandra's legs. This left Sandra completely exposed. Next Becky put a vibrator on each hand. Starting at Sandra's knees, she moved her vibrating hands along her inner thighs, coming closer and closer to Sandra's most sensitive region. As her hands reached Sandra's pussy and her fingers covered the pubic hair, her thumbs disappeared, burring themselves between Sandra's moist lips.

Sandra gasped, as she broke out in a sweat. She raised her hips for a few seconds and collapsed. Becky removed her hands and replaced them with her lips, then slowly she ran her tongue in and out of Sandra's pussy. Becky stood up and brought the table end into position, lowered Sandra's legs and folded down the stirrups. As she was walked toward to me Sandra shouted, "please don't touch him." Becky put the towel back on Sandra and as she left the room she turned the lights very low and said, "sweet dreams."

To my surprise, we both slept till about 5:00pm. Awakening, we dressed and headed back to our suite to get ready for tonight's dance. When we got back to the room we found a letter of Congratulations on being chosen king and queen of the theme night dance. The letter went on to say, the theme for tonight would be, "guys and dolls." The lodge had sent up a selection of costumes we might like or we could dress as we please.

Sandra looked through the men's costumes first and chose a very wide lapel, wide shoulder, zoot suit jacket. She told me to wear it over my leather jump suit. It didn't look like much to me, but if she liked it, I'd wear it.

I asked her what she had chosen. "let me surprise you," Sandra said, "I think this is going to be a night to remember." I thought, "every minute with Sandra is unforgettable."

It was still too early to get ready to go so Sandra called down for a manicure. I hoped it would be terry.

I asked Sandra if she would like to take a swim. She declined, because she had to do something with her hair before the dance, but told me to go ahead. I hit the pool switch and as the curtains parted I removed my clothes. I swam a few laps and decided to call it quits. I left the pool and went to the workout room. I had to work off some of the sexual frustration. I started by bench pressing some weights, then to the rowing machine and finally I turned on the sun bed and got on. I took about 20 minutes of sun and then headed for a shower. As I entered the bathroom I could hear the shower running. I thought, "my turn to surprise her." I was wrong again. I opened the door to enter and there before me, soaping each other down, were Sandra and terry. I asked to join them. "only if you promise to obey us" replied Sandra. "don't I always?" I responded.


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by S. Joel Philips.

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