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Lucky Buildup Pt. I
by S. Joel Philips

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Sandra moved me between them. As Sandra moved her body against my back, terry put her hands on either side of my face and drew my lips to hers for a deep and intimate exchange. I could feel my prick rising and sliding between terry's legs. I thought I was finally about to get off, when Sandra whispered in my ear, "it's really me you want." And I felt myself go limp. We all left the shower together. Terry and Sandra went over and used the bidet, and then toweled each other down as I watched, dripping wet. "what about me?" I asked.

Terry came over and dropped to her knees in front of me. She leaned forward and caught my soft member with her lips and tongue. The feeling of an orgasm was building as far back as my ass hole. As I got hard, she removed my prick from her mouth. I looked down and could see the pre-come oozing from the tip. Sandra quickly grabbed the jar of cream and stuck the head of my prick in it. Oh shit. The ice cold feeling started and then the heat. Next I was numb and soft. Horny, never the less. Sandra turned to terry. "too close. Its not time yet." I put my robe on and joined the ladies in the conference room, where terry was doing Sandra's nails. Sandra told me terry was going to be our guest at the dance tonight. I was to escort Sandra, and terry would go as my henchman, dressed as a guy. It sounded like fun. At 8:pm I started to dress. I put the on leather outfit and was about to put my boots on, when Sandra said, "please take a shower. "I reminded her I had taken a shower, but she said, "with the leather outfit on this time." I looked at her and she just said, "trust me." I took the shower. When I stepped out, Sandra told me to stand under the lamps and I would be dry in no time. I was dry in minutes. But the suit was now tighter than ever. It was soft enough to move in but as tight as my own skin. Even tighter, leaving nothing to the imagination. I felt as if I could count the hairs on my balls.

Sandra entered the room dressed in a 1920's flapper dress which was just long enough to cover the tops of her stockings. The front of the dress was tied together between Sandra's breasts leaving about a half inch slit to just below her waist, where it ended with a heart shaped pin. She was wearing the highest heeled shoes I had ever seen. Her hair was arranged on the top of her head and surrounded by the small crown the lodge provided.

"you like?" She asked. I was speechless. Then she told me that the real surprise was under her dress. She lifted the dress above her waist to reveal a strange devise attached to her crotchless panties. The heart shaped pin was fastened to the waist band of her panties and from it a piece of clear hard plastic ran down over her pubic bone and between her lips. It had a cutout almost at the end that circled her clit. "what is it?" I stammered.

She handed me a small plastic disk with a button and a dial on it. She said, "press the button and watch closely. As I pressed the button, the red heart shaped pin started to glow, and the plastic bar started to vibrate very slowly. Sandra's hands began to tremble. I slowly turned the dial and as the vibration increased, Sandra grabbed on to me for support. I hit the button again and it stopped. Sandra lowered her dress, and with an almost pleading look in her eyes, kissed me ever so lightly on the lips. As our lips parted I realized, Sandra and I were almost exactly the same height. The high heels she was wearing must be over four inches. The thought of the shoes were enough to start a fire in my groin, but I already had an inferno going for this lady. We entered the conference room as terry was finishing dressing. She wore a man's black tuxedo. She added a mustache and a black hat to hide her hair. With no makeup she looked just like a short gangster, right down to the bulge in her paints. I wondered, if she had to relieve her self tonight, which bathroom would she use. Before we left for the dance, Sandra called room service and ordered a late dinner for 2:00 am. She turned to me, put her arms around my neck and said so softly only I could hear, "its your turn. Anything." We embraced and for the first time since we met, I experienced a feeling of pleasure without being consumed by lust.

We arrived at the main entrance to the ball room and were met by the host. He signaled the band and we were trumpeted in and led to the head table.

The table was made of tinted glass. As we were seated we were joined by our host and his assistant. After we were seated I noticed our host, ward, was having a hard, and I mean hard, time concentrating. His eyes repeatedly fell to the glass table and the erotic view of Sandra's legs. Her skirt was hiked up just above her stocking tops. His assistant, Lisa, a beautiful red head with large green eyes, was trying to keep him from drooling as she blushed from the embarrassment he was causing her. I was enjoying his discomfort.

As we got acquainted, I found Lisa to be a very intelligent, and I found ward to be a moron. Ward, it seems, was the owners nephew. Lisa actually ran the social events for the lodge.

Champagne was delivered to our table. The band played a fan fair and our host proposed a toast to the king and queen, as we were led to the dance floor. The band began to play "Stardust," as I took Sandra in my arms for our first dance. I held her close against me, and as we moved to the music her body melted into mine. My desire was growing and I knew Sandra could feel my erection against her. Sandra turned her head slightly and began to nibble on my ear, as the music ended. Hand in hand we returned to our table. Sandra sat between terry and me, leaving me sitting next to Lisa.

After a few minutes of polite conversation around the table, I felt Lisa's hand on my leg and moving in the direction of my hard on. Everyone was watching her hand through the table and as I looked over at Sandra, I sensed she was getting upset. Sandra reached over on terry's lap, unzipped her pants, reached right in and came out with about a twelve inch cock. Sandra started to pump the cock. Ward almost shit in his pants. Lisa's hand left my lap as she screamed out, "oh my god!" With that, Sandra gave a yank on the cock and out it came. She smiled and handed it to Lisa. A roar of laughter and applause went up from the crowd as Sandra stood and took a bow.

Ward asked Sandra to dance and I asked Lisa. As we danced close I looked over Lisa's shoulder at Sandra, who was staring back at me. I smiled, reached into my pocket, and pressed the button. Sandra jumped only slightly, as I had the dial turned down very low. She looked over at me with a look that told me this device may have been a mistake. I hit the button, looked over at Sandra and mouthed "sorry," to her.

The smile on her face warmed my heart and at that moment there was no other woman in the world I wanted. Lisa and I returned to the table. Lisa excused herself and terry and I were left alone. Terry told me she was very fond of Sandra and me and would be sorry to see the night end. It was her last day at this location and on Monday she would be reporting for a new job in up state New York, near Niagara Falls. I told her we felt the same about her and hoped one day to see her again. Sandra returned to the table with ward, and as he sat down, Sandra took my hand and led me out onto the balcony. We walked to the railing overlooking the lake. Sandra turned toward me and our lips met in a hot, passionate kiss, our tongues entwining, our hands all over each other. Sandra reached between us, lowered my zipper, and took my rock hard cock in her hand. We turned so Sandra had he back to the crowd dancing inside. She raised the front of her skirt, spread her legs slightly and inserted my erection in her hot, very wet pussy. I stood very still as we kissed and Sandra used the muscles inside her to squeeze and further excite me. After a few minutes she reached into my jacket pocket and pressed the button. The feeling was not to be believed. Sandra grabbed me tight, and as she did so, I reached in and turned up the dial. I could feel the vibration, but even stronger was tightening and loosening around my cock as Sandra reached orgasm after orgasm. I felt myself, after two days of repression, building to a monumental release. A feeling of glorious pain and pleasure started in my balls, racing through my engorged cock and into Sandra's hot, pulsating cunt, filling her to capacity. It seemed my orgasm would last forever, but all good thing must come to an end. I reached into my pocket and hit the button turning off the vibrator and bringing us back to earth.

As I looked down I discovered our legs were covered with our juices. We couldn't go back to the dance. We took the stairs to the lake to avoid the crowd. As Sandra stepped into the sand, she caught my arm, realizing she would not be able to walk with the high heels she was wearing.

Sandra sat on the steps and as I knelt before her to remove her shoes, the view of her moist lips and the vibrator arm still in place, started the all too familiar feeling in my groin. I ran my hands along her inner thighs, feeling her quiver as I moved upward. I slowly removed her damp stockings, savoring the feeling of her soft skin. As I helped her stand, her arms found their way around my neck, and as our lips met, the feeling of lust was replaced by warmth and caring I had never experienced before.

We started up the beach, hand in hand. It was a beautiful star filled, moonlit night with just a slight breeze coming off the water. We could see a few small boats on the lake with couples holding each other and exchanging kisses. At that moment I felt only the desire to be with Sandra the rest of my life and could not imagine her not being there. As I stopped for a moment to take off my boots Sandra waded to her knees and as I watched her in the moonlight slid smoothly into the water with barely a ripple. As she turned and started out of the water her dress molded itself to her. As she came toward me her beauty took my breath away . She embraced me and whispered softly, "lets go back to the room and make love." Love is a word she had never used before. My heartbeat became rapid with the thought that she was having the same feelings I was experiencing.

We entered the room and as quickly as I could close the door, her dress was at her feet. She stood there clad in only her crotchless panties and the red pin vibrator. Then, her mood changed. She ran for her robe, claiming she was cold, but I could tell something was wrong.

We took two chairs and sat facing one another. Sandra, with tears forming in her eyes, said, "I feel so cheap. This all started as a game, but I can't go on any longer. Your not just another guy anymore and I don't know what to do."

I held her hands and said, "lets just get some fresh clothes on. Dinner will be here in a few minutes and we can just enjoy a beautiful night together. No rules."

I changed into my suit and Sandra did the same. We looked as if we were going to a business meeting when the food arrived. The waiter asked if he could serve us, and we accepted. No words were spoken throughout diner but our eyes never parted.

When we finished the waiter cleared the remains and departed. Sandra remarked, "it was a shame we only had one dance. It was so wonderful." I went to the control panel, turned the stereo to a dance station and offered Sandra my hand. I turned out all the lights except the small spotlight over the table. Hitting another switch, the table started revolving very slowly. I escorted Sandra to the edge of the table and lifted on to it. Joining her on the table I took her in my arms and we danced, the only two people on earth. Song after song ended as we swayed to the music with our lips caressing and our hearts beating as one.

As the light of dawn crept around the drapes we left the table and went to the bedroom. Sandra asked if I'd like to know what was in the last package. I said I would and she took out a double harness like none I'd ever seen. She told me this was to be the big game, but now she was having second thoughts about using it. I asked where all the ideas came from. She told me they were all fantasies she had imagined, and wanted to try. I replied," if you would like to try this one, I would love to be in your fantasy.

She walked to me and kissed me deeply, her breathing becoming short in anticipation of what was to come.

Sandra removed my clothes and then proceeded to remove hers, leaving only the panties and vibrator in place. She took the double harness apart and handed me one half, instructing me on how to put it on. It was almost like a jock with no front. It went around my waist. A strap ran from each hip across in front, under my balls and up between my cheeks fastening to the waistband. At each hip and at my asshole were clip rings. Sandra's half of the harness was identical, with the addition of clip hooks attached to her rings.

Sandra went to the night stand, picked up the vibrator control. We approached the bed together. Sandra lay back on the bed, legs spread wide and said, "please put your cock in me now and stay still." I climbed on the bed positioned myself between her legs, slowly entered her very wet pussy and stopped. Sandra reached between us and up under my balls, hooked our belts together with the clip hook and then did the same at our hips. I was inside, but could not move. Sandra reached over and turned down the lights and said "good night." There was no way I could sleep. I had an erection inside the woman of my dreams and couldn't move. Then it happened. I felt her muscles working my manhood. What a feeling. Within minutes I was exploding, with no where to run. As my flow subsided, I realized I had not lost my erection, but it was so sensitive every muscle contraction Sandra made was torture; or was it pleasure?

To my surprise, Sandra pressed the control button, turned up the vibrator to high and threw it across the room. She started to quiver and shake as she had orgasm after orgasm, her breasts heaving against my chest and her nails digging deeply into my back, raking from my shoulders to my waist. My fingers held her hair, as our lips devoured each others, and our tongues reach to their limits. My heart was racing as I got hard and came, only to get hard and come again. This went on and on until we both slept from exhaustion.

A knock on the door awoke me and I realized Sandra was gone, as was the harness. I put on my robe and went to the door. It was terry. She smiled and handed me an envelope, kissed my cheek and said good-bye.

I closed the door, opened the letter and read;

Honey, I write to you this way because I know if I tried and say good-by to your face, I could never leave. The last two days have been the most exciting and romantic I have ever experienced. I will never forget you but I just can't let this go any further. What started out to be a wild experiment in fantasy for me became a passionate love I couldn't control. It's better this way. I'll never forget You. Love, Sandra

P.S. Please remember. "your the luckiest person alive. Believe it.

This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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