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Lucky Buildup Pt. II
by S. Joel Philips

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 11 parts for faster page loading.

Leaving the elevator we headed for the master bedroom. There was no disappointment in this room either. The room was large, with the only furniture being the round king size bed in the middle of the room. The room was surrounded on three sides with closets, which on closer inspection revealed shelf and drawer space galore. The rear wall was glass with a sliding door access to a balcony overlooking the back yard.

I decided to get out of my travel clothes and into shorts and tee shirt, as the weather was very hot. Barbara left to do the same, but Sandra just dropped her dress and said "I'm ready".

Standing there clad only in a pair of thongs and heels, she looked great. As I stepped toward her she stopped me. "this wasn't meant as an invitation," she said. "I have nothing to wear but this. All my clothes are at my place and I'd like to pick them up as soon as we can."

Trying to ignore her nudity, I removed my shirt and asked her to give me a hand getting my pants off over the cast. I unfastened my belt and was about to unzip when I heard that familiar , "stop!"

Sandra came to me and fastened my belt. She then asked for my pen knife, which I handed her, semi reluctantly. She proceeded to cut off the legs of my pants as short as possible.

After completing the tailoring job she reached up the left leg of my shorts and adjusted my growing erection so it lay comfortably down my leg with the head almost covered by the shorts, which were cut about two inches above the cast.

As Sandra was finishing up Barbara returned wearing a tight tee shirt and tennis skirt with white socks and tennis shoes. Knowing Barbara, my guess was she wore nothing under the skirt. As I pondered the absence of her panties my erection reached the cast.

Sandra, noticing my condition put her dress back on. Barbara, reading my thoughts, lifted her skirt to reveal she was wearing pants under her skirt. This combination shortened my physical problem considerably, but mentally the ladies were doing it to me again.

Sandra and I left to pick up her clothes. Barbara chose to stay at home and get a few things done. We told her we would be back at about eight and not to wait dinner.

It took about an hour to get to Sandra's apartment and another hour to pack and load her clothes. It was just three o'clock and we had the afternoon to ourselves.

Sandra suggested the mall and some light shopping. As it was not too difficult getting around on crutches I agreed to give it a try. Walking around the mall brought back memories of the day we first met, and when Sandra asked if I was hungry, I knew what was on her mind. The waitress in the restaurant. I couldn't remember her name but I checked my wallet and found her note. "you could be next. Stacy"

Sandra turned to me and smiled. Off we went to find Stacy. On entering the elevator, Sandra, still wearing her dress but now wearing sandals, reached under her dress and slid off her panties.

"nothing like being prepared" she said.

We entered the restaurant and asked for Stacy, we were informed she no longer worked there but if we were looking for her she was now working in Macy's on the main floor in the ladies dept.

Deciding to take the escalator down could have been tragic, for as we descended we noticed a gentleman on the escalator below us looking up. Sandra, being Sandra, assisted his attempts to get a look by fluffing her skirt. Her timing caused the man below us to loose his balance and fall atop the lady in front of him just as she was reaching the platform. This became even more embarrassing as people realized why he had fallen. This caused a pile up at the bottom of his escalator and it to be turned off.

Then, with all of this happening, a lady right in front of me turned around to see what caused all of this and came face to face with my erection creeping down my leg.

Her reaction was not as expected. She leaned forward and kissed it right on the head, looked up at me and smiled. As we reached our landing we scurried, as best we could, to the elevator and down to the ground floor and Macy's.

Sandra entered the ladies department alone. I followed at a distance just to see what would happen. Stacy, spotting Sandra, and came right over. They talked for a few moments and Stacy started to show Sandra some dresses.

As I joined them Stacy greeted me with a gorgeous smile and a wink.

Sandra picked a dress and headed for the dressing room with Stacy close behind. Stacy unlocked the dressing room and they both entered. After a few moments Sandra popped her head out and asked me to join them.

I entered the dressing room and was not at all surprise at what I found. There. Standing on the bench, stood Stacy, clad in only a garter belt and stockings. Sandra gestured to me and I buried my face deep into Stacey's dense pubic area allowing the fragrance of mint to send cold shivers through my body.

As I worked my tongue along Stacey's fur covered lips, moisture began to build. I was having trouble catching my breath when I felt Sandra's teeth kneading the head if my dick , which was now reaching the cast.

I needed release but Sandra had other ideas. After torturing me for only moments she removed her dress and joined Stacy standing on the bench. As I pulled back to see what was going on my head was forced back to Stacey's flowing cunt were I remained for the next five minutes.

Next, Sandra asked me to lie down on the bench. She proceeded to place her pussy, fragrant and wet, over my face as she placed her face in Stacey's saturated bush. It took only moments for my tongue to find Sandra's clit. I licked and sucked her until my face was saturated and the flow became so heavy I thought I was going to drown. Moving to the rear I proceeded to give Sandra a wet rim job which had her gyrating in moments.

As Sandra's passion subsided I again realized I did not get off and it looked like I wasn't going to. I was right, for as the ladies fondled, kissed and finally dressed, I was ignored. But I knew my time would come.

Our leaving the dressing room startled a few shoppers but what else is new when Sandra is around. Sandra gave Stacy our address and phone number before we left, along with a good sale.

We were heading for the car when I realized my bike was still at the old apartment. . It was getting late and we had about an hours drive ahead of us but Sandra said she would love to ride it back if I could handle the car. I could so we went to pick up the bike.

Watching Sandra pull off on the bike was a joy. Her dress was up over the tank and as she rode the wind exposed her from her navel to her pubic area and of coarse she enjoyed the occasional attention she received until we entered the turnpike. There she attracted the attention of two trucks, one on each side. She was between them and they both strained to get a better look.

This went on for a good five minutes until Sandra got tired of it. She hit the throttle and away she went. I could not keep up so I took it easy and figured she be home when I got there.

When I arrived the bike was parked in the driveway along with a few other cars which were not familiar to me. Sandra came out to greet me and told me we had company. Earnie, Joan and captain Mark had all stopped by at Barbara's invitation, as a little welcome home party. Barbara and Mark had lobster and steak cooking while Earnie and Joan entertained themselves on the tennis court.

Sandra had arrived only minutes before me and had not had time to meet Joan, Earnie or Mark so I proceeded to make the introductions. Joan, being Barbara's sister, was a little taken back with my new relationship because she originally set me up with Barbara and wanted us together.

As it turned out Barbara, still being one of my closest friends, had found Mark. Everyone in the room could see that she and Mark adored each other and I knew from Barbara, Mark was as uninhibited as she was. My only thought was, could the world stand another pair like Sandra and me.

Joan and Earnie, now that's another story. Earnie was a wild man in high school and college but when he met Joan it was all over. They settled down quickly and had a son, Jason .

Before eating, Sandra and I went upstairs to get cleaned up. As Sandra showered, I soaked in the tub with my cast propped up on the side, reflecting back on the past two weeks. My sex life had grown in proportion to my wealth. Could I maintain either? It sure will be fun trying.

Deep in though I did not notice Sandra leave the shower until I felt her applying soap to my body starting at my neck and moving down across my chest. The stirring began in earnest as she crossed my belly button. She bypassed my pubic area and continued down my good leg. Returning to the other end of the tub she was able to wash my back. And upon completion handed me the soap to finish.

Just another Sandra tease.

I stood, rinsed myself off the best I could and left the tub expecting to find Sandra waiting for me in the bedroom. She had dressed quickly and gone downstairs.

As I dressed there was a knock on the door and Earnie entered. He wanted to talk so I listened.

It seems he and Joan were having some sex problems. Earnie wanted a little sexual excitement put back in his life but Joan was a prude in that department. He wanted to know if we might help. I of coarse had no problem with helping and knowing Sandra she'd love it.

I asked Earnie how far he wanted to go and he said we would have to judge for ourselves. We left it at that and Earnie went back downstairs.

I joined the group just as the steaks were coming off the grill and as we sat around the table devouring the food, of coarse the conversation turned to sex, the stimuli being my description of Sandra eating asparagus in cream sauce, an event I will never forget.

I could see Barbara and Mark getting turned on but I also noticed Joan squirming in her seat, just a little uncomfortable with the conversation.

As we finished diner I went to the cd player for some music, taking Sandra with me. As we looked through the cd's I filled her in on my conversation with Earnie. She said, "leave it to me".

Everyone moved to the living room area. As we were taking our seats I noticed Sandra slide in next to Joan on the couch. We were getting settled when the doorbell rang. Being the closest, Earnie answered the door. In came Stacy wearing a white blouse, short, tight, black straight skirt and very high black pumps.. Sandra had invited her for the night, unbeknownst to me.

Earnie was taken back by her. He followed her back to the living room, never taking his eyes off of her tight ass and great legs.

I could see Joan was a little upset with Earnie's obvious display of attention, but I noticed her getting even more flustered because Sandra's hand had come to rest on her leg.

I introduced Stacy to everyone and we all got comfortable , that is almost all, for Joan was very uneasy as Sandra's hand began to wonder. Lucky for Joan, she had worn jeans rather than a skirt or Sandra might have been in her pants by now.

The conversation was very light until Earnie asked Stacy how we met, and Stacy, being an outgoing person, proceeded to describe every detail of our first encounter. By the time she was finished my erection had grown and everyone in the room looked as horny as hell, even Joan, who now had her own hand buried between her legs as Sandra messaged the back of her neck.

As Stacy finished her story, captain mike asked Barbara to dance and Earnie asked Stacy. At this point Joan was feeling no pain and paid no attention to Earnie.

As the two couples danced I contemplated joining the ladies on the couch but held back because I wasn't sure if Earnie would approve of me getting involved with Joan. My apprehension was short lived when I saw Earnie and Stacy disappear into the back yard and mike and Barbara head up the stairs.

I moved onto the couch next to Sandra and began by fondling her breasts as Joan looked on. Then slowly I removed her top and exposed her perfectly formed breasts. Joan, being totally caught up in the moment, formed no resistance when Sandra leaned in an their lips met for what turned out to be a long, deep passionate kiss which left them both breathless and sexually excited.


This story was split into 11 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 11 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by S. Joel Philips.

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