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Lucky Buildup Pt. II
by S. Joel Philips

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 11 parts for faster page loading.

Sandra, now taking the lead, stood bringing Joan with her . As their lips met for a second time I moved behind Joan and slid her jeans to the floor, revealing a sight I had not seen in a very long time. Full panties. You know. The kind your grandmother wore. But under her panties were two of the tightest, firmest cheeks I'd ever seen.

As their kiss ended Sandra lifted Joan's shirt over her head and off, revealing her almost non existent breasts with enormous aroused nipples. Joan had a perfect example of an athletic body, tuned to perfection with daily strenuous workouts.

Standing behind Joan and reaching around I took her aroused nipples between my thumb and index finger, rolling and tweaking them at will as Sandra dropped to her knees and buried her face in Joan's dense black bush.

Joan tried to pull away but was caught between Sandra and me. I held Joan. Sandra lifted Joan's legs until they were over her shoulders. Her face disappeared between Joan's thighs.

Joan was screaming and moaning as we lowered ourselves to the floor. Sandra put Joan down on her back and repositioned herself over Joan's face giving Joan her first taste of a female. I in turn replaced Sandra at Joan's soaking wet pussy.

At that moment Stacy and Earnie returned and Earnie took my place between Joan's legs. As he began to furiously tongue her pussy Sandra attempted to lift herself from Joan's face. Joan bitterly objected screaming, "more, more". At this, Stacy lifted her skirt, removed her panties and replaced Sandra over Joan's face.

Sandra and I pulled ourselves together, not being needed any longer, and went to the kitchen for a drink. Upon returning, positions had changed. Earnie now had his tool buried in Joan's face while he ate out Stacy from behind while she feasted on Joan's flowing juices.

Stacy looked so terrific down on the floor, still wearing her skirt, blouse and heels. I don't know what it is about heels but I would probably get aroused if they were on a horse. Stacy was no horse. At nineteen years old she had it all, and love to share it.

Sandra read my mind and reminded me Stacy was staying over and I would surly have my turn as would she. I suggested we investigate the downstairs, which I had only heard about. We found the elevator and down we went.

The elevator doors opened to darkness but as we stepped off the lights automatically came on and I was amazed. Earnie had really done his job well.

The pool was in great shape and the decor around the pool made it look as if it were outdoors in the Caribbean even to the warm tropical breeze. In the pool at the far end he had build bar and outside the pool there was a lounge area with tanning lights built into the ceiling.

Adjacent to the pool room was another large room which could be used for workout equipment. Sandra's first remark was "this would make a great dungeon".

Reclining in the lounge area, enjoying the hot lights and cool breeze, I started to doze when I heard a splash. Then another and another.

Sandra, Mark and Barbara were frolicking in the pool, their cloths in three neat heaps at the pools edge. I wished I could join them but my cast would have taken me straight to the bottom.

As I watched the swimmers my mind drifted and I must have fallen asleep. In my sleep I could feel my shorts being tugged off followed by my tool being encompassed by a warm mouth.

I opened my eyes to find Joan between my legs giving me a tremendous blow job as everybody gathered around to cheer her on. Earnie was no exception. He was her biggest supporter.

I was about to get off when Sandra interrupted with a water hose and a smile. Joan looked a little disappointed but turned and directed her attention to Earnie. Earnie just turned to me and said "thanks". I know he had been waiting a long time for Joan to leave her shell, but could he handle her now. He was going to have fun trying and we would always be glad to help.

We all watched Joan finish off Earnie without wasting a drop and then headed for the main floor. Earnie and Joan had to get home to relieve the sitter. Mark had to get back to the city as he had a cruise early the next morning.

It was just Barbara, Stacy, Sandra and me, sitting around the kitchen table at midnight finishing off a bottle of wine when the phone rang.

At midnight, any call can't be good. This was no exception, although I was happy to hear the voice on the other end of the line. It was Kim calling from cooperstown. She was looking for her brother Mark who had given her our number in case of an emergency. This was it . Their mother had passed away that afternoon. I informed her Mark was on his way back to town and would probably be there in an hour. After relaying my condolences I promised to keep in touch and she hung up.

I relayed what had happened to the ladies and Barbara went to the phone to call Mark in his car and advised him what had happened. When she returned she said she was going into the city to be with Mark. Sandra helped her put a few things together and off she went.

That left Sandra Stacy and me.

No problem with sleeping arraignments. Three's not a crowd. We went up to the bedroom and I headed for the tub. Having a cast was no fun. Sandra stopped me with "wouldn't you rather have us sponge bath you?" I had no problem with that.

The ladies hastily removed my clothing. Sandra removed the satin sheets from the bed and I climbed aboard. To my, surprise Sandra handed me a blindfold. My cock was hard in seconds. I loved these games.

With my blindfold in place all I could do is imagine what was next. I heard the ladies getting out of their clothes and going into the shower. As I patiently awaited there return I must have dozed off and upon awakening I found myself secured tightly to the bed.

It felt as if my nipples and balls were on fire and I could sense the ladies were on either side of me, getting ready to perform some heavenly act.

Then it started. Cold sponges worked there way over my body and I was covered with goose bumps. My rod, ever so hard, pained me with anticipation as the sponges got closer and closer. Then, as my rod was about to burst, my face was covered with a very familiar cunt. Or was it? The smell was Sandra. The hair was Sandra, but not the lips. The ladies were playing "guess who".

As I ran my tongue from her ass hole to her clit, I really didn't give a damn who it was.

All at once I felt a breeze and my nipples and balls went from fire to ice. Then came the noise. A noise I surly knew.

The vibrator started on my nipples and moved its way to my pubic area and down my leg to the bottom of my foot.

As I started to squirm at the ticklish feeling, the feeling changed and began to feel very erotic. I felt a churning in my groin as the vibration continued. I had never felt such build up before and I was coming closer and closer to a major orgasm . I don't believe either of the ladies realized what was happening until I started to let go with such intensity I must have bitten the pussy in my face. Both of us screamed at once and as a mouth came down over my spurting cock I passed out.

When I awoke it was morning and I was alone. Pulling myself out of bed and into the bathroom I decided there must be a better way than the plaster cast I was wearing.

After showering I got into a robe and called my doctor. I advised him of my condition and made an appointment for later in the morning.

When I got to the kitchen I found a note from Sandra saying they would be back at about one. Upon checking found they had taken the bike. As I started to dress I got a call from Barbara. Mark's mother's body was being transported up from Florida and the funeral would be on Wednesday. She also advise me Kim would be coming in and she asked Kim to stay at the house while she was in town.

I approved of the idea and wondered if she might bring Terry with her. I decided to call Kim myself.

Kim was delighted with my suggestion and accepted for Terry. I thought to myself, "too bad this is such a sad occasion, but it will be nice to see them."

After struggling to get dressed I drove myself to the doctor's office only to find my doctor had been called to the hospital on an emergency. I was offered a covering doctor an accepted.

I had never met dr. Crest Shane before and was pleasantly surprise when I entered her office. Dr. Shane was a well put together woman in her mid thirties or early forties. She wore a long physicians coat, but that's were it stopped. The pearls around her neck and the white high heel shoes started my mind working.

After a short interview she advised me she needed x-rays of my leg before she could proceed. She called in her assistant patty and had them taken in minutes.

As we waited for patty to return with the x-rays, dr. Shane sat across from me and during our conversation she happened to cross her legs. The coat parted slightly and her exposed leg led me to believe she did not have a dress under it. This put me in an aroused state which dr. Shane was well aware of, as I was wearing the cut off shorts Sandra had made for me.

Dr. Shane tried to keep her eyes on mine but she was having a difficult time doing so, until patty returned. After checking the x-rays she advised me she would be able to remove the plaster cast and apply an inflatable one which would serve the same purpose but be much lighter and water proof allowing me to shower.

I was relieved as I mounted the table , but became concerned when I saw the saw she was going to use to remove the cast.

As I lay on by back, she started the electric saw at my ankle and moved upward past the knee stopping just short of completion. Then, to my surprise she put her gloved hand on my still erected hard on and pushed it back up into my shorts. "no sense in taking chances with anything that hard. I wouldn't want to break a blade." She said with a wink.

After removing the old cast and washing down the leg she applied the new inflatable one. This was great, I thought as I left the table.

Dr. Shane asked if there was anything else she could do for me. I wanted to say, "message my organ". I said "no thank you" and was about to leave when she said , "when was the last time you had a complete physical". I thought for a moment and replied, "it's probably been ten years". She suggested that since she had no appointments for the next two hours this would be an opportune time. I quickly agreed as my tool became rigid.

Dr. Shane advised patty of our plans.

She asked me to go behind the screen, undress and put on the Johnny coat I would find there. I did as she directed.

When I returned she started by checking my blood pressure. While checking my knee response reflexes I could not help notice her peeking up my coat. I, of coarse was sporting a major erection by this time, because, as she was checking me out I was getting a great view down the top of her coat. I was right. No dress and very little else.

When she asked me to bend over and put my hands on the table for support I began to worry, but not for long. She untied the back strings to my coat and let it fall away. Then reaching between my legs she tenderly cupped an messaged my hanging balls while lubricating my rectum.

I was expecting a prostrate check and I was half right, for after checking my prostrate she applied pressure and moments later I was unloading vast amounts of come into her waiting hand.

This was my idea of a great physical but the release I had just experienced drained every bit of energy in my body. I collapsed

Face down on the examining table and must have dozed off, for when I opened my eyes I was alone.

I dressed and exited to the reception area where I checked with the receptionist. She told me the doctor would be in contact with me and she presented me with the bill which I put in my pocket without reading.

On the way home I stopped off at the florets and bought Sandra two dozen roses.

It was mid afternoon when I arrived home to find an empty house and no messages on the answering machine. Then the phone rang. It was Barbara checking on me. She wanted to talk and asked me to meet her at her old apartment.

I arrived at her apartment and was greeted by Trudy. Barbara was not there. Something was up and it almost scared me being alone with Trudy.

Trudy was dressed in her usual domination outfit of black rubber and leather, her hair tightly pulled back into a bun and her lips as red as blood.

She asked me to join her for a drink and I agreed. When I asked where Barbara was she smiled and said she'd be along in a while.

I was nervous, although I had no reason to be. As we talked and drank I began to relax. An hour passed, then another and another. It was getting late and I was about to leave when the phone rang. It was Barbara, who apologized for not getting there and said she would see me home later.

Trudy was still drinking as I left the apartment and headed home. This had been a very strange day. I looked forward to a relaxing evening with Sandra.

Reaching my front door I was very surprised by the very loud noise coming from inside. It sounded like a party. The door opened and I was greeted by Sandra and Barbara. They proceeded to escort me around the outside of the house and up the balcony stairs to my room.

I knew enough not to ask questions of Sandra, so I shut up and followed directions.

Sandra and Barbara quickly removed my clothes followed by their own. Sandra led the way to the shower and we three entered. No hanky panky this time. The ladies scrubbed me down and we left the shower. After drying off the ladies dressed me in a toga and sandals placing a wreath on my head.

Sandra, assisted by Barbara, wrapped herself in a silk floor length toga which draped her left shoulder, but left her right breast exposed.

Sandra took my arm and led me to the door. I turned to wait for Barbara but was informed she would follow in short order.

As I peered over the balcony I was amazed. The downstairs was turned into a scene from the Arabian Knights right down to the music.

Sandra and I carefully made our way down the stairs, which was difficult considering my broken leg. We were greeted by a very muscular, hairless and very naked black man who led us to our cushions.

As we made ourselves comfortable the music changed and the room darkened. A spotlight came on and ushered two dancing girls dressed in vailes with gold bracelets and ankle chains. Into the room.

The music came alive as did the dancers. They danced. The vailes slipped away revealing very shapely bodies, each adorned with a rattle snake tattoo which started at the shoulder, wrapped around their necks, then twice around their waists with the head finishing in their clean shaven pubic areas.

The aroma of sweet incense filled the room and mixed with the heavy smell of aroused sweating flesh. All at once the music stopped.

The spotlight shown on only one man. Very large, very black and extremely well hung. We watched as he was joined by a masked beauty, totally naked and well oiled, carrying a large pillow which she placed at his feet.

Lying on her back, she rested her head on the pillow kneeling, he allowed his balls to slide gently into her waiting mouth. His member immediately stood firm.

As she worked his ball, his enormous tool started to grow even larger reaching about 16 inches long and 4 inches thick before exploding with torrential of amounts of cum which saturated her body and far beyond.

Quickly cleaning up they disappeared into the darkness being replaced by a large throne.

Sandra led me to the throne. There we disrobed and sat side by side. I could only wonder what was next.

It didn't take long for me to find out. The spotlight went to the door. The door opened. Barbara entered wearing a sheer white dress which covered her completely from neck to knees but concealed nothing.

She approached the throne, knelt at my feet and took my ever erect cock in her mouth. Holding my balls in her hand she ran her lips and tongue up and down my shaft until I was about to explode. She retreated and my cock left her mouth. She kissed the head, arose and walked away.

Barbara was followed by Terry, Kim , Lisa, Trudy donna and Helen, all performing the same Epicurean ritual which brought me to the peak of sexual arousal.

I sat on my throne with my prick at full attention.

Next, the ladies approached Sandra and escorted her to the middle of the room . They began by anointing Sandra's body with fragrant oils . I watched the many hands caress Sandra's body and I could feel her growing more and more aroused.

When completely covered with the oil, the sight of Sandra's effulgent body in the spotlight sent waves of passion through my loins causing my heart to race and my balls to ache for release.

I was led to the center of the floor and with erection in force was placed on my back. Sandra, standing over my head facing my feet, lowered herself to her knees, allowing her pubic area to cover my face.

The pungent aroma of oil and passion was maddening and the feeling of a pussy now engulfing my erection was making my head spin.

I could hold off no longer. My release was savage but could not compare with the flow of juices covering my face. My attention was completely consumed in lapping Sandra's pussy. I knew my dick was no longer in an erected state nor was it encased in a hot pussy but I didn't card. My tongue became a whip as I lashed out from clit to asshole forcing Sandra to become wetter and wetter and finally to fall forward and take my sagging erection between her lips.

My response was remarkable considering the orgasm I had just experienced. Stiff and ready.

Sandra, having accomplished her mission, repositioned herself over my face and again a hot wet pussy engulfed my shaft and began to stroke.

This time I had more control, or I thought I did.

My balls were being fondled. My toes were being sucked and a pussy was placed over each of my hands.

I fingered, I wiggled. I lapped and as I came I passed out.

When I awoke Sandra and I were alone.

As the sound of the clock radio on the night stand started it's assault on the quiet morning the only thing on my mind as I awoke was Sandra over me, my ironized piece of flesh moving in and out of her very familiar, hot, wet cunt and the knowledge that this was were I belonged and would always be.

This story was split into 11 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 11 parts for faster page loading.

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