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Lucky Buildup Pt. II
by S. Joel Philips

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 11 parts for faster page loading.

Kim was having a hard time sitting still. I looked over at her and found she had one hand inside her jacket fondling her breast and the other was on my leg, digging in with her nails. She was so turned on I could bet her panties were soaked. I wanted to find out, but as I was about to reach for her she got up and went to Terry.

Terry welcomed her with open arms. As they came together their lips met in a most passionate kiss, sending them groping at each others clothes. Terry's dress went first. As it dropped to the floor, Kim fell to her knees and buried her face in Terry's bush. Terry took Kim by the back of her head and held Kim's face tight to her as she ground her hips until I heard a gasp from Terry and she released Kim.

As Kim got to her feet I joined them and helped Kim out of her jacket and pants. She wore only a very tiny, very wet pair of panties, which she took off and handed me.

Together both ladies turned to me with a look that said, "your next."

Kim led me back to the sofa and removed my boots as Terry took my jacket and shirt. Kim pulled off my pants and I was left in my g-string. Terry was grinning from ear to ear. Kim knelt down in front of me and nibbled at my prick through the pouch, as she squeezed my balls. I could feel the orgasm coming and couldn't stop it. My juices soaked the pouch and Kim. I relaxed as Kim removed the g-string. She continued licking and sucking me until I was clean. Terry stood watching with her hands almost buried in her cunt. Kim stood and walked to Terry taking Terry's wet hands and licking them dry.

As I sat on the sofa and watched I felt myself getting hard again. Kim noticed my erection and said, "I want that cock inside me now." She walked over, turned her back to me an sat on my lap, her pussy engulfing my cock to the balls. Seeing this, Terry knelt between our legs and as we fucked I could feel her tongue on my shaft and balls. I was getting more and more uncomfortable being under Kim. I pushed her forward. Terry moved and I was now on the floor doggy style with Kim, my hand on her breasts. Her breasts were very small but her nipples were hard and very long. They were at least as long as my fingers were thick.

As I pumped her from behind, Terry slid under us and with my balls in her mouth she now had Kim's face buried in her pussy. Terry was rolling my balls around with her tongue and humming, witch felt like a vibrator. I could not believe this was happening. I've read about things like this, but this was happening to me.

I was about to get my rocks off when Kim let out a scream at the top of her lungs, and her cunt tightened around my shaft until I wanted to scream from the pain. When her scream subsided and her muscles relaxed, I could feel her juices running down my cock and I could feel Terry's tongue catching all she could. Then Kim collapsed on top of Terry with me on her back.

We all rolled apart and I knew Kim was out cold. I looked at Terry and as our eyes met we began to laugh. This had been an experience I will never forget even though I still had not dumped my load. "Terry," I said. "Race you to the shower."

The hot water felt fantastic but Terry's hand soaping me up insured my erection was not going down. I offered to shampoo her hair and she accepted gladly. She turned her back to me and I proceeded to anoint her head and work up a thick mass of bubbles. Terry turned to face me saying, "I've a better idea." She went down on her knees and took my cock, to its full length, in her mouth. This of course made her head easy to reach, but I couldn't concentrate on the shampoo. We were really getting into it when the shower door opened and Kim entered. Terry release my cock and stood as Kim moved between us. Kim ran her fingers through Terry's hair rinsing the soap and lubricating her hands. Then she reached behind her and grab my prick. As I leaned back against the wall she positioned my prick at the opening of her ass hole. She reached for the soap and covered my shaft. As she leaned back it was as if she had turned on a vacuum, sucking every inch of me deep into her bowels. Kim, moving only her hips, created short strokes to excite me, as Terry did the same with her fingers on Kim's clit and her lips on her breasts.

Kim began to move faster and faster. I could feel the reaction of Terry's stimulation building Kim to a frenzy and I was going right along with her. Kim tightened her muscles and I let out a moan as the juices started to flow in quantities I had never imagined possible. It was as if I was having multiple orgasms. Over and over. Spurt after spurt. I felt as if my legs were going to collapse. Sure as hell, they did, and I was sitting on the floor looking up the beautiful tight ass I had just left and the cum mixed with the water of the shower running down Kim' legs.

Terry and Kim had turned their efforts to one another. Each had one hand buried in the others pussy while the other hand worked on a breast. They exchange tongue filled kisses passionately, moving from lips to ears to neck and back until both ladies stiffened at the same moment, and it was over. We, all three, sat at the bottom of the shower, water cascading over us, spent.

Quite a while went by before we left the shower and dried each other. We all headed for the bed.

My next recollection was waking to the smell of bacon and coffee. I was alone in bed. Terry and Kim were having breakfast and talking as if the were long lost friends.

I headed for the bathroom feeling kind of silly being the only one undressed. The ladies were dressed, Kim in a business suit and Terry in a skirt and blouse she had borrowed from Kim.

In the bathroom I found my razor and tooth brush. I guessed Terry must have gone over for to the holiday inn and got them. After getting cleaned up I wrapped a towel around me and went out to locate my clothes.

Kim told me she had sent over, with Terry's permission, and had all our things brought here except for my bike. She hoped I wasn't upset and that we would stay with her while we were in town. I told her I thought it was great, but we were due to leave this morning. I looked over at Terry and she said, "I think I might stay here. Kim has offered me a job as her assistant." It looked to me Terry might be taking a job with the same problem she was trying to get away from, except this time it was a female. She read my mind and said "no strings."

I was skeptical, but it was Kim's decision. Kim had offered her a good paying job, with her own apartment. Kim said they still had some details to work out but she needed someone, and she thought Terry could do much more than manicures. I agreed. Terry struck me as quite intelligent and really needed a chance to prove herself, and Kim, aside from being a great sex partner, seemed to have a beautiful and well run restaurant.

I got dressed in my leathers and joined the ladies for breakfast. As we ate Terry told Kim how we met and the camp we stopped at along the way. Kim was getting turned on listening to Terry and so was I, which was evident through my leathers. I finished eating first and told the ladies I was going over to pick up my bike. Kim offered Terry her car to run me over and Terry accepted.

We picked up the car, a new rx7, and as we were driving Terry asked me what I thought about her staying. I told her it sounded great and how could she go wrong. She could always leave if it didn't work. She smiled and I knew she was staying. Terry told me she would like to finish our little trip, as she still was going to Niagara to pick up her baggage. I assured her I would be happy to take her. I told her we could leave right after lunch and we would be there by five. She could catch a bus right back. She thought that was great except she said she would rather stay over if that was what I was going to do.

We returned to Kim's and we loaded the bike. Terry assured Kim she would return the next day. I was back in my leathers and Kim was in her cut off jeans and tee shirt. The sky was clear with just a trace of clouds. It was a beautiful warm July day.

We made the trip in about four hours. We took a room in the falls inn where Terry was to start work on Monday. We retrieved Terry's luggage at the bus pick up station and had it sent up to our room. Terry thought she should let the management know she was not reporting for work, so we went to the main office. To our surprise we were greeted by Lisa, who had been introduced to us as wards assistant in Pennsylvania. She had been transferred the same time as Terry. Lisa was a hard person to forget, with her long red hair and emerald green eyes. She was the assistant manager, but as we found out later she actually ran the place because there was no resident manager.

Lisa was sad to hear that Terry was not going to work for her, but understood, very well, her reason for leaving, as she had worked for ward, a real womanizer.

Lisa asked us to join her for dinner at eight in the main dining room. We turned down her invitation but asked her to join us in our room for a drink later if she got a chance. Lisa said she would try and we left for our room.

I was getting a little tired of the wild sex and really just wanted to have a light supper and watch some tv. Terry agreed. We ordered two chief's salads and a bottle of wine.

We washed up and the food arrived. We ate quietly, more or less reflecting on the past few days. When we were through eating we put the tray outside the room and I decided to take a hot bath. Terry asked if she could join me. I really wanted to relax, but I knew this was the last time we would be together and I didn't want her to feel hurt so I said, "please do." Terry looked at me and said, "I just want the company. Ok?" "Sounds great," I said.

I filled the tub, which could accommodate four easily and had a whirlpool built in. I undressed and got into the tub. As I sat soaking, Terry came into the room and slowly slipped out of her shorts and tee shirt. The beauty of her dark skin and blue eyes were overwhelming. She entered the tub and sat beside me. We just relaxed and talked about the past few days. I told her how much I would miss her and hoped we could keep in touch.

I found myself becoming aroused with the thought of being alone with Terry. As we left the tub and were drying off, I could feel the sexual electricity building between us. I offered to rub her down with body lotion and she accepted. She stood in front of the mirror, brushing her hair, as I slowly started to administer the lotion to the back of her neck, moving over her beautiful shoulders and down to her waist. As I applied the lotion to the cheeks of her ass she let out a small moan and as I moved to her legs the moans became more frequent. I turned her around and was about to put lotion on her neck and shoulders when she put her arms around me and laying her lips on mine, gave me the softest and most loving kiss imaginable. As we kissed the intensity grew. Before we knew what was happening we were both breathing hard and almost clawing at each other.

I led Terry to the bed and moved between her legs, burying my face in her pubic hair and my tongue deep into her moist pussy. Finding her clit erect, I began to nibble and suck. Terry's hips were moving in a circular motion grinding herself to me. I inserted two fingers into her pussy and her grinding turned into a fuck motion. Moving above her I slowly entered, inch by inch, until I could feel my balls against her ass. I lay quietly for a few moments, lightly kissing her neck, her ear and finally moving to her lips with my passionate deep probing tongue. Almost immediately her nails were at my back and her ankles were locked behind me, the strength in her legs driving the breath from my body, forcing me in and out of her saturated pussy. The sound of our bodies crashing together resounded like bass drums and our pulses raced to reach a fury only calmed by the mutual release of our juices.

We lay quiet, in each others arms, feeling of complete sense of calm, as sleep overtook us.

Hours past. We were awakened by a knock on the door. It was almost midnight as I looked through the peep hole and saw Lisa. I asked her to wait as I went for a towel to wrap around myself. As I opened the door I could tell she was embarrassed to catch me this way. She apologized for waking us but I assured her we were happy to see her.

Terry came out of the bedroom to join us. She too was dressed in a towel. I was sure this was making Lisa uncomfortable but I waited to see what would happen. I went to the bar and poured each of us a bailey's.

As we sat and made small talk, Lisa asked if we would like to go up to her suite and take a sauna or some steam. Terry declined the invitation claiming she had to make a six a.m. Bus and needed some rest. She urged me to go, so after dawning my shorts and vest we left Terry and headed for Lisa's suite. As I followed Lisa to the elevator I couldn't help but be fascinated by the way her knit dress

Clung to her every curve. I could see the faint outline of what looked like a g-string. On her tiny feet she wore black suede pumps. Her legs looked as though she was wearing very sheer stockings, but a closer look told me she wore none.

On entering her suite she went directly to the wall, turned on the sauna and offered me drink. I accepted a bailey's on the rocks and she proceeded to fill a large highball glass. She claimed once we entered the sauna why leave for a refill.

I accepted the drink and as I was turning around, Lisa took the hem of her dress and lifted it over her head and off. I was right about the g-string, but could never have imagined the sight of her perfectly formed breasts. They were round and firm with perfectly centered erect nipples. She entered the sauna. I removed my clothes and followed. We sat opposite each other drinking and joking until she removed her g-string. What I saw was a beautiful patch of red hair, the first I had ever seen in that area.

Lisa was an outstanding beauty, but for some reason I was not turned on, just fascinated. After talking for about twenty minutes we decided it was time to leave the heat. As we left the sauna I apologized to Lisa for being very tired and told her I was going back to my room and get some sleep, as I had a long ride back home tomorrow. She understood but insisted I join her for breakfast before I left. I, of course, agreed.

When I returned to our room Terry was fast asleep. I stripped down, slid in beside her and fell quickly off to sleep with her in my arms.

The wakeup call came at five a.m. As I helped Terry get ready to leave, a feeling of great sadness came over both of us. We exchanged addresses and I promised to keep in touch and she did the same. I took her down to the bus, kissed her lightly and she was gone.

I went back to the room, showered and shaved, and put on my leathers for the trip home. I called Lisa and arranged to meet her for breakfast. We ate quickly, exchanged addresses and I was on my way home.

I arrived home about six in the evening, after a very uneventful day. I put away my bike, showered and went to bed, wondering what tomorrow would bring.

As the sound of the clock radio on the night stand started it's assault on the quiet morning the only thing on my mind as I awoke was the ironized piece of flesh moving up and down in my hand. Hot as a poker and aching like I had just slammed the window down on it. A few more strokes and I'd have a mess on my hands. My mind says stop but my groin says give it hell. And there she blows. What a mess, but what a relief. Now to get up.

Not what I had in mind for this morning, after this past week. What a woman. She took me right to the edge and I'm alone again.

Two more days of vacation, about fifteen hundred bucks in my pocket and all I'm thinking about is Sandra. Four woman in five days. Not bad I thought, but the only one I don't know the whereabouts of is the one I'm longing for.

It was about noon before I dragged myself out of my apartment and over to the racquet ball spa. I had reserved a two o'clock court time and I knew Earnie would be out to kill. Earnie played "B" class to my "C" and he never lets up. Once I almost beat him, but he took it in overtime. Today could be my day. Maybe he'll forget his glasses or better yet, forget to show up.

No such luck. He showed, but so did his wife, Joan, and her sister Barbara. I had not seen Barbara for a few years but I remembered Barbara was a hell of a player, unlike Joan, who had the coordination of a drunk. Playing partners with Barbara was going to be a blast.


This story was split into 11 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 11 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by S. Joel Philips.

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