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Lucky Buildup Pt. II
by S. Joel Philips

This story was split into 11 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 11 parts for faster page loading.

As I entered the ladies locker room I could feel the excitement building. The ladies were removing their suites as they came through the door and by the time I was inside almost no clothes remained, except mine, and I wasted no time in disposing of them. There I stood with six beautiful woman and one raging boner. The odds were insurmountable so I just let them take charge. I was led to the shower and the ladies took turns soaping me up, rubbing their bodies on mine and giving my tool the attention it needed. I was being brought to the brink over and over again but not being allowed to get off. This reminded me Sandra, whose talent in this field transcended all bounds. As I thought of Sandra my erection began to wane, but when I felt a mouth surrounding my cock I snapped back to reality and so did my joint. I felt a pair of hands on the cheeks of my ass squeezing and spreading them and then the shock of a finger being driven into my rectum. I exploded with an orgasm so powerful the lips around my cock could not contain the force of my juices. My legs went weak.

The ladies managed to move me to the jacuzzi and as I sunk into the water all I wanted was sleep. Sleep was not what they had in mind for me. Before I even got comfortable a pussy covered my face. I had no choice but to kiss, lick and suck. As I sucked this clit it was replaced by another and then another, each with a slightly different texture and taste. I continued to partake and as I did I seemed to get stronger. My erection began to grow again and it was no sooner hard than it was mounted and fucked into submission. After what seemed like hours my face was uncovered and I realized there was only two of us remaining. The other ladies had retreated and were getting dressed. I lifted myself from the jacuzzi said good-bye, through a towel around myself and headed for the men's locker room. I crawled onto the message table and fell asleep.

I awoke to find the club was filling up. I checked the clock and found it to be 7 p.m.. I got off the table and as I was heading for my locker when Earnie walked in. He had a court reserved but his opponent had not shown up. He asked if I'd play and I accepted. We played for an hour and I headed home.

When I reached home I checked in with Barbara and made arrangements to meet her at George's office for the closing. I made myself a steak for supper and went to bed.

I awoke early Thursday morning. It was a very hot day with bright sunshine and no breeze. I had coffee and a bagel and headed for my bike. I had no plans till my four o'clock meeting. As I moved up the highway it was almost too hot to ride but as I left town it became very pleasant. I found the feel of the sun and the sound of the music coming from the tape player almost too pleasant to bare. I rode for two hours with no destination in mind. When I took time to look around I found myself coming up to my new home. Earnie spotted me from the porch, where he was tearing up the floor. He was a surprised to see me . He took me through the house and to where he had found stairs leading from the master bedroom down to the sub basement and pool. It was amazing. The pool was all tile and three quarters the size of the house. The tile looked in good shape but Earnie wasn't sure about the pump and filter system. He had called a pool man in tomorrow to take a look and Monday the elevator man was coming. Earnie really new his business. I told Earnie if he needed help call Barbara. I departed for home arriving about one. I called Barbara and asked her to meet me at the bank I wanted to set up an account she could use in case I wasn't available.

I got cleaned up and at two o'clock, on the nose, I arrived at the bank. Barbara was waiting, dressed to kill. She was wearing a white summer dress made from a material that looked so light it almost floated. It buttoned down the front from a v-neck to the waist and was full to her knees. The back of the dress was transparent from her shoulders to her waist and it was evident she wore nothing under it, but the front covered all. She wore very high heel, white, open toe shoes with pink polish on her toe nails. The only jewelry she wore was a white bracelet. She looked magnificent and I told her so. Barbara thanked me for the compliment and then thanked me again for the outfit. It was one she had purchased yesterday along with some clothes for me which I never even looked at.

We entered the bank and were taken care of in stellar fashion by one of the vice presidents we had met a few days ago. I set up a joint account for Barbara that would be turned into a corporate account as soon as the corporation was formed. I deposited fifty thousand in this account. This should take care of furnishing the house.

It was a little after three when we left the bank so we stopped at a near by deli and had some lunch. Barbara asked what we would be doing until the house was ready. I told her she would be picking out furnishings and overseeing the work that was going on. I had decided to see Greece. I didn't think Barbara would be too disappointed that I was not planning to take her with me. She had her eyes set for Mark and this would be a good time for them to get together.

We arrived at George's office at three forty-five and Lucy showed us right in. George and I discussed the house and setting up the corporation. The bank people arrived and the closing was done. I had clear title to the house and property. I asked George and Lucy if they would like to join us for a drink to celebrate but they declined. Barbara and I were out of George's office by five thirty.

While walking to the parking lot we came upon a travel agency and I decided to stop and check out flights to Greece and available accommodations. The travel agent gave me a run down on where to stay and how to travel and I booked a first class flight and hotel for the next day. The agent could not believe she just sold close to five thousand dollars in fifteen minutes. Barbara couldn't believe it either. Tomorrow I would be on my way.

Friday morning Barbara was at my apartment at seven. We had breakfast and I gave her a set of my keys in case she needed anything.

At eight the limo arrived and I was on my way. I had a nine thirty flight from jfk international. We arrived in plenty of time. Upon checking in I was advised I could wait in the vip lounge and someone would be down directly to escort me. Very impressive I thought as I entered the lounge. After a fifteen minute wait my flight was announced and I was escorted to the first class section of the plane. I made myself comfortable, put on the stereo headset and buried myself in the morning paper. As I read I began to relax and I could feel myself moving toward sleep. I shut my eyes and before I realized what was happening I felt the thrust of the plane taking off. I just relaxed and drifted back to sleep.

I was awakened by the sensation of a hand on my leg, slowly moving upward. I wanted to enjoy the feeling but my curiosity got the best of me and I opened my eyes. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, until I heard "hi honey."

How Sandra got there, I didn't know. But I really didn't care. There she was and we were on our way to Greece.

Sandra leaned to me and as our lips met I knew I couldn't let her go again. Her lips were soft and as we embraced I could feel the stirring in my loins. As our lips parted and our eyes met Sandra softly said, "whenever you want me I'll be there." At that moment I truly believed I was, the luckiest person alive.

As our journey continued I told Sandra all that had happened over the past week and a half. When I asked her why she disappeared and where she had been she told me she would try and explain someday, but she would not disappear again.

At this point we were interrupted by the stewardess with drinks and the lunch menu. After placing our orders I asked Sandra how she found me and to my amazement she told me she had called my number just after my departure this morning and talked to Barbara. Barbara had urged her to go to the airport but when she got there the flight was already boarding. There were open seats so she bought one, and now here she was sitting next to me, thanks to the gentleman across the aisle who traded seats.

I asked how she packed so quickly and she told me, "all she had was the clothes on her back." I assured her this was no problem. Her next words made me smile. They were, "do you know how little clothes that really is?" As I looked her over I knew, and so did the brain between my legs. I was so hard and so uncomfortable I could not sit still.

I asked Sandra to accompany me to the piano lounge . As she was sliding out of her seat, the back of her dress rose up and confirmed her shortage of clothing. It also increased the pulse rate of the man across the aisle. He had "thank you" written all over his face, for Sandra, did indeed, have a superior posterior.

The lounge was empty when we arrived except for a stewardess. We made ourselves comfortable and ordered two Mormosas. It was a little too early to start heavy drinking but a light drink, I thought, would lessen the sexual tension we were both feeling. My efforts were in vain for as we sat talking I found my hand on Sandra's leg, moving upward until she placed her hand on mine and uttered those famous words. "my rules, Ok?"

No answer was required, for Sandra knew I would do anything she asked, and love every minute of it. I only wondered what she could come up with next. Only time would tell.

Time was not standing still. The stewardess returned to inform us lunch was being served and we returned to our seats. Sandra took the window seat which disappointed our friend across the aisle. As we began eating Sandra shifted in her seat and brought her dress up around her waist. Her hips and legs were visible and my imagination was running wild. I remembered the tiny patch of hair and those beautiful lips I love to part. Eating was difficult and Sandra made it no easier. She was eating lobster as only she could do. My cock was stiff enough to levitate the tray in front of me. I reached to touch Sandra's leg but she stopped me with a shake of her head. I leaned back and concentrated on lunch as best I could.

When the stewardess returned with coffee she began to blush as she realized what Sandra was doing. Sandra loved to tease. Not just men, but the ladies as well. I saw the attraction between Sandra and the stewardess and I knew before long we would all be well acquainted.

As we finished our dessert and coffee Sandra and I discussed plans for our stay in Greece. Neither of us had ever been there before and we were both excited about our visit. I had reservations at one of the best large hotels in Athens, but now that Sandra was with me I was contemplating taking a small house on the beach or going out to one of the islands.

The stewardess returned and as she reached across me to remove Sandra's tray I could feel the sexual awareness building between them. Without thinking I placed my hand on the back of the stewardess's leg and started upward until I hit the top of her stockings. She showed no resistance so I continued up until I reached her panties. At this point she stood up and I was forced to retreat. She smiled and left with our trays, returning with hot towels. Sandra took one and as our stewardess handed one to me she also included a small envelope. After using the towels and returning them I opened the envelope to find a pair of sexy black panties and a note. The note read, two's company. Three's a pleasure," and it was signed donna with an Athens phone number.

I showed the panties and note to Sandra. She smiled and said, "don't loose that number." That was not my intention.

For the next hour we sat back and as Sandra read I listened to the stereo. Sandra excused herself to visit the ladies room. After about a half hour I started to wonder where she was, then I spotted her coming down the aisle. I stood to let he in and as she passed she kissed me on the lips, letting her tongue slip quickly in and out of my mouth. The taste was unmistakable and the smell of lust was all over her face. Pussy. There is no other taste like it in the world. As we parted her smile said it all. We would be seeing donna again.

Sandra asked me to get her a pillow and blanket. When I returned she had folded up the arm rest between our seats. Our seat was now a love seat and I knew she was going to take advantage of that. As I sat down Sandra placed the pillow behind her head and I put the blanket over her. She made herself comfortable and as I adjusted my seat back Sandra reached up and placed her dress in the pouch in front of her saying, "wouldn't want to wrinkle my only dress." I asked if I might join her under the blanket. She lifted the edge and I slid up against her. My hand went to her breast and I could feel her pulse race. Her nipples grew erect and as I ran my hand across her naked stomach she gasp for breath, which I assume drew attention from the people around us. As my hand reached her pubic hair her legs parted and I was welcomed to the inferno below. As I stroked Sandra's cunt she began to moan and her juices began to flow. I couldn't control her and I knew we were putting on a show.

After about ten minutes Sandra came back to earth and I assumed we were out of the woods. Then I felt her tugging at my belt and zipper. I lifted my ass and she slid my pants to my knees. Before I could stop her she was under the blanket and my cock was buried in her throat. I was in a sweat. I had all I could do to remain quiet as she worked my tool in and out of her mouth, teasing the tip with her tongue on each stroke. She had a stern hold on my balls and as I was about to loose my load she squeezed just tight enough to cause a little pain and quash the tide building within me. This feeling of unfulfilled sex was all too familiar. This was Sandra's way, but I knew in the end I would have my reward.

Sandra sat up and as I was attempting to put my pants back on Sandra stopped me. Then she told me she wanted me to play with myself while she did the same. "what the hell" I thought. As I slowly stroked my joint I glanced over and noticed the man across the aisle was under a blanket and by the movement in his lap I assumed he was doing the same.

I was getting closer and closer to loosing it when donna approached and with a knowing look handed me a condom. Then she did the same for my cohort across the aisle. I thanked her, unwrapped the condom and rolled it down over my rod. Having the condom in place I was about to resume stroking when Sandra said, "get dressed and leave it on." I pulled up my pants and fastened my belt. Sandra pressed the button to summon donna. When she arrived Sandra whispered something to her and told me to follow her.

I followed donna to the galley and then down an elevator to the kitchen. As I stepped off the elevator donna was at my belt and in moments my pants were around my ankles. She raised her skirt and before I could even get a look she had her arms around my neck and was attempting to mount my tool. I reached behind her and lifted. Her legs went behind me as I buried my condom adorned shaft into her very wet and very hot cunt. I worked my way into a corner for support and we went stroke for stroke until I could hold off no longer and let it fly. She came right with me and the next thing I knew we were both on the floor in a heap.

As we returned to reality, donna quickly straightened herself and went up to the galley. I got rid of the condom, found a towel and returned to Sandra, who, in my absents, had gotten dressed. I took my seat and as I sat back Sandra leaned over and placed a long tender loving kiss on my lips, then positioning her head on my shoulder. She was asleep.

The remainder of our flight was routine. The landing was smooth and on time. As we disembarked, Sandra asked donna how long she was going to be in Athens. Donna told her she would be there for two days. After checking through customs we were met by a car sent by the hotel. At the hotel we were greeted and although Sandra was not expected, after a few palms were greased we were escorted to our suite.

After riding through Athens I decided it was not where I wanted to stay. It was too large. I wanted quiet beaches and sex with Sandra. I contacted the front desk and asked for assistance in locating a house on a beach for the next few weeks. Almost before I hung up the phone there was a knock on the door. It was the hotel tour service with brochures on rentals. For the next half hour we looked at pictures until we chose two houses we wished to see. Appointments were made for later this morning.

It was almost 6:am but my body was on New York time and since we slept on the plane I suggested to Sandra we might do some shopping after breakfast, as she had nothing else to wear. Sandra said she would like a shower first but would love to shop, and with that she departed for the bathroom, with me close behind.

As we showered together we talked and laughed about the plane trip and the guy across the aisle. We also decided we would call donna when we returned from shopping and make arrangements to see her before she left town.

The shower was excellent and I felt quite refreshed as we ate breakfast and left the hotel. We followed instructions given to us by the hotel doorman and soon we came upon an area loaded with clothing stores. We browsed through a few until we found one that had what Sandra was looking for. She bought a beautiful black cocktail dress with matching shoes, a pair of jeans, a few pullover shirts and a pair of sandals. Next she went looking for a bathing suit. She was having a hard time finding what she wanted until we entered the lingerie department. She found a very tiny, very sexy g-string and bought it. I asked her where she wanted to go to look for the swim suit and her answer was, "I just got it. Remember this is Greece."

We returned to the hotel and called donna. I heard Sandra apologize for waking her but she agreed to meet us a one. At nine thirty we met Lou, our escort, to look at the houses we had selected. We drove for almost two hours until we came to a villa on the water, surrounded on three sides by a stone wall about eight feet high. We entered through iron gates and followed a road for about a hundred yards. There in front of us was what I would consider a mansion. Very old and very beautiful.

As we pulled up we were greeted by the caretaker and escorted through the house. The house was very elegant. The rear of the house opened onto the most beautiful beach I had ever seen and from the balcony of the master bedroom you could see for miles. The beach was completely deserted. On the side of the house there was a very large bath house and a jacuzzi. I was very impressed and Sandra and I decided to rent this house for our stay.


This story was split into 11 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 11 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by S. Joel Philips.

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