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Lucky Buildup Pt. II
by S. Joel Philips

This story was split into 11 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 11 parts for faster page loading.

When I reached her beautiful, petite feet I paused a moment to fondle and caress her toes, kissing each as I applied the oil.

Next, Sandra put on a pair if black spandex panties, cut high on the hips, that left the cheeks of her ass completely exposed and the lips of her pussy outlined perfectly in the material. Moving to the vanity, she applied bright lipstick to her lips and around her fully erect nipples. A long black pair of leather gloves went on her hands and to top it all off she stepped into a pair of stiletto heels which looked to be about five inches high.

My manhood stood erect and ready to respond to any wishes the seductress before me might have. As I walked to her I realized she was taller than me and I felt very small in her presence. Stopping directly in front of her she motioned for me to kneel. As I obeyed she placed her panty clad pussy over my mouth allowing me to feel her heat. My tongue followed the crease between her lips and I could sense the moisture building beneath the material. As I kissed and lapped her, Sandra's hands grasped my head, while her hips gyrated until she let out a gasp and I was released.

She went to the bathroom, returning with a towel which she told me to wrap around myself. This was no easy task, as my erection had not subsided, but I did the best I could as I followed Sandra down the stairs. I led her to the bathhouse and through the hidden entrance to the dungeon.

As we carefully made our way down the poorly lit stairway Sandra removed a large whip from the wall, caring it as and carried it as if she knew just what she was doing.

We reached the bottom of the stairs and were met with an unexpected surprise. The three young men the girls had brought back with them had taken charge. Donna was locked in the head and hand stock, facing Helen, who had been shackled to the ceiling and was suspended a few feet above the floor. One guy was fucking donna's ass hole as the other two took turns using a leather strap on Helen. We could see by the tears in their eyes. This was not what the ladies had planned, nor were they having any fun. Sandra stepped forward and immediately took charge, using the whip with the precession of a master. The first snap of the whip caught the guy behind donna across his ass and I could see by the welt, came very close to castrating him. Sandra moved quickly and as I released donna and replaced her with prisoner #1. She pinned #2 and #3 against the wall until I could shackle their hands and feet.

After all three were secure and Helen was lowered and released, we had a small conference to decide what we should do with them or should I say, to them. Finally the decision was made. I stood in front of our three prisoners. Donna and Helen began by bestowing kisses slowly over my body then rubbing their bodies over mine, fondling each other at every opportunity. My erection was at full mass but I could see three men in agony as they watched. Sandra, in turn passed each and lightly fondled their balls, just enough to bring their arousal to a pitch and then with a swift slap on each, reduced them to whimpering boys. Laughing she returned to each, fondling and caressing their loins until they again became erect. At this time Sandra came to me and kneeled to take my aching rod in her mouth. As the three watched she proceeded to bring me to a climax, sharing my rod and my juices with donna and Helen.

After returning to a normal state Sandra instructed me in a loud voice to go to our room and retrieve my straight razor. As I started to leave I saw fear appear and erections disappear on the three guys.

I hurried to the room retrieve the razor and returning through the wine cellar I grabbed a bottle of wine, just in case.

Returning to the dungeon I found the girls had moved one guy from the stock to the rack table and had him fastened, spread eagle. I handed the razor to Sandra and she asked if anyone else would like to start. Helen took the razor and mounted the table. Sitting directly over his face she told him if he so much as nipped her she would cut his balls off. She then proceeded to shave his pubic area without so much as a little soap. She was very good with the razor. Not a drop of blood, not even when she cleaned every hair off his balls. When she was through with his crotch she shaved his legs, chest and under arms. Except for the hair on his head he was bald. And he was hurting. The tears ran down his face and I almost felt sorry for him as I poured the wine over his balls. Just before he passed out he let out a scream that shook the walls.

Sandra turned and said, "next !"

I was not surprised when there were no volunteers. We removed our bald friend from the rack and placed him in the foot stock so he could admire Helen's fine work when he awoke. Going to the wall Sandra found the second guy boasting a tremendous hard on. She decided to save him for last. As Sandra came to the third guy he began to plead, promising anything if we didn't shave him, claiming he could not explain this to his wife. He offered anything. Sandra thought for a moment and moved back to #2. "how about you?" She said. "anything" was his reply.

Sandra came to us and explained what she had in mind. We agreed and removed both from the shackles. Sandra instructed them to lie down on the table on their sides, in the sixty-nine position. The men started to resist, but when Sandra threatened them with the razor they reluctantly submit. Each now in the position Sandra instructed them to suck.

This was completely against their nature, as they considered themselves macho guys. The started slowly but as they progressed prisoner #2 looked as if he really was enjoying himself. Prisoner #3 was not, for as #2 unloaded his juices #3 started to puke. Undaunted, #3 went right on sucking until he had every last drop from #2. Helen and donna were not satisfied. Sliding #2 and#3 of the table and into the pool of water was the only way to clean them up. After accomplishing the task, donna and Helen, now in control, had all three men either shackled or in a stock. The girls were ready to play. It looked as though everyone was finally enjoying themselves except me. I was just too tired to go another round. As I was getting up to return to our room, Sandra joined me. She too had had it and we left for the room together leaving the girls in full control. Back in our bedroom Sandra and I collapsed on the bed and immediately fell asleep in each others arms. A while later I felt donna enter the bed beside me and as they sandwiched me between them, the three of us slept.

As my eyelids slowly parted. The strains of light shining through the open balcony doors gave an essence of paradise as it cascaded over the heavenly bodies at my sides. I checked the clock and found it to be eleven o'clock, which meant I had slept a full seven hours.

The ladies were out cold so I slipped out of bed and headed for the bathroom to get the taste of sleep out of my mouth and to drain the monster. I was feeling a little stiff in the joints and decided, today was a day of laying around and doing nothing.

I left the bathroom, dawned my g-string and headed for the kitchen and breakfast. Entering the kitchen I found Helen wearing a big smile, a small pair of shorts and an apron. She asked what I would like and I could feel my plans for a restful day going down the tubes. I replied hesitantly, "just coffee and toast."

Sitting down I let out a little moan reflecting the stiffness in my body. Helen noticed and suggested I relax in the jacuzzi and she would bring my breakfast to me. As I stood to leave it was clearly evident my joints weren't the only stiff thing on my body and the g-string was no help.

In the hot swirling water I could feel my aches and pains disappear. Helen arrived with my coffee and toast and following her were Sandra and donna. Sandra was wearing her birthday suit but donna was in her flight uniform. She was flying to Rome later today. I left the water and we sat at the outside table to have breakfast. When we were through, donna thanked us and gave me a number where she could be reached. As we accompanied her to the front door I could not help but feel sad about her going, but a little excited to have Sandra to myself for a little while.

At the door, donna put her arms around my neck and as our lips met her tongue searched my mouth. My manhood started to rise. Then she turned to Sandra, took her face in her hands and gently placed her lips on Sandra's. As they embraced I could feel the excitement building. Sandra stepped back, smiled, turned and walked back into the house. Donna entered the waiting limo and off she went.

Finding Sandra a little depressed, we decided to take a walk. Dawning tee shirts we walked up the deserted beach, occasionally stopping to pick up a shell or piece of coral. Eventually we came upon a populated area where the beach met the town. Fishing boats were lined up at the docks and the fish were being unloaded.

We walked along the dock area. In the midst of all the fishing boats stood a beautiful sail boat which reminded me of the boat in "Michners, adventures in paradise."

As we stood admiring the boat, it's captain appeared on deck and invited us aboard, which we accepted eagerly. The captain introduced himself as Steve and told us he was originally from Connecticut but had retired to sail his boat around the world. He looked to be about fifty and when he told us he was sixty-nine I was floored. As we sat and talked over a drink I noticed Steve becoming uncomfortable as he tried to avert his eyes from Sandra. I had forgotten how little Sandra was wearing and as she sat across from Steve and crossed and uncrossed her legs, he was being treated to a Sandra special tease, something I knew a lot about. Steve was a gentleman and was doing his best to stay that way. Sandra, on the other hand, was not giving him a break. The look on her face had me ready to split a gut with laughter, when Steve stood up, looked at Sandra and said, "you win. I give up."

We all broke into laughter and I knew we had made a friend. The laughter had awaken Steve's first mate. When she joined us on deck I got that old feeling in my groin, a warning of oncoming sex.

Sue was all woman. She stood about four feet eleven and weighed a hundred pounds soaking wet. She wore shorts, a halter and as much jewelry as Mr. T. But, she was the cutest forty year old I had ever seen and I could picture her impaled on my rock hard shaft like a cupie doll on a stick.

We had been talking for about an hour when Sandra suggested we all head back to the house for some lunch. Steve counter offered with lunch on the boat but Sandra insisted and Steve and sue complied. We used Steve's phone and let Helen know we were bringing guests and off the four of us went. As we walked up the beach Steve invited us to join them on the boat the following day to dive for sponge. I jumped at the offer. Sandra gave me a nasty look but I pushed it and she agreed.

As we started up the beach I quizzed Steve on our diving plans for the following day, while keeping one eye on sue and Sandra as they preceded us. Sue's shorts looked as if they had been spray painted on and as she moved I watched every ripple, realizing she was not wearing a thing beneath them. My mind raced, trying to imagine a way to relieve her of her clothes, when to my surprise and delight Sandra threw off her t-shirt and raced up the beach with sue dropping her shorts and halter and chasing after her.

With a smile in my heart Steve and I retrieved the discarded garments and continued our leisurely journey toward the house, where we knew two beautiful woman awaited us.

Coming up the steps from the beach we found the ladies relaxing in the jacuzzi with drinks prepared. I slid off my shorts and shirt and joined them. Steve hesitated for a moment. When he removed his shorts I realized his hesitation, for under his shorts he had about an inch of cock. He slid into the churning water.

No other mention of his shortcoming was made until sue whispered into my ear, "he may be short there but he can lick his own eyebrows." I turned to her and before I could stop myself I blurted out "your full of shit." With that, she turned to Steve and commanded him to lick his eyebrow.

I had never seen such a long tongue on a human. He went from the far right to the far left without straining. I thought to myself, "I'll bet he could touch his ear."

As we sat in amazement Helen entered with our lunches. I thought when she spotted Steve's exhibition it would floor her but instead, out came her tongue to the tip of her nose, and with a wink we all began to laugh.

Helen placed our lunches on a nearby table, came to the jacuzzi and kisses both sue and Steve on the lips. Turning to me she explained that sue was her sister and she had known Steve for many years. This really surprised me. Sue was at least 20 years Helen's senior. Sue went on to tell us she had six more sisters and four brothers all with the same mother but the eleven had three fathers. Steve being the father of the last two. Her mother had been dead for ten years.

This was a very strange situation and I was feeling a bit uncomfortable. When Steve noticed my troubled look he immediately tried to put me at ease by assuring me there were no inhabitation between Helen and himself as she was already on her own when he was married to her mother.

Sandra was the first to leave the water followed by Steve. Sue was directly across from me. As she stood up and revealed her pubic area I was treated to the sight of her completely shaven pussy adorned by a small rose tattoo just above her lips. Her body was tight with not a wrinkle or sag in sight. As she turned to exit the jacuzzi she displayed to me the magnificent ass I had followed up the beach, enhance now by her nakedness and two extraordinary dimples that put Sue's ass in a class by its self.

Helen's lunch was a work of art, consisting of oysters and clams on the half shell followed by a seafood salad containing lobster and crab and adorned by a light local white wine chilled to perfection.

By the time lunch was concluded the four of us were close friends, a little tipsy and a lot horny. It was most evident in my case, but if a close inspection was to take place, a glistening of moisture on Sandra's pubic hair could be noted, as could the erect nipples exhibited by sue. As the afternoon passed and the wine flowed the four of us reclined to take in the sun and slowly drift into sleep.

After some time I was awakened by Helen's cool hands applying lotion on my chest. I smiled at her as she moved down across my stomach and in an instant she had her lips securely around my cock. I turned my head to check on the others. Sandra and sue were fast asleep. Sandra on her back and sue on her stomach. Steve was watching Helen and when he noticed me looking at him he gestured that he would like to service Sandra. I had no objection and I knew Sandra wanted that tongue.

Steve moved to Sandra's lounge chair and as he ran his tongue down her body Sandra's legs parted giving Steve a clear approach which he took full advantage of. I could only see the top of Steve's head but as he worked on Sandra her body began to react to his tongue which must have been well inside her. All at once her eyes popped open and her legs clamped Steve's head. Her body arched and maintained the arch as she exploded into a vibrating mass, wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure surging through her, finally leaving her limp and spent.

Steve stood slowly, his face soaked with Sandra's juices. His smile said it all. This was a happy man as he returned to his lounge chair and fell off to sleep.

Through all this, Helen's attention never left my tool. My sensitivity grew in leaps and bounds as my attention left Steve and Sandra. Helen really love giving head and it was reflected in every long erotic stroke. She didn't just suck cock, she made love to it, running her tongue from the tip, slowly across the head, around the crown and then completely engulfing the shaft in her mouth as the head reached down her throat and her lips met my pubic hair.

I lay back with my eyes closed feeling myself building to a monstrous release when for a moment my shaft was free in the cool air only to be encompassed by a raging inferno. I opened my eyes to find my shaft firmly implanted in Sue's gorgeous naked pussy.

Sue did not move her body. Her muscles went to work on my throbbing cock. She had amazing control, tightening to the point of pain and releasing. It did not take long for me to let loose with an outpouring so immense her pussy could not restrain the flow. Sue removed herself from my cock, Helen rejoined her and the two ladies proceeded to kiss and lick my cum soaked cock and balls until not a drop cum remained.


This story was split into 11 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 11 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by S. Joel Philips.

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