The Best Erotic Stories.

Lucky Buildup Pt. II
by S. Joel Philips

This story was split into 11 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 11 parts for faster page loading.

Standing, sue and Helen kissed each other deeply on the lips. Helen went back to the kitchen. Sue returned to her place in the sun and we all napped for the rest of the afternoon.

When I awoke Steve and sue were gone. On the table was a note saying they would see us in the morning. I woke Sandra and we took a swim before going into the house. The cool evening water felt good against my sun soaked skin. Sandra and I were beginning to look very healthy in our newly acquired tans, but the amount of sun we were absorbing made me very tired. We decided to eat in and lay around the house so we would be well rested for the dive in the morning.

Laying around and taking it easy is not easy with Sandra in the house. We had a light supper which I followed with a hot shower. My plan was to crawl into bed with a good book and do some reading.

I did get into bed with a book, but as I began to read Sandra entered the room, gave me a strange look and headed for the shower. Something was up. Something other than my rock hard organ, which seemed to be up most of the time. I tried to continue reading but Sandra's look had me curious. When she returned from her shower I pretended to be engrossed in my book. I watched as she dried and brushed her hair. After which she applied bright red lipstick to her lips and nipples.

Taking a magazine she went to the couch facing me and lay down. She began to read and as she did her hand began kneading her breasts. Her nipples became erect. Her hand moved slowly over her body, entering her pubic area and caressing her already moist lips until they began to swell.

Glancing in my direction with her well known smile, she put down the magazine and proceeded to spread her legs, exposing her tunnel of love guarded by an erect clitoris which longed for attention. With her left hand Sandra began to roll her clit between her index finger and thumb while with the right she pumped two fingers in and out of her cunt. As I listened to her moans of pleasure I told myself to be calm and not to give in to the temptation to go to her. "let her come to me," I thought.

It was becoming very difficult to just sit there. As I watched I found my cock in my hand as is slowly jerked off.

Sandra grew louder and louder as her passion built. The louder she became the harder I pumped until she let out a unnerving scream that sent me over the edge, spreading my juices both near and far, spotting the sheets and the walls, not to mention by belly and chest.

I tried to get up to clean the mess when I noticed Sandra had passed out cold. Her body covered in sweat. I retrieved a towel from the bathroom and was about to wet it and revive Sandra when an idea hit me.

Cleaning up the mess took only a few minutes. I stripped off the sheets of the water bed and wiped down the wall. Then, picking Sandra up I placed her on her back on the exposed rubber water mattress. Taking four neckties from the closet I tied her hands and feet to the four corners of the bed.

It was my turn to tease.

I turned out the lights and moved to the head of the bed. Starting with small kisses on her eyelids I soon moved to her ears, sucking and kissing them at will. Moving on to her neck I placed a trail of kisses to her shoulder, where I noticed I was causing goose bumps. From there I moved on to Sandra's left breast. Starting at the base I traced a small line to her nipple moving my tongue slowly around the outer edge, causing her nipple to become thick and the tip to be erect. Ever so lightly I covered her nipple with tiny, delicate kisses, never really giving any particular spot my full focus.

Having Sandra's left nipple completely sensitized I moved to her right, repeating the act, and bringing her nipple to attention.

Down her body my lips traveled stopping briefly at her navel, then crossing her belly to her left leg and down to her beautifully shaped ankle. While gently massaging her foot I kissed and sucked each toe, and then began my descent down the bottom of her foot. I could feel her shudder with delight, while straining to free herself from her bonds.

I moved up between her outstretched limbs. I could feel her skin tighten as her emotions ran rampant. Unlike Sandra, she was loosing control and I was savoring every minute, remembering the many times she had work her magnificent magic on me.

I began to nibble my way up her inner thigh. Now, reaching her most private area, I guided my tongue slowly over her saturated lips with just enough pressure to let her know I was there. Over and over again my tongue followed its path, never breaching the entrance to her tunnel.

From above I could hear her moans turning into sobs a she began to cry with anticipation. Carefully I spread her lips and directed my tongue to glide from her swollen lips to her soft moist inner walls. I left no wall untouched but stayed well away from her love button, not wanting to give her the ultimate release until I had used every other alternative in bringing her to a high never before obtained or even conceived.

As my tongue slowly moved across the barren land between her pussy and her ass my face was suddenly saturated with a tidal wave of love juice, flowing as if shot from a penis. Stopping my journey, I lapped and sucked her pussy until I had consumed the flow.

Moving upward now, I reach her clit. Blowing on it ever so softly brought Sandra up off the bed with an arch from her head to her heels. At this point I knew she was ready.

I left the bed and returned with a surprise I had been saving. As I stood at the foot of the bed, out of Sandra's line of sight I applied a few drops of Ambusol tooth ache drops on the head of my cock to give me staying power and covered that with a French tickler.

Moving onto the bed between Sandra's legs I positioned myself at heavens door and with one quick thrust I entered her. The thrashing began. I knew it wouldn't be long before the ties would give way. I pumped her with all the power I could and she returned every stroke. As her legs freed themselves from bondage the bucking began in earnest and when her hands were free all her savage fury was released. Our bodies covered with sweat. Slammed together over and over as our tongues met and our legs entwined. My nails dug into the cheeks of her ass and hers raked my back as our passion built to its peak. Sandra arched, taking me with her. She let out a chilling scream which released from me a massive flow of love juice and pushed Sandra's body into contortions and convulsions. She had reached her long awaited euphoria, finally coming to rest under me, unconscious.

I lay atop Sandra, drained of all tensions and lacking the strength necessary to move. I reflected back on our first meeting, now knowing what she meant by the luckiest man alive. Could anyone ask for more?

Forcing myself to leave the bed I slowly worked my way to the shower and got in turning on the hot water. As it hit my back I discovered pain. Looking down, it was quite evident from the color of the water, my back was bleeding. I washed up as best I could and headed for a mirror. My back looked as if I had been worked over with bull whip. I pulled on a pair of shorts, threw a towel over my back and headed down to find Helen, hoping she had something to put on the scratches.

Finding Helen in the den, I showed her my problem. She assured me she could help and directed me to her room in the pool house. There she unfolded a massage table, which I boarded. She started applying a salve to my cuts which stung at first but soon felt very soothing. As she worked the salve into my back she commented on the noise coming from our room earlier and that she must have missed a real party. I assured her there would be other chances to create similar noises and we both laughed.

Thanking Helen, I left the pool house and headed for bed wondering if I could have gotten erect again and had Helen as a night cap.

Sleep came easy but was soon interrupted by thunder, lightning and very heavy wind and rain. As I was about to get up to close the windows Helen entered.

Not knowing I was awake, she attempted to close the shutters and windows. As she was trying to close the shutter doors to the balcony a gust of wind forced her outside knocking her down. I ran from the bed to help. As I grabbed for her I was caught in a cascade of water coming off the roof, driving me to the railing and over.


A brutal pain behind my eyes forced me to consciousness. Everything was in shadows. I could not focus but the smell left no doubt I was in a hospital. I tried to get up, but to no avail. I could feel my heart race as my anxiety began to build. Then I heard her voice. Sandra was there. I felt her hand touch mine and I could feel myself relax.

She told me to keep calm and I was going to be all right. I had a broken leg and a concussion which would clear up in a few days. Sandra told me how lucky I was to have fallen into the jacuzzi and not on the stone walk. To be honest, I didn't feel too lucky at that moment but I began to feel better when Sandra's hand moved from my hand to my stomach and started it's trip south.

I found one bone was still in good shape.

Then Sandra told me something that made my erection rigid. She said "we're taking you home tomorrow and we girls know just how to take care of you."

"we girls," I thought. I assume she meant Helen and herself, but who knows.

As I thought about the upcoming situation I felt a sting in my arm and could feel myself slipping off to sleep.


As consciousness returned I realized I was no longer in the hospital. The smell of the ocean and the feel of the silk sheets told me I was back at the house.

I could only make out shadows but through the haze I could see someone moving around the room. As the figure grew nearer the sweet smell of perfume reached me. It was a very familiar scent, but one that didn't belong here.

I knew when Sandra said "we girls" she meant more than just Helen and herself. Barbara was there. I was sure of it. I called her name and she was at the bedside. I asked her how she had gotten there and she explained that Sandra had called and asked her to come over and help take me home.

I inquired about how long I was asleep and she told me it had been four days. As she spoke I felt her cool hand on my chest. It felt like it was moving lower but I couldn't believe she would not even let me rest a little while. Well, she didn't.

Reaching my already erect, piss hardon, she said, "did you know that you could have sex while you were unconscious? No? Well, don't worry, we took good care of you."

With that, I asked Barbara if she could help me to the john before I floated away. She yelled for Helen to help. The two ladies almost carried me to the bathroom. Standing me in front of the toilet Barbara directed the stream. Now this is what I call service.

Back on the bed, Helen offered to shave and sponge bathe me. I quickly accepted her offer. Helen lathered my face but was having trouble getting a good angle to shave me. She mounted the bed and straddled my chest with her legs. As she lowered herself I could feel her hot wet cunt lips settling against my chest. In this position the shave went quite well. Leaving the bed was done in an unusually pleasant manor. Helen moved toward the head of the bed letting her moistness glide over my face, providing me with natural after shave.

Next came the bath. Helen helped me turn over and proceeded to wash me from head to toe. Then turning me on my back she started again but when she reached my pubic area she ran out of water. When she returned with a fresh supply the first sponge full went to my balls. I was so shocked at the cold water that I jumped and my head hit the headboard. Helen apologized but I was thrilled. I could see as clear as ever. I didn't tell her but let her continue the bath.

When she finished she stood at the foot of the bed admiring her work. I could see she had other things on her mind and it didn't take long before she was on her knees between my legs giving me a super blow job.

As Helen continued her assault on my shaft Barbara entered behind her. Seeing what was going on Barbara left, returning quickly with the dildo I remember oh so well.

She strapped it on and before I knew what she was up to she had buried it to the hilt in Helen. Helen didn't loose a stroke as the three of us moved together. And then. And then. And then along came Sandra and before I could say a word my face was covered with her glorious pussy. The room was quiet. Not even a moan could be heard. Everyone moved in there own time. I could feel myself building to a climax and knew by Sandra's juices she was also nearing her end, when all at once Helen let out a scream, which released my eruption and Sandra's flow collapsing us to a heap of flesh.

"enough is enough" I thought. "time to go home."


As the limo carried the three of us to the airport I felt a sadness in leaving Greece, but an even greater sadness in leaving Helen.

Dozing on the plane I thought;

What would tomorrow bring? Is there more sex left in the world? Can I handle it? We would just have to wait and see. Or would we? For as I drifted into sleep, snuggled under a warm blanket, I felt a hand on each of my thighs and the magic wand began to rise.

The excitement of returning to my new home and having Sandra at my side were as much as I thought I would ever need.

Then I saw the house.

Barbara and Earnie had exceeded my wildest expectations. Walking through the front door was breathtaking. The entrance hall opened to a one room first floor with a center spiral staircase, suspended from the ceiling, leading to a balcony which ran completely around the upper floor and serviced the five bedrooms . The ceiling above the staircase contained a large skylight and was finished off with mirrors.

Remembering the elevator put my mind at ease . The stairs would be very difficult with my leg in a cast for the next four weeks. This would be a good time to catch up on some well needed rest.

Barbara led the way. We headed for the second floor. The elevator was small and the three of us were as snug as a bug in a rug.

The elevator started to rise and wouldn't you know it, so did my joint. Barbara's breasts against my back and Sandra's ass rubbing me up front put me back in a no rest situation


This story was split into 11 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 11 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by S. Joel Philips.

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