The Best Erotic Stories.

Larry's Birthday Ch. II
by Blue Rose

As he left the bathroom, Larry began to put his shorts back on, but changed his mind, and tossed them in the laundry hamper. Why should he wear his shorts, when almost everyone else was walking around buck-naked? He strode out into the hallway, trying not to look self-conscious in his nakedness with so many people around. He soon found that he needn't have worried. Everyone was naked.

Before he had taken two steps outside the bathroom, a small warm hand had taken firm hold of his dick. He looked up in surprise to see a pair of sparkling green eyes that were attached to a beautiful blonde with the most outstanding set of tits he had seen yet.

"Where ya goin' so fast, Birthday Boy?" She asked in a soft, seductive voice.

"I was looking for you, Beautiful," Larry said, playing the game.

"Looks like you found me," she said, teasing his cock with her fingertips. "Now, what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to fuck you until you beg me to stop," Larry said, massaging one massive tit.

"Oh, goody," she said, clapping her hands together like a child. "Are you going to fuck me in my ass? I really like to be fucked in my ass."

"Anything you want, Darling," Larry said. He couldn't believe his luck. That was one thing that Becky could never allow him to do. She hated anal sex, but it was his favorite.

"First we have to ask permission," she told him. She took him by the hand and led him down the stairs to his basement. She tapped lightly on the door and was answered by a harsh woman's voice commanding her to enter. When he realized what was happening, Larry felt his cock stiffen in anticipation. He was going to get into a dominant woman scene.

Larry looked away from Candy's bouncing tits long enough to focus on the makeshift dungeon. The first thing he saw was Becky lying across the pool table, having her cunt lapped by a well-hung black man. The difference in the color of their skin was a sharp contrast to Larry's eyes. It really surprised him. Becky had never shown an interest in black men. Then he noticed the guy's muscles, and understood the attraction. Becky had always gotten more turned on by a well-muscled body than by a cock's size.

"Candy, what have you got?" The harsh woman's voice interrupted his musings. Larry looked toward the sound of her voice, and was shocked to find that it was his best friend's wife, Jill.

"It's the Birthday Boy, Mistress. He wants to fuck me in my asshole," Candy answered in her little baby voice.

"I don't want to disappoint you, Candy, but he will have to earn that privilege," Jill announced. "Well, Birthday Boy, what have you got to say for yourself?"

"I would like to fuck her in the ass," Larry answered, not knowing what was expected from him. He received a sharp whack on his bare ass for that statement. He sucked in his breath, surprised at the pain he felt. Strangely, the tingle of pain on his butt increased his desire.

"Your desires are not important here, slave. What matters is what I desire for you to do."

"I'll go for that," Larry agreed. "What do you want me to do?" He received another sting from the whip at his question.

"You will address your mistress with the proper tone of respect," he was told by the large, overbearing man wielding the whip. "Every question will be answered with 'yes, Mistress', or 'no, Mistress'."

"Do you understand your instructions?" Jill asked.

"Yes, Mistress," Larry replied meekly.

"Very good, slave. You are a fast learner."

"Thank you," Larry said with a grin. He received another stroke from the whip.

"Maybe not as fast as I thought," Jill amended. "Becky, what do you suggest we do with your birthday boy?"

"He really likes fucking assholes, Mistress," Becky gasped out. She was in the throes of orgasm. Larry watched, fascinated, as she writhed on the pool table.

"He won't be fucking any assholes here until he earns that privilege," Jill stated. "Andrew," she called out softly. The man raised his head from Becky's pussy, causing her to moan softly at the withdrawal. "You are doing a very good job, but I think that Becky requires the service of your giant cock now."

"Yes, Mistress!" Andrew eagerly replied.

"Wait!" Jill cried. Andrew froze in the act of helping Becky off of the pool table. "I want you to fuck her right there, where she lays. Pull her ass up on the edge, and fuck her there. Pound into her as hard as you can."

Andrew pulled Becky roughly toward him, planting her ass firmly on the edge of the table. He lifted her legs and put her ankles on his shoulders. He rubbed the head of his cock around her pussy lips first, then thrust into her so forcefully that her head thumped on the table. She cried out in ecstasy.

Andrew lived up to the command to pound into her. His powerful strokes drove his cock to the hilt in her throbbing pussy. His strong hands on her hips held her body in position, and he buried his face under her hair. From the way she was moaning and arching her back, Larry could tell that Andrew was nibbling on her neck. Her neck was one of the most sensitive places on her body. The sensation of having her neck sucked on and nibbled at while she was being fucked drove her wild. Becky began to cum almost immediately. She moaned, and cried out while tossing her head around.

When Andrew could hold off no longer, he increased the pace of his thrusting. Becky cried out, and when he thrust into her that one last time, when he shot his wad, she screamed in the agony of pleasure he had given her. Andrew weakly thrust a few more times before collapsing over her on the table. "That was adequate, but I know you can do better. Perhaps if I allow you a second chance, you can top that lackluster performance," Jill admonished them. "Crawl to the corner, and remain on your knees until I call on you again."

"Yes, Mistress," they replied in unison, both gasping for breath. Andrew slowly helped Becky off the pool table. They both crawled weakly to the indicated corner.

"Well, Larry, did you enjoy the show?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"What was that Becky said, that you like to fuck brownie holes?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"How much do you like it?"

"It's my favorite way to fuck," Larry said. He received a resounding whack with the whip for forgetting the mistress part. "Mistress," he added belatedly.

"Good," Jill looked satisfied. "I know just the asshole that needs to be fucked. Maybe if you do a good job with this one, I will let you fuck Candy's. Would you like that, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. Candy, why don't you come over here and sit at my feet for a while?" Jill pointed at a large pillow at her feet.

"Yes, Mistress." Candy crawled across the room and settled in comfortably at Jill's feet. "Larry, take up your position on this mat." Jill indicated the exercise mat placed in the center of the floor, in sort of a spotlight position.

"Yes, Mistress." Larry obediently crawled to the center of the mat. He remained on his knees, awaiting further instructions. "Alex, your presence is required on the mat."

Larry was surprised at this turn of events. He hadn't expected anyone at this party to be involved with that kind of kinky sex. But, he wasn't unwilling. Alex turned out to be quite good looking, with a tight ass.

"Jill, this is going a little too far," Alex protested.

"I won't force you, Alex. You can always back out, and leave the room," Jill told him.

"But, I want to fuck Candy!" He protested.

"Then, you must earn that pleasure, by first pleasing me. If you can't bring yourself to do what I ask, then you will have to leave."

"Since I don't want to leave before I fuck Candy, I'll go along with this," Alex said sullenly.

"Then get into position, before you get punished," Jill snapped.

"Yes, Mistress," Alex said meekly, getting on all fours in front of Larry.

"Doesn't he have a nice ass, Larry?" Jill asked.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Are you all hot to fuck it?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"That's too bad. It's not going to happen that way," Jill said wickedly. "Stand up, Alex, and face Larry."

"Isn't this interesting?" Jill asked. "What do you suppose I want you to do, Larry?"

"Suck his cock, Mistress."

"That's right. You need to make his cock all nice and hard, so he can fuck you in the ass."

"What?" Larry was totally shocked.

"You're surprised, aren't you?"

"Yes, Mistress." Actually, Larry was intrigued. He had experimented once, in his high school days, with sex with a gay friend. He had always wished he had gone further with that experiment.

"Would you like to fuck Larry's ass, Alex?"

"I guess so, Mistress." Alex didn't seem too eager, but if he wanted to fuck Candy, then he had to cooperate.

"Larry, we're waiting for you. I don't like to be kept waiting."

"Yes, Mistress." Larry gingerly wrapped his fingers around Alex's limp cock. He lowered his mouth, and nibbled on the head of it before plunging his mouth down. He flicked his tongue over the surface, just like Becky always did to him. He sucked the entire thing into his mouth. He felt Alex's cock begin to swell. Larry scraped his teeth along the length of it as he withdrew his mouth. He licked all over Alex's blue veined rod, and pulled his curly pubic hair with his lips.

Larry licked all over his hairy balls, sucking vigorously on each one. Cupping his balls with his hand, Larry moved back up Alex's shaft. He sucked the head into his mouth.

"Men always want women to put the whole thing in their mouth. Let's see if you are as good as a woman, Larry," Jill said. "Suck that hard cock down your throat," she ordered.

Larry slowly worked his mouth over Alex's now hard cock. He gained a new respect for Becky, as he had to fight to keep from gagging. He stopped, holding Alex's cock still in his mouth, and allowed his throat to relax, and that made it easier. He was able to go completely up and down on Alex's shaft a few times. Alex was really enjoying himself, pumping his cock into Larry's mouth.

"That's enough," Jill said. "We don't want Alex to shoot off prematurely." Alex blushed as she said that, realizing just how close he had gotten to shooting his wad into Larry's mouth. "Candy, prepare the slaves."

Candy fetched a jar of petroleum jelly and lubricated Alex's cock tantalizingly. Her hot little hand played with his cock, making him hard and ready. Next she took a big glob on her fingers and massaged Larry's asshole. She slowly inserted a finger into his opening, and worked it in and out. She thrust her finger into him. She added another finger, and he moaned in pleasure. When she removed her fingers, Larry's asshole spasmed as if looking for them.

"Mistress, they are prepared," Candy announced, in that seductive baby voice. She returned to her place at Jill's feet. Jill reached down and patted her on the head.

"Good. Now, Alex, I want you to fuck him good. I want to hear him begging for more. Show him what it feels like to be fucked up the ass."

"Yes, Mistress." Alex reached out for Larry's hips to pull him back onto his dick, when he felt the sting of the whip.

"You do not begin until you have permission," the whip wielder said.

"Before you put your cock in his ass, I want you to smack him on the cheeks with your hand. Make his ass turn red," Jill ordered.

"Yes, Mistress." Alex smacked Larry's ass with his right hand. He was rewarded with a faint outline of his hand on Larry's butt.

"Harder," Jill ordered. "It will take all night to make his ass red with smacks like that."

"Yes, Mistress." Alex switched to his left hand, so that he would have more strength. Being left-handed, he found that he was a little weak with his right. He smacked Larry harder, and his hand print rose redly onto the soft flesh of Larry's ass. He smacked the other side, and it gained a matching handprint. He continued to smack Larry's ass, and with each stroke, Larry moaned.

"That's good, Alex," Jill said, when Larry's ass was completely red. "You may fuck him now. But remember, you better fuck him good, or else you will be punished."

"Yes, Mistress," Alex said. He grasped Larry's hips tightly in his hands, and slowly inched his cock into his ass. Larry heard Alex groan as he entered and could swear that it was a moan of pleasure. Maybe his protests at first had just been a token, to show the onlookers that he was doing this not totally willingly.

As Alex felt Larry's asshole opening for his cock, he increased his pressure until he felt his shaft slip in to the hilt. Slowly he began to stroke, keeping the pace slow and even to give Larry time to adjust to it. When he felt Larry moving with the rhythm, he increased the speed.

Larry put his head down on the floor and reached his hands back to grab Alex's ass. He pulled it closer, and used his control to increase the speed even more. Alex felt Larry's asshole contracting around his dick, and causing his own passion to mount. He increased the speed yet again, until they were fucking at an unbelievable speed.

"Faster," Larry begged. "It feels so good. Fuck me harder!" Alex pounded his cock into his ass with the speed of a freight train. Larry moaned in pleasure. "Yes, oh yes! Fuck me hard."

"Alex tried to hold back his orgasm, but the tightness of Larry's asshole, combined with his enthusiasm was just too much. He shot his wad deep into Larry, falling over his back at the same time.

"I'm sure you could have done better. I don't know if that performance is enough to earn the right to fuck Candy. You can wait against the wall while I decide.

"Yes, Mistress," Alex replied. Larry received a swat from the whip for his slowness in answering.

"Yes, Mistress," he panted. They both crawled across the floor and knelt against the wall.

"Candy, I have another slave that I want you to bring us," Jill said, playing with Candy's beautiful hair.

"Please, Mistress," Candy begged. "Let me be fucked now."

"Candy, none of the slaves have earned the privilege of fucking your beautiful ass yet." Larry sighed in disappointment when he heard this.

"But I'm so hot, Mistress. I don't think I can wait any longer." Candy looked up at Jill with a pleading expression on her face. She drew little circles with her finger around Jill's nipple. "Please, Mistress?"

"Oh, very well," Jill relented. "Alex, you look like you are totally worn out. I will allow you to rest a while longer, while you go fetch someone for me. Come here and let me tell you who." She whispered something in his ear, and he got a big, shit-eating grin on his face. "Go, and don't come back without him." Alex quickly left the room. "Becky, I think Candy requires your services."

"No Mistress, please not me," Becky begged. Larry knew that she did not like this kind of sex. She always wanted to fast-forward through the lesbian scenes in the porno movies.

"Yes Becky, you."

"But, I don't like girl-girl sex, Mistress," Becky continued to protest.

"Becky, you have the same option that everyone else has. I'm not here to hurt anyone, or to force anyone to do anything that they really don't want to do. You sat there and watched your husband fuck another man. Don't you think that it's fair to let him watch you fuck another woman?"

"I guess so," Becky said softly.

"Larry, wouldn't you like to see your beautiful wife fuck Candy?" Jill asked.

"Oh, yes, Mistress," Larry said eagerly. "Well Becky, unless you find the idea totally revolting, in which case you are free to leave, then get to it. Candy really needs some relief," Jill said. "Look at the poor girl. She is so horny that she is playing with her own pussy."

"Yes, Mistress." Becky slowly approached Candy. Larry found himself watching with excitement. He hadn't realized how much it would turn him on to watch Becky with another woman.

"Please Becky," Candy begged. "Make me cum real good."

"I'll try, but I can't promise anything," Becky said. "I've never done this before."

"You never know, you might like it," Jill stated. She was watching as intently as Larry was.

Becky turned Candy over onto her back and gently massaged her massive tits. She seemed to take a few deep breaths before taking one large nipple into her mouth. She sucked hungrily on it before moving on to the other. She slowly worked her way down Candy's body, leaving a trail of wetness where her tongue had caressed. Candy squealed in delight, arching her back and flinching away when Becky's tongue found ticklish spots. Becky held her firmly in place and paid more attention to those spots. Candy seemed to get more excited as Becky licked her body. She was attempting to thrash all over the floor, but Becky held her down.

Becky slowly approached Candy's cunt. Candy was wiggling with anticipation. Her hands in Becky's hair attempted to push her down faster, but she refused to be rushed. Becky swatted Candy's hands away, and resumed her slow perusal of Candy's body. She nibbled on the sensitive skin in the hollow between her pubic mound and her hip. Candy squirmed under her. Becky teased her a little bit longer before moving to her cunt. Before burying her face, she looked up beseechingly at Jill.

"Go ahead Becky," Jill encouraged. "You are doing fine, and you might like it."

She gently licked at Candy's cunt, before sucking her clit into her mouth. Candy arched her back in sweet agony as Becky sucked on her cunt. Becky slid her hand underneath and inserted a finger into Candy's opening, pumping with it as if she had a tiny cock. When she added another finger Candy began to raise her hips to meet Becky's hand.

The door opened and Larry was surprised to see his best friend, and Jill's husband, walk in. Roger was followed closely by Alex. They stopped just inside the door, to take in the sight of Becky lapping Candy's cunt.

"Well, Roger, it's so good to see you," Jill said. Becky looked up at hearing Roger's name. "Please continue, Becky," Jill ordered.

"Yes, Mistress," Becky said, lowering her mouth and sucking in Candy's protruding clit.

"What's going on?" Roger asked. "Alex said that he had something special to show me." He didn't take his eyes off the two women in the center of the room.

"And we do," Jill said. "We have decided to ask you to join our little party."

"Sure, I'd love to."

"I'm glad to hear that," Jill said with a wicked smile. "First you must learn the rules. Get on your knees, slave."

"What?" Roger was confused. He received a quick whack of the whip for his slowness to act. "Ouch!" He turned and glared at Toby.

"When the Mistress gives an order, you will obey immediately," Toby informed him with a sly grin.

"So, that's the game," Roger said. "I'll play along." He fell to his knees.

"I have a feeling that you are going to be a slow learner," Jill said. "Do you like watching Becky eat out Candy's pussy?"

"I sure do," Roger said eagerly. He jumped at another sting across his bare ass. "What was that for?" "You will answer all questions from the Mistress with 'yes, Mistress', or 'no, Mistress'," Toby informed him. "Yes, Mistress."

"Good, but instead of watching, why don't you give her a hand? She seems to need it."

"All right!" Roger crawled on all fours toward the two women writhing on the floor, only to be brought up short by the crack of the whip against his backside. "Ouch, stop that!" He glared at Jill. "You know I'm not into pain."

"Follow the rules and you won't feel any pain," Jill told him. "Isn't that right, Larry?"

"Yes, Mistress," Larry said with a smile. Roger finally noticed that Larry was in the room. He glared at him.

"I've changed my mind, Roger. You are still too new at the game. You must learn to obey your Mistress before you can have a pleasure such as this. Alex, you may give Becky some help."

"Yes, Mistress." Alex dropped to all fours and crawled to Candy's side. He took her huge tits in both hands, and began massaging them.

"Roger, you can stay there on your knees until you learn the proper respect for your Mistress."

"Yes, Mistress," Roger said meekly. He looked ready to do anything to get a chance with the two women on the floor.

"Much better, but not yet good enough," Jill said. "Larry, you look well rested now. Come here and show me what that tongue of yours can do."

"Yes, Mistress." Larry stood and began to walk toward Jill, reclining in the only chair in the room, only to be stopped when she raised her hand.

"On your hands and knees, slave, like the animal you are."

"Yes, Mistress," Larry obediently said, falling to all fours. He crawled over to Jill and eagerly sank his face in her curly brown pubic hair. Grabbing the hair between his teeth, he tugged gently before sucking her clit into his mouth.

"Roger, do you like to watch people fuck?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"But I bet you would rather join in, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. I have a special task for you. While Becky sucks Candy's cunt, and Alex sucks her tits, I want you to fuck Becky doggy style. Make her scream for mercy. Do you think you can do that?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good, you can go ahead now."

"Yes, Mistress." Roger remembered to crawl toward Becky on his hands and knees, like Jill had made Larry do. He placed his hands on Becky's rounded ass cheeks, and massaged them around in circles before moving his hands to her hips. He gently lifted her ass up high into the air. Moving his hand around, he slid a finger into her pussy, and pumped it slowly in and out.

"Fuck her with your cock, Roger, not your finger."

"Yes, Mistress." Roger removed his finger, and guided his bulging cock into the moist folds. Her pussy tightened around his dick and she pushed back to meet his thrust. Encouraged by her eagerness he shoved forward, and plunged his cock in to the hilt. She moaned around Candy's cunt. Gripping her ass, Roger pounded into her pussy. Becky's sucking got more intense as she neared her orgasm. Candy squirmed under her relentless mouth. Alex nibbled harder on her nipple, while he tweaked the other one between his thumb and forefinger.

"That's it, Roger, fuck her hard. Make her scream," Jill called out.

Roger felt like he had a cheerleader. It was an unnerving thought. He was surprised to find out how much it turned him on to have his wife watching him fuck his best friend's wife. He looked at Larry's head buried in Jill's pussy. Surprisingly, it excited him to see that too. But the biggest shock of all was how hot it was making him to have Jill giving him orders. She had suggested this sort of playacting before but he had always refused, not thinking it was right for them. Man, was he wrong.

His cock throbbed as he pounded harder into Becky's pussy. He felt her tighten her cunt muscles around his dick as she began to cum, and the sensation threw him over the edge. He howled when he felt the release of his hot sperm shooting from his cock.

"That was passable, Roger," Jill told him. "But I'm sure you can be more exciting next time."

"Yes, Mistress," Roger panted.

"You can wait against the wall until I need you again."

"Yes, Mistress." Roger started to crawl away just as Candy began to whimper with her own orgasm. He turned back to watch.

Candy was squirming under Becky. It almost looked as if she were trying to throw Becky off. Except for her hands. They were each full of hair, shoving Becky's face into her cunt. Becky had her clit sucked firmly into her mouth and was stabbing two fingers into her cunt. Alex was sucking furiously on one tit, and kneading the other viciously with his hand.

Candy screamed her release as her juices flowed. Becky tried to suck every last drop from Candy's soggy pussy. Alex shoved her away to get his share of cunt juice. He probed her pussy deeply with his tongue. Roger watched until Candy sank down to the floor, then crawled to his corner and waited there on his knees.

"Nice job, Becky."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"I think you learned that cunt lapping isn't all that bad," Jill observed.

"Yes, Mistress," Becky agreed.

"Candy, do you still need to be fucked?" Jill asked.

"Yes Mistress, please!" Candy begged.

"Very well, then. Let's see, who deserves the first fuck with the nymphomaniac? How about the birthday boy?" She ruffled Larry's hair between her legs. "How about it, Birthday Boy? Are you up to fucking a nympho?"

"Yes, Mistress," Larry replied eagerly. He couldn't wait to get his cock in the hot little slut's pussy.

"Go for it then, Larry. Don't wear yourself out though. You still have plenty of party left to enjoy."

"Yes, Mistress." Larry eagerly crawled toward Candy. She pushed Alex away as he approached. The sexy look in her eyes made Larry's cock throb with anticipation. He knew that this was going to be one of the best fucks of the weekend.

"Put her on top, Larry. You might enjoy how excited she gets."

"Yes, Mistress."

Candy pushed him down on the mat and positioned herself over him. She leaned forward and rubbed her tits on his chest while she gave him a hot, deep kiss. She probed his mouth with her tongue and bit his lips. She moved her mouth to his neck and sucked her way to his ear. Her tongue moved around the outside of his ear, sending tingles all throughout his body. All the while she was grinding her mound against his shaft. Candy brought her massive left breast to his mouth, and he eagerly sucked her nipple in. "Bite it," she cried. "Bite my nipple hard." Larry obliged her, bringing his teeth gently together. "Harder, damn you! Bite me really hard!" She insisted. Larry gnawed on her nipple until she removed it from his mouth, and gave him the other one. He bit that one equally.

"That's it, bite them," she cried. Larry chewed on her hardened nipples, using his hands to squeeze and knead the soft flesh of her mammoth breasts.

Suddenly she repositioned herself and thrust down on his cock. His dick slid into her wet slit in a single thrust. Larry gasped at the suddenness of it. She bounced on his cock in sheer abandon, wildly careening her head around. Larry loved the expression of sheer joy on her face. Her cunt muscles gripped his rod tightly, as if she were never going to let him go.

Just as he thought he couldn't hold off any longer, she stopped all of her body movements. His orgasm began to recede slowly. He realized that she knew how to hold off his cum.

"Squeeze my tits more," Candy ordered, thrusting her big boobs at him. Larry used both hands and violently massaged her huge knockers. He twisted the soft flesh beneath his hands, and pinched her hard nipples. She groaned as she thrust a hand between her thighs and rubbed her exposed clit.

When Candy suddenly began to bounce on his cock again almost ripping her jugs out of his hands, Larry decided to slow things down. If he didn't take control of this wild thing right now, he was going to shoot his load and end it too soon.

"Mistress, may I change position?" Larry panted.

"Of course." Jill was mystified, and watched closely to see what would happen.

Larry reached up and yanked her forcefully off his cock. He pushed her to the floor, pinning her there with his body.

"I think we need to control this a little more. You get a little too wild," he told the whimpering Candy. Getting on his knees between her legs he lifted her feet to his shoulders. He plunged his cock into her moist pussy with a force that rocked her. Larry reached for her ample boobs with his hands as he plowed into her. He squeezed her tits and twisted her nipples. He brutalized her sensitive breasts, knowing that was how she wanted it. She rewarded him by moaning with pleasure.

"That's it, Baby, rip my tits off," she cried out, throwing her head back. Her cunt muscles squeezed his cock tightly and her juices flowed over his hot cock. She screamed and tightened her ankles around his neck.

Larry cried out when his cock exploded it's cum into her throbbing pussy. She squeezed her cunt muscles around his shaft as if to wring every last drop from him. Candy screamed in a second orgasm right along with him. He felt a juvenile sense of pride that he made her cum twice.

"That was very interesting," Jill said, as Larry collapsed over Candy. She waved him toward the wall. "Do you need more, Candy?"

"Oh, yes, Mistress! Please let me have more!" Larry's ego deflated instantly when she said this.

"Who shall we let fuck you now, Candy?"

"Maybe Roger, Mistress?"

"Oh, all right. Roger, are you up to it? Candy wants you."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Can I have two, Mistress?" Candy asked.

"Candy, you are getting greedy."

"Yes, Mistress," Candy agreed, with a shameless grin on her face.

"All right, I guess you deserve it. Who else would you like?"

"Toby, Mistress."

Larry looked at Toby standing by the door holding the whip. He was wearing a black leather vest, and matching that was some arrangement of straps that reminded Larry of a jock strap without the cup. The straps went around his waist, came to a 'v' around his massive cock, and from there a strap went around each side to cup under his ass cheeks. Toby was a huge man, with huge muscles, and a giant cock. Larry thought that Candy must indeed be a nympho, to want Toby, with his massive cock, and Roger with his rather large cock, both at the same time. Right after she had already been fucked once, and had her pussy ate out to screaming orgasm.

Roger moved toward Candy from one direction, and Toby from another. Toby positioned himself on his knees in front of her, and Roger moved in behind. Roger placed his hands on her ass, and pulled her back to his cock. Candy shoved back as soon as she felt his cock against her cunt lips. His cock slid in to the hilt. He shuddered as he began to thrust.

Candy wrapped her lips around Toby's massive cock. She teased it with her tongue before plunging it deep into her throat. She tried, but his cock was just too large for her to get all of it into her throat. Her head bobbed up and down in rhythm to Roger's thrusts. She sucked him hungrily, while massaging his balls with one hand.

Roger pumped into her pussy hard, reaching around to tweak her nipples hanging under her. She arched her back and thrust back to meet his cock. He moaned at the feel of her hot pussy surrounding his cock.

"That's it, Baby, fuck me hard," she screamed.

Roger gripped her ass cheeks and held her steady while he pounded his cock into her. Toby wrapped her hair around his fist and forced his cock deeper into her mouth.

"Suck that cock, Baby," Toby told her. "Lick the whole thing." She circled the tip of his cock with her tongue, playfully jabbing at the sensitive shaft. She licked down the length of his cock and sucked his balls into her mouth. Her grunts and groans vibrated along the length of his cock, making him shiver.

Toby yanked her head back and forced her mouth back on his dick just as she started to cum. She thrust her mouth down, nearly taking his entire massive cock into her throat. "Yes," Roger yelled. "I'm cumming, Baby." His body jerked as he shot her spasming pussy full of his cream.

When Roger came, they changed positions, and Toby fucked her while she sucked Roger's cock. She licked every drop of cum from his cock tasting her own juices as well. She then thrust it deep into her mouth and sucked it like a vacuum. When she was sure that she had ever last drop of cum, she slowly began to move her head up and down on it. Larry was impressed to see that Roger's cock was still hard. Candy was sure one incredible fucker. She plowed Roger's cock into her mouth. His cock wasn't quite as big as Toby's; she could take the whole thing down to his balls. Her hands kneaded his nuts while she sucked him off.

She screamed with joy when she felt her orgasm coming. She thrust her pussy back on Toby's cock at a much faster pace. Her head bounced up and down on Roger's cock with lightening speed. Toby didn't last too much longer before he shot his wad into her. Larry saw to his amazement that Roger came again a split second after they did. They all three collapsed in a heap to the floor.

"That was wonderful, slaves," Jill said. "Do you feel better, Candy?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Are you ready to get fucked in the ass?" Jill asked.

"Oh, yes, Mistress. Please!" Candy replied, almost begging.

"Let's see, have we exhausted all of our men?" Jill looked thoughtfully around the room at everyone kneeling breathlessly against the wall. "Who still has the stamina left to fuck Candy's eager asshole?" Every man in the room except Toby and Roger stood up. They both had disappointed looks on their faces. The men tried to show that they weren't exhausted. Larry dropped back to his knees in a gesture of supplication, and begged. He really wanted to fuck Candy in the ass.

"Please, Mistress," he begged. "Let me. I swear I am not too tired."

"Larry, I am surprised at your longevity. Becky never let on that you were so energetic. I feel as if I have been kept in the dark about some wonderful secret."

"Yes, Mistress." Larry felt his cock throb with just the thought of fucking Candy's asshole.

"Very well, Larry. I think you have earned the pleasure. The fact that it's your birthday only played a small part in my decision," Jill teasingly admitted. "Do try not to hurt yourself. Candy can be quite forceful in making sure that she feels her pleasure."

"Yes, Mistress." Larry crawled toward Candy licking his lips. He rolled her over onto her stomach and pulled her tight little ass toward him. Probing a finger into her brownie hole, he found that she was ready for him. Toby tapped him on the shoulder and handed him a jar of lubricant. Larry uncapped the jar and pulled a generous amount out with his fingers. He slathered it all over his cock then used the same hand to gently probe inside her asshole. She squirmed under him as he inserted first one finger, then two.

"Please fuck me now, Larry," she begged.

Larry pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his swollen cock. As soon as she felt his cock touching her hole, she shoved herself back and forced his cock in to the hilt. He was so shocked that for a moment he couldn't move.

He pulled his cock slowly back out, enjoying the feel of her tight sheath surrounding his shaft. Pushing back in, he felt her anal canal stretching to accommodate him. Candy shoved her ass back and forth in a frenzy, determined to be fucked fast and hard.

He thrust his cock in and out rapidly, trying hard to keep control of the motions. It was difficult with her so wildly thrusting herself back on his cock. He put his hands on her hips to slow her down. If she kept up this fevered pace he wouldn't last another second. By grabbing a handful of hair he forced her to stop her frantic movements.

"Try it a little slower for a while, Babe," he said soothingly in her ear when she protested. "You might be surprised at how good it will feel."

He slowed the pace and thrust in and out of her tight asshole. When he was sure that she had passed her moment of wild abandon, he released her hair, and reached one hand under her and found her massive boob. He massaged it and smiled as she moaned in pleasure. He found one hard nipple and gave it a hard squeeze.

He found the protruding nub of her clit with his other hand and rubbed it tantalizingly. Spreading his hand wide, he was able to insert two fingers into her pussy, and continue to rub her clit with his thumb. She screamed with the pleasure of the triple stimulation. She cried out and arched her back, pushing his cock in to the hilt.

Larry felt like he was riding a bucking bronc. It was all he could do to hang on to her. He massaged her responsive clit and fucked her pussy with his fingers, loving the way she responded to his actions. She was like a wild demon under him. It took everything he had to keep her under his control.

He kept the pace slow for a moment longer, until he felt his own orgasm nearing. He thrust in hard and heard her gasp. He felt her ass muscles tighten as she neared her own release. He finally relented and pounded his cock into her so forcefully that she began to slide on the carpet. He forced her head down to the floor and pressed his hand in the center of her back. That stopped the sliding, and he continued to pound her. She screamed as she came, shoving back wildly on his cock. He stiffened in his own orgasm, and nearly screamed himself. His dick felt like the head had exploded. Collapsing over her, he panted as he tried to catch his breath.

"That was very impressive, Larry. I don't think that Candy has ever been so thoroughly fucked," Jill said in amazement. "Isn't that right, Candy?"

"Yes, Mistress," Candy panted.

"Thank you, Mistress," Larry huffed. Candy squirmed under him and his cock throbbed in response. He lifted himself off of her and she simply allowed herself to fall to the floor.

"Candy, I'm surprised!" Jill said in shock. "You look as if you are all fucked out."

"Only for a little while, Mistress," Candy said smugly.

To Be Continued...


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