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Larry's Birthday Ch. IV
by Blue Rose

Larry ventured out in the backyard for a cooling dip in the pool, and realized that someone had beaten him to it. Linda was lounging on the steps in the shallow end. She smiled as he approached.

"What are you doing out here all by yourself, not getting fucked?" Larry asked her.

"I'm waiting for the master fucker, and that must be you," she said. "Come on in, the water's fine." Larry walked down to the deep end and dove in. He swam under water all the way down the length of the pool, until he could see the curly black hair around her cunt staring him in the face. He rubbed his face in her cunt hair before rising to the surface.

"That felt great," he breathed, kissing her neck. "Have you ever fucked in a pool before?"

"No, but I expect you to take care of that problem for me."

Larry lifted her up to the edge of the pool, to where her cunt was in his face. He lowered his mouth to the wiry black hair, and pulled it with his lips. Running his hands up her flat stomach, he grabbed her pert boobs in his hands, marveling at the contrast of colors of her black breasts under his white hands. Rolling his thumbs over her hot little nipples, he felt them harden instantly. She leaned over and sucked on his shoulder while he caressed her breasts. She wrapped her legs around his waist to draw him closer. He licked the tender skin of her tits, nibbling gently here and there. Unwinding her legs from his waist, he lifted them to his shoulders. Her pussy opened up for him right in his face. He sucked her exposed clit into his mouth and nibbled on it. She squirmed under him in pleasure. He wriggled his tongue back and forth over her clit, causing her to moan, then stuck his tongue into her dripping pussy. She grabbed his head and shoved his face into her crotch even tighter. He probed his tongue in and out of her pussy, sucking every last drop of cunt juice from her.

"That's it, Larry. Lick my pussy. It feels so good," she cried.

Larry massaged her cute little asshole while he sucked her pussy. She rubbed her cunt in his face, causing his nose to come into contact with her swollen clit. Her body spasmed wildly as she juiced, wetting his face with her musky fluids.

Larry lapped up all of her sticky fluid, then focused his attention on her puckered little asshole. He licked all around it, feeling it winking at him, as if begging for his tongue. He reamed her asshole, driving his tongue all the way in. He plowed his tongue in and out of her throbbing asshole. She wiggled in his arms, pushing his face further between her ass cheeks. When Larry raised his face, she sighed in disappointment.

Larry raised up and stood above her. He brought her head down to his cock, and she plunged it into her mouth. She went down on him like a pro. She thrust her head up and down, taking the length of his rod with every stroke. She fucked him with her mouth while fingering her own pussy.

"Fuck me, Larry. I want to see your white cock moving in and out of my black pussy."

"I want to fuck your tight black ass," Larry told her.

"Really?" She sounded amazed. "I swear, white men do some strange things. I'll try anything once, and if I like it I might never stop doing it."

"I assure you, I will make you like it." Larry stood her up on the step and turned her around. Bending her over, he stared at her beautiful ass. "Your ass looks like it was made to be fucked, Linda."

"So fuck it, and let's see if you're right."

Larry licked her asshole, moistening it with his saliva. He cautiously stuck a finger in and fucked her slowly with it. She stiffened for a second, then moaned and relaxed. He inserted another finger. She seemed to be enjoying the feel of his fingers in her ass. He sucked the tender flesh around her asshole, while slowly fucking her with his fingers. He knew just the places to tickle with his tongue to get the best reaction from her. Her asshole was spasming around his fingers, letting him know how much she was enjoying what he was doing. She moved her butt back against his hand.

"I feel like I want more, Larry," she said timidly. This was all new sensations for her, so she wasn't sure what was supposed to come next.

"You got it, Babe." Larry pulled his fingers out, and licked her all over her ass crack. He fucked his fingers in her drenched pussy, and collected some of her abundant pussy juice on his fingers. Using that, he moistened her asshole, to ease the way for his cock. She squirmed and moaned under him. He gently rubbed against her asshole with his cock head, and she thrust back, forcing the head in.

"That feels so great!" She said. "It's so different from being fucked in the pussy."

Larry slowly pushed more of his cock in her ass, gently moving in and out. She grew impatient with his slowness and shoved back, thrusting his entire cock up her ass. She wiggled her ass and laughed.

"I feel so full," she said, twisting her head back to smile at him.

"It doesn't hurt?" Larry asked in surprise.

"Is it supposed to?"

"Sometimes it does. I figured that since your ass was cherry that it probably would. That's why I was going slow."

"Well, it doesn't hurt, so you don't have to go so slow," she told him. "Fuck me hard and fast."

Larry took her at her word and pounded his hot cock into her asshole. She moaned in pleasure, and pumped her ass back, thrusting in time with him. She slipped a hand under her and fucked her pussy with her fingers.

"That's it, Larry. Fuck my shit hole!" She cried. "That feels so good."

Larry gripped the edge of the pool to keep himself steady on the step. The water lapping around his swollen testicles added a new sensation to ass fucking. Linda laid her face down, heedless of the hard pool deck, and stretched her arms back to her ass. She gripped her ass cheeks in her hands and pulled them apart further.

"Fuck me hard. Shove me into this wall. Harder," she demanded. Larry drove his cock into her ass, rocking her on her knees.

"Oh, yes!" She moaned. "That's it." Larry couldn't believe how easily she had adjusted to having her ass fucked. He was right. Her ass was made for fucking.

Linda screamed when she came, and her ass cheeks tightened around his cock. He tried to hold off his own orgasm, but the tight feel of her ass, combined with her wild thrashing about made it impossible. He shot his load deep into her throbbing asshole. Larry pulled out and lowered himself to sit on the step. Linda joined him in the water, splashing water into her sweaty face.

"That was great, Larry. I never dreamed it could feel so good to get fucked in the ass. Now I have something new to show Andrew."

"Do you think he will go for it?"

"I think that after this weekend is over, there are going to be some changes in our sex life."

"That could happen to a lot of people that are here." Larry thought about Jill and Roger, and Jill's mild dominatrix persona. Roger hadn't seemed too thrilled with it at first, but he had enjoyed himself once he let go. Then there was Becky. She might decide that she liked the wild and crazy sex life she was experiencing this weekend. He certainly hoped so. She seemed to be having the time of her life. He knew that he certainly was.

"I think it will be changes for the better for all of us. I want to thank you and Becky for inviting us. Andrew and I are both having a great time. It's definitely an experience that we will never forget." "I know I won't forget it, either. I would never have guessed that Becky would do this."

"She definitely planned a great birthday celebration for you, didn't she?"

"Yes, she certainly did," Larry agreed. "Why don't we go back in and join in this great celebration?"

"That sounds good to me."

But before they made it out of the pool, Candy, the buxom nymphomaniac, joined them. She begged them to remain for a threesome, and they just couldn't resist her sexy pleading. Linda and Candy decided to give Larry the royal treatment. They laid him out on the deck, and Linda sat on his face while Candy took his now flaccid cock into her mouth. It didn't take long before his cock grew long and hard.

Linda reached over and massaged Candy's large jugs while Candy sucked Larry's cock. Candy moaned in pleasure, and Larry gasped as his sensitive cock jumped in response to the vibrations sent along it by her voice.

Linda squirmed on Larry's face as he stuck his tongue into her juicy pussy, licking out the combined juices of his last come, and hers. He sucked her clit into his mouth and vigorously tweaked it back and forth with his tongue. He nibbled gently on it, and felt her cunt spasm in pleasure. He loved the feeling of having a hot mouth on his cock at the same time he sucked a juicy pussy.

Larry's hands snaked around Linda's lean, athletic body and cupped her firm tits. He squeezed them, rubbing his palms across the hard nipples. Candy rose up and put his dick between her huge boobs. He fucked her tits feverishly, while she slurped at the head of his cock.

Larry rapidly flicked his tongue back and forth on Linda's swollen clit. He sucked it into his mouth like a small, hard cock. She rubbed her twat into his face eagerly.

"That's it, Larry. You're such a good cunt-lapper. Make me cum." Larry drove his tongue into her pussy, twisting and probing with it. Linda fucked his face as her passion grew. "I'm gonna cum!" She shouted, humping even faster. "Bite my clit. Suck it. Oh, yeah, I'm cumming!" Her body stiffened as she spilled her cream into his mouth, and all over his face. She licked his face clean of her juices, then went to help Candy. She positioned herself under Candy, and licked Larry's balls. She sucked them one at a time into her mouth. He groaned and thrust his cock deeper into Candy's willing mouth. Candy took the length of him into her throat, and gently scraped her teeth on his cock as she slowly let it out of her mouth. Linda reached up and put her hand between Candy's legs. She fingered Candy's clit, and stuck one finger into her pussy. Candy moaned on Larry's cock again.

"Candy, you're too good at this. I'm going to cum." He shook uncontrollably as his hot jism spurted down her throat. She lapped up every drop, even licking her lips after she had him clean. "It's your turn now, Candy." He rolled her over onto her back, and sucked her tits while Linda continued to finger her pussy. Candy tossed her head back and forth, and begged for more.

"Fuck me, Larry! Fuck me right now!" She screamed.

Larry was shocked to realize that his cock was hard yet again. He thrust into Candy's hungry pussy, and squeezed her tits hard at the same time. He groaned when he felt Linda's tongue probing his asshole. Her head was bobbing up and down to keep up with the movement of his fucking. She gave up chasing his ass with her tongue, and probed into his puckered hole with a finger.

"Fuck me hard, Larry. Pound me into this deck. I want bruises on my back. Harder!" Candy ordered.

Larry obediently ground his cock into her cunt with such force that she scraped along the deck. He held her in place with his hands on her tits. He wrenched the big jugs around in his hands. Candy wrapped her legs around Larry's waist, exposing her hungry asshole to Linda. She groaned when she felt the hot moist tongue enter her canal. Linda reamed Candy with her tongue, and fucked Larry with her finger.

"Yes," Candy moaned. "Fuck me!" Larry felt Linda moving away, and realized that she was putting her pussy in Candy's face.

Candy hungrily sucked Linda's cunt, and squeezed her little boobs vigorously. Larry felt his cock grow even harder just watching them. Candy probed her expert tongue around Linda's dripping cunt, knowing just the right places to prod. She sucked her clit into her mouth, vigorously nibbling and sucking on it. Candy screamed into Linda's hairy hole as she squirted her hot juices over Larry's rock hard prick.

Larry knew he was near his own limit. He felt the skin getting tight around his balls, and the fire building in his groin. He thrust wildly as he worked himself over the edge. He grunted in ecstasy as his load shot out, filling Candy's spasming pussy. Linda screamed as Candy's expert cunt lapping brought her to her own climax.

When they had all three caught their breath, they decided to go for a swim to cool off. They playfully teased each other in the water, with Larry and Linda getting a kick out of the way Candy's huge tits floated on the surface. Candy lifted her left breast in her hand, and pulled it to her mouth. She smiled seductively as she licked little circles around her nipple.

"It makes it easier for me to suck my own tit when it floats in the water."

"I could never do that," Linda moaned, looking sorrowfully down at her small boobs.

"That's okay, Linda," Larry reassured her. "I'll suck them for you any time."

"I will too," Candy volunteered. "I love to suck tits."

The three of them lounged together on the steps of the pool, letting the water gently caress their tired bodies. Larry sat in the middle, and had one hand on each woman, idly caressing a boob here, or a snatch there. He sighed as he watched the clouds turn pink with the approaching sunset. One more day, and the weekend would come to an end. It was a great way to welcome a birthday, especially one feared by so many. The fortieth year generally signaled the end of youth for a man, and marked the beginning of middle age. Larry didn't think he could have found a better way to mark the passage of time.

Candy was the first to leave their little threesome, she felt the hornies approaching, and went to find a new partner, or two. Maybe even three. Larry watched her saunter into the house, feeling his cock twitch in response to the sight of her curvaceous body. His cock seemed to want to go on and on.

To Be Continued...


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