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Larry's Birthday Ch. V
by Blue Rose

When Larry finally got up the energy to leave the pool, he escorted Linda as far as the living room, and then remembered that it was time to meet Gina and Toby in his bedroom for their lesson in pain and pain tolerance. He was surprised to find that Gina was already there, and had done a little preparation work. She had tied straps to the bed, and found a hairbrush to use for punishment. Larry reached behind the headboard of his bed and pulled out a riding crop, and handed it to her. She laughed as she took it.

This looks like it might come in handy," she said.

"Not for you. You might be on the receiving end of it, though."

"I hope so," she said eagerly. She pulled an overnight bag over to her, and began pulling items out of it. Larry's mouth fell open as he watched her bring out various sizes of dildos, and vibrators. She pulled out velvet lined handcuffs, a blindfold, nipple clamps, and butt plugs.

"It looks like you've done this before," Larry said in amazement.

"Oh, definitely."

"What makes you so sure that we will use all your little toys?" Larry asked, picking up the hairbrush, and smacking his hand with it.

"I came prepared, that's all. I doubt that you have the equipment necessary to make a good go of it."

"How dare you imply that I need these gadgets to punish you properly. That's very bad of you. I won't stand for it. Come here and see just how well I can punish you without the use of any of your little toys." Larry sat on the edge of the bed and patted his legs. As she approached, he grabbed her arm and dragged her forward. He threw her over his knees, and promptly began to smack her ass with the back of the hairbrush.

Whack! Gina cried out in shock as the brush hit her ass the first time. Her legs raised up, and her ass cheeks closed together. Whack, Whack! She moaned as he mercilessly brought the brush down on her ass cheeks. Her butt quickly turned red, and swollen with the imprint of the brush. She sobbed as he pulled her hair to raise her face to where she could look into his face.

"You see, I don't need pretty little toys to punish a naughty girl, do I?"

"No!" She cried. She wiggled her throbbing ass on his lap.

"Do you want more, is that why you are rubbing your cunt on my dick?" He asked. "You nasty, naughty little girl."

"Yes, I'm nasty and naughty. I need to be punished," she begged.

"I can see that you are very naughty. You need to be punished severely." Larry abruptly stood, dumping her into a heap at his feet. "Get on the bed," he ordered.

Gina scrambled onto the bed, lying on her back, and put her hands and feet into position to be tied. Her pussy throbbed in anticipation of what he might do. There was always an element of fear associated with being tied helplessly at the mercy of someone else. Not having a clue what Larry might do increased that fear.

"Do you think I want to fuck you?" Larry snarled. "Get on your stomach, like the nasty, naughty girl that you are." When Gina had rolled over, Larry roughly pulled her hands above her head, and handcuffed her to the headboard. He pushed her knees up, forcing her ass high into the air, and spread her legs. He tied her ankles tightly to the side rail of the bed frame. Now she was totally helpless. She couldn't move at all. She couldn't lower her knees, because of the way her ankles were tied. She couldn't even see what he was doing behind her back. Toby entered the room, and surveyed the scene with dismay.

"You started without me," he complained, looking at Gina's rosy red ass.

"You didn't miss much, and Gina is a very naughty girl. She will need lots of punishment," Larry told him.

"I can see that. I can tell by her juicy pussy that she is thinking nasty thoughts right now."

"Then punish her for her nasty thoughts," Larry suggested, handing Toby the riding crop.

Toby wasted no time in making sure that Gina regretted her nasty thoughts. He brought the crop down with a loud crack in the air. Gina jumped at the sound. Then he brought it down on her quivering ass. Her body jerked in shock as a red weal rose on her ass. Toby kept whacking her until the welts criss-crossed all over her ass. By the time he was done, she was sobbing into the pillow.

Larry grinned as he picked up the nipple clamps. He reached under her and attached them to her tits, tightening the screws until she winced in pain. When he saw by her face that she had adjusted to the pain, he gave the screws another turn. When she gasped, he smiled wickedly at her.

"I guess some of your pretty little toys might come in handy, after all."

Then he began examining the dildos. He chose a long double header, and lubricated it well. When he stuck one end in her pussy, she moaned and attempted to thrust her hips back toward it.

"Lie still, you nasty little slut!" Larry growled at her. "You just can't wait to have a cock between your cunt lips, can you?" He shoved the rubber cock deeper into her pussy. Larry gestured for Toby to take the other end, and plug her ass with it. When they were both in position, they began to work out a rhythm. With alternating thrusts, Gina found first her pussy, then her asshole filled with the dildo. She bit into the pillow to smother her cries. She tried to hold her body still, but the intense feelings rolling through her pussy and ass proved too much for her. She attempted to add her own hip movements to the thrust, moving in time to them, and Larry whacked her on the ass as a reward.

"I told you to hold still!" Larry pulled his end of the dildo out of her pussy, and she cried as she felt it go. Toby pulled his end out of her ass, and her body spasmed as it was so abruptly emptied. "I guess you need more punishment before you learn how to behave." Larry moved up to her head, and grabbing a hand full of her red hair, he pulled her up to face him. Positioning himself under her face, he forced her mouth down over his cock.

"Suck my cock, you nasty little cunt. You better do a good job of it, or it won't go well for you."

Larry forced his cock all the way into her mouth, and then brought it slowly out. Larry motioned for Toby to get on with the dildos. Toby selected a big, thick dildo, with a rotation movement to it. He tested it by letting it rotate in his hand for a second before turning it back off.

Larry noticed that Gina's attention had been caught by the noise the vibrator made. He brought her mouth back to his cock with his hand wrapped in her hair. He could tell by the shakiness of her muscles that she was beginning to feel the pain of her position. The only thing holding her weight was her widely spread knees, and he was holding her suspended above the bed by her hair. Larry felt a slight touch of her teeth when Toby thrust the big vibrator into her pussy. He yanked on her hair to let her know that teeth weren't allowed.

Toby waited until he had her squirming from the feel of the big vibrator moving in and out of her pussy, then he turned it on. She screamed when the vibrator was turned on. She lifted her knees off the bed as far as her bonds would allow. Larry's cock plunged deep into her throat with her movement. He gasped as she closed her lips around his shaft.

"You like that, don't you? You really are a slut," Tony said, yanking her head around so that she was looking at him.

"Yes, I'm a slut. I need to be punished," she panted. "Punish me, Larry."

"You are definitely going to be well punished before this night is out. Don't worry about that." He put his cock back into her mouth. "Slide your tongue around the tip. Lick the whole thing," He instructed. She did as she was ordered, licking every inch of his cock. "Suck my balls," he said. She put his left nut into her mouth, and rubbed her tongue all around it. She sucked it hard, making it tighten in her mouth. She let go of it, and sucked in the other one. She tickled the hair on his sack with her tongue before pulling it into her mouth. She stretched her lips apart, and sucked in the left nut with the right. She had her mouth full, and she loved every second of it. She closed her lips around them, and sucked in her cheeks, vacuuming his nuts into her throat. Larry felt his excitement growing at the hungry way she sucked his balls. He wanted to put off his orgasm for a while, so he moved away from her head.

He picked up the wooden handled hairbrush that she had supplied them with. He swatted her forcefully on the ass at Toby's next out-stroke. He went on like that until she didn't know whether to cry or moan in ecstasy. When her ass was completely red and sore, he put aside the hairbrush, and picked up the huge double headed dildo.

Larry inserted one end of the dildo into her ass, timing his strokes to be opposite of Toby's. He could see her gripping the pillow tightly in her hands to keep from moving. She stuffed the pillow in her mouth to muffle her moans, as first her pussy, and then her ass, was filled. Toby turned the speed of the vibrator to high; pounding with all his might into her pussy. Her body bounced forward with each thrust that either of them made.

"You like that, don't you, Gina?" Larry asked, slowing his hand.

"Yes, oh yes! Please don't stop," she begged. She had never felt so full in her life. The bigger than life-size vibrator that Toby was thrusting into her pussy, combined with the large double-header being rammed into her ass was astounding. She caught herself trying to thrust back to them, and gripped the pillow so tight her knuckles turned white. She screamed into the pillow as the sensations threatened to overwhelm her. Just when she felt the first contractions of her orgasm starting, both men pulled the dildos out of her sopping holes. She screamed in frustration as her climax was denied.

"Did you think we were here for your enjoyment?" Toby taunted her. "You don't deserve to cum. You have been a naughty, nasty little girl."

"Please," she begged. "Let me cum."

"When you've been punished enough, then maybe we will let you cum," Larry told her. He picked up a huge butt plug from her collection of goodies. He lubricated it well, and slowly worked it into her tight asshole. She tensed as her puckered hole stretched to accommodate it. Larry eased it in, giving her time to adjust to the diameter of the thing. When he had it fully inserted, he released her hands from the headboard.

"You better keep that in your ass," he warned. He released the ties holding her legs up. She sank in a heap to the mattress. "Ah," she sighed, as her cramped muscles relaxed.

"Who said you could lay down?" Larry asked, yanking her head up by her hair. He dragged her off the bed and forced her to her knees on the carpet. "Toby, come over here. I have a plan." Toby and Larry stood side by side in front of her, with their erect cocks waving in her face. "Have you ever sucked two cocks at once?" Larry asked her.


"Well, now you're going to. Make it good, too." Larry stuffed his cock into her mouth. "You better keep those ass muscles clenched. You don't want to know what will happen if you let that plug come out."

Gina couldn't reply because she had her mouth full of Larry's cock. She wrapped her hand around Toby's cock, and jerked him while she sucked Larry. She ran her hand under Toby's cock, and grabbed his balls. She gently squeezed and massaged them, weighing them in her hand as if impressed with the size. Her tongue worked circles around the head of Larry's dick, before she slammed the whole thing down her throat. She gently scraped her teeth along the length of it as she pulled it back out of her mouth.

Gina put her other hand on Larry's cock, and moved her mouth to Toby's monstrous member. She closed her lips around the tip of it, and swirled her tongue around. She swallowed as much of his cock as she could, but he was so big, that not even her talented mouth could take the whole thing. She powerhoused it in and out as fast as she could go. Her hand was still playing with his balls, and she replaced it with her mouth. She licked her tongue all around his hairy nuts, sucking and nibbling everywhere. She took them both into her mouth and sucked mightily on them.

Returning her mouth to Larry's cock, she began by licking his balls. She pulled his hair with her lips before sucking one ball into her mouth. She swirled her tongue over the entire surface of it, then pulled the other into her mouth with it. She sucked on them together like they were candy. Letting go of his balls, she started from the bottom, and worked her way up his shaft. She drove her tongue along the length of his cock, until she finally reached the head. She swiftly plowed his cock into her mouth, and battered the back of her throat with it.

Larry shivered at the sensations she was creating. He could feel his cock throbbing in it's need for release. He grabbed her hair in an attempt to hold her there, so that she couldn't return her mouth to Toby's cock. She slapped his hand away, and forced the two of them to turn and face each other. She pulled them closer together, and slightly turned to the side. When their hips were touching, she put Toby's cock into her mouth with Larry's. Larry met Toby's startled eyes over her head. Gina was very good at this.

She sucked both cocks expertly into her hot mouth, wildly probing her tongue between them. Larry groaned at the excitement of feeling Toby's cock bumping against his inside her mouth. They both reached for her head at the same time, fucking her face madly. Larry felt as if his cock was exploding as he shot his load into her stuffed mouth. She didn't pull her head back, though. She swallowed every drop, until Toby began to shoot his load too. Then the huge amount of cum blasted into her mouth overwhelmed her. She pulled her face back, and let it shoot over her chin and boobs. She rubbed their sticky cocks in their mixed cream over her tits, spreading it all around both nipples.

Larry wanted to compliment her on an excellent job, but he didn't think that now was the right time. He would save it for later. Right now, he had his mind full imagining ways to punish her. Then he had a thought. He could punish her for being so good at sucking two cocks at once. Obviously she had practiced this before. That would definitely make her a nasty little girl. He glanced around the room, and the sight of the stool under his wife's vanity table gave him an idea. Leaving Gina on her knees, he beckoned Toby to follow him. He pulled the stool out, and searched through her little bag of goodies. When he found what he wanted, he returned to the stool. He held out a large dildo, complete with a leather harness, for Toby's inspection. Toby looked confused, but curious. Larry strapped the harness around the seat of the stool, leaving the rubber dick pointing straight up in the middle of it. Toby smiled as he figured out what the plan was. Larry pulled Gina over to the stool. She gazed in disbelief at the cock sticking up in the center.

"My legs are really hurting, Larry," she told him. "If you want me to do what I think, you will have to wait until my legs feel a little better."

"You do not decide the method of your punishment," Larry informed her. "You said you wanted pain, your legs are only the beginning of it." He swatted her on the backside. "Now get your ass up there. I want that dildo up your twat. You haven't lost that butt plug, have you?"

"No, but my ass is getting tired of holding it in."

"That's good. The next time you start having those nasty thoughts that only a little slut like you could have, you can remember what it feels like," he laughingly said. "You were much too good at sucking two cocks at once. It makes it obvious that you have done it many times before. I know that you wouldn't be so good if you had never done it before. You lied to us. Not only are you a nasty little slut, but you are a liar too."

"I wanted to surprise you," she said, defensively.

"It's no surprise to me that you are a bad girl. That's why you need to be punished. Now get your slutty self up on that dildo. I want you to fuck yourself while we watch."

Gina lifted her right leg over the stool, and slowly inserted the slippery dildo into her pussy. She moaned as her cunt was filled with the big tool. Her asshole was stuffed with the huge butt plug, and that caused her pussy to contract over the big dildo. She began slowly sliding her wet cunt up and down, taking the entire thing into her.

"That's it, fuck yourself," Larry encouraged, playing with his limp cock. He looked over at Toby and saw that his cock was in his hand too. The sight of Gina getting herself off this way was something that Larry had never experienced before, and he found it very stimulating.

Gina was just getting into it, when the door opened, and Becky walked in. She stood in shock, and watched Gina fucking herself over the stool. Larry smiled at her when she glanced his way. The expression on her face was priceless. This was probably the last thing she expected to walk in on.

"This looks very interesting," she said, closing the door. "I don't suppose you guys mind if I join the fun?"

"Of course not," Larry assured her. "The more the merrier. Gina is just getting her punishment for being a nasty, naughty girl. She needs lots of punishment, so we could probably use some help."

"Oh, yes. I know that Gina is very nasty. Sex is all she thinks about. She definitely needs a lot of punishment. I will enjoy helping with that," Becky rubbed her hands together in anticipation. Gina had stopped fucking the dildo to follow this conversation. Her hungry eyes roved over Becky's naked body. She looked excited at the idea of Becky joining in.

"You see? She is cumming at just the thought of getting her nasty tongue into your pussy."

Larry yanked her head back by her flowing red hair, and glared into her eyes.

"You better get busy fucking that dildo, before I give you another taste of the whip," he snarled.

"You used the whip on her?" Becky asked.

"Yes. She had lots of red stripes on her cute little ass cheeks when we got done, too."

"Did you like it, Gina?"

"Yes," Gina panted, as she pounded herself down on the rubber cock.

"You see? She is nothing but a nasty little slut. She will fuck anywhere, anytime," Larry said. "She has to be punished thoroughly."

"Can I suck Toby's cock?" Becky asked.

"Sure you can, Sweetheart," Toby said, not giving Larry a chance to answer. "You aren't being punished. You can do anything you like. You can suck my cock to your heart's content."

Becky wasted no time dropping to her knees before Toby. She licked his cock reverently. She plunged his cock into her mouth, going nearly all the way down on him. Toby groaned as she pulled his cock out of her mouth, nibbling on the head before plunging it into her throat again.

Larry looked back at Gina, and saw that the sight of Becky eating Toby's cock mesmerized her. She had stopped fucking the dildo completely. Her fingers were busy rubbing her distended clit. Larry growled at her, and she returned her attention to the rubber cock she was fucking. Her legs were shaking with the effort of holding herself above the stool before she neared her orgasm. Larry saw her stomach muscles tighten, and knew that her cunt was squeezing the dildo. She threw her head back and screamed as she came, her fingers still wildly rubbing her clit. Larry saw her cunt juices leaking from her and running down the dildo. Her body continued to spasm for several minutes in the aftermath of the intense orgasm that she had given herself.

"There's a lot to be said for being deprived of cumming, isn't there, Gina?" Larry asked.

"Yes," she agreed, breathlessly.

"Now I want you to get off the dildo, and lick it clean. I don't want to see even a trace of your cum on it when you are done."

Gina climbed off of the stool, and gratefully sank to the floor in front of it. She put her mouth around the rubber cock, and sucked it all down her throat. She pulled it out and licked sensuously all around the head of it, her eyes meeting Larry's, and holding them. She ran her tongue all along the length of it, and lapping at the balls. She continued to lick it until she had it spotlessly clean.

"That's good. Now lay down on the floor." When she was on her back in front of him, he lifted her legs to his shoulders. He pulled the butt plug suddenly out of her over-stretch asshole, watching her puckered little brownie hole spasm at the sudden emptiness. She tightened her legs around his neck, and cried out.

"Did you enjoy having your ass full, while you fucked that dildo?" He asked.


"Your pussy is dripping wet. You look like you are still eager to be fucked."

"I am. I want a real cock in my pussy."

"Did you hear that, Toby. She wants a real cock. She brings this bag of toys with her, and she wants a real cock."

"She probably doesn't know what a real cock feels like. She probably fucks herself with all those rubber cocks, and doesn't know what it feels like to have a real one."

"Maybe you should show her," Becky suggested. "I bet the two of you could show her how much better a real man's cock is."

"I'm sure we could." Larry swiped his tongue at her pussy in his face. She shivered as he ran his tongue along the length of her dripping twat. He sucked her clit into his mouth, and closed his teeth over it. She squirmed as he nibbled on her swollen clit. "Is that what you want, Gina? Do you want me and Toby to fuck you?"

"Oh, yes please!" She begged.

"Are you ready to admit that we can do a good job punishing you?"

"Yes, you did a great job."

"Toby, I think you better take her asshole. I stretched it so much with that butt plug that she would never feel my skinny cock. I will take her pussy, and Becky can teach her how to eat out a pussy."

"Sounds like a good plan to me," Toby agreed, reluctantly pulling his engorged cock out of Becky's hot mouth.

Larry picked Gina up in his arms and tossed her on the bed. Lying down beside her, he rolled her over on top of him. He rubbed his cock head against her clit, then plowed it into her pussy. She groaned and rotated her hips. Larry kept his hands on her hips to keep her still until Toby was in position. When Toby had her ass full, the two of them began a rhythm. Larry thrust his dick into her pussy, then when he backed out, Toby thrust into her ass.

Becky climbed over Larry, and stood on the bed. She grabbed Gina by the hair, and forced her face into her cunt. Linda eagerly lapped up Becky's cunt juices, and prodded her tongue into Becky's pussy. She fucked furiously with her tongue, to the rhythm the two men were setting. She was quickly overwhelmed by the sensations, and began to cum. She screamed into Becky's hairy bush, shaking uncontrollably as wave after wave of torturous pleasure washed over her. Larry and Toby didn't let up in the slightest, determined to make her have multiple orgasms. She went from one, right into another, with hardly a pause between them. She was barely holding herself up at this point, her exhausted muscles betraying her.

Toby pounded his cock into her ass, gripping her ass cheeks fiercely in his hands. His fingers were leaving marks on her still red ass. He groaned as he exploded his cum into her spasming ass.

"Aaggh!" Larry cried as he shot into her pussy. He drove his cock into her as he came. He heard Becky scream as she sprayed cunt juice all over Gina's face. Gina lapped hungrily, eager to get every last drop. Her body shook yet again, in another mini orgasm, and Larry felt her cunt muscles tighten over his still hard cock. He weakly continued to thrust, carrying her through her climax.

Toby pulled his cock out of her ass and fell over on the bed. He lay there totally exhausted, trying to catch his breath. Larry lifted Gina off of him, and she sank gratefully down beside him. Becky climbed over the two of them, and cuddled Toby.

"Hey, look," Becky said. "The sun's coming up." She pointed to the window, calling their attention to the small part in the curtains. They could see just a hint of pink sky. "That means it's Sunday."

To Be Continued...


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